From time to time, District Extra will provide information on how to use city services. This week's feature draws directly from the District government's Web site to provide residents with information that might be useful for those doing some late spring cleaning.

How to . . .

Schedule a Bulk Trash Collection


Sometimes residents need to get rid of items that are just too large for the regular trash. The Department of Public Works (DPW) collects large, bulky items -- by appointment -- from households that receive DPW trash collection service. Single-family homes and buildings with three (or fewer) apartments are also eligible for bulk collection services. DPW does not collect bulk trash from commercial establishments, including multi-unit apartment buildings (more than three units).

To arrange for a bulk collection appointment, call the Citywide Call Center at (202) 727-1000. Only seven items may be collected at a time. Customers with more than seven items will be given subsequent appointments. Bulk items (sofas, refrigerators, hot water heaters, mattresses and box springs) should be put in the alley or on the sidewalk, where the collection team can identify your address. Renovation materials, plate glass and other construction debris are not collected. Any material deemed to be from a business will not be collected.

Acceptable Bulk Items

* Household furniture/appliances (please remove refrigerator doors)

* Hot water heaters/air conditioners (empty of water and fluids)

* Full-size vacuum cleaners or shop vacs (if too big for the regular trash)

* Mattresses and bed frames

* Tires (up to seven only)

* Rugs (must be rolled and tied)

* Large toys (kiddie pools, playhouses)

* Tree limbs (must be less than four feet long and less than six inches in diameter)

Unacceptable Bulk Items:

* Hazardous and/or liquid waste

* Household or gardening chemicals

* Building or renovation materials

* Bricks

* Drywall

* Tree stumps

Alternatives to DPW Collection Include:

* Donate items to charity

* Use a private hauler

* Dispose of items at Fort Totten Waste Transfer Station (4900 Bates Rd. NE)

Information DPW Needs From You:

* Your name and address

* Point of collection

* Ward

* Bulk items to be collected

Hours of Operation:

6:45 a.m. - 3:15 p.m. Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

To request services, call the Mayor's Citywide Call Center at (202) 727-1000.

Visit the city's online Service Request Center at

DPW says it will resolve your situation within 10 days.