The following home sales were recently recorded in Anne Anne Arundel County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Anne Arundel and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Annapolis Area

AMBERSTONE CT., 40, No. 40D-Joseph H. Merters to Ryan J. Frommelt, $244,900.

BOUCHER AVE., 1104-Jack L. Dial to Joseph P. Kasztejna and Cheryl Dykeman, $605,000.

CHANNEL VILLAGE CT., 7014, No. 7014-101-Drew E. Ammon to Amy Peele, $435,000.

CREEK DR., 942-Thomas S. Hinkel Jr. to Adi and Hilda Karev, $2.3 million.

CRUMMELL AVE., 1222-Barbara Huie to Jason and Julie Nogueira, $635,000.

CRUMMELL AVE., 1263-Joel P. Jorgensen to Edith C. Webster, $302,000.

GENTRY CT., 85-Charles E. Hicks III, trustee, to Carroll H. Hynson Jr., $183,600.

GEORGETOWN CT., 17-John G. Leocha to Jessica Pribik, $244,000.

HARBOUR VILLAGE CT., 7042, No. 7042-201-John C. Sowizal to Madeleine G. Corson 2002 Revocable Trust, $609,500.

MIZZEN CT., 8-Prudential Residential Services to Richard P. and Catherine J. Page, $247,000.

MOORING POINT CT., 16-George R. Marvin to Leanne and Michael Powell, $295,000.

PYTCHLEY RUN RD., 303-David W. Pendlum to Warren L. Wild, $525,000.

QUARTER LANDING RD., 92-Charles E. Lamb to Stephen P. McAllister and Dorothy A. Compton, $2.5 million.

SANDSTONE CT., 50, No. J-Pratt Hokanson to Stacy Grevin, $172,000.

WINDSOR AVE., 921-John M. Morrow to Matthew Younger, $307,500.

THIRD ST., 421-Douglas L. Lashley to Johannes F. and Kerry J. Hoffman, $659,950.


Sandy Point State Park Area

BLOSSOM TREE DR., 389-Walter S. McCabe III, trustee, to Julie and William Bower, $289,000.

BROADLEE TRAIL, 1760-William E. Summerbell to Jennifer S. Stevens, $268,083.

BROADMOOR DR., 703-Patricia K. Beavers to David A. and Andra F. Kulp, $298,500.

BUNCHE ST., 24-Homes of America Inc. to Todd T. Cook Sr., $151,200.

CAPE ST. CLAIRE RD., 1246-Peter C. Cooper to Gregory J. and Kristin L. Urban, $390,000.

CARROLLTON RD., 7-Patrick Porzillo to Timothy L. Ritchie, $2.1 million.

CHILDS POINT RD., 924-Norman B. Jettmar to Glenn S. and Donna M. Cafritz, $1.4 million.

DUNTON RD., 1759-William D. Curran to Jeremy L. and Dana C. Toton, $618,000.

EASTERN POINT RD., 787-Charles R. Hooper to Alfred and Gloria R. Bergmann, $440,000.

GOV. THOMAS BLADEN WAY, 2016, No. 303-Dennis E. Harmon to Matthew Loughnane and Wendy M. Leoni, $245,500.

HIDDEN POINT RD., 1912-Carl L. Hein Jr., trustee, to George G. Vensko and Rhonda Cornelsen, $1.575 million.

JIGGER CT., 1000-Mary H. Lynch, trustee, to Robert T. and Margaret M. Peters, $439,900.

KING GEORGE ST., 254-John Morgan to Glenn Moore and Jan Dale Sutton, $592,500.

LATROBE DR., 1150-James H. Hazelwood to Alan W. and Kelly A. Pultz, $342,500.

LINDEN AVE., 15-Glenn E. Brown to B. and J. Building Co., $500,000.

LINDEN AVE. N., 304-Katherine N. Cialkowski to Kevin W. Hurst, $355,000.

LOCUST AVE., 30-Jodi R. O'Day to Melanie S. Henry, trustee, $488,500.

LODGE POLE CT., 1558-Scott N. Saxon to Denise M. Lyons, $210,000.

LUCE CREEK DR., 1882-Bernard W. Sanders Sr. to Donald R. and Tina R.S. Cole, $705,000.

MATHIAS HAMMOND WAY, 502, No. 202-Larry Lee Elletson to Linda Etherington, $275,000.

OLD PINE CT., 1327-Kathleen S. Dennig to Keith and Ashley Nicholson, $209,900.

PHILLIPS TER., 2001, No. 6-Patricia A. Brannigan to Patti R. Cornell, $247,500.

RIVA RD., 2570, No. 1C-Mary B. Jenkins to Timothy W. and Jennifer S. Crook, $190,700.

RIVA RD., 2570, No. 20C-T.L. Campbell, trustee, to Mary B. Frazier, $145,000.

RIVA RD., 2570, No. 6C-Raimondo Lubrano to Marjorie S. D'Armi, trustee, $235,000.

RIVA RD., 2574, No. 11A-Scott C. Smith to Kristi M. Pappalardo, $185,000.

SAMUEL CHASE WAY, 526, No. 74-Parry K. Yousefzadeh to Yvette L. Parrish, $390,000.

SEASONS WAY, 2806-James M. Brandt to Linda D. Dodge, $379,000.

SUMMERVIEW WAY, 2700, No. 6104-Deirdre A. Daily to Amy T. Shaw, $250,000.

WYE ISLAND CT., 613-Oliver L. Sellman to Mercedes M. Iiagan, $190,000.

Annapolis-Sherwood Forest Area

ROBIN HOOD HILL, 783-Barbara L. Hagenstad to Owen B. and Kerry E. Dall, $839,000.

Arnold Area

AUGUSTA DR., 504-Randolph E. Strickland to Florence Hartman, $549,000.

BAY DALE CT., 541, No. 26-Warren C. Dalrymple to Roy K. Samras, $289,900.

BAY DALE CT., 553, No. 31-DKLD Corp. to Lonnie M. and Melissa L. Nortman,


BLACKFOOT DR., 115-Michael A. Wolyn to Marieluise S. and Kurt W. Riegel, $600,000.

BRASSIE CT., 1116, No. 70-Cynthia L. Simms to Michael K. Perfinski and Shannon Lee Perfinski, $310,000.

CLIFTON AVE., 331-Bryan W. Chaiffre to Spectec Corp., $195,000.

JOE DEB LANE, 807-Lisa M. Groat to Darren R. and Angela M. Murphy, $335,000.

MAGOTHY AVE., 1011-Craig S. Wharton to William S. and Amy S. Goodhand, $770,000.

MARINER DR., 1414-Harold E. Register to Paul E. Rosinski, $329,000.

SCHOOLERS POND WAY, 403-Lawrence B. Hennessey to Thomas C. and Elizabeth L. Williams, $569,000.

WINTERBERRY DR., 1519-Troy L. Williams to Independent Properties Inc., $147,000.

Brooklyn Area

BERLIN AVE., 319-Arundel Habitat for Humanity Inc. to Mary T. Sharps, $165,000.

CAREFREE DR., 5905-Frank A. Ruff to Wayde and Cherle Pressley, $259,900.

DOUGLAS ST., 650-Tamela M. Carroll to John C. Blueford Jr., $224,000.

FRANKLIN AVE., 116-Donald K. Taylor to Robert C. Shaffer, $100,000.

KRAMME AVE., 4601-W.A. Schmidt to Thomas Ecker and Jean Austin Walter, $111,500.

PIEDMONT CT., 405-Gregory S. Strennen to Mangal and Jayashree M. Majethia,


STANLEY TER., 287-Robert Helmacy to Zena Sanders, $189,000.

Churchton Area

GLOUCESTER ST., 5531-Gregory C. Nicholson to Sarah E. Basehart, $220,000.

Crofton Area

ALBERMARLE DR., 1758, No. 5-Michael D. Wiman to Barbara Wright, $300,000.

CHARING CROSS DR., 1137-Prudential Relocation Inc. to Jason P. and Susan G. Jaillet, $490,000.

CROFTON PKWY., 1705-Richard B. Barker to Kathleen J. Ferte, $425,000.

EDGERTON PL., 1611-Brian K. Davis to Daniel M. Vellucci and Maureen E. Moore, $520,000.

FLORAL CT., 1750, No. 165-Stephen D. Ruben to F. Aidan and Mandy Sue Surlis, $190,000.

FOREST HILL CT., 1690-Greg P. Thompson to Jason E. and Oradee S. Adams, $235,603.

GUARE'S CT., 2702-Sean Mulcahy to Mark and Jennifer Samuels, $569,900.

HARWELL AVE., 1455-Gregory L. Lococo to John Bernard and Emely Dizon Schuck, $425,000.

LEISURE WAY, 1724, No. A-Frederick T. Crittenden to Kenneth O. Riffle, $180,000.

LOWELL CT., 1537, No. 3YB-Theodore J. Foster Jr. to Jospeh E. Bellard, $211,000.

MARTHA GREENLEAF LANE, 1239, No. 25-John K. Thompson to Newman Enterprises Corp., $179,000.

PAWLET DR., 2008, No. 27A-Tobin A. Miklas to Julianne T. Zagara, $2.42 million.

SMOKETREE LANE, 2506, No. 4-Sheryl Manning to Dorraine M. Post Walters, $342,500.

VINEYARD LANE, 2441-Steven Clark to Gary C. Schwier, $270,000.

WESTPORT LANE, 2346-Naim Rahman to Niger Sultana and Mohammed M. Hoque, $275,000.

WHITES FERRY PL., 1832, No. 3-Jane Popham to Gregory L. Lococo and Lynda L. Arlen, $265,000.

WILLOW GLEN CT., 2011-Stephanie A. Hahn to Thomas A. and Robin F. Erchinger, $565,000.

WORRELL CT., 2628-Jeremy B. Maner to Christopher and Ann Marie Crowley, $344,900.

Crownsville Area

BARGER DR., 766-David L. Ford to Oak Tree Corp., $125,000.

ECHO COVE DR., 610-David A. Earl to Maxwell C. Cohen, $200,000.

RIDGELY RD., 528-Leslie Stevens to Colin P. Belka, $257,525.

SEVERNVIEW DR., 1114-Roy Truman to Dylan P. and Brenda L. Casey, $335,000.

VALENTINE RD., 753-Scott A. Hill to Laura J. Devincentis and James W. Lovell, $309,000.

WATERBURY RD., 1513-Thomas Ingram to Lenetta A. McCampbell, $600,000.

WILD CRANBERRY DR., 1430-Shelly R. Muffley to William and Holly Seay, $850,000.

Curtis Bay Area

FERNHILL RD., 715-Christopher S. Spilman Sr. to Dawn M. Berger, $210,000.

RIVERMIST CT., 1350, No. 368-Robby E. Brooks to Paul E. and Kimberly M. Householder, $265,000.

RIVERWOOD WAY, 1303, No. 323-Susan E. Smink to Farrah Khan and Ali Rizwan, $225,000.

SYCAMORE RD., 201-Thomas F. Skiles to Elizabeth C. Diehl, $215,000.

SYCAMORE RD., 207-Thomas E. Parris to Michael Galliher and Lloyd Bolling, $150,000.

VERANDA CT., 1104, No. 260-Sean Hare to Aaron Inkrote and Carla Albright, $219,312.

Davidsonville Area

CHEVAL DR., 2533-Lewis A. Schrumm Jr. to Robert J. and Terri L. McGraw, $498,750.

Deale Area

WHIPPOORWILL DR., 5818-Karen K. Sturgell to William D. and Susan Sturgell, $210,000.

Edgewater Area

ARUNDEL RD., 1630-John L. Sheerin Jr. to Edward F. Herold Jr., $364,900.

ELKRIDGE DR., 1612-Dennis C. Johnson Jr. to Joseph P. and Shirley A. Vito, $250,000.

FAIRHILL DR., 1704-Webster C. Johnson to Sandra Fletcher, $184,000.

HAZELWOOD RD., 3350-Carolyn G. Williams to Constance W. Ramirez and Elizabeth W. Mack, $350,000.

HOLLY RD., 301-George C. Carr Jr. to Darel Davis, $225,000.

KINGS RD., 4239-Karen L. Shaw, trustee, to John D. Hrubiak, $540,000.

LEES LANE, 218-W. Edward Keen to Jesse and Roni S. Keen, $201,000.

POTOMAC RD., 1703-Steven W. Pass to Mary E. and Milton Zabora, $263,000.

POTOMAC RD., 1920-Household Finance Corp. to Hugo Lemus and Manuel Chinchilla, $229,500.

Gambrills Area

ARROWHEAD FARMS CT., 2102-Scott A. Barton to Michael C. and Laura L. Tayman, $690,000.

ARROWHEAD FARMS RD., 3100-Arthur F. Lembke Jr. to Earle W. and Donna M. Bailey, $675,000.

BASIL WAY, 1716-Dennis R. Dorsey to Michael D. and Kathleen V. Rockwell, $590,610.

PATUXENT RIVER RD., 2343-Albert J. Webster Sr. to Michael L. and Janice K. Scholtz, $691,150.

VIVALDI LANE, 2515-Elizabeth Ryder to Brian P. and Jennifer G. Mierzeski, $227,000.

WAUGH CHAPEL RD., 901-Elizabeth M. Dudley to Luisa A. Soto, $260,000.

Glen Burnie Area

BALTIMORE ANNAPOLIS BLVD., 7259-Julie M. Meise to Michelle E. and Bruce M. Brannon, $295,000.

BAYLOR RD., 635-John P. Bibeault to Steven L. and Jennifer A. Faught, $251,500.

CAYER DR., 1002-Edward G. Anderson to Derrick Medley, $299,900.

DAHLGREEN RD., 552-Nathan Keever to Kimberly A. Ennis and Joseph Myers Jr., $177,100.

GATWICK RD., 1308-Robert E. Sauer to Gregorio and Teresa I. Reyna, $170,000.

GILBERT PL., 1305-James Robinette to Brandon J. Giovannini, $195,000.

GUY DR., 1007-Joseph A. Fogle to Shannon Hedrick, $122,900.

HARRIS HEIGHTS AVE., 6349-David Kelly to Michael J. and Kimberly S. King, $175,000.

JOHNSON FARM LANE, 320-Richard O. Brady to Jeffrey A. Slusher, $279,000.

LARSEN ST., 5806-Amber L. Tison to Charles Carey Jr., $220,000.

LINCOLN AVE., 219-Larry F. Lafon Jr. to Paul L. Brown and Danielle E. Kendall, $216,500.

LINCOLN CT., 6428-Dean S. Stedding to Kiana Burke, $138,000.

MCNAMARA DR., 7617, No. 448-Cynthia A. Sellers to Letitia L. and Timothy A. Soulliard, $162,000.

PIPERS PATH, 7961-Steven M. Hart to Michael and Colleen M. Cooney, $290,000.

RAYLENE CT., 8-David W. Jones to Doreen Greene, $290,000.

RIDGEFIELD CT., 641-Greg J. O'Fallon to Kenneth R. Meyer, $250,500.

SPRITE WAY, 644-Amanda Campbell to Natasha Lake, $212,000.

TWIN RIDGE DR., 7884-Richard C. Powell to Brian Dale and Laurie Marie Montgomery, $330,000.

WENDE WAY, 301-Walter W. Dorman to Cheryl E. Thompson, $285,000.

Glen Burnie-Marley Creek Area

BARBARA CT., 804-James E. Kelley Sr. to Bryan K. Satterfield, $176,500.

CARL AVE., 615-Michael P. Allen to Amy J. Knight and Edward F. Lanham Jr., $75,000.

DELAWARE AVE., 312-Christopher Hudak to Maurice Nelson, $207,500.

MOUNTAIN RD., 106, No. 2C-Allan T. Stracke to Vasiliki Mouhtouris, $127,000.

NORMAN AVE., 304-Michael Ferro to Bruce Miller Jr., $280,000.

OPEL RD., 647-Wayne Brumwell to Kathleen Sauerhoff, $214,000.

RAPID WATER WAY, 6800, No. 203-Jon A. McCarty to Donald B. Crouch Jr., $170,000.

ROSE ANNE RD., 1013-Robert J. Seigle Jr. to Rhonda L. Weikle, $225,000.

SPRING MAIDEN CT., 200, No. 301-Bonita Thomas to Gladys A. Matthews, $139,900.

WATER FOUNTAIN WAY, 105, No. 202-Ralph R. Mull Jr. to Michael S. and Janine L. Goodchild, $139,900.

WATER FOUNTAIN WAY, 112, No. 102-Raymond Van Hoose to Edward L. and Velvet A. Sanford, $128,000.

SECOND ST., 1017-Laura L. Brown to Mark Sanone, $250,900.

Hanover Area

BOULDER LANE, 1442-James G. Mountzalia to Kevin and Freddwina Crawford, $320,000.

DEER MEADOW CT., 1617-James E. Tyler Jr. to Carlos A. Hernandez and Brenda I. Ortiz, $560,000.

FAIRBANKS DR., 1412-Travis G. Hodges to Robert J. and Phoebe E. Yost, $284,900.

OHIO AVE., 7172-Donald A. Davis to George and Summer Vincent, $402,000.

Harwood Area

IVY WAY, 3202-Steve M. Baily to Jay Lee and Barbara Ellen Lechliter, $649,000.

SOLOMONS ISLAND RD., 4577-Mamie G. Sutton to William D. and Melanie J. Wright, $330,000.

Laurel Area

BROOKTREE ST., 8211-Edward Henry Jr. to Richard Lane Jr. and Joy Stephens Lane, $349,000.

MARCEY CREEK RD., 3527-Mark M. Hill to Hitesh H. Thakkar and Mariam F. Naqvi, $338,685.

OTTER CREEK RD., 8605, No. 57-James P. Hamilton to Shanmukha Rao Peri and Radhika Mulpuri, $329,900.

PARK HALL S., 318-Daniel B. Egolf to Charles O. and Donna M. Faina, $284,900.

RIVER BEND CT., 3107, No. E303-Joseph N. Bacigaluppi Jr. to Caren E. Holmquist, $186,000.

Linthicum Heights Area

ANDOVER RD., 1003-Juanita A. Redd to Sanket B. Patel, $190,000.

ELEANOR AVE., 12-John R. Brunner to Shelia A. Murphy, $173,000.

FAIRMOUNT RD., 608-Robin D. Rohleder to Jeffrey and Victoria Parks, $245,000.

Millersville Area

CHALET DR., 323-Quay G. Bentley to Sun Man and Lee Nah Kim, $267,900.

HIGHGLADE CT., 8298-Jeffrey G. Salton to Michael S. and Nancy B. Derby, $699,900.

PIPING ROCK CT., 8396-Raymond L. Rogers to Merrill C. and Lisa L. Hoekstra, $635,000.

WOODRAIL DR., 1803-George W. Allen to Randall J. and Curry A. Stattel, $367,000.

North Beach Area

CHARLESTON AVE., 7051-Joseph A. Stevens to Deborah A. Gettmann, $308,900.

Odenton Area

APPLE BLOSSOM LANE, 2458, No. 102-Charlotte Griner to Gerald G. Knapper, $235,000.

AUTUMN RIDGE CT., 8728-Marie O'Dell to 8728 Autumn Ridge Court Corp., $265,000.

BLUE SPRING CT., 2443, No. 303-Mary A. Stone to Kimberly Nicole Riley, $225,000.

BREITWERT AVE., 1245-Henry Shinaberry to John M. Jaworski, $175,000.

BRIGHTWATER CT., 8716-Michael D. Adelstein to Angelique Schur Torres and Jason Schur, $355,000.

CANNON BALL WAY, 224-Brian E. Jackson to Joseph Sang and Scholastica Muluh, $359,000.

EAGLE LANDING CT., 317, No. 317I-Randall S. Jenkins to Stephanie M. Walker, $166,900.

EASTRIDGE CIR., 118-Antonio C. Johnson to Neil M. and Lucille H. Gordon, $255,000.

EDGE CREEK LANE, 205, No. 87-Michael Seymour to Jared and Lydia Sorenson, $256,000.

EDGE CREEK LANE, 215, No. 92-Robert M. Bonistalli to Richard McNally, $249,900.

FRESH WATER WAY, 2702-Heather C. Sparby to Ryan Bedell, $274,900.

GLEBE CREEK WAY, 1725, No. 80-Kimberly Jean Pol to Douglas M. Brown, $279,900.

GOLDSBOROUGH LANE, 1826, No. 15-Melanio Ayhan Rivera to Antonio W. Sorrell, $280,000.

MIDDLE NECK RD., 2713-Michael A. Kistler to Dennis N. and Margaret A. Squires, $274,500.

PISCATAWAY RUN DR., 2719-Craig S. McManus to Celeste M. Fernandez, $279,900.

QUIET POND CT., 716-Kelly M. Singer to Laura J. Gwinn, $270,000.

RIPLEY POINT CT., 2001-Frederick T. Busch to Elisa M. Rojas, $239,900.

ROLLING HILL WALK, 608, No. 202-Carol A. Duvall to Charlene D. and Helen G. Jackson, $130,000.

ST. BARBARA LANE, 482-Garrett L. Dernoga to Walter E. and Sheryl A. Adams, $455,000.

SUMMERSHADE DR., 8513-Bryan A. Ruppert to Michael D. and Janean M. Adelstein, $594,000.

SYCAMORE GLEN LANE, 8614-Prudential Residential Services to Jesus Goas, $269,000.

WILLOW LEAF CT., 2610-Maria J. Drury to Mariana M. Meyer, $236,000.

WILLOW LEAF CT., 2614-Jody D. Haislip to Peter B. Celeste, $240,000.

WILLOW LEAF LANE, 8621, No. 8621-Sheila C. O'Neill to Krisan St. John, $237,100.

Pasadena-Rock Creek Area

B ST., 635-William E. Goff to David F. and Julie A. Webb, $285,000.

BROWN RD., 7636-Cecil B. Combs to N. Emmanuel and Patricia C. Cassimatis, $575,000.

BUSH AVE., 7603-J. Jensen to E.J. Armiger, $217,500.

CATHERINE AVE., 8012-Gladys M. Utterback to Timothy and Deborah J. Irwin, $179,900.

CENTRAL AVE., 7771-C.P. Central Properties Corp. to Derek E. Beck, $252,000.

DAVENPORT CT., 3502, No. K-Karen Ann Adams to Joseph A. Kammerzell, $134,000.

DEERING RD., 707, No. 5F-Clark C. Adams Jr. to Allen B. and Dorothy E. Taylor, $149,900.

EAST SHORE RD., 7786-Billie Jean Young to Charles M. Griffith, $168,300.

EDGEWATER RD., 462-J.G. MacAuley to Joseph and Irene Brzuchalski, $440,000.

HINGHAM HARBOUR, 900-Brian J. Neall to R. Vance and Rosalie Carey, $199,000.

KINGSLEY CT., 3500, No. G-Donald H. Patterson to Travis P. Kenealy, $135,000.

LAKE AVE., 1350-Margaret F. Rebstock to Shana L. Calabrese, $385,000.

MAGOTHY BEACH RD., 177-Leonard A. Switala to Victor Anthony and Michelina Rollins, $305,000.

MARGARET AVE., 12-Shepherd Enterprises Corp. to Joseph E. and Diana M. Stratton, $310,000.

MAYWOOD AVE., 8039-Karl E.G. Anderson Sr. to Michael W. Bull and Priscilla L. Rushmore, $224,000.

NATURE WALK LANE, 319-Stephanie Covington to Lisa G. Sullivan, $152,486.

NOTLEY RD., 7807-Nicholas A. Geidel to David J. and Jennifer R. Rundle, $260,000.

OLD HOME AVE., 2033-Thomas Fleckenstein to Manuel R. and Lori K. Perez, $660,000.

PARK LANE, 1536-Gerard A. Hoffman to James D. and Yvonne M. Miller, $769,000.

PENOBSCOT HARBOUR, 938-Dawn M. Krokos to Earl and Juanita Wheeler, $224,900.

RIVERSIDE DR., 8200-Ronald D. Cardwell to Dean C. and Deborah L. Coughlan, $499,500.

RIVERSIDE DR. W., 7876-Daniel V. Wolf to Ronald and Robin A. Sanchez, $310,000.

ROCKINGHAM CT., 2910-James V. Hooper to John W. Anderson and Joyce A. Holley, $274,900.

SUNSET KNOLL RD., 505-Thomas E. Hussey to John F. Cotton and Nicole T. Keffer, $275,000.

SUTHERLAND CT., 7926-Christopher P. Davis to Jessica A. James, $182,000.

TOWER BRIDGE DR., 8117, No. 241-James M. Shank to David Wenn, $180,000.

VIRGINIA AVE., 147-Anthony G. Kinkel to Amanda B. and Kelly B. Leaphart, $331,000.

WILLOWBY RUN, 693-Russell E. Stinchcomb to John A. and Marcia B. Cacciola, $214,999.

WOLSEY CT., 8067, No. 1602B-Christine M. Byrd to Joseph W. Henry, $224,900.

NINTH ST., 275-John Stutzman to Robert Paul and Bethany Whitsell Mundis, $295,000.

201ST ST., 759-Matilda A. Mylander to Eve L. Knapp, $165,000.

207TH ST., 815-Michelle R. Ricklin to Brian D. and Amanda K. Ellison, $253,000.

208TH ST., 713-Denzel E. Williams to Geoffrey Ennis and John Hinzman, $127,000.

208TH ST., 805-Cedar Square Homes Inc. to Catherine Dicks, $299,900.

Riva Area

ESCAPADE CT., 1396, No. 1424-Frank B. Bragg Jr. to Lucas E. Iversen, $390,000.

Severn Area

BENT BOUGH RD., 7943, No. 36-Esmond F. Jardine to Brenda Bannerman, $253,000.

CEDAR DR., 1864-Gerald F. Coleman to Elvin and Sharon Davis, $280,000.

CHESTNUT LEAF RD., 7871-Alan W. Pendleton to Rita B. Shapiro, $305,000.

CLARK STATION RD., 8076-Michael J. Musser Sr. to Paul D. and Jennifer Merrell, $257,000.

CROSSBAY DR., 7852-Tiffany N. Taylor to Eric R. and Cassandra Guzman, $355,000.

CUIRE DR., 1911-William A. McCullough to Frank Provinzono, $269,900.

HEATHER MIST DR., 7909, No. 132-Jessica A. Burris to Robert L. and Neesha A. Horner, $245,000.

HEATHER MIST DR., 7950, No. 76-Scott W. Douglass to Faisal Naveed and Sonia Yousuf, $241,000.

JOLLIET ST., 1906-John R. Campbell to Kendra L. Parrucci, $315,000.

PIONEER DR., 8539, No. 19A-Pioneer Associates Corp. to Branda Carmichael, $94,000.

PIONEER DR., 8547, No. 20G-Pioneer Associates Corp. to Richonda Scott, $92,500.

RIO GRANDE CT., 1404-Richard L. Mansfield to Brian and Christie Shields, $269,900.

SANTA FE DR., 8160-Kevin M. Poole to Jerome Grant Jr., $329,900.

SEVERN HILLS LANE, 1802-James C. Lee to Bhavesh M. Patel, $302,000.

SILO RD., 8169-David R. Granger to James P. Hawkins, $322,000.

STATESMAN ST., 7806-David L. Robertson to Eric J. and Christy R. Pine, $290,000.

TOWER COURT RD., 7915-Edward G. Drummond to Jeffrey S. Kenney, $251,900.

Severna Park Area

BECKWORTH CT., 274-John M. Delano to Kenneth R. and Kristen E. Carlgren, $449,900.

BOONE TRAIL, 2-Ann H. Carter to Thomas L. and Jennifer L. Carter, $1 million.

CENTER DR., 582-Gregory S. Elliott to Michael L. Diaiso, $268,000.

CLAIREDGE CT., 106-National Transfer Services Corp. to John D. and April L. Gremillion, $525,100.

CYPRESS RIDGE DR., 230-Charles E. Coughlin to James and Maureen Hansen, $599,000.

MULARD CT., 46-Joshua S. Vance to Chadwick D. McCallum, $600,000.

OLD COUNTY RD., 109-Donald C. Esson, trustee, to Gary A. and Susan E. Gumula, $390,000.

SEVERN RIVER RD., 8-Francis E. Young Jr. to Brian W. and Valerie M. Daugherty, $693,250.

ST. ANDREWS RD., 37-Leigh R. Bench to John R. and Melissa M. Hartley, $596,000.

STRATFORD DR., 79-Danna D. Kirk to Cheryl A. Kirk, $290,000.

THOMAS WAY, 624-Alice M. Simon to Karen Israel, $335,000.

TRAILING IVY LANE, 103-Mary Brusnighan to C.W. and Martha Baldiswieler, $1.45 million.

Shady Side Area

GROVE AVE., 1177-Frank Serafini to Cynthia Saxton Flowers, $219,900.

MAPLE AVE., 1185-John S. Powelson Jr. to Richard D. and Babette B. Pickens, $200,000.

OLIVE ST., 4921-William S. Phipps to Todd and Leslie Livesay, $249,900.

SPRUCE AVE., 1206-Steven J. Walter to James E. Hash, $265,000.