The following home sales were recorded recently in Loudoun County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Loudoun County Assessment Office. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Loudoun and other Washington areas, visit

Aldie-Braddock Road Area

BEAR TOOTH DR., 42045-Centex Homes to Mong Sook and Sang Deog Lee, $542,055.

CINNABAR SQ., 41867-Stone Ridge Community Development to R. Flanagan and Christopher Flanagan, $430,500.

CINNABAR SQ., 41875-Stone Ridge Community Development to Ann W. and Jason E. Butler, $460,881.

WIND RIVER DR., 24827-Kanwaljit and Pritinder S. Mann to Mary Diane McLaughlin, $689,900.

Algonkian Regional

Park Area

BICKEL CT., 102-James Lewis to Stephan M. Bailey, $281,000.

BURNLEY SQ., 20335-Patsy Kay Hall to Michael J. Holubeck, $357,900.

DAIRY LANE, 20141-Cary R. Young to Janice L. and Raymond R. Ouellette, $365,000.

DUDLEY CT., 20-Kristin and Shirin Elkoshairi to Sheryl P. and Stephen S. Daniels, $377,000.

MILLARD CT., 5-A. Moreno and Wilfredo Pereira to Jose Chiang and L. Villavicencio, $320,000.

NICHOLSON CT., 18-Maria Raso to Leal S. Deddens, $315,000.

OAKSPRING SQ., 20943-Elizabeth and Chris Gordon to R. Lyons, $415,000.

WATERBEACH PL., 20905-Ryan E. Sandridge to John M. and Patricia M. Granholm, $545,000.

WOODBORO TERR., 47597-Jean M. and Peter D. Hatch to Christine G. and Mark B. Richardson, $375,000.

Ashburn Area

BALTUSROL TERR., 43216-Belmont Land Partnership to Jan M. and Christopher T. Klein, $541,164.

BROOKFORD SQ., 43213-Olivia M. and Serge Schoofs to Hamdi Aly, $375,000.

CHESTERMILL TERR., 43205-Brenda Marie Lepre to Shirley A. Martinez, $352,200.

CHESTERTON ST., 42849-Christine M. Zic to Eduardo Rocha, $397,500.

COAL BED CT., 43561-Linda and Richard E. Duffy to Heather Long and Stephen Murphy, $739,000.

FARMGATE TERR., 20393-Kevin D. Kaikko to Mayolo Family Revocable Trust, $374,990.

GALA CIR., 44102-Olga A. and George P. Becker to Stephen Limbert and Deborah Zarchin, $340,000.

GATWICK SQ., 43137-Hector E. Leiva to Shakila and Mohammad Khan, $380,000.

GLENBURN TERR., 20974-Monika Buri to Kalarani and Palaniappa Periyasamy, $385,000.

HEDGEAPPLE CT., 43005-Janine Faris and Ronald K. Larson to Abby Z. and Daniel R. Shively, $585,000.

LORDS VALLEY TERR., 44059-Karime and Tony K. Shamloo to Andrea D. and Joseph R. Coray, $475,000.

PETWORTH CT., 21828-Parkside at Ashburn Corp. to Jeremy E. Brown, $249,900.

PUEBLOS SQ., 20234-Richmond American Homes to Hua Xu, $332,035.

PUEBLOS SQ., 20236-Richmond American Homes to Abdisalam Abdulle, $138,870.

REDFIELD ST., 42883-Natalie M. Solomon to Robin and Scott Kydd, $514,000.

SMOKEHOUSE CT., 21255-Michael E. Berg to Kristi L. and Shawn J. Lamothe, $589,960.

WINDING BROOK SQ., 21184-Jerlynn B. and Chester A. Taylor to Julia K. and Santos Benites, $365,000.

Broadlands Area

LAGO STELLA PL., 43008-NVR Inc. to Vicki L. and Charles T. Wafle, $761,865.

RIDGEWAY DR., 42737-Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Sara Akmal and Farhan M. Mirza, $732,975.

SWEET BAY TERR., 21911-Aylin Gokce and Ahmet Karadag to Blanca T. and Javier A. Bardales, $499,762.

Dulles Area

SUMMERSTOWN PL., 23420-Toll Virginia IV Partnership to Amanda P. and Benjamin C. Bready, $770,275.

Hamilton Area

ST. PAUL ST. S., 215-John F. Page to Ladan and Ronald Bennett, $351,000.

Leesburg Area

ACCOKEEK TERR., 18881-Lansdowne Community Development to Tatiana Hogan, $617,523.

ALPINE DR., 177-Richmond American Homes to Michele M. and Robert C. Bassett, $466,965.

CHADFIELD WAY, 601-Connie J. and Gary L. Stump to Patricia Grimmett and Michael Wright, $520,000.

CONNERY TERR., 156-Shirley L. and Robert B. Yost to Amy C. and Joel Kent Fields, $345,000.

CREEKBANK CT., 43283-West Goose Creek Corp. to Mandy C. and James K. Siu, $980,610.

FORBES CT., 1006-Loredana Tees and Louis Giamporcaro to Monique A. and Byron E. Johnson, $265,000.

GLEEDSVILLE RD., 20743-Mary Katherine Young Smith to M. Chinchilla and Jose L. Arias, $375,500.

GOOSE BLUFF CT., 18905-West Goose Creek Corp. to Feraidoon Shams, $927,023.

HANCOCK PL., 26-Stephen T. III and Saudhi V. Johns to Claribel S. Conde, $165,000.

HANCOCK PL., 74-Linda L. and Bruce L. Heskett to Erin Rechter and Jerod P. Grill, $198,000.

HEDGESTONE TERR., 306-Janelle E. and Daniel S. Weber to Linda A. Smith, $320,500.

KIPHEART DR., 19065-Lansdowne Community Development to T. Dhillon and Madhu Dhillon, $676,258.

KIPHEART DR., 19076-Lansdowne Community Development to Kim and Stephen E. Marinetto, $667,009.

LILAC TERR., 551-Ralph J. III and Amanda Perko to J. Miller and Matthew Runyon, $344,000.

MAGNOLIA GROVE SQ., 19360, No. 314-IDI Cortese Magnolias Corp. to Eugenia V. and Kenneth P. Sears, $500,000.

MCLEARY SQ., 666-Kristy L. and Matthew J. Jeffries to John Tsitsikaos, $410,500.

MEADOWBROOK CT., 109-Christy and Christopher Turnbull to Jerrald L. Saville, $532,000.

MILLWRIGHT TERR., 43495-Lansdowne Community Development to Laurie Ann Preston, $677,678.

NANSEMOND ST., 360-Patti Legard and Mike Shemit Jr. to Xingnan Angel Chen, $305,757.

OVERVIEW PL., 43257-West Goose Creek Corp. to Seung Hye Shin and Seung Gi Kim, $937,250.

RASPBERRY DR., 41840-Donald E. Sr. and Esther M. Campbell to B. Glenzer and M. Ramos Santacruz, $600,000.

SHADOW TERR., 43096-Mercedes P. and Gregory J. Kelly to Lori R. and Jason M. Birmingham, $429,500.

SHADOW TERR., 43109-Kevin J. McGovern to Walid Elias Haddad, $414,900.

SILVERWOOD TERR., 18848-Angela K. and Vinton B. McLaughlin to Tanya Starr, $417,000.

SNIDER HOUSE CT., 19244-Courtland at Coton Commons Corp. to NVR Inc., $148,761.

SNIDER HOUSE CT., 19244-NVR Inc. to Shu Ching and Simon Y. Liu, $614,800.

SPENCER TERR., 153-P.D. Chabot and William G. Rathman to Ali Zolnor, $325,100.

SPRING CELLAR CT., 43389-NVR Inc. to Linda H. and John R. Drake, $558,490.

SQUIRREL RIDGE PL., 43459-B.L. Homes Lansdowne Corp. to Sandra and James M. Casey, $677,580.

TAMMY TERR., 672-Michael S. Miller to Nurali Korkut, $315,000.

TRIDENT SQ., 18779-Linda and Ahmad Hewadpal to Z. Ahmet and Ghulamsakhai Hewadpat, $168,000.

WILD GINGER TERR., 43573-Lansdowne Community Development to Sara M. and J. Christian Terry, $148,203.

WOODS EDGE DR., 1834-Brookfield Edwards Landing Corp. to Harpreet Singh, $619,940.

ZACHARY LANE, 19131-Lansdowne Community Development to Savada and Chantaha Phlong, $621,275.

Middleburg Area

NEWLIN MILL RD., 22215-Nancy Olsen to Jefferson Group Corp., $225,000.

ST. LOUIS RD., 21086-Kelly C. and Richard H. Smith Jr. to Shelley S. West and Nancy L. Sacks, $1.05 million.

Paeonian Springs Area

GLENMORE CT., 40050-Newport Classic Homes Inc. to Allison C. and Edward A. Kearney, $590,928.

GLENMORE CT., 40058-Newport Classic Homes Inc. to Meredith C. and Marc A. Nester, $525,961.

Purcellville Area

ANTIETAM CT. E., 504-Richmond American Homes to Lawrence J. and Daniella D. Harris, $540,340.

CANDLERIDGE CT., 817-Washington Homes Inc. to Christy and Christopher Turnbull, $563,771.

CHARLES TOWN PIKE, 35180-Patricia T. and James H. Ludlum to Margaret C. Dolinger, $496,000.

GRASSY RIDGE TERR., 212-Toll Virginia Partnership to Kelli L. and Keary M. Doon, $321,709.

GREYSANDS LANE, 616-Michael Harris Corp. to Belinda E. Hyde, $486,308.

TRANQUILITY RD., 17652-Jean M. and Willard Janney Wilson to Sterns B. III and Lynne M. Lott, $800,000.

Round Hill Area

DEVON PARK SQ., 35875-Mitchell Abrams to Derek and Eryne Racino, $290,000.

LEE DR., 35572-Round Hill Investors Corp. to Michelle L. and Steven A. Messina, $415,000.

South Riding Area

BERESFORD DR., 25489-South Riding Partners Partnership to Yoon Hee Min and Jae Deok Min, $570,000.

CEDAR RIDGE BLVD., 42698-NVR Inc. to Kathleen and F. Scott Weismiller, $1.31 million.

CHURCHILL GLEN DR., 43788-Pulte Home Corp. to Todd C. Nguyen, $760,110.

GAZELLE CT., 25061-Frank H. Grant II to Gabriella J. and Michael J. Maddiex, $800,000.

OWEN PARK WAY, 43197-Rosemary A. and William G. Sidebottom to Kathleen C. Glumsic, $60,000.

PLANTING FIELD DR., 25208-Tara F. and Philip C. Champagne to Jada F. and Stephen S. Tompkins, $519,000.

TURLOUGH TERR., 25849-Winchester Homes Inc. to Q. Sun and J. He and S. Wang and Zhong Wang, $347,600.

UPPER CLUBHOUSE DR., 25476-Stephen S. Larese to Sandra Culpepper, $385,000.

Sterling Area

BAYLOR DR. N., 141-Karina Binkley to Milagro C. Umanzor, $185,000.

CHARLOTTE ST. W., 201-Myrna M. and Michael J. Forrester to M.G. Calalang and Suzette Calalang, $416,000.

CHURCH RD. W., 507-Randy Allen Rose to C. Vasquez and Elizabeth Postigo, $329,900.

COLONIAL AVE., 716-Darla K. and Jonathan V. Baker to Matt Funcheon, $265,000.

CORNELL DR. E., 204-Marta E. and Jose R. Martinez to Denis Sorto, $215,000.

HOLLOW MOUNTAIN PL., 46728-Julie B. and John F. Madden II to Maritza and Jose German Acuna, $695,000.

LEE RD. E., 1212-Blanca and Victorino Alfaro to Maria Falcones and Abel Alfaro, $430,000.

LEE RD. E., 1303-Noemi and Ralph Romano to Sebelio Ayala, $416,000.

MAYWOOD TERR., 21883-Soraya A. Gunnell to Anna Karina Roncal, $344,950.

MONARCH DR., 27-Gloria S. Ryland to Sergio Martinez and Iris Estevez, $280,000.

MYCROFT CT., 1016-Ruth C. Hines to Richard Joseph Grzesiak, $168,170.

RABBITRUN TERR., 46939-Donna M. Pacheco and Robert S. Koop to Romy J. Sweeney, $355,000.

SPRING RIDGE CT., 416-Esperanza and Alphonse Pacheco to Matthew Robert Mosley, $419,900.

TAZEWELL RD. E., 303-Dora Ochoa and Jose Manuel Portillo to Rosa Lidia Ochoa, $375,000.

WOODSTONE TERR., 46811-Caroline E. and John Lamboy to Daniel C. Gasink, $335,000.


Powells Corner Area

WILLISVILLE RD., 21988-Kimberly D. and Bradley R. Jones to William C. Montgomery Jr., trustee, $675,000.