Unsuitable Site for Quarry

Prince William and Fauquier residents need to be aware of a growing threat to the safety and well-being of those who live on or near Routes 28 and 605, from Manassas to Catlett and beyond. The Vulcan Co. owns more than 500 acres on Routes 28 near 605 that it wants to use as a quarry in Nokesville. A quarry operation would cause more major traffic jams than we could imagine.

Even with promises of widening Route 28, the increased traffic would be a nightmare. Heavy dump trucks having approximately 800 entries and exits per day, at least one additional 50-car train, and hundreds of cars owned by residents of new subdivisions with shopping areas could be disasters waiting to happen. The rush hour bumper-to-bumper traffic existing today would begin early each morning and continue throughout the day.

Traffic would not be the only danger. Effects from regular blasting would be a shock to animals and could cause severe problems for owners of horse and cattle farms, as well as those who have a right to enjoy peace and quiet.

There is also the cost of road repairs, rescue services, etc. to Routes 28 and 605, as well as adjoining roads. Also of great concern are dust in the air, contamination of wells and water, and the threat of damaged gas lines.

Surely there is a need, but to place a quarry where it would prevent families the right to the quiet lifestyle they have experienced for generations is unfair.

By building at the suggested location, Vulcan would have much to gain, but residents have everything to lose. We must not allow big business to prosper at the expense of others. Surely Vulcan can find a more suitable, more isolated location to ensure a permanent future for productive business.

E-mails, calls and letters should be made to Prince William and Fauquier County supervisors. Please don't wait until final decisions are made. Take a stand now. Protect your home and neighbors.

M.A. Hanback