The following home sales were recently recorded for Fairfax County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Real Estate Division of the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Fairfax and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Alexandria-Belle View Area

ADMIRAL DR., 7403-Doris W. Hann to Elizabeth W. and Robert P. Scullin, $810,000.

BEECHWOOD RD., 7212-Stephen B. and B.J. Polo to Stephen M. and Piyapom Vlach, $539,900.

KENYON DR., 6838-William J. and Marjorie G. Snider to Khamsay and Lampang Kongphachith, $330,000.

WOODHAVEN RD., 6400-Susan C. Winckler and John D. Giglio to Debra J. Demint and Joseph T. McAndrew, $744,000.

Alexandria-Franconia Area

APPLEMINT LANE, 6749-Kathryn G. Baker to Scott B. and Vivienne H. Granado, $537,000.

BROADMOOR ST., 5704-Michael K. Houston to Chad Conklin and Natalie Walker, $482,500.

CLIFF DR., 6029-Michelle V. and Alexander Ma to Thomas and Christine Barton, $750,000.

CURTIER DR., 6017, No. E-Jeffrey D. Wargo to Jodi M. Kukura and Anthony G. Munnings, $299,900.

GILDAR ST., 6325-Thu T. Pham to Juan N. and Walda L. Garcia, $320,000.

HALTWHISTLE LANE, 6620-Bruce M. Carroll to Catherine J. Whitaker, $480,000.

HILLVIEW AVE., 6500-David P. and Jennifer E. Ballon to Marie O. Linder, $356,000.

HOUNDSBURY CT., 7416-Ana K.L. Cory to Yvonne B. McMillian, $308,500.

HURON PL., 5805-Gary A. and Kimber L. Wagner to Lane R. and Nancy E. Clopper, $459,990.

HYDRANGEA DR., 6052-Aman U. and Mary M. Adel to Talib Khan, $385,000.

LERWICK CT., 6947-Henry C. Osborne to Mitchell and Karen Bath, $448,950.

MARY CAROLINE CIR., 6923, No. I-Michael A. Nguyen to Ji Hoon Kim, $275,000.

MORNING GLEN CT., 6521-E.W. Dietrich to Kevin Connors and A.S. Connors, $335,000.

PARISH GLEBE LANE, 6539-Chong G. and Jong H. Park to Keith G. and Melissa L. Martinez, $384,000.

POYNTZ PL., 5914-Steven W. Street to Carolyn H. Bateman, $495,000.

SILVER RIDGE CIR., 6363-Kelric and Ann Johnson to Ventura Rigoberto, Manuel Hernandez and Ramon Ventura, $347,000.

SULLIVAN CIR., 7759-Robert Getz and Lynne Nehrebecki to Yodit Negasi and Beniam Neftaliem, $530,000.

TELEGRAPH RD., 6205-Edward Holt Wilson to Adel E. Dabaie, $375,000.

TERRAPIN PL., 5943-Scott A. Miller to Anil K. and Srilatha Jayavarapu, $330,000.

WARREN POINT CT., 6412-Audrey Jones and Floyd Richard to Greta Smith, $441,000.

Annandale Area

AMERICANA DR., 4349, No. 102-Claudia Pellegrino to Juan F. Hidalgo, $204,000.

AMERICANA DR., 4905, No. 210-J.S. Lacey and S.K. Musleh to Salvador Velasquez, $191,000.

BUTTERFIELD LANE, 7814-Cynthia R. Jefferson and Jason R. Glad to Philip W. Prifold and Esmaralda J.M. Prifold, $401,000.

CHAMPIONSHIP CT., 4087-David Cho to Emily R. Pozinsky, $389,000.

DONNYBROOK CT., 7741, No. 201-Sun H. and Joseph M. Kim to Lurline Smith, $215,000.

JAYHAWK ST., 7409-Raul A. Lemus to Cesar M. Arispe, $377,000.

LITTLE RIVER TPK., 8505-Debra and Harold J. Fredericks to Willy Fernandez, $499,000.

LUTTRELL RD., 3446-Hien Quach to Constantino Perez, $440,000.

PATRIOT DR., 7829-Renato M. and Minerva E. Daguiso to Kuang Wang, $306,000.

ROYSTON ST., 7702-Philip D. and Marilyn L. Haun to Gene A. and Brandon M. Aefsky, $436,000.

TERRACE DR., 3908-M. Evelyn Dewey to Amy Yu and Jae H. Kim, $529,000.

Baileys Crossroads Area

ARDLEY CT., 3353-Maria M. Parsons to Charles J. Ragusa, $411,500.

LEESBURG PIKE, 6137, No. 502-Mhamed Kortobi to Michael Cardinale, $175,000.

POWELL LANE, 3800, No. 606-Susan M. Rowan to Tareq and Bashar Mashal, $263,000.

SEMINARY RD., 5501, No. 412S-Andrew K. Pratt to Fethalrahman Ahmad, $285,000.

SEMINARY RD., 5505, No. 804N-H. David Stout to Basma and Mohamed H. Fares, $278,000.

Burke Area

ANNABERG CT., 10309, No. 156-David Wentworth to Juan C. Lemus and Sandra L. Chavez, $304,000.

BURKE TOWNE CT., 5782-Karen R. Bogayong and Enrique P. Diy to Edgardo I. Tiong, $325,000.

CLERKENWELL CT., 6060-Gregory A. Bookout to Akshay and Deepti Acharya, $370,000.

HERBERTS CROSSING DR., 5619-Thomas J. and Patricia D. Baker to Julie A. and Alireza Khani, $555,000.

JACKSONS OAK CT., 5850-Jose L. Hernandez and Dora E. Martinez to Julio Melendez, $309,900.

KENDRICK LANE, 5532-Winfred and Jan A. Taylor to Christopher J. Devlin, $349,950.

LAKEPOINTE DR., 9813-Peter K. and Erin J. Patacsil to Jason P. Lynch and Monica A.D. Rodriguez, $345,000.

RAND DR., 9901-Roger L. and Ilse B. Stevens to David J. and Stephanie McKenna, $460,000.

ROBERTS COMMON CT., 5911-Jamil and Saliha Mourtaza to Matthew N. and Melissa N. Orton, $360,000.

FIRST LANDING WAY, 5951, No. 90-Patricia Kerns to T. Sang, $255,000.

Centreville Area

ADOLPHUS DR., 14000-Kathryn L. and Timothy E. Potter to Marius Albulescu and Mihai Malinas, $371,750.

ASHER VIEW, 14133-Sang Deog and Mong Sook Lee to Eun A. and Yong H. Cho, $317,000.

BASINGSTOKE CT., 6006-Guillermo Martinez to Richard R. Leung, $285,000.

BRADDOCK RD., 14717-Armin S. and Mary I. Wagner to Arturo J. Oliveros and Clemencia M. Rey, $420,000.

BRITTNEY ELYSE CIR., 5134, No. D-Cameron M. Mustamandi to Erin M. Bostelman, $255,000.

CALLAWAY CT., 6020-Tia M. Birt and Davey A. Birt to Kenneth J. and Virginia E. Yavoich, $380,000.

CEDAR BREAK DR., 5547-Karen Hammond Holt and Leahman J. Holt to Jose S. and Yolanda I. Tijerina, $475,000.

CLARENDON SPRINGS CT., 13636-Yong C. Ramey to Stephen David, $309,000.

DEER HILL CT., 6054-Mohammed J. Hoummada to Michael Feuti, $295,500.

FOUNT BEATTIE CT., 13807-Joy Lynn Conwell to Charles Wolford and K.A. Keyes, $321,000.

GLADE SPRING DR., 14253-Nguyet T. Nguyen and Minh D. Vo to Jasper and Tina Boomer, $400,000.

GLEN MEADOW RD., 5228-Charles E. and H. Joanne Jones to Edward and Beth Haubach, $585,000.

GUNTHER CT., 5903-Anne L. Bull to Phuong M. Truong, $339,990.

HARTWOOD LANE, 6722-Paul L. and Jennifer L. Miller to Gregory R. and Paulette P. Bergstedt, $725,000.

HATFIELD SQ., 14821-Eric W. Kuvinka to Seva Raskin, $299,900.

HAVENER HOUSE WAY, 5957-Shahin and Kathleen M. Hassanzadeh to Bryan C. Getson, $271,000.

HONEY HILL CT., 14136-Carlos and Luz Elescano to Mohamed and H. Koroma, $320,000.

JASLOW ST., 14903-Cynthia L. and Paul V. Myers to Remberto Duque and Magaly A. Peterson, $420,000.

MAPLE CREEK LANE, 13222-John and Lori D. Droegmiller to Wakil and Nadia Darmani, $465,600.

PICKETS POST RD., 14720-Lee R. and Valerie Kaiser to Cuong and Tuyet Lan Vu, $560,000.

RED RIVER DR., 14031-Martin W. and Cynthia S. Dahl to Catherine Cole and Demetrios K. Hontos, $380,000.

ROYAL OAK LANE, 14169-Jim Scott Mullison to Mary C.H. Albright, $309,900.

SALISBURY PLAIN CT., 14431-Andre and Danielle S. Gauthier to Jatwinder Singh, $326,000.

SCHOOLFIELD CT., 5609-Hyoung M. and Ki Y. Jun to Mikyung and Yeong Choe, $579,000.

STILLFIELD PL., 15149-Jamie T. and Heidi A. Webster to Adam C. and Denise C. Syrek, $665,000.

STONE MAPLE TER., 6741-Lorne and Theresa Ladner to Fidelia Fugar, $350,000.

STONEPATH CIR., 6173-Mark J. and Catherine W. Delorey to Robin Richardson, $327,500.

STREAM POND DR., 14724-Daniel A. Traczyk to Maria N. Sarria, $384,000.

STROUD CT., 5507-Stephanie L. Brockman to Minh B. Tran, $360,000.

UNIFORM DR., 14350-Peter and Barbara A. Desantis to Patricia Ostolaza, $440,000.

VILLAGE FOUNTAIN PL., 5108-Faiza Khalid and Iffar I. Choudhry to Tariq M. Cheema, $484,000.

WATERY MOUNTAIN CT., 14305-Jesse H. Devore to Amy M. and Lionel A. Davenport, $292,000.

WEALDSTONE CT., 6020-Oscar L. and Olga M. Miranda to Carlos Arturo Serpas Escobar, Victor M. Serpas and Maria Guadalupe Ayala, $252,000.

WOODLEAF CT., 5216-Michael S. and Valerie M. Amster to Maureen E. and Alfred W. Massey, $565,000.

Chantilly Area

BEECH DOWN DR., 3829-Jason and Katherine Cummings to Veena and Munish Sharma, $410,000.

CUB RUN RD., 4438-Douglas D. and Linda J. Owens to Anthony Tue Nguyen and My Linh Thi Do, $425,000.

HOLTON PL., 13700-Steven W. and Janet E. Ahlbin to Elliott and Kristina Francis, $540,000.

MARBLE WOOD LANE, 4700-Terry E. and Jean A. Bolerjack to Peter P. Metrinko and Laura M. Miller, $578,000.

Clifton Area

CHAPEL RD., 11846-Mark R. Poskaitis and Keith Burner to Steve M. Vu and Mary T. Phan, $720,000.

PARTRIDGE BERRY LANE, 7610-Peter and Joyce Long to Thomas H. and Michelle S. Rhee, $915,000.

UNION SPRINGS CT., 6017-Arthur Jose and N. Dianne Luna to Gerardo Chavez, $568,000.

WOODLAND RUN DR., 13629-William M. and Kathleen A. Ellis to Deborah L. Winfield, $585,000.

Fairfax City Area

ANDES CT., 4508-Kenneth Roy and Edwina M. Phillips to Fernando S. Quintana, $437,000.

ASHVALE DR., 13200-William S. and Wendy S. Pieseski to Donald J. and Geraldine McCue, $645,000.

AVONDALE DR., 11603-Paul B. and Leslie D. Johnson to Janet L. Maguire, $561,000.

BEXLEY LANE, 4932-Jonathan Scott Boswell to Pedro and Cecile J. Gonzalez, $453,000.

BYRD RD., 1919-Robert Paul and Billie J. Warhurst to Lavi and Miriam Deitsch, $780,000.

CHICHESTER LANE, 3210-James P. Feagins and Thomas E. Saunders to Joseph R. and Marilyn E. Nowland, $795,000.

CLARES CT., 3913-David B. Kennedy to Chong Hae Delk, $479,000.

COVINGTON ST., 3121-Frederic B. Osgood to Chi K. Nguyen, $299,500.

ENGLISHWOOD LANE, 13113-Joseph C. Coco to Khiem D. Nguyen and Christine C. Phan, $360,000.

FORT BUFFALO CIR., 12286, No. 474-Flora Iacchia to Victor and Elizabeth Harvell, $332,500.

GOLF TEE CT., 3903, No. 201-James R. and Daniel P. Ogan to Sunil B. Patel, $296,000.

GREEN LEAF CT., 12110, No. 201-James F. and Ginger L. Carter to Francisco A. Membreno, $290,000.

GUNPOWDER RD., 5110-Ivan H. and Juanita J. Oleson to George and Catherine Simons, $684,000.

HELM CT., 5421-Clive and Carole Van Orden to Maurizio Reyes, $329,000.

HOLLY AVE., 4443-Laura J. and John F. Frantz to Catherine J.F. Mundy, $379,900.

LOCHLEVEN TRAIL, 4174, No. B-Susan M. Karlesses to Sudhanshu Luthra and Deepika Kumar, $400,000.

MISSION SQUARE DR., 2998-Louis A. Saporito to Zachary J. and Jacquelyn J. Lutz, $383,000.

NOTTINGHILL LANE, 5222-James D. and Yvonne M. Miller to Derrell K. and Cheryl A. Wilson, $540,000.

OAKCREST DR., 5020-Raymond R. and Beverly J. Powell to Jeffrey B. and Patricia A. Lubin, $845,000.

OX HILL RD., 12313-Berhane Tekle and Saba Telahune to Ja Bin Jang and Hsin Yu Lin, $602,000.

POINT PLEASANT DR., 12824-Scott A.

and Janet Z. Hagan to Homer T. Hodge, $420,300.

RED ADMIRAL PL., 13018-Omid Abbarin to Kambiz and Bita Agazi, $700,000.

ROYAL ASTOR WAY, 8935-Vicki L. Brooks to David S. Bertin, $550,000.

ROYAL LYTHAM DR., 4024-Yoon Kim to Winsome and George Humphrey, $529,900.

SUDLEY FORD CT., 3710-Kim S. McArthur to Glenda Lopez and Jaime Monterroso, $305,000.

SUEDE CT., 9117-Nasir Majeed and Fouzia Nasir to Daniel and Ana Franco, $422,000.

SUTLER HILL SQ., 4326-Nicholas Peters to Michelle Torres, $376,500.

TANNERY CT., 13302-Brian E. and Kelly R. Hack to Tarek I. Farrag and Elaine B. Ramoth, $515,000.

TARA DR., 4709-Frederick F. and Cathryn R. Burgess to Matthew and Rachel Watson, $498,000.

TAYLOR DR., 4027-Elmer C. Crawford to Jayesh and Urmila Desai, $511,000.

TOPAZ ST., 9210-Trace Briarwood to Thoai Nguyen and Hanh Pham, $722,449.

TREASURE CT., 4838-Cher Rutherford to Yan H. Chen and Shuxin Xu, $375,000.

TWINBROOK RD., 4707-Young K. and Min N. Choi to Anthony R. and Kathleen W. Gelona, $519,000.

UPPER PARK DR., 4235-Tracey Beauchat to Gearry R. and Carol L. Gordon, $509,000.

WREN HOLLOW LANE, 13111-Michael D. and Clare M. Loxtercamp to Rajaguruswamy and Padma Balasubramanian, $359,900.

Fairfax Station Area

OLM DR., 10905-Robert L. and Patricia S. Baumann to Michelle S. and Adrian E. Murray, $575,000.

Falls Church Area

ANCHORWAY CT., 3150, No. K-Kristen Horst to Robin P. Swenholt, $287,250.

BISVEY DR., 2831-Ann F. Davidson to Juan C. Callao, $417,000.

CHANUTE PL., 8004, No. 10-Elsa P. Resset to Villarroel Rivero, $215,000.

LAKESIDE VILLAGE DR., 7598, No. M-Carolyn Sturley to Karen T. Cence, $275,000.

LOCUST RIDGE CT., 2304-Stephanie O. and Lawrence R. Rubin to E. Dwight Fielder and E. Lynn Burkett, $689,000.

NORFOLK LANE, 3241-Kirsten Hinsdale and James Wolford to Susan D. Lauscher, $477,500.

ROGERS DR., 2860-Kevin M. and Lynn M. Jordan to Jonathan M. Wallinger and Karen G. Hernandez, $556,100.

SHADY LANE, 6441-Elsie Lee Webb Towsey to Scott Abe, $510,000.

WESTCOTT RD., 6729-Charles Hoang to Hilario A. Rivas, $381,000.

WINDSOR DR., 2845, No. 304-Dara L. Aldridge to J.D. and Tanya Evans, $225,000.

Falls Church-Pimmit Area

CARON LANE, 2417-Hong T. Tupper and Richard L. Kirkman to John L. and Peter J. Gouvis, $600,000.

GILSON ST., 1808-William F. Frenzel to Dara L. Aldridge, $425,000.

RELDA CT., 1935-Stephen W. and Enriqueta B. Farrell to Elizabeth A. Hogan and Edward Tan, $699,900.

Fort Hunt Area

APPLE HILL RD., 2401-Carol M. Nixon to Sean and Johannah Murphy, $460,000.

CHILDS LANE, 2409-Virginia C. Winslett to Victor A. and Anne M. Hoyos, $510,000.

HERBERT SPRINGS RD., 830-Joseph M. and Ann Guiffre to John B. and Bryn M. Burke, $2.858 million.

LYNDALE DR., 1201-Randolph G. and Judith T. Flood to Michael J. and Kathryn E. Costigan, $645,000.

OLD STAGE RD., 1602-Robert H. and Alice P. Verbeke to Letabrhan Gerezgihear, $570,000.

Great Falls Area

GOULDMAN LANE, 713-Chon and Moon Choe to August and Pamira Matteis, $1.7 million.

OLE DIRT RD., 420-Robert M. and Elaine B. Moore to Randall S. and Pamela A. Peyton, $1.413 million.

Herndon Area

APRIL WAY, 1316-Celia Lopez and Marco A. Orozco to Robert Mena, $426,000.

BETSY LANE, 3249-Michael R. and Sandra J. Sowers to Soon Yuan Chang and Ching Yin Hsu, $593,000.

BRANCH DR., 960-Ceferino and Mercedes A. Diaz to Paul M. Damico, $312,000.

BRIERY RIVER TER., 12800-Stanley S. and Teresa B. Bystrek to Robert H. and Leslie S. Hutchens, $471,000.

CAPSTONE CIR., 2146-Krishna M. and Swatik Podury to Robert B. Dickerson and Tracy L. Kemmerer, $445,000.

CENTER ST., 609-Pat Bedrosian and Laura L. Meadows to Sean M. and Ann M. Dunn, $196,500.

CHISWELL PL., 2650-Ronald J. Sentell to Robert R. and Lorrie A. Hafen, $539,000.

CLEARWATER CT., 625-Jose M. Orellana and Teresa Gonzalez Sequeira to Maria I. and Juan A. Contreras, $275,000.

CORN CRIB CT., 2421-Sun Pei Min to Jei Xu, $366,000.

DAKOTA LAKES DR., 2439-Shawkat Ahmadieh and Selwa Z. Ahmadieh to Huiying and Huiying Wang, $649,990.

FANIEUL HALL CT., 2651-Franklin E. Quick and Kathleen M. Hillegeist to Luke H. and Elisa L. Johnson, $484,900.

FILLMORE ST., 494-Harry and Delmy Pavulaan to Jose E. Mendoza and Ana L. Molina, $400,000.

HUNGERFORD PL., 13357-Jose E. Mendoza and Ana L. Molina to Ricardo A. Miranda, $315,000.

LOGAN WOOD DR., 2527-Philip N. Lang to Vinh Lu, $313,000.

MAPLE CT., 405-Pastor Orellana to Jose R. Orellana, $310,000.

MASON MILL CT., 1326-Anthony E. and Julia M. Novalis to Curtis R. and Victoria M. Swanson, $512,500.

PINECREST RD., 12616-Jennifer B. Higgins and Jake Fettig to Brian C. Horlacher, $420,000.

RENEAU WAY, 371-Paul J. Matz to Carl Rushing and Luciana Lumpkins, $269,000.

SAFA ST., 1101-Abdulhamid Abusulayman to Richard A. and Catherine A. Johns, $895,000.

STRATFORD GLEN PL., 13659-Nessra Gharad and Hussein T. Sherief to Sharif A. Omara, $415,000.

SUGARLAND VALLEY DR., 12040-Robert L.R. and Sheryl H. Dolin to Daniel A. Debroux and Karen E. Roeder, $590,000.

SUMMERSHADE CT., 3013-Sun M. and Chong S. Yang to Kourosh Salimi, $381,000.

TORI GLEN CT., 11601-Lloyd E. and Donna K. Allen to John B. and Rebecca J. Sylvester, $1.38 million.

WINTERWOOD PL., 1617-Timothy J. and Beverly C. Teague to Stanley B. Washington, $562,000.

Huntington Area

FENWICK DR., 5636-Quest Financial Corp. to George W. and Sharon O. Callaghan, $255,000.

JEFFERSON DR., 2712-Richard Skahn to Frank Hergeroeder, $308,000.

SCHOOL ST., 3002-Lillie D. Brown to Mitch and Mia Lasat, $625,000.

Hybla Valley Area

HAMPTON CT., 3725-Susan C. Lenius to Armando Velasquez, $276,000.

Lincolnia Area

BERYL RD., 6310-David Brian Woodard to Mohammad Arshad, $409,000.

CYPRESS POINT RD., 6539-Pamela M. Massey to William B. Madden, $320,000.

INDEPENDENCE WAY, 6016-Marie V.S. Canlas to Mansha Khan and Odessa Becker, $302,000.

IRVIN PL., 6606-Carlos R. and Mireya R. Guzman to Sun Y. Cutler, $436,500.

SHETLAND GREEN RD., 4575-Nancy R. Forman and Lynn M. Lundberg to Frank Richard and Sara B. Montera, $655,000.

Lorton Area

ARDGLASS DR., 7318-Mohammad and Kamila Usman to Mavis Donkor and John Frimpong, $341,000.

BIRCH BAY CIR., 8993-Pulte Home Corp. to Abdul R. Fazilat, $583,050.

BITTERROOT CT., 8734-Pulte Home Corp. to Edward S. and Celia Chang, $814,525.

GRACE CHURCH LANE, 7788-NVR Inc. to Fatima K. Oyofo and West J. Ogbebor, $659,290.

LORTON VALLEY RD., 9210-My D. Tran to Harvard Umeres, $350,000.

MISTLETOE LANE, 8208-Pulte Home Corp. to Bruce J. and Kathryn K. Ohrmund, $646,050.

POLLEN ST., 7611-Ralph W. Spohn to Angelica M. and Julio C. Rodriguez, $420,000.

PURPLE LILAC CIR., 8907-Keith M. and George Miller to Elijah K. Kang, $529,900.

ROYAL TERN WAY, 8320-Lavarra and Larhonda Jeffreys to Tavis Harrington, $261,000.

SAMUEL WALLIS ST., 8020-Jahandad Khan to Gulzar Hussain, $505,000.

SHEFFIELD VILLAGE LANE, 7671-Diane Dimartino to Carlos J. Villarroel, $315,000.

SINGLELEAF LANE, 8193-Pulte Home Corp. to David A. and Joan B. Cohen, $474,500.

STONEGARDEN DR., 9135-Edward B. and Debra G. Schmidt to Jayakumar Baladhandapani and Narmadha Thangavelu, $555,000.

WILDWOOD ST., 9221-Batu Homes Inc. to Dina Ibarra, $776,000.

WILLIAM AUGUSTUS CT., 7971-NVR Inc. to Justo C. Camargo, $448,830.

McLean Area

BROAD BRANCH CT., 1023-Regina R. and Achille A. Tedesco to James J. and Marguerite K. Walton, $1.225 million.

BROOK RD., 8925-Franck Benzaria to Brook Development Corp., $909,000.

CARRIAGE HILLS DR., 7442-Monica Cindrich to Jay M. Tannon, $845,000.

ELIZABETH DR., 7104-Margo M. Thorning and Laura M. Mumford to Massimo and Maria A.L. Favro, $799,000.

FARM MEADOW CT., 7216-Hampstead Village Corp. to Marco A. and Mary Carmen Merida, $1.948 million.

FOX HAVEN DR., 8300-Renaissance at Foxhall Corp. to Davinder and Joti Singh, $1.968 million.

GILLIAMS RD., 6537-Bruce E. and Wilma C. Bowers to Gary R. and Nola R. Huffman, $2.825 million.

KENNEDY DR., 1944, No. T4-Erin M. Beatty to Elisa Nguyen, $290,000.

LEAR RD., 7701-Francois M. and Sonia G. Antypas to Esra Tanju and Bereket R. Tanju, $799,000.

LINCOLN WAY, 1525, No. 203-Robert J. Brescia to Lisa Miller, $345,900.

OLD DOMINION DR., 6341-Soon S. Sun and Chien Lin to Suzanne De Lyon and Abid Karrakchou, $579,000.

SPRING GATE DR., 1571, No. 6315-Thomas E. and Barbara W. Patton to Alex T. Cheng, $269,900.

Mount Vernon Area

CLAREMONT WOODS DR., 8357, No. H-Joseph H. Peaks to Carmen and Guillermo Marquez, $185,000.

EL CAMINO PL., 3821, No. 21-Albert C. King and Charles E. Byers to Samuel Baiden, $184,900.

EUREKA CT., 8423, No. 120-Manuel D. Rivera and Soila E. Velasquez to Angel A., Jenry L. and Jose F. Morales, $223,000.

HANRAHAN PL., 4722-NVR Inc. to Tri M. Nguyen, $490,265.

HUNTER MURPHY CIR., 8346-Sang Young and Hye Won Eom to Amy E. Shortell, $334,900.

MARIPOSA PL., 3914-James M. Lewis to Jose M. Robles, $215,000.

OSMAN DR., 8400-Stephen J. and Lisa M.

Winkler to Jose and Oscar O. Chavez, $389,000.

VENOY CT., 8657-James E. and Stephanie M. Styers to Jose Velasquez and Iris Yolanda Cruz, $277,750.

WALUTES CIR., 8794-Marvin G. and Sonia D. Aleman to Byron Mahoney, $189,000.

North Springfield Area

DANBURY FOREST DR., 5320-Michael P. Irwin to Eugene M. and Catherine L. Irisari, $330,000.

ELLET RD., 8109-John Lawrence Naler to Harlan L. Browning, $400,000.

FREMONT ST., 5410-Regis F. McCloskey to Gloria J. Simpkins, $354,240.

INDEPENDENCE AVE., 6601-Beatrice M. Shofner to Ruben Rojas, $425,000.

LEESVILLE BLVD., 7306-Alicia Brubeck to Oscar A. Ardon, $429,500.

THAMES ST., 8622-Sung T. and Mi J. Kim to Chu Y. Kim, $457,000.

VICTORIA RD., 8805-Glendon Donnell Willey to Jim S. and Patricia S. Mullison, $430,000.

Oakton Area

ASHBROOKE CT., 10194, No. B-Elizabeth S. and Victor Harvell to Sun I. Han, $265,000.

BUSHMAN DR., 10200, No. 104-Angela M. Kinsella to D.J. and Melissa Lanzo, $229,000.

BUSHMAN DR., 10300, No. 309-Mary C. Russo to Margaret Herby Roberts, $315,000.

FAIRFAX METRO LANE, 2908-Carol A. MacDonald to Mark G. and Marion A. Goedde, $513,625.

LANGTON ARMS CT., 11012-John P. Mulgrew and Shin Fen Lee to Daniel B. and Guowei Wright, $675,000.

OAKTON TERRACE RD., 10068-Daisie Snyder to Michael O. Johnston, $305,000.

WESTHURST LANE, 2987-James E. and Sandra L. Chambers to Larry W. and Nancy G. Whitfield, $1.325 million.

Reston Area

APRICOT CT., 1611-David W. and Christine C. Goodrum to Sergiy and Ganna Yarmoshchuk, $462,500.

BEAVER TRAIL CT., 11158-Erin T. McCloy to Daniel Evans, $225,000.

CARTWRIGHT PL., 2154-Theodore M. Campbell to Patricia Whitington, $280,000.

CARTWRIGHT PL., 2211-Daniel T. and Alba M. Renero to Thomas A. Barilla, $282,000.

CASTLE ROCK SQ., 2255, No. 1B-Ama Poku to Alexandra D. Pedersen, $221,000.

GLENCOURSE LANE, 2168-Donna M. Montgomery to Erik B. and Sheila R. Sjolseth, $357,000.

GREENBRIAR CT., 1625-Mark and Moniquo O. Daniels to Stephen J. and Dana C. Kearney, $431,000.

GREENWICH POINT RD., 11590-Peter J. and Mary C. Repole to Susan Klein and Stephen Smith, $845,000.

HEATHCOTE CT., 11965-Russell B. Katz to Matthew Bosseler, $334,900.

IVY BUSH CT., 11559-Rosario Zavala to Aldrete Alberto Aguirre and Maria Gomez, $340,000.

LITTLE COMPTON DR., 11129-Carolyn A.

Kennell to David C. and Lisa M. Rankin, $502,000.

MARKET ST., 12001, No. 227-Reston Apartments Holdings Corp. to Sheila R. Drake, $200,349.

MARKET ST., 12001, No. 315-Reston Apartments Holdings Corp. to Gaurangkumar Soni, $267,791.

MARKET ST., 12001, No. 420-Reston Apartments Holdings Corp. to Stavros D. Roberts, $448,095.

MARKET ST., 12001, No. 433-Reston Apartments Holdings Corp. to Sergey Malkov and Natalia Konovaltchouk, $253,904.

SAFFOLD WAY, 11096-Jung and Maria Kim to Charissa and Steve Schroff, $330,000.

SILENTWOOD LANE, 11281-Joseph W. Budzinski to Robert J. Evans, $330,000.

SOUTHGATE SQ., 2406-Kathiuska Ramirez to Patricia Habati, $290,000.

VANTAGE HILL RD., 11621, No. 12B-Thomas E. McKallip to Joel M. Biedrzycki, Lisa Hauer and Marian Kann, $210,000.

WHITE CORNUS LANE, 2232-Alan A. Reichert to Sarah M. Escowitz, $255,000.

WINDLEAF DR., 1305, No. O-Jacqueline M. and Raymond J. Olkin to Catherine L. Merrill and Paul W. Williams, $329,600.

Seven Corners Area

APEX CIR., 3219-Marianne J. Smith to Stephanie Vuong and Cong Quach, $400,000.

JUNIPER LANE, 3138-Louise M. Owens to Samuel C. Jacknin, Charles J. Einsmann and Richard Oppenheim, $400,000.

S. MANCHESTER ST., 3101, No. 210-Lee R. and Justine T. Godown to Jose Bautista and Analen A. Bautista, $195,000.

VINE FOREST CT., 6176-Dorothy A. Hook and Nancy A. Nesbit to Corinne Smith, $485,000.

Springfield Area

BEACHWAY CT., 7204-Walter D. and Vivienne B. Johnson to Victor and Mary E. Stephenson, $510,500.

BRANDON AVE., 6102-Gradys A. Mendoza to Maria C. Brizuela, $430,000.

CATON WOODS CT., 7005-Richmond American Homes to Oscar J. Gandarillas and Chetry L. Gandarillas, $641,315.

DARBY LANE, 6831-Eddie A. and Mark Mathewson to Sandra S. Carcache, $425,000.

GARY ST., 7307-David Dixon to Leslie A. Vergara, $364,900.

HILLTOPPER CT., 7708-Jennifer L. Little to Soon R. Jeong and Oh J. Jeong, $516,012.

KENTLAND ST., 6211-John E. and Susan A. McGregor to Shawn M. and Denise K. Steene, $400,000.

LAKE PLEASANT DR., 8114-William B. Seward to Clinton W. and Tamara L. Shondelmyer, $500,000.

ROYAL AZALEA CT., 7703-Seon D. Kim to Carol J. Sabol and Marshall K. Sabol, $758,100.

SPRING GARDEN DR., 7096, No. 102-Julie O. Sprung to Kazi M. Uddin, $197,500.

SPRINGFIELD OAKS DR., 8490-Nancy G.S. Williams to Cynthia M. Crouch, $313,000.

WHITSON CT., 8719-Carol O. Cardarelli to Robert L. Crawford and Annetta L. Moore, $503,000.

Vienna Area

NICHOLAS SE, 962-Ayrhill Homes Corp. to Hugh D. and Kathryn D. Connell, $1.073 million.

BATTLE ST., 222-Robert M. and Julie Gjormand to Brian K. Volk, $460,000.

BELLFOREST CT., 2700, No. 301-William D. Hahm to Alka Singh and Ramani Peruvemba, $387,000.

CLOVERMEADOW DR., 1782-Chi T. Tran and Tam C. Ninh to Stephen A. and Maribel F. McIntyre, $961,000.

GALLOWS TREE CT., 2039-CRG Tysons Corp. to David Hu and Lumiao Zhao, $501,226.

HARMONY DR., 103-Christopher T. and Kimberlee R. Perry to William G. and Carol L. Brozo, $615,000.

HOLMES DR., 361-David B. and Barbara C. Shear to Hamid Nasvaderani and Nahid Shirzady, $526,500.

HUNTERS CREST WAY, 2083-John P. and Wendy R. Counts to Paul J. and Lynne L. Farrell, $1.825 million.

KELLY SQ., 2866-MSM Properties Corp. to Henry Rhee, $465,000.

KIBLER CIR. SW, 501-James H. and Patricia Ann McGlue to Joseph and James Frankiewicz, $493,000.

KNOLLSIDE LANE, 2831-Hao C. and Diep T. Tran to Lori E. Ruppert, $399,900.

LAFORA CT., 2818-Kimberly Y. Griggs and Arnaud H. Buursink to Lili Ming, $420,000.

MADRILLON RD., 2055-Timothy M. Lewis and Babette R. Husson to Mingjie Wan and Qi Min, $800,000.

ST. ROMAN DR., 1826-Manijeh S. Oshani to Ferdane and Asad Haroon, $565,000.

SUGAR LANE, 3006-Jean M. Smith and Velma M. Burnett to Pradip V. Haria, $357,000.

VIRGINIA CENTER BLVD., 9490, No. 238-Marquis at Vienna Station to Jason M. Stanton, $336,900.

WALKER ST., 533-Albert J. and Eleanor Y. Tricarico to Gregory M. Garrison and Jed Williams, $516,000.

Vienna-Dunn Loring Area

SANDBURG CT., 8012-John P. Purcell to James E. and Susan J. Larocca, $649,000.

West Springfield Area

BLARNEY STONE CT., 6426-Michael K. and Sharon A. Ntow to Faustino Osorio and Mirian S. Flores, $334,900.

FORRESTER BLVD., 8402-Rolando Garces and Gladys Camacuari to Todd A. Kaplan and Rosie Wieseltier, $234,000.

HOLFORD LANE, 6625-Sitkasem Chanhiran and Vannee Vutthayakom to Carlos Lobo and Agueda Maradiaga, $429,900.

ROYAL RIDGE DR., 5835-Damon and Sarah Trujillo to Michael T. Hardee and Jennifer L. Paine, $275,000.

SHOOTINGSTAR DR., 7736-Richard M. Press to Robert R. and Anne C. Green, $429,900.

STONEYGATE CT., 6008-Susan M. Cavanaugh to Christopher and Maria Cooper, $408,000.

SWEET BIRCH CT., 9025-Marjorie B. Tennent to John H.V. Tennent, $314,900.

VIOLA ST., 8124-James K. and Pamela J. Ryan to William E. and Kristin Cochran, $500,000.

WHITLERS CREEK DR., 7253-Omar A. and Michelle R. Kitmitto to Kenneth J. Campbell, $385,000.

WINDING HOLLOW WAY, 8804-Daniel F. and Kelly Parsons Joplin to Andrew R. and Carla M. Hatten, $366,000.

WINDING HOLLOW WAY, 8876-Levon and Beverly H. Anderson to Herbert C. Dawson and Christine A. Holmes, $389,900.

WRENFORD CT., 8329-Bryan M. and Katie B. Bowen to Christopher M. and Paige M. Mills, $409,900.