The following home sales were recorded recently in Loudoun County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Loudoun County Assessment Office. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Loudoun and other Washington areas, visit

Aldie-Braddock Road Area

BEAR TOOTH DR., 42040-Ronald C. Rush to Fuzia and Yosuf Mohammad, $580,000.

OATLANDS RD., 21571-Peggy J. and Dale H. Milburn to J. Clarkson Jr. and Virginia Rogers, $642,500.

VACATION PL., 25431-Two Greens Kirkpatrick Corp. to NVR Inc., $101,500.

Algonkian Regional

Park Area

CHESTER TERR., 46160-Afshan and Syed Zahid Rizvi to David C. Vermette, $399,000.

HAWICK TERR., 20352-Bethany Duffield and Alan Daniel to P.A. Scarpino and Andrew Burnight, $482,000.

JEREMY CT., 39-Mary K. Holicky and John N. Kukorlo to A. Moreno and F. Moreno and W. Pereira, $446,000.

LEECHECKER CT., 47672-Kelly H. and Thomas R. Brennan to Diana L. and Eric A. Boysen, $640,000.

LINDENWOOD CT., 14-Eileen and Michael D. Cherbini to Carmen J. Ramirez, $375,000.

MONOCACY SQ., 46368-Kellie A. Puening to Deverance Suttles, $333,000.

RUPERT ISLAND PL., 20402-Maureen R. and Anthony C. Ellison to Deborah D. and Glenn M. Fox, $730,000.

SUMMER BREEZE CT., 14-Thomas E. Mulleady to Linda J. and Eric Oakes, $495,000.

SWECKER FARM PL., 20479-Caren Bonamassa to Rey C. and James L. Banks Jr., $599,000.

WATERBEACH PL., 20812-Pamela K. and Joseph M. Frye to William W. Fitzpatrick Jr., $674,000.

Ashburn Area

BALTUSROL TERR., 43230-Belmont Land Partnership to Sharon C. and Chris E. Klein, $458,031.

BOWFONDS ST., 20401-Belmont Greene Land Corp. to Lisa and Gregory Todd, $536,919.

DRYDEN CT., 21756-Parkside at Ashburn Corp. to Jeremy E. Brown, $320,000.

GREYSWALLOW TERR., 43329-Patricia M. Carter to Najah and Hasan Atari, $288,400.

HEDGEROW TERR., 21216-Roma Malkani to Monika L. and Scott E. Powers, $325,000.

IVYMOUNT TERR., 20871-Yvette Jansen to Mary Hess and Travis Dodson, $360,000.

LABURNUM SQ., 43806-Brian M. Pridemore to Geoffrey K. Acolatse, $342,000.

MORVEN SQ., 43257-Belmont Land Partnership to Barjame and Sqarim Shehu, $165,052.

PUEBLOS SQ., 20220-Richmond American Homes to Jia Liu and Qiang Zhang, $333,765.

PUEBLOS SQ., 20224-Richmond American Homes to Hong Xie, $327,590.

PUEBLOS SQ., 20226-Richmond American Homes to Diama N. Gisbert, $139,895.

SECRETARIAT CT., 42909-Dorion and Leah C. Baker to Liliana Perales and Jesus Baeza, $455,000.

WINDING BROOK SQ., 21164-Rumsey J.S. Light III to Sheyla Marcano, $341,000.

Broadlands Area

BRAMBLEBUSH TERR., 21945-Miller and Smith at Broadlands to Jonathan Benner Ortega, $491,300.

CHELSY PAIGE SQ., 22068-NVR Inc. to William H. Truslow, $476,760.

COURTLAND PARK DR., 22894-Sigfrido Rodriguez to Jaime Terrones, $620,000.

HIGHVIEW TRAIL PL., 22076-Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Bethany L. and Alan R. Daniel, $820,086.

HIGHVIEW TRAIL PL., 22120-Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Gretchen S. and Robert M. Lord, $616,871.

LAMOREAUX LANDING SQ., 22691-Amanda and Jason Mastrean to Sandra Belloso and Anthony Morgan, $495,000.

LOVETTSVILLE KNOLL CT., 22609-Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to Charnell Y. and Randy W. Davis, $618,706.

MAGELLAN SQ., 42521-Deborah and Robert A. McFarland to Nipa Kothari and Seema B. Shah, $380,000.

MIDDLE RIDGE PL., 42783-Ray J. III and Lisa B. Chapel to H. Robinson and M. Eric Sorensen, $750,000.

WHISPERHILL CT., 22122-Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Luz Nino and Fernando Escalante, $727,027.

WINDY OAKS SQ., 21932-Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Ronald C. Rush, $435,569.

Dulles Area

BAGGETT TERR., 45447-Eboni Palmer and Brenda Caldwell to Dina and David Pastor, $285,000.

BAGGETT TERR., 45480-Surjeet Singh to Kiomarse Jahedjah, $369,999.

BAGGETT TERR., 45480-Julia Mathews to Surjeet Singh, $349,900.

ELKINS TERR., 21885, No. 303-Shontya Bready to Raj Kailasam and N. Singaravelu, $270,000.

SMOKETREE TERR., 45755-Joseph P. Plante to Sokun and Jong Ho, $465,000.

Hamilton Area

PEACH TREE CT., 104-Rhonda W. Paice to Elizabeth L. and Douglas O. Lipp, $405,000.

WADELL CT., 17561-Estate Management and Renovations Inc. to Wendy S. Cain, $408,697.

Leesburg Area

ALPINE DR., 186-Richmond American Homes to Crystal and David Holokai, $481,990.

ALPINE DR., 190-Richmond American Homes to Elizabeth A. and James E. Joseph, $413,360.

COTON HALL ST., 19155-B.L. Homes Lansdowne Corp. to Xiaorong Dong, $546,990.

COUNTRY CLUB DR., 101-Marian E. and Geoffrey L. Allen to Jon W. Witt, $390,000.

CYPRESS POINT TERR., 18228-River Creek Corp. to Raghavan V. Chellappan, $689,095.

DRY MILL RD., 17787-Cecile D. Banner to Lourdes Staengel, $840,000.

GAP RD., 40310-Eliz Tees and Lawrence Hutchison Jr. to Sara L. and Ralph J. McLamara II, $675,000.

KENDRA TERR., 805-Gary E. Chambers to William and Teena Hampton, $449,900.

KEPHARTS MILL TERR., 19167-NVR Inc. to Derya and Serhat Turker, $146,891.

LOUDOUN ST., 241E-Eryne R. Mirizio to Robert Lucas and Frank P. Mirizio, $205,000.

MCLEARY SQ., 673-Michele L. and C.W. Neidlinger to Masoud Kavianpour, $355,000.

MILLWRIGHT TERR., 43491-Van Metre Homes at Lansdowne Corp. to Shahira A. Miller, $683,698.

MONROE GLEN LANE, 40352-L.M.H. Corp. to Andrew Deprete, $812,205.

RADFORD TERR., 558-Jeffrey C. Rollins to Deborah Austin and Fred Munden, $319,000.

RASPBERRY DR., 41358-V.M.K. Associates joint venture to Margaret J. and Benton Rhee, $1.37 million.

ROCKY CREEK DR., 18994-Lansdowne Community Development to Craig Colgan and Hilary D. Lamonte, $703,125.

ROCKY CREEK DR., 18998-Lansdowne Community Development to Anna Marie and Larry B. Doyle, $707,535.

SMITH FERRY SQ., 43762-Lansdowne Community Development to Marsha Richards and Rohan Heath, $343,703.

STONEFIELD SQ., 879-Arcadia Potomac Crossing Corp. to Virginia and John Coppolino, $315,272.

WILD GINGER TERR., 43577-Lansdowne Community Development to Paula Kay and William Lee Corder, $647,325.

WILD GINGER TERR., 43587-Lansdowne Community Development to Manisha Nanda, $152,203.

WINNING COLORS PL., 17038-Renaissance at Beacon Hill Corp. to Cheryl L. and Bradley S. Kerxton, $1.13 million.

WOODLEA DR., 1504-Ann and James Kevin Horgan to Christine and William E. Kern Jr., $655,000.

Lovettsville Area

CYPRESS KNOLL LANE, 11950-Day Development Co. Corp. to E. Scarangella and Steven L. Paul, $602,611.

PICNIC WOODS RD., 12934-Erin C. and John C. Mule to Julie and Peter Oswald, $878,900.

RICKARD RD., 39311-P.N.M. Contractors to Stephanie and Richard Mayer, $555,000.

RICKARD RD., 39193-P.N.M. Contractors to Debbie and Owen Walbert, $557,936.

RICKARD RD., 39305-P.N.M. Contractors to Michelle C. and Carter R. Farley, $559,900.

Middleburg Area

SALLY MILL RD., 23590-Jennifer Good and Dennis B. Feely to Amy and Jason Smith, $1.2 million.

Purcellville Area

ALDERSHOT PL., 17447-Kim B. and Jeffrey R. Garrison Sr. to Samantha C. and Thomas J. Maynard, $487,500.

AMALFI CT., 153-University Community Development to Christine L. and Damion M. Higbie, $466,865.

ANTIETAM CT. E., 512-Richmond American Homes to Michelle and Michael Johns, $520,290.

CABERNET PL., 14258-Washington Homes Inc. to Christina and Brad Lafferty, $616,734.

ELLIOT DR., 612-Rhonda K. and Kevin B. Kohnen to Karen Recarte, $498,500.

F ST. W., 181-Melvin C. Reed to Kelly F. Hymes, $260,000.

GREYSANDS LANE, 606-Michael Harris Corp. to Ida G. and Shannon K. Delgado, $493,624.

GREYSANDS LANE, 631-R.T. Homes Inc. to Tanya E. and Patrick Owens, $528,304.

MAPLE AVE. S., 624-Michael Harris Corp. to Mary Beth and Michael D. Barth, $536,743.

MISTY POND TERR., 218-David Thomas and Judith Cary to Thomas G. McKenzie, $440,000.

NIXON RD., 38158-Pamela J. and Paul T. Haefner to S. Chuchon and Jaime Milla, $585,000.

OLIVER CT., 126-C. Forthman and Michael W. Borland to Margaret N. and Leif R. Larsen, $295,000.

PIGGOTT BOTTOM RD., 37968-Washington Homes Inc. to Cheryl L. and Leonard D. Weaver, $677,287.

SKYLINE DR. E., 512-Richmond American Homes to Zainab T. Ahmed, $459,340.

Round Hill Area

BENTRIDGE CT., 35851-Carolyn V. and Michael P. Windle to Amanda C. and Justin B. Smith, $390,500.

BENTRIDGE CT., 35858-Kristi L. and Shawn J. Lamothe to Olga and Leoncio Quintanilla, $484,900.

GREENWOOD DR., 17231-Round Hill Investors Corp. to Stacy and James Dillenburg, $381,195.

MAGIC MOUNTAIN DR., 17132-Audra V. and Todd A. Upchurch to Lindsay and Nicholas Coursen, $421,000.

MAIN ST., 73-James Thomas to Stephen R. Hay and Deborah S. Deutsch, $375,000.

SIMPSONS CREEK RD., 35558-Carol A. Nacy and Monte Meltzer to Roxane R. and Peter C. Gardett, $599,000.

SIMPSONS CREEK RD., 35558-Sheryl L. Vangundy to Carol A. Nacy and Monte Meltzer, $322,000.

South Riding Area

BERESFORD DR., 25529-R.L. Higgs and Lawrence Schneider to Debra Kominek, $540,000.

CEDAR POND PL., 43381-Drees Co. to Suresh K. Khetan, $807,626.

CEDAR RIDGE BLVD., 42698-Byrd Corp. to NVR Inc., $252,000.

CENTER ST., 42689-Carmen D. and William B. Gaddy to Lisa and Juan C. Rojas, $515,000.

COMMONS SQ., 25842-Winchester Homes Inc. to P. Damaraju and Anjani Kalahasti, $371,325.

COMMONS SQ., 25844-Winchester Homes Inc. to John D. Abromavage, $399,734.

DAPPER CT., 25559-Toll Cedar Hunt Corp. to Kim M. and Rodney A. Werner, $902,106.

DONOVAN DR., 26009-South Riding Partners Partnership to Neha and Hemant Jain, $674,222.

DOWNFIELD ST., 43066-Winchester Homes Inc. to Lori A. and Lawrence W. Hall, $644,480.

DUNVEGAN SQ., 25237-Charlene G. Giles to Christina Hartzog and Anthony Abbott, $389,950.

EDGARTOWN ST., 43237-Christine S. and William E. Kern Jr. to Tina M. and Patrick M. Flynn, $589,900.

ELK LICK RD., 25470-Emilia L. and Gilberto R. Quispe to Ngocmy T. Pham and Cuong G. Tran, $390,000.

ELK LICK RD., 25219-Meyer W. Wilson Sr. to Maroon H. O'Hanian, $420,000.

EVANS SQ., 25554-Sung R. Park to Woon Hee and Yong Dae Park, $390,000.

GELDING SQ., 42757-Hong Xie to Stephanie N. and Keith D. Reichlen, $455,000.

GOLF VIEW DR., 42856-Paul F. III and Rachel M. Niemeyer to L. Hoang and M. Nguyen and Dung Nguyen, $377,777.

GREGORY CT., 25938-Ryland Group Inc. to P. Gelabonia and Nagaraju Kundeti, $654,510.

GUM SPRING RD., 25535-Gerald F. and Mildred Ann Eisert to Winchester Homes Inc., $600,000.

GUM SPRING RD., 25377-Julian D. Hightower, trustee, to Two Greens Kirkpatrick Corp., $425,000.

HARTWOOD DR., 26025-Margaret O. and Kiet A. Tran to Kelly A. and Scott J. Novotny, $536,000.

KIRKWOOD SQ., 25911-Andrea D. and Kenneth M. Young to P. Govindaraiju and R. Durairaj, $430,000.

LAKE SHORE SQ., 25220, No. 102-Margaret and Calvin L. Alexander to Barbara P. Smith, $295,000.

LANDS END DR., 26177-S. Taboada and Kenneth Kidder to Tasha D. and Justin M. Beall, $466,500.

LEONARD DR., 25816-South Riding Partners Partnership to Charlie Chhum and Cuong H. Phan, $495,940.

LIGHTHOUSE PL., 43188-Carolyn Phillips Donnelly to Kendall Shomaker, $517,000.

LOCKLEAR TERR., 42759-South Riding Partners Partnership to Joseph A. Denesia, $482,130.

LYON TERR., 25246-South Riding Partners Partnership to Cara L. Grimm and Ivan McBride, $495,575.

MANDOLIN ST., 42460-South Riding Partners Partnership to Vivienne and Jeremy T. Woon, $453,852.

NATIONS ST., 42571-South Riding Partnership to Yuman Zhang and Dahong Wang, $676,114.

NESTING SQ., 25285-South Riding Partners Partnership to Dung T. Hoang, $452,449.

NIMBLETON SQ., 26073-Christina and Robert Zschoche Jr. to Tina Newcomb, $408,000.

NORTHERN DANCER CT., 25745-Deborah and Michael George to Kelley M. and Timothy M. Yeomans, $690,000.

OBRIEN SQ., 43630-John D. McManigle to Rebecca A. Huff, $380,000.

POST TIME CT., 27107-Washington Homes Inc. to Ambreen Khwaja and Riaz Ahmad, $1.16 million.QUITS POND CT., 25600-Kim M. and Rodney A. Werner to Dana E. and John G. Flack, $630,000.

RIFFLEFORD SQ., 25272, No. 101-Darlene C. Thompson to Jeanne M. Keena, $340,000.

RIFFLEFORD SQ., 25272, No. 102-Kellie A. Reynolds to William B. Smith, $292,000.

SANDMAN TERR., 42710-South Riding Partners Partnership to Anjuan Tian and Xiaoxiong Zhong, $445,989.

SCARLET SQ., 43725-K.L. McFadden and David Scarfpin to Lisa L. and David S. Brunner, $378,000.

SHALER ST., 42837-Kristen A. and William Sean Jones to Cynthia and Frank Vito, $415,000.

SOUTH VILLAGE DR., 25666-Winchester Homes Inc. to Eunhee J. and Alex S. Yoon, $637,900.

SOUTH VILLAGE DR., 25730-Winchester Homes Inc. to Marcia R. and Timothy R. Brooks, $643,650.

SPRING FARM CIR., 25921-Ryland Group Inc. to Kevin V. and Staci A. Gilligan, $638,957.

TURLOUGH TERR., 25815-Winchester Homes Inc. to Ronald C. Rush, $373,750.

TURLOUGH TERR., 25805-Winchester Homes Inc. to Helen E. Schreiber, $135,000.

TURLOUGH TERR., 25819-Winchester Homes Inc. to Yin Sheng Yu and Mei Ying Feng, $135,000.

VALIANT DR., 43236-South Riding Partners Partnership to Kimberly Leung and Vincent Kwan, $745,515.

VALIANT DR., 43157-South Riding Partners Partnership to Sun C. and Chu K. Chon, $720,992.

WATERCREST SQ., 43114, No. 200-Jason P. Larosa to Linda Beighle, $258,000.

Sterling Area

ALDER AVE. N., 118-Lewis F. Height Jr. to Gary P. Gray, $307,000.

ARGONNE AVE. N., 904-Margaret G. and Robert E. Bavender to Ranulfo Martinez, $399,900.

BAYLOR DR. N., 141-Milagro C. Umanzor to Kelly L. Combs, $213,000.

BRAMBLE CT., 21851-Diane J. and Mark J. Fuchs to Edilma Aumada, $348,000.

BRETHOUR CT., 531-R. Altamirano and Ericka Altamirano to Razia and Mohammed Miah, $250,000.

CALAMARY CIR., 21670-Clifford L. and Kimberly Thunstrom to K. Wisniewska and Sidi M. Jiddou, $305,000.

CHARING CT., 218-Mohammed Zahir to Sandhu and Associates Inc., $222,300.

CHARLOTTE ST. E., 405-Beeren and Barry Investments Corp. to Shahid Mahmood, $425,000.

CHASE VIEW TERR., 46610-M.B.B. Corp. to Yahia Abdo and Malek Z. Abdo, $383,245.

COTTAGE RD. N., 248-Robert C. Violette to Gladys Potrillo, $279,900.

DICKENSON AVE. S., 119-Edward S. and Sharon D. Harris to Clifford and Kimberly R. Thunstrom, $495,000.

DUPONT ST., 308-K.A. Kodosky and Michael A. Stango to Maria O. and Santos Lidio Marquez, $412,500.

FILLMORE AVE. N., 221, No. 10-Charles Jerauld Olmsted to Ricardo B. Sancarranco, $175,000.

FILLMORE AVE. N., 112-Teresa M. Morley and James S. Rose to Ruth E. and Walter Palacios, $378,000.

FLETCHER RD., 210-Ruben Rene Maertens Rivas to David Lara Argueta, $315,000.

GABLE SQ., 45298-Allison L. Wollmann to Farida A. and Shah A. Naimi, $309,900.

GARY CT., 402-Betty D. and George A. Roebuck to Theresa and Clarence E. Carter, $485,000.

GREENFIELD CT., 243-David M. Swain to Gloria and O. Moreno and Fermin Moreno, $265,000.

HARDING CT., 404-Sarah Beth Obenschain to Roberto Rivera, $300,000.

HOLLY AVE. W., 702-Richard S. and Amy K. Mrstik to Priscilina and Juan O. Yurivilca, $368,000.

IRONWOOD RD. S., 1055-John A. Deschene to Luis A. Rivera, $336,000.

KENNEDY RD. S., 204-Lucita S. and Armando R. Cenon to Wilbert Antonio Ramirez, $425,000.

LAURA ANNE DR., 108-Joseph R. Durst to Linda R. and Joseph W. Budzinski, $459,900.

MAPLE AVE. E., 318-Ana M. Navarrete to Henry G. Hernandez, $260,000.

MAPLE AVE. E., 512-Hugo Monge Ayala and Rodolfo Monge to Pastor Portillo, $229,900.

MARGATE CT., 1027C-Norma I. and Jose B. Rodriguez to Patricia L. Perlingeiro, $237,500.

MIRROR RIDGE PL., 21297-Sandra L. and Michael R. Tucker to Jennifer and Jeremy Christianson, $560,000.

MYCROFT CT., 1016-Richard Joseph Grzesiak to Thanh T. Huynh, $229,900.

NEWMAN CT., 304-Theresa L. and Clarence Carter to Edna V. and Antonio J. Zafranco, $350,000.

POPLAR RD. W., 301-Tabatha M. and Michael G. Carey to Ana Lucia Vaca and Manuel Ruiz, $415,000.

RICHLAND CIR., 120-Gaspar Orellana and Israel Marquez to C.E. Peters and Deborah L. Gibson, $271,500.

SANDALWOOD SQ., 46687-Victoria and Kennedy A. Rodriguez to Lola Campos, $357,000.

SHERWOOD CT., 955-Jean M. Slattery to Michael A. Karpovich, $270,000.

SHERWOOD CT., 205-Janet A. and Terry L. Hall to Sarah E. Bell, $230,000.

SILVERLEAF DR., 233-Wendy S. and Darryl Grear to Sara A. Medani and Tawfig S. Ahmed, $424,500.

STONEY CREEK CT., 508-Jennifer and Richard P. Farleigh to Nadezhda and Anthony M. Gordon, $505,000.

SUGARLAND RUN DR., 439-Maria M. and Warren J. Chverchko to Karen Gotsch, $425,000.

SUMMERS CT., 213-M.V. Stoyanac and Linda A. Hoarle to Wilberto Bonilla, $415,000.

SUMMIT TERR., 46723-Mehjabeen and Imtiaz Hussain to Jaibunnisha and Bashir Kapadia, $262,000.

TEMPLE CT., 1061-Emma L. and Riley G. Clark to Steven Riley Clark, $208,000.

TOTTENHAM CT., 998-Jarvin Cruz and Thelma Fernandez to Santos Gutierrez, $284,000.

TRUMPET CIR., 46892-Huy S. Bui and Thao P. Bui to Thuan Minh Ly, $354,000.

TRUMPET CIR., 46919-Deborah K. and Richard B. Hafer to Nnenna Onukwufer and Marty Lewis, $352,000.

VIEW GLASS TERR., 21057-Julie and Terence Tamutus to Krishnakumar P. Elakkara, $358,000.

WILLIAMSBURG RD., 404-Francia and Rafael A. Hernandez to D. Subkanha and Ene Subkanha, $365,000.

Waterford Area

BANKFIELD DR., 14945-Toll Land IX Partnership to Susanne and Paul Perciavalle, $1.05 million.

HAMILTON STATION RD., 16269-Ann Marie and James Ray Clark Jr. to Lynette Pullen and Kenneth Weaver, $1.05 million.