News of interest to Loudoun and Fauquier counties that appeared in the daily Post May 29-June 4.


A Glimpse of Horse Lovers' Lives

Suburbanization keeps on coming, but the horse set held its annual Hunt Country Stable Tour to demonstrate its approach to life an hour west of the nation's capital.


After Crash, Search for Meaning

The Clare family of Leesburg was on its way to a Girl Scouts outing in Baltimore when a pickup shot across a highway median and slammed head-on into their Chevrolet Malibu, police said. Ten-year-old MacKenzie was left with a spinal cord injury that paralyzed her from the chest down, and her parents were severely injured. They were taken to Baltimore hospitals, where they remain today -- Mark, 44, in a wheelchair; Lisa, 41, in a leg brace; and MacKenzie alternating between a hospital bed and therapy sessions. Now, as Mark and Lisa Clare wonder how they will pay their medical bills or care for MacKenzie, they are searching hard for the silver lining around a lesson in unfairness: that a life built over years can collapse in a moment.


Supervisors Jockey for Votes

The future of a vast area west of Dulles International Airport was being hashed out in a flurry of phone calls and public exchanges, as competing groups of Loudoun County supervisors sought enough votes to pass new development regulations. Elected officials in Loudoun were eyeing Supervisor Jim E. Clem (R) -- a low-key and occasionally sharp-tongued former Leesburg mayor and funeral director -- as a key swing vote on a Board of Supervisors that is closely divided on how to govern 300 square miles of semirural land.