The following home sales were recently recorded in Frederick County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Frederick County and other Washington areas, visit

Adamstown Area

BALLENGER CREEK PIKE, 2134-Howard S. and Marguerite Wilt to Karla M. and John Y. Harrison Jr., $242,500.

GEORGE ST., 5404-John T. and Elizabeth L. Hanes to Cindee L. and Frank T. Miller III, $339,000.

Brunswick Area

BRUNSWICK ST., 402-Susan J. and Louise C. Jenkisson to Michael John Donahue, $168,000.

DELAWARE AVE. N., 217-Wendell E. Bolinger to Michelle M. and James N. Murz, $188,900.

E ST. E., 503-Darin J. Sweeney to Sara L. and Jason Payne, $255,100.

MAPLE AVE. N., 512-Sky Development Corp. to Jennifer A. and David L. Wenner Jr., $158,800.

NINTH AVE., 512-Michael R. Kirby to Kelly A. and Shane M. Price, $234,000.

Emmitsburg Area

ANNANDALE RD., 16932-Mary E. Hatter to Donna M. Hogan, $275,000.

SETON AVE. N., 111-American Legion, Francis X. Elder Post 121 to Robert E. Krantz, $126,500.

Frederick City Area

ALL SAINTS ST. W., 130-Daniel and Eric Beshers, trustees, to Betty Ann Kramer and Judith L. Streeter, $200,000.

ARCHET LANE, 2162-Charles Shawn Sincoski to Leticia Saenz and Margarita Diaz, $265,000.

BALD HILL RD., 5010-Mason Allender to Stefanie H.O. and Richard T. Cox, $152,000.

BEEBE CT., 504-Eric R. Boyer to George Richard Zimmerman, $175,000.

BERRY ROSE CT., 1601, No. 4-3A-Lori B. Adams to Robert J. Moore, $175,000.

BISHOPS GLEN DR., 226-Kenneth and Shirley Cox to Rafael Lopez and Maria Eva Navidad, $347,500.

BLACK HAW CT., 8296-Marie D. Alexander to Margaret G. and William F. Patschak, $232,000.

BLUELEAF CT., 905, No. 7-1B-Joanne Fitzgerald to Mary Anne O'Farrell, $175,900.

BUTTERFLY LANE, 5712-Geneva Ann Morgan to Francisco J. Donis, $246,900.

CAMERON WAY, 2600-Betty L. Dawson to Stacey L. and Loren W. Poulsen, $269,900.

COLLINGWOOD LANE, 2134-Edward A. Muir to Juan A. and Jose I. Argueta, $272,000.

CYPRESS CT., 7191-Eileen M. Anderson to Charles Ansong, $155,000.

CYRIL ST., 1813-John W. Jr. and Alison M. Ashbury to Krista A. and Gregory A. Elspas, $470,000.

DOMINION DR., 2404, No. 3B-Lauren M. and Christopher M. Healy to Haruko Delashmutt, $174,900.

DOUBLEBRAND CT., 6908-Milan L. Brown to Diego Altamirano, $205,000.

DUNBROOKE CT., 833-Janet and Dominick Vasco to Pamela S. Jackson, $339,900.

EASTBOURNE TERR., 1004-Monica and Habibullah N. Durrani to Suzanne G. Madden, $323,000.

ELFIN CT., 1403-John P. and Tara C.

Southerland to Roger and Sarika Khan, $362,500.

ELLSWORTH WAY, 2412, No. 1D-Dawn W. Duggan to Cheryl Brooks, $189,900.

EVERLY DR., 2603, No. 9-8-Barbara W. Martin to Melissa Bowers, $226,700.

EVERLY DR., 2647, No. 8-1-Karen M. Herzing to Jeffrey Leigh Mizikoski, $208,000.

EVERLY DR., 2671, No. 7-1-Richard L. Kazunas to James J. and Angela D. Kleimola, $224,900.

FAIRVIEW AVE., 609-Caroline and John M. Crapster to John T. Crapster, $250,000.

FALLOW HILL CT., 6724-Melody F. and William J. Zimmerman to Jon P. Pate Cloutier, $183,103.

GRESHAM CT. E., 7108-Jill H. and Willie A. Brooks to Lori B. Adams, $250,000.

HARPERS CT., 1917-Teresa L. and Sean R. Byrd to Robert J. Krasts, $259,900.

HARVEST DR., 1795-Karen L. Ruch to John Joseph Nordhoff, $300,000.

HASTINGS CT., 6204-Richard C. and Megan Marie Vogel to Donald Harris and Katarzyna Bejna, $230,000.

HEATHER LANE, 1736-Chin Ching Hsu to Rosalind Munyiri Wilson, $178,000.

HEATHER RIDGE DR., 551-K-Michael J. Strine to Cathern and Robert Clayton, $121,900.

HORIZON DR., 11-Ann K. and Dennis A. Jungman to Balmore E. Delgado, $198,000.

INSLEY CIR., 845-Derek Huzzy to Iain David Harris, $318,000.

JUBAL WAY, 945-Hugh Henry Wessinger to Heidi Ach and Brandon Steinbar, $299,232.

JUBAL WAY, 970-Kathy R. Kunze to Paola Chavez Mera, $275,000.

KATSURA CT., 5786-Daniel A. Smallwood to Monica K. Hyrne and Thomas M. Pentony, $237,900.

LINGANORE RD., 6014-Janie P. Finch to John H. and Katharine Z. Alvarez, $210,000.

MALLERY CT., 6515-Craig A. and Martha L. Scott to Sangeetha Kalyanasundaram and Balamurugan Natarajan, $241,000.

MEGAN CT., 405-Michael J. and Victoria F. Kadan to Runnei Kim Mann and Khua L. Mann, $193,000.

MOSBY DR., 930-Jose F. Mota to Rose Ann Corley, $290,000.

NEW CASTLE CT., 115-Maude E. and Erich

E. Muehl to James Joseph O'Rourke, $214,900.

PINOAK DR., 285-Ray M. and Janet L. Truax to Vicki L. and Henry E. Martin, $189,900.

QUINN ORCHARD RD., 5937-Donald W. and Virginia Bowser to Donna Rene Hudson Stakes and Brian S. Stakes, $275,000.

SCHAFFER DR., 1201-Sheri L. and Robert W. Harshberger to Randy L. Ellis, $120,000.

SILVERSPOT CT., 1401-Charles E. and Glee Ann Harne to Margaret W. and Stephen F. Lange, $403,000.

SNOW GOOSE CT., 6818-Theodore Kochenberger to Sondra E. Hoover, $205,000.

SOUTH ST. W., 217-Pearl S. Flohr estate to Nathan Edward Robyns, $235,000.

SPRINGWATER CT., 6508, No. 3301-Mary E. Girard to Cara A. and Ian C. Twentey, $180,000.

SPRUCE PEAK WAY, 1809-William J. and Merissa Newton to Cara N. and Daniel L. Stitzer, $282,965.

STRATFORD DR., 805-G-Devin D. Williams to Georgette Gross Ambush and Donny Ambush, $88,000.

STRATFORD DR., 817-L-Janice and Lester G. Oberhaus to Thoba Khumalo, $153,000.

STRATFORD WAY, 808-F-Raymond and Shelly Ray to Gretchen W. and Roy M. Nelson, $150,000.

WADE CT., 5650-K-Brendan Michael Gilligan to Matthew P. Sandy, $186,500.

WETHERBURNE WAY, 2214-Pamela G. and Antonio A. Rucci to Barbara A. Collier, $270,000.

WORTHINGTON CT., 1728-Frederic D. Jackson to Donald L. and Jennifer P. Horne, $217,900.

FOURTH ST. W., 105-Robert W. and Patricia A. Smith to Karen W. and Irvin L. Muszynski Jr., $235,000.

Ijamsville Area

CANARY DR., 11377-L. Wayne and Louise Graves Parrish to Kelly Lynn King and Richard A. Legere, $375,000.

Jefferson Area

CAMDEN PL. N., 4901-Jullian M. Biggers to Pamela Nunzio and Raymond F. Sutherland, $375,000.

JEFFERSON PIKE, 3649-Vivian K. and Gladys N. Fawley to Cherise A. and Cory E. Brawner, $206,000.

WESTPORT DR., 3400-Cornelius Mark Dudzinsky to Margaret F. and Stephen R. Hopkins, $345,000.

Knoxville Area

CEMETERY CIR., 3542-Linda McNeil to Sara Ann and Steven M. Moulton, $275,000.

Middletown Area

BROOKRIDGE DR. W., 7909-Brian W. and Kimberly Ann and Ray to Dana A. Carberry and Robert H. Brooks, $478,000.

HOLLOW RD., 8621-Kathleen A. and William J. Schrum to Dennis B. Zerby, $334,500.

MAIN ST. E., 35-David C. and Joyce L. Koogle to Karen Strange Tovia and Efraim Tovia, $365,000.

SERPENTINE RD., 4312-Joanne M. and James H. Fenton to Wanda J. Dudley, $279,900.

VALLEY VIEW RD., 4304-Ernest E. and Sherron D. Watkins to Michelle L. and David H. Bausum, $750,000.

WASHINGTON ST., 205-Ruth Life Estate and Robert Melvin to Jennifer D. Leatherman, $210,000.

WESTCHESTER CT., 3610-Karen J. Durkin

to Teresa K. and John W. Falkenstein, $507,000.

Monrovia Area

KEMPTOWN CHURCH RD., 3112-Robert Harold Baker to Jennifer and Christopher Johannes, $422,500.

TALL OAKS DR., 4985-Frederick A. and Karen K. Anderson to Christopher Henry and Leiann Klein, $425,000.

WHITE PINE DR., 3006-Herman L. Coldiron to Laura C. and Michael R. Gilpin, $300,000.

Mount Airy Area

BEACH DR., 6628-Robert R. and Betty Lou Fowler to Renee L. and Mark W. Heeley, $232,000.

BOYER MILL RD., 5510-Marg and Walter E. Meuse Jr. to Sandra Lee Shumate, $255,000.

CATOCTIN RIDGE DR., 5619-Nader and Margrit Darvish to Nancy and Mark Eisenstadt, $360,000.

LEGION DR., 5304-Alan E. and Joann E. Barrick to Maureen E. and Ken A. Ray, $375,000.

PUTTER CT., 7004-Kevin and Loren Santos to Josephine and Robert Douty, $499,900.

TWIN LAKE DR., 6540-Marjorie L. and Joseph W. Davis to Jason D. Davis, $249,900.

VILLAGE OAK CT., 1424-Michael and Lani I. Hrones to Brandi Ellen Dinges and Chad Allen Sandefur, $239,900.

New Market-

Lake Linganore Area

ROSS CT., 5494-Kathy L. Flanagan to Karen and Robert Kohout, $315,114.

New Midway-

Ladiesburg Area

LEGORE RD., 12536-Marilea Miller to Terri and Robert L. Davis, $320,000.

New Windsor Area

BUFFALO RD., 3713-Alan M. and June E. Rusterholtz to Michelle A. and Geoffrey M. Jackson, $285,000.

Point of Rocks Area

SWAIN'S LOCK CT., 2153-Gregory S. Wilson to Christopher Dudley and Rachel Powell, $220,000.

WISE RD., 1612-Kurt Schneidmiller to Mary M. Thomasch, $259,900.

Thurmont Area

BRICE RD., 12939-Phyllis J. Willard to Nick L. Fogle, $235,000.

CHURCH ST. N., 308-Tracy M. Howes to Alison E. and James E. Clements, $219,900.

IRONMASTER CT., 3-E. Jacqueline and Darrell H. Risser to LandAmerica OneStop Inc., $269,900.

Walkersville Area

FREDERICK ST., 14-Faye Faulkner to Walter R. Jr. and Sharon R. Bishop, $258,000.

FREDERICK ST., 61-Paul W. and Ruby E.

Funk to Annie E. and Walter K. Keeney, $294,000.

GLADE BLVD., 118-Michael S. Fekete to Joann and Eric Valainis, $319,900.

REVELATION AVE., 8329-Denise C. and Robert S. Wright to Michael Scott Spitzer, $171,000.

VICTORY CT., 8776-Mark and Anita Matovich to Paula and Sampach Prak, $185,000.