The following home sales were recently recorded in Anne Anne Arundel County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Anne Arundel and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Annapolis Area

ARBOR HILL RD., 8-Jonathan D. Clayton to Ronald A. Wilson, $250,000.

BAY RIDGE RD., 1131-George M. Shields

to Jeffrey D. and Victoria L. Stone,


BEACH VILLAGE CT., 2123, No. 2123-T2-Alice J. Neily to Walter S. Laird and Heather A. Ludovici, $410,000.

BETHANY CT., 907, No. 4-Delrie L. Hobbs to Greg Oczkowski, $201,000.

CHESAPEAKE HARBOUR DR. E., 2108, No. 2108-T1-Patricia T. Parr to Thomas E. and Emma J. McNamara, $355,000.

CHESAPEAKE LANDING, 1, No. 1B-John A. Chisholm to Tommy E. and Eva K. Payne, $1.15 million.

DUMBARTON DR., 126, No. 6-Ian Paul Larsen to Shawn and Jennifer Barber, $205,000.

MARDA LANE, 1220-Daniel Clune to Langton Green Inc., $270,000.

MCKINLEY ST., 1212-Virginia D. Quinn to James D. Meyers, $279,000.

OGLETON RD., 2619-Julie A. Miller to Joseph T. McCann Jr., $310,000.

OGLETON RD., 2646-John W. Coche Jr. to David M. Partridge and Sherry Bernoi,


ROCKWELL CT., 29-Theresa A. Cepaitis to Roger V. Ward, $255,000.

SILVERWOOD CIR., 5, No. 11-Francis J. Lewnes to Jennifer B. Davis, $185,000.

WINDWHISPER LANE, 10-Paula A. Radon to Stephen K. Coons, $440,000.

FOURTH ST., 525-Jonathan Roberts to Jeffrey W. Balko, $620,000.

Annapolis-Sandy Point

State Park Area

AMOS GARRETT BLVD., 75-Richard L. Atkins to Denise Michaels, $450,000.

BALTIMORE ANNAPOLIS BLVD., 1712-George L. Vranas to Johnnie W. and Deborah L. Geddings, $997,500.

BALTIMORE ANNAPOLIS BLVD., 1829-David B. Dettoni to H. Arold Del Rosario and Susana Candusso, $499,000.

BALTIMORE ANNAPOLIS BLVD., 1903-Richland Homes Inc. to Patrick W. and Kelley M. McCoy, $300,000.

CANAL LANE, 617-Constantine Leanos to Stephen C. and Alina M. Muther, $995,000.

COMMANDERS WAY S., 1108-M.E. Crandall to Thomas Hagan and Gary Stag, $198,000.

COMMANDERS WAY S., 1128-Kelly C. Ridgely to Allan W. and Judith R. Poffel, $180,500.

COMPASS DR., 2621-Richard D. Brown, trustee, to Elaine G. Stone, trustee, $351,000.

COXSWAIN WAY, 810-Ellen M. Lyttle to Gerald and Ethel L. Ferte, $370,000.

DEAN ST., 1-Daniel Phelan to Suzanne M. Burnette, $575,000.

DREW ST., 1833-Parker D. Jones to Anthony J. Mack, $370,000.

DUKE OF GLOUCESTER ST., 205-Benjamin P. Riley IV to Jody L. Clark and Gail V. Colangelo, $710,000.

ELKWOOD CT., 1631-Landamerica Onestop Inc. to Andrew P. and Cara P. Lawton, $265,000.

FAWNS WALK, 524-Robin S. Peterson to Thomas A. Timbario, $340,000.

FRANCIS NICHOLSON WAY, 569, No. 36-Paul I. Bowen III to Cindy M. Figliozzi, $345,000.

GRANVILLE AVE., 127-Virginia S. Hubbard to Chesapeake Classic Properites Corp., $1.1 million.

LODGE POLE CT., 1542-Denise R. Fagen to Nancy J. Kutz, $214,900.

OLD GENERALS HWY., 1704-Richard G. Wilson to Gene M. Olmo, $481,500.

RANDALL ST., 10-Duncan Pickett to John Burke III, $431,000.

ROOSEVELT DR., 4-Jeremiah A. Forrester Jr. to Christine M. Nolan and Thomas B. McCarthy, $278,000.

ROSEBAY CT., 1393-Gregory C. Strub to Stephen E. and Susan L. Gozzo, $533,000.

SAMUEL CHASE WAY, 521, No. 67-Lori A. Canter, trustee, to Tiffany E. Eschbacher, $422,500.

STONEWOOD CT., 1258-John Hinzman to Alfonso J. Gutierrez and Ana G. Benitez Palacios, $199,900.

SUMNER RD., 214-Melody J. Lorenz to Shelley P. and Mathew S. Smith, $330,000.

TANEY AVE., 7-George McClure Jr. to John McClure and Laurie A. Nolan, $700,000.

TUCKER ST., 10-Edwin D. Cobb to Kristina Holt and Gregory Harris, $675,000.

FIRST ST., 8-Beverly Darby to Luis B. and Girlaca Ventura, $255,000.

Arnold Area

ALAMEDA PKWY., 362-Richard E. Hanby to Steven M. and Terri L. Busch, $185,000.

ASQUITH DR., 1118-Randell J. Quaal to Mark W. and Michelle B. McConnell, $915,000.

BEECHWOOD RD., 9-Kevin E. Ludlum to Daniel E. Graf, $301,000.

BELLE DORA CT., 620, No. 11L-Mark D. Howland to Brian E. and Tricia P. Schilling, $179,000.

BROADWATER RD., 299-Paul J. Marzullo to Marcus L. and Kelly M. Evans, $299,000.

COMANCHE RD., 1567-Ryan M. Suplee to Ludmila Mendez, $649,900.

GREENBLADES CT., 523, No. 172-Michael Thomasson to Jeffrey Morton, $205,000.

GREENHILL CT., 502, No. 236-Monica Furlow to Jane King, $230,000.

GREENHILL CT., 506, No. 234-Marsden Furlow to Bernard McShea, $218,900.

KNOTTWOOD CT., 421, No. 133-Debra L. Woodin to Richard D. and Mary L. Livingston, $190,000.

MACSHERRY DR., 784-June Radler to Gregory S. Kirkwood, $420,000.

MARGARET LANE, 485-Sandra L. Smith to Thomas P. and Ollin S. Hart, $350,000.

MARTINGALE LANE, 613, No. 1314-Siegmar H. Schulkowski to Michael Meyer, $431,200.

MASTERS DR., 1259, No. 170-Eugene B. Walp Jr. to Howard R. and Lisa M. Altschwager, $289,000.

NORTON LANE, 546-Karl E. Yeomans to Tara L. Wilk, $400,000.

OAKLAND HILLS CT., 605, No. B-Sara R. Seidel to Robert L. Felts and Brian P. Wells, $142,500.

POINT-O-WOODS CT., 1436, No. 6-Kenneth J. Buck to Marla J. McIntyre, $230,000.

SEVERN WAY, 181-Darrell M. Westrick to V. Charles E. Iliff and Elizabeth J. Crow, $267,500.

TERRACE LANE, 1278-Brenda L. Pearce to Aleksandre Vaysheloym, $325,000.

TWIN HARBOR DR., 854-Donald B. Dunn to Edward J. and Mary C. Turner, $485,000.

Brooklyn Area

BROOKWOOD RD., 5012-Epifania C. Latagan to Shawn P. McCarthy, $78,000.

CEDAR HILL RD., 26-Shantel M. King to Suburban Arundel Properties Corp., $129,000.

EDGEVALE RD. W., 238-Gilbert Johnson to Chenel Moore, $109,000.

GROVE PARK RD., 323-Sharon L. Bledsoe to Judith A. Oberist and Michael Malartina, $109,900.

RIVERVIEW RD., 210-W. Miller Jr. to Cheryl A. Care, $92,000.

WASENA AVE., 5309-Gail Cunningham to Charles D. and Virginia M. Sponaugle, $90,900.

Churchton Area

CARVEL ST., 5615-Sandra K. Pitcher to Philip Enkiri, $375,000.

Crofton Area

ALBERMARLE DR., 1726, No. 21-Marlene Carpenter to Andrew J. MacPherson, $263,990.

BANCROFT LANE W., 1714, No. 221-Kristy J. Guyer to Jenny and Charles F. Henderson, $187,000.

DRYDEN WAY, 1725, No. 4-W. Kirk Lutz to Francis J. Murphy, $294,000.

ELWYN AVE., 1518-Nancy A. Palla, trustee, to Benjamin P. and Katherine R. Riley, $500,000.

FOREST HILL LANE, 2024-Matthew B. Wayson to Nathaniel Stonestreet, $236,000.

FOXDALE CT., 1818, No. 94-Robert L. Fiedler to Arlene Y. Gonzalez and Jonathan M. Wainwright, $225,000.

FREMONT CT., 1695, No. 124-David F. Vance to Van P. and Nancy L. Wyckoff, $213,000.

GABRIEL CT., 1721, No. 8-Jefferey L. Jones to John M. Coffman and Kyle S. Junghans, $202,000.

JONES FALLS CT., 1702, No. 5-Thomas W. Thompson Jr. to Devon Smith, $225,000.

LAKE GROVE CT., 2049, No. 5-Catherine A. Ferguson to Ronald W. Keyes Jr., $240,000.

LOG MILL CT., 2512, No. 8-Steven D. Durant to Kurt W. and Victoria I. Owens, $218,000.

LONG DRIVE CT., 1534-Chad R. Gordon to Raymond S. and Frances A. Jackson, $320,000.

MARA VISTA CT., 1486, No. 113-Cristina Rodriguez to David V. Hale Jr., $191,500.

ORMSBY PL., 1419-James M. Clemons to Timothy J.P. and Tara Surlis Kelly, $361,000.

TALL WIND CT., 2648, No. 18-Douglas J. Peterson, trustee, to Steven H. Rear, $358,000.

VINEYARD LANE, 2434-John Sam Anastasis to John M. Rohloff, $278,000.

WICKHAM WAY, 1650-Patricia Eilers to Andrew J. Cencarik, $600,000.

Crownsville Area

BUTTONWOOD TRAIL, 908-Randall J. Stattel to Clifford C. and Teresa M. Dize, $304,900.

GENERALS HWY., 1012-Summer Vincent to Hun Sung and Na Young Jang, $52,500.

LOWER VIEW CT., 1404-David L. Russell to Frank A. and Doris L. Ruff, $192,000.

Curtis Bay Area

BELVEDERE PL., 1001-Marlene P. Imhoff to Violetta Ramos, $199,900.

CHESTNUT MANOR CT., 963-Sharon K. Wilhelm to Bryan D. and C. David Howard, $224,000.

GARDENVIEW CT., 7138-Kimberly M. Widman to Thomas J. Bury III, $245,000.

RIVERSIDE DR., 1212-E.A. Wolf to S. Burdern, $80,000.

STONEY POINT WAY, 1440, No. 220-Roy N. Clark to Kathleen S. Deflumear, $240,000.

TIMBERFIELD PL., 7042-Terry Keil to Michelle L. and Albert Cooke, $180,000.

Davidsonville Area

HOMEWOOD RD., 3202-Scott T. Lawson to John M. and Cynthia L. McFarland, $630,000.

HOWARD GROVE RD., 2709-Richard S. Hammond to Bruce A. and Karen M. Stanski, $875,000.

MALVERN HILL DR., 930-James M. Cawley to Prudential Relocation Inc., $939,900.

MALVERN HILL DR., 930-Prudential Relocation Inc. to Joseph M. and Rose M. Block, $939,900.

Dunkirk Area

GREENRIDGE DR., 287-Anthony V. Destefano to Ronald M. and Gloria L. Homen, $489,000.

Edgewater Area

CHESAPEAKE DR., 1720-Melinda Norton to Penny K. and Erik M. Lamb, $259,000.

EDGEWATER DR., 2909-Leonard S. Homa to Daniel S. and Cherie S. Homa, $750,000.

RIVER RD., 133-Christian Viverito to Patrick C. Heffernan, $284,000.

TWIN OAKS DR., 3828-Robert T. Hurley to Daniel C. and Heidi L. Berlin, $259,900.

Gambrills Area

MISTHAVEN LANE, 2262-Walter W. Young to Maria and Filomena R. Rebelo, $275,000.

SILVER WAY, 2327-Jay R. Shank Jr. to Keith Liebermann, $274,000.

ST. EVA LANE, 900-Steven R. Gough to Levi and Jennifer Royster, $840,000.

Glen Burnie Area

ARCHWOOD AVE., 50-Ronald L. Colehouse to Robin L. and Claude L. Wright, $369,900.

CHALMERS AVE., 29-Sara Johnson to Ihor and Elaine C. Blaszkiw, $260,000.

CHERRY AVE., 6035-Acumen Management Corp. to Charles and Patricia Campbell, $249,900.

CINDY DR., 7851-Santa D. Norgran to Andrea E. Morris, $244,000.

CONTINENTAL DR., 6440-Lynn Hill to Peggy Hoch, $116,000.

FURNACE BRANCH RD. W., 200-Alice Hamilton to Gregory A. Hargrove, $212,000.

JAMES RD., 712-Ruby M. Hilbun to Gilbert and Cheryl Watkins, $195,000.

KENILWORTH CT., 475-Deborah A. Ryan to Johnny and Erica Gordon, $195,000.

LONGTOWNE CT., 470-Ali P. Sadegh to Jason L. Hawkins, $173,000.

MANNING RD., 1705-Elmer T. Duitscher to Christopher J. Astor, $110,000.

MAPLE LANE NW, 420-Zmarai K. Ibrahimi to Stephanie Vitrano, $173,000.

MUNROE CIR., 551-Sally A. Wilt to Paul J. Stemick, $194,900.

WASHINGTON BLVD., 408-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Shaun P. Gormley, $185,000.

WESTPHALIA CT., 639-Raymond L. Titus to Christina Walters, $190,000.

FOURTH AVE. SW, 12-Daniel T. Gannon to Kevin M. Oswald, $229,900.

Glen Burnie-Marley Creek Area

BINSTED RD., 617-Harriett O. Klein to Bruce and Alicia Brewster, $129,900.

BLUE WATER CT., 306, No. 202-Reginald M. Shacklock to Theodora E. George, $180,000.

CASTLE HARBOUR WAY, 1102, No. 2C-Kelly L. Richardson to Jane A. Rogalski, $122,500.

FINCH DR., 2706-Charles J. Butka III to Roland and Patti Ballwanz, $295,000.

GARRETT RD., 123-G.D. McFayden to C. Sanderson, $82,500.

GATEWATER CT., 354, No. D-Linda M. Benedetto to Betty Ekstrom, $135,000.

GOODWOOD RD., 2107-Donald K. Taylor to Maynor A. Trochez and Itzel A. Escabi Cruz, $174,900.

HENSON RD., 203-John E. Fries to Michael J. Davis, $200,000.

HENSON RD., 310-U.S. Financial Capital Inc. to Duane V. Mann Jr. and Lisa M. Masters, $349,900.

JAMIE CT., 371-James C. Frisina to Douglas C. and Grover W. Jennings, $255,000.

MARGATE DR., 197-Glenn A. Bell to Richard L. Willey Jr., $305,000.

MOUNTAIN RD., 108, No. 3A-Jerry D. Nicklow to Daniel Kim, $120,000.

NEW JERSEY AVE. NE, 628-David P. Lam to Eric G. and Laura J. Vreeland, $194,900.

OVERHILL RD., 7831-R.B. Johnson Sr. to James E. and Dolores T. Call, $210,000.

POINT PLEASANT RD., 110-Brenda A. Spivey to Richard and Catherine O'Brien, $229,900.

RALPH RD., 107-Earl Wheeler to Gregory B. and Jennifer M. Matteson, $200,000.

RAPID WATER WAY, 6801, No. 202-Raymond D. Lebarron to Susan M. Crawford, $155,000.

TOMCAT LANE, 1-Deborah Downs to Timothy S. Vaneman, $150,000.

Hanover Area

MISTY LAKE CT., 1443-Holly B. Johnson to Nakisha Moore and Nigel J. Holder, $177,000.

POMETACOM DR., 1934-Gregory S. Samples to Michelle Gentry, $330,000.

RIDGEWOOD RD., 1914-Darrin E. Blume to Arthur T. and Anna A. Tabisz, $432,000.

Laurel Area

LITTLELEAF PL., 3440-Jennifer M. Ross to Amelia M. Weathers, $263,000.

LONDONLEAF LANE, 3436-Bernadette L. Gayles to Samuel and Julia R. Stanley, $260,000.

MORNING STAR PL., 3553-Michael V. Hall to Sonia Clare, $304,000.

OLD CHANNEL RD., 3037-Alphonso McClendon to Robert and Lusia Mills, $434,999.

OLD LINE AVE., 248-Ann Marie Pickeral to Anthony D. Scott, $270,000.

PIDGEON FORK LANE, 8301-Michael Hoffman to Carolyn Feemster, $395,000.

PINEY WOODS PL., 3511, No. C202-John W. Ryan to Chad C. and Lisa M. Bradley, $213,000.

PINEY WOODS PL., 3521, No. F201-Letty J. Collins, trustee, to Ashwin Aravindakshan and Anupama Devi Ramachandran, $222,000.

SPICE BUSH RD., 3018-Antonio Bocanegra to Brian Baxter, $292,000.

WATER LILY CT., 3205-Michael R. Carron to Nancy R. Barrs, $235,000.

WATER LILY WAY, 8316-Peter A. Simonello to Joseph P. Erculiani, $254,900.

WOODLAND MANOR DR., 8614-Mark E. Flater to Graham L. Mehl, $320,000.

YELLOW SPRINGS S., 3392-Stephen C. Dapson to Christopher T. and Anita M. Leween, $279,900.

Linthicum Heights Area

CORONET DR., 217-Thomas L. McConnell to Walter J. Stewart and Cindy J. Lisiewski Stewart, $259,900.

HAWTHORNE RD., 517-Eva M. Underwood to Patricia H. Broyles, $195,000.

SHIPLEY RD., 437-Charlene L. Airey to Anthony M. and Paula G. Dunn, $229,000.

Lothian Area

BAYARD RD., 384-Real Estate General Limited to David M. and Tammy L. Barber, $561,149.

Millersville Area

BRANDON DR., 8227-Angela McLendon to Ronald Thornton Jr., $220,000.

CHARLES HALL RD., 309-Levi Royster to Cassandra D. Daniels and Norman L. Jones, $499,900.

LIVE OAK CT., 756-Ronald J. Ballance to Kevin and Cynthia A. Favreau, $559,999.

LOCUST THORN CT., 322-Vincent J. Tekippe to Joseph E. and Brenda D. Gilmore, $575,000.

LONGFELLOW DR., 105-Prudential Relocation Inc. to Paul Thomas and Kathleen Willhelm, $614,500.

NORWOOD DR., 8349-Howard W. Johnson to Herbert R. and Courtney J. Sanchez, $149,900.

NORWOOD DR., 8436-Joel L. Wallenstrom to Pius Dominguez, $150,000.

RUPERT RD. N., 8228-Barrett A. Miller to Ruth M. and Paul S. Foster, $215,000.

SADDLEBACK CT., 412-Shawn B. McGrath to Roy D. and Lesley A. Wallace, $575,000.

SILVERLOCH CT., 103-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Kirk A. and Jane Hunigan, $715,000.

VETERANS HWY., 8533-Roy R. Moore to Edward J. Dyas Jr., $400,000.

WORTHINGTON RD., 476-Randell L. Pinegar Jr. to Jason F. and Cara Diggs, $194,900.

North Beach Area

ALDER PL., 653-Mary C. Kingsbury to Thomas R. and Deborah A. Lamay, $235,000.

Odenton Area

AUTUMN HARVEST CT., 2408, No. 201-Francis H. Martel to John M. and Jessica A. Sipocz, $231,000.

COLONEL WAY, 2106, No. 68-Timothy A. Snidow to Michael J. Bunnell, $286,900.

DOMAIN CT., 500, No. 97-Robbie L. Sines Sr. to Edgar Filippell, $220,000.

KIRBYS LANDING CT., 240, No. 22-Karen Lee Wilson to Dennis W. and Angelica D. Rutherford, $291,000.

KNOB CT., 838-Anthony J. Bouknight to Joy A. Malanyaon, $285,000.

LANGDON FARM CIR., 172, No. 37-Anthony W. Manley Jr. to Eric Matthews, $274,900.

LITTLE PATUXENT CT., 8736-Sun Yong C. Marshall to Brenda L. Labella, $347,500.

MOONGLOW RD., 606, No. 302-Joshua R. Turney to Amy B. Consoli, $150,000.

ODENTON RD., 1369-Landamerica Onestop Inc. to Edward Stack and Baoxiang Li Gately, $260,000.

PINECOVE AVE., 184, No. 43-Brenda E. Jones Joy to Viral and Samir Patel, $280,000.

STREAMVIEW DR., 2678-Craig H. Donnelly to Brian N. and Laura M. Pollard, $356,000.

SUMMER BREEZE CT., 2618-Linda Rinier to Anthony T. Ng, $335,000.

TENBROOK RD., 1303-RMG Investments Inc. to Pamela M. Wendland, $199,000.

TENBROOK RD., 1311-Manufacturers and Traders Trust Co. to Richard A. Riley, $165,900.

TENBROOK RD., 1320-Charles H. Bell III to Kenneth Douglas Bell, $178,000.

WINDING STREAM WAY, 691, No. 304-Curt C. Walker to Kelly J. Luzier, $214,000.

Pasadena-Rock Creek Area

ABBEY CT., 8034, No. L-Deborah L. Herron to Raymond M. Kinstler and Stacie M. Siemek, $134,000.

ABBEY CT., 8046, No. D5-Janet M. Gautier to Charles Salsgiver, $134,900.

ALLEGRI CT., 7910, No. 90-Walter A. Ford Sr. to Tahsi and Yu Shuang Duan, $225,000.

APPALACHIAN DR., 8216-Pamela J. Russ to Zachary Heddinger, $239,900.

ARUNDEL RD., 121-Richard L. Belch to Anthony Cianfrani, $185,500.

BAR HARBOR RD., 217-Charles E. Blake Contractors Inc. to Larry and Melissa Rogers, $315,000.

BRICKWALL LANE, 3579-H. and R. Investors Corp. to Frank and Joan Kern, $194,900.

CARDINAL DR., 562-Gordon Blackley to Shirley J. Martens, $425,000.

CEDAR DR., 684-Elizabeth A. Byrnes to Guy O. Thacker III and Angela L. Doyle, $292,000.

CHURCH RD., 8444-William E. Taylor to Christopher J. Wah, $322,000.

DAVENPORT CT., 3503, No. D-Michael J.P. Majchrzck to Charlene C. Wroten, $126,700.

EAGLE HILL RD., 279-Alan J. Christy to Gilbert L. and Catherine M. Panitz, $525,000.

ENGLISHMAN HARBOUR, 1079-George W. Allen to Kathea J. Bolt and Joshua A. Smith, $179,000.

HAZY DAWN CT., 8150-Kenneth L. Baker Jr. to Maksim A. and Yekaterina Kurmayev, $240,000.

MANSION HOUSE CROSSING, 8035-Douglas H. Kennedy to Christine D. and William E. Davis, $289,900.

MARYLAND AVE., 201-Robert D. Walker to Nick A. Bortle, $159,000.

NEPTUNE DR., 8574-Charles F. Parrish to Peggy R. Kluskey, $160,000.

NORTH AVE., 1911-Donna M. Willis to Roger L. and Mary S. Potter, $160,000.

NORTH AVE., 1922-Barbara A. McCauley to David L. Michalak Jr., $210,000.

OLD MOUNTAIN RD., 1319-Ronald B. Luckow to Christopher Spilman, $300,000.

PEBBLESTONE RD., 985-Christopher A. Miller to Cheryl L. and Jay W. Johnston, $285,000.

PINE RIDGE RD., 8043-John R. McCloud to David Sean and Kelly McCone, $295,000.

PINK LILY CT., 8010-Alik Realty Corp. to Carlos R. Rodriguez and Angeles Aponte, $290,900.

RED WING CT., 8207-Michael J. Wittkopp to Brian M. and Rachel M. Switzer, $469,900.

ROLAND RD., 160-Mark F. Murphy to Jeffrey L. Cook and Erin M. Zimmerman, $250,000.

ROYAL STAR CT., 8206-Tony Woo to Gail and Gustavo Andujar, $415,000.

SCORTON HARBOUR, 8674-Dustin Clift to Gregory C. Ambler, $215,900.

SOUTH CAROLINA AVE., 308-Robert R. Campion to Matthew M. Lastner and Sandra J. Condez, $285,000.

SPRING RD., 8440-Jason M. Matonis to Gordon L. and Stacey D. Danielson, $270,000.

STONE HOLLOW CT., 311-Scott T. Tydings to Michael Michaels, $260,000.

SUTHERLAND CT., 7929-Justin J. McCarty to April Owen, $137,000.

VENA LANE, 1043-William L. Nazarenus to Wayne Shelby, $199,900.

WALDO RD., 150-Donald J. Brewster to Abby E. Reese and David M. Brown, $270,000.

WALDO RD., 153-Wayne T. Bowles to Doug and Cheryl Utz, $350,153.

WOODHOLME CIR., 8081-Connie A. Poling to Sharon Hatcher, $205,000.

202ND ST., 756-Michael J. Boyle to Lloyd O. and Michele L. Bolling, $140,000.

205TH ST., 815-Kenneth H. Rush to Lisa Hall, $197,000.

211TH ST., 689-Albert D. Blizzard to Fox Crest Homes, $72,500.

211TH ST., 771-Bryan T. Owen to Steven M. and Daniel M. Sylvester, $185,000.

Severn Area

ARWELL CT., 1810, No. 12E-Allison M. Woods to George L. Fountain Jr., $60,000.

CITADEL DR., 7976-Carl E. Sargent to Patrick McCoy and Sharon Siatkowski, $299,900.

DUNFIELD CT., 8216-Surinder Kaur to Juliana Tetteh and Israel Thompson, $110,000.

DUNFIELD CT., 8231-Michael W. Brewsaugh to Carolyn Lee Stevenson, $100,000.

HALEHAVEN CT., 7811-Byeong Ho In to Robert E. and Karen A. Davis, $340,000.

HAWAII AVE., 1403-Country Wide Home Properties Corp. to Bao Gia Nguyen, $314,900.

HEATHER MIST DR., 7923, No. 125-Judy Mong Hang Nguyen to Daron P. Smith, $236,500.

MONARD AVE., 1522-Jennifer M. Henderson to Douglas F. Noell, $185,500.

PRAIRIE CT., 1704-John G. Howe to Joseph S. and Stephanie D. Manko, $410,000.

ROBIN CT., 1855, No. 2-Eric J. Ragin to Laguna A. Woodward, $118,000.

SEA PINE CIR., 1719, No. 152-Clifton C. Matthews Jr. to Chauntay R. Quinn, $255,500.

SEA PINE CIR., 1760, No. 165-Stephen S. Rivera to Tiffany Morris, $272,000.

TRAFALGAR DR., 1903-Harold T. Smith Jr. to Thaddeus S. Hess IV, $269,999.

WATCH HOUSE CIR. S., 1837, No. 20-Gershon A. Hoffer to A. and Marie Gerald, $239,900.

Severna Park Area

ASKEWTON RD., 105-Francis S. Gruver to Joseph E. and Carrie J.B. Gruver, $150,000.

BALTIMORE ANNAPOLIS BLVD., 202-Edward C. O'Brien Jr. to Larry J. and Laurie L. Witcher, $490,000.

BARRENSDALE DR., 56-James M. Shank to Hilary and John Fulton, $242,500.

CYPRESSPOINTE DR., 612-Leonard A. Panzitta to James S. and Martha J. Grant, $570,000.

DIVIDING RD., 716-Blanche C. Casson to Stephen D. and Wendy W. Fletcher, $449,900.

DOWNING DR., 144-James C. Flahive to Elizabeth B. and Stephen M. Monseu, $625,000.

EMERSON RD., 43-E.J. Bieberich to John T. and Carla S. Chenery, $359,900.

GRANDIN AVE., 501-Oliver S. Johnson Jr. to Anna V. Engstrom, $409,900.

INVERNESS RD., 131-Anne J. Rottenborn to Julio H. Tejada and Santos Natalia Aguilar, $335,000.

KENSINGTON AVE., 641-Elaine N. Smith to Shaun Gregory Belders and Kathleen Jean Sullivan, $379,900.

ROBINSON LANDING RD., 57-Edward D. Elmore to Edward P. and Lisa H. Wilson, $305,000.

SWINTON WAY, 325-John S. Bilobran to Donald A. and Jennifer L. Clasen, $625,000.

TRENTON AVE., 724-Joseph W. Moore III to David A. Miguez and Amy L. Strieby, $374,900.

WESTMORELAND PL., 610-Willem Nep III to James F. and Donna J. Bentley, $385,000.

YANTZ DR., 406-Thomas P. Prickett to Patrick A. and Eneida L. Green, $566,000.

Shady Side Area

CALLOWAY DR., 1503-James S. Miner to Robert N. Wilkens, $235,000.

HAWTHORNE ST., 1225-Johnnie R. College to Glenn W. Collins, $236,000.

JORDAN DR., 1332-Neil Weisshaar to Brent O. Pasko, $240,000.

MAPLE ST., 1314-Dale P. Myles to Blaine K. Spencer and Kelli A. Trubow, $284,900.

OAK RD., 4722-John F. English to Edward J. Deluca, $260,025.