The following home sales were recently recorded for Fairfax County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Real Estate Division of the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Fairfax and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Alexandria-Belle View Area

VALON CT., 7217-Nastaran Ejtemai and Siamak Harandi to William D. and Sally A. Tucker, $784,000.

WAKEFIELD DR., 6641, No. 815-Caroline C. Mueller to Michael J.G. Durishin and Claire Cramer Ture, $197,000.

WAKEFIELD DR. E., 6617, No. B2-Matthew D. and Thuy T. Wallace to Amy E. Webster, $245,000.

Alexandria-Franconia Area

ALDERMAN DR., 6350-Hamdi Eslaquit, Bila Hamdael and Selim Eslaquit to James T. and Catherine B. Armstrong, $609,950.

ALEXANDER AVE., 6054-Frances K. Dunkle to Rufus A. and Clover J. Soares, $375,000.

BALLYCASTLE CIR., 5237-William Hardy and Susan Beausoleil to Jason O. and Traci F. Boykin, $419,000.

CLOUDS MILL DR., 5668-Benjamin R. and Diane S. Preston to Alan R. and Lisa R. Dial, $846,000.

CROCUS CT., 6009-Keith R. and Doyle G. Walker to Joshua B. and Oksana N. Scott, $401,000.

ELLINGHAM CIR., 6924, No. E-Jefferson Group Corp. to Roberta L. Sorensen, $335,000.

FOUNDERS HILL DR., 5901, No. 104-Roberta L. Sorensen to Juan C. Bascope, $315,000.

FREEPORT AVE., 6422-Jesse L. and Julia K. Robertson to Gayfields Corp., $350,000.

GAYFIELDS RD., 6323-Alice M. Ballard to Gayfields Corp., $500,000.

GILDAR ST., 6446-6446 Gildar Street Corp. to Ryan J. Miller, $335,000.

GLASSELL CT., 6601-Mark Eugene and Mary G. Abernathy to David E. Jenkins, $380,000.

GREYLEDGE CT., 6508-Archil Tsintsadze to

Jennifer Lapp and Kenneth William Rosenfeld, $299,990.

HAYSTACK RD., 6522-Phyllis A. Mauney to Bedis Almendares, $370,000.

HEATHERWOOD CT., 5934-Stephen S. Mann to Stuart and Karen L. Thompson, $407,000.

HERITAGE HILL CT., 5723-Lois O. and

Deborah A. Richerson to Barbara T. Edmond, $380,000.

JAVINS DR., 4021-Arthur J. Hurtado to Sohrab Shojanezhad, $355,000.

KINCARDINE CT., 7815-Daniel and Suzette Patterson to Charles T. Keil and Jennifer A. Thompson, $455,000.

LA VISTA DR., 5563-Oakwood Towns Corp. to Berhane Woldemichael and Elsa T. Gebremedhin, $128,167.

MALLORY CIR., 7359-Francisco Garcia to Christopher A. Carpenter and Brandilyn G. Carpenter, $476,000.

NETTIES LANE, 6609-Marcia L. Nenno to Alexander J. Osborne, $312,500.

NEVITT WAY, 6505-Jervais R. and Maria J.A. Lawson to Ryan L. Tucker, $409,900.

OLD BRENTFORD CT., 6174-Cendant Mobility

Financial Corp. to Radrul and Komar Khan, $385,000.

ROCKSHIRE CT., 6481-Marcelo F. and Rosalie B. Dasig to Sahal and Sarah Ahmed, $325,000.

WICKFORD DR., 7205-Rowene Lant to Patrick L. and Michelle Kelleher, $489,500.

ZOHRA CT., 6781-Prudential Relocation Inc. to Gui Xing Zheng, $532,600.

Annandale Area

BRIARWOOD CT., 4415, No. 42-Atiqullah Popalzai to Jong Hee Cho, $232,000.

DODSON DR., 5000-MSM Properties Corp. to Lynne M. and Kevin Halbrooks, $570,000.

IVYMOUNT CT., 4355, No. 48-Kathleen S. Thomas to Charles D. Kapp, $172,500.

KING ARTHUR RD., 3816-Eric W. and Sara B. Judy to Eric L. and Julie G. Reiser, $520,750.

LITTLE RIVER TPK., 7419, No. 204-Zaki Arslan to Lemma Degol, $170,900.

MARVIN ST., 3539-Shirley M. Crosby to Dion R. Anderson, $361,000.

MAYFIELD DR., 4508-Stanley Martin and Jeannine C. Sokolowski to David Cabrera, $450,000.

TOBIN RD., 8308, No. 8308-21-Salma Khatoon to Nadeem Younis, $230,000.

WEBSTER CT., 4206-Jay W. and Janet S. Harford to Lola P. Rusnak and Thomas E. Rulo, $540,500.

WHISPERING LANE, 4105-Roger N. and Maureen M. Cepeda to Felix Butron and Maria N. Zalles, $560,000.

Baileys Crossroads Area

DAWES AVE., 5711-Maria Smith to Henry Baynes, $465,000.

LAKESIDE VIEW DR., 3349, No. 8-1-Susan S. and Liam J. Barron to Julia B. Kondakov and Georgii V. Kondakov, $328,000.

LEESBURG PIKE, 6141, No. 101-Fawzia Heeres to Vladimir A. Castillo, $215,500.

MADISON LANE, 3741, No. B-Momtaz Begum to Hicham Haydadi, $266,000.

POWELL LANE, 3800, No. 1015-Richard F. and Nancy Sappington to Alcides Andrade, $205,000.

SEMINARY RD., 5501, No. 2012S-Rose A. Polovitch and Ann Stas to Zewud Debebe, $305,000.

SEMINARY RD., 5505, No. 1415N-Paula L. Briscoe to Robert P. Johns, $300,000.

Burke Area

ANDROMEDA DR., 9044-James C. Chianetta to Dale J. Rolfe and Simone A. Bielsker, $418,500.

DOWNEYS WOOD CT., 10024-James D. and Mary C. Beardsley to Stanley E. and Debra C. Griscavage, $389,000.

DRAYCOTT CT., 9507-Diem Hang T. Tran and Peter Huynh to Nancy N. Nguyen and Andy K. Tran, $365,000.

FAIRE COMMONS CT., 10214-Carolyn Gold to Bonnie Konoza, $370,000.

HEATHWICK CT., 6005-Linda J. Gray to Spring N. and Philippe J. Crettol, $359,900.

LIGHTHOUSE LANE, 5452-Edward J. and Diane S. Matthews to Judith Lord, $235,000.

LIGHTSHIP CT., 7306-David J. and Patricia A. Anthony to Gursewak Matharoo and Sarabjit K. Matharoo, $549,950.

MARSHALL HOUSE CT., 5590-Guillermo M. and Liliana G. Suchicital to Alba Hernandez, $472,000.

MYRTLE OAK CT., 10660-Capital Investments Corp. to Maria L. Martinez, $287,000.

PIERRPONT ST., 9626-Mark A. Corbin and Caren M. Sempel to Robert Boese and Krista Rickel, $340,000.

QUEEN VICTORIA CT., 5557-John C. Scalzo to Adam H. and Jennifer L. Getz, $570,000.

TRIPOLIS CT., 5403-Suzanne H. Partridge to Donald and Jo Ann T. Mancuso, $425,000.

Centreville Area

ADOLPHUS DR., 14022-Ester R. Valmonte to Thien V. Tran, $366,000.

BATAVIA DR., 14618-Maureen E. and Alfred W. Massey to Bassam and Mudallaleh Saleh, $417,000.

BEAUMEADOW CT., 14711-Jennifer K. Dozier to Sung K. and Kyung M.L. Hong, $409,000.

BETSY ROSS LANE, 14053-Deborah L. Winfield to Amanda K. Schutz, $355,000.

BRADDOCK RD., 14713-Teddy F. and Cheryl G. Cox to Sang and Tae S.L. Yoon, $480,000.

BRITTNEY ELYSE CIR., 5142, No. N-Stonegate at Faircrest Corp. to Heidi R. Parks, $324,495.

CLIMBING ROSE WAY, 14309, No. 206-Elizabeth A. Whitworth to Kun S. Baik, $260,000.

CONNOR DR., 13347, No. M-Stonegate at Faircrest Corp. to Tamer Mabrouk, $324,995.

CONNOR DR., 13357, No. L-Stonegate at Faircrest Corp. to Jum Dug Park, $329,900.

CONNOR DR., 13385, No. T-Stonegate at Faircrest Corp. to Ann Sollo, $336,900.

CUPIDS DART DR., 5317-Winchester Homes Inc. to Nemi and Roli Agrawal, $489,900.

EAGLE TAVERN LANE, 15528-James J. and Judith M. Podgorny to David M. and Suzanne H. Gudinas, $650,000.

FILLY CT., 14403-Ann J. Goss to Byoung Cho, $526,000.

FOUR CHIMNEY DR., 14426-Mohmoud Rashwan and Zeinab Ahmed to Wesley R. St. Onge and Margaret P. Fiandt, $299,000.

GLADE SPRING DR., 14231-Juan R. Solorzano to N. Lee, $385,000.

HATFIELD SQ., 14826-Capital Investments Corp. to Thurman R. Price, $300,000.

HAYSICKLE CT., 14374-Ji E. and Hae K. Kim to Seong K. Hwang, $357,900.

JENNY LEIGH CT., 6748-John Scott Moore to Brooke L. Patterson, $335,000.

JOSEPH JOHNSTON LANE, 5474-Pulte Home Corp. to Mi H. Park and Tae H. Kong, $739,875.

KERRYWOOD CIR., 6805-Ophelia L. Fair to Justin J. Blackwell, $384,000.

LAVENDER MIST LANE, 13644-Winchester Homes Inc. to Scott S. and Sunkyu Kim, $415,820.

MANASSAS GAP CT., 14415-Mark S. and William A. Fraser to John M., John W. and Barbara M. Schade, $315,000.

MELTON PL., 13924-Edgar Ruanova and Adriana Vasquez to Mlyard Alzayat, $359,900.

MILLICENT CT., 14828-Jose S. Villatoro to Sheryl Lyn Buenaventura, $269,900.

PACHYSANDRA LANE, 5410-Winchester Homes Inc. to Michael A. Perry, $575,000.

SNOWHILL LANE, 15400-James W. and Najat Brady to Peter A. and Lisa G. Brown, $679,000.

STONE CREEK CT., 14706-Earl A. and Gwendolyn A. Berner to Courtney and Ryan Massimo, $530,000.

STONEPATH CIR., 6168-Michael A. and Sheila M. Wilton to Nasir Jafri and Saleema Ahmad, $330,000.

TANNERS HOUSE WAY, 13965-Pulte Home Corp. to Mi J. Park, $575,000.

UNIFORM DR., 14379-Timothy S. Forman and Sanaz S. Forman to Craig and Jennifer Myers, $399,000.

WOOD LILLY LANE, 13433-Winchester Home Inc. to Diana, Homa and M.E. Akberzie, $655,000.

WOODFIELD DR., 5189-Stephen S. Tompkins and Jada F. Tompkins to Sheng Yih and Diana T.Y. Chao, $378,000.

WYCOMBE ST., 14734-Deborah K. Palmer to Mid Atlantic Development Corp., $173,000.

Chantilly Area

BRIARTON DR., 4526-Hye Kim to Karen E. Talley and Charie E. Talley, $489,900.

CABERNET CT., 13805-Mickey Glassman to Melvin D. Horton, $226,000.

SOVEREIGN PL., 15235-James J. and Nancy N. Penn to Christine J. and Francis J. Pascarella, $479,900.

TABSCOTT DR., 13624-Jie Mei Xian to Nhien T. Nguyen and Hung Q. Phung, $400,000.

Clifton Area

CHAPEL RD., 12410-Gloria E. Phillips and Donald S. Parsons to Fawn V. and Paul Freeman, $855,000.

CLIFTON QUARRY DR., 7408-William H. and Bonnie C. Nicholson to Carl M. and Lisa M. Smith, $860,000.

ORCHARD DR., 13557-Maria E. Daniels to Olivia H. Rakotoarimanga and Maminiriniaiana Ratovohery, $295,000.

REGAL CREST DR., 13328-Nga A. Nguyen and Dinh B. Truong to Sara A. Amiryar and Quadir A. Amiryar, $725,000.

SANDSTONE CT., 6129-Mark F. and Audra D. Thouin to Eleanore F. Walker, Joseph T. Hartman and Terrell R. Johnson, $614,500.

STONEFIELD DR., 13925-Jay C. Brumfield and Sharon L. Levy to Kathryn Whitescarver,


Fairfax City Area

BLISSFUL VALLEY DR., 12459-Winchester Homes Inc. to Trinh Duong, $500,850.

BRADDOCK RD., 10257-William R. and Vana D. Murphy to Sandro C. Villavicencio, $366,888.

CHRISTIE JANE LANE, 4801-Vijaya L. Hosadurga and Prakash T. Hosadurga to Siamak Loghmani, $900,000.

COLERIDGE DR., 5070-Elizabeth F. Hunt to Rony A. Sandoval, $460,000.

COLONY VIEW DR., 10313-Rafael A. and Lily

E. Ortiz to Jorge Vasquez and Lesly Estay, $365,000.

CONNOR DR., 13363, No. O-Stonegate at Faircrest Corp. to Tushar and Shanta Patel, $309,900.

CORTEZ DR., 4402-James Smith and David Cundiff to Mark and Lee Claassen, $469,000.

ESPANA CT., 2938-Camille and Jamal F. Rubeiz to Lisa J. Gold and Paul R. Petrarca, $386,900.

FAIR VALLEY DR., 4520-Barry E. and Linda

Berkowitz to Carlos X. and Gabriela Carrillo, $550,000.

FOUNTAINSIDE LANE, 4137, No. 304-Patricia J. O'Brien to Sang Soo Chong and Park Sae Young, $350,000.

FORT BUFFALO CIR., 12283, No. 488-Louis Delone to Wanda A. Burks and Orlanda S. Burks, $235,000.

GRANITE STEP TRAIL, 5307-Pulte Home Corp. to Hong T.T. Nguyen and Tuyen T. Tran, $449,000.

GREEN LEAF CT., 12112, No. 132-Frederick W. Nagle to Martin R. and Donna M. Johnson, $275,000.

HARROW CT., 5401-Jau Fu and Nancy C. Hwang to Debra L. and John V. Bowers, $750,000.

HAYES CT., 12501, No. 102-Keri B. Sarver to Jeannette L. Giese, $302,000.

JOYCE ST., 9100-Edith Heath to Franklin K. and Melinda Ardinger, $545,000.

LAKEWHITE CT., 5522-Efrain Hernandez and Lisset Gomez to Ami Saenz and Jose Antonio Carrillo, $344,987.

LOCHLEVEN TRAIL, 4162, No. B-Mona M. Mohsen and Adil M. Monshi to Daniel P. Ogan, $410,000.

MAINSTONE DR., 2932-Hongli Jia to Haitao Liu, $520,000.

MIDSTONE LANE, 4420-William A. and Sharon W. Cole to Patrick and Virginia P. Bennett, $495,000.

MOSS RANCH LANE, 13107-Robert F. Reiche and Joanne M. Connolly Reiche to Paul T. Mendelsohn and Susan H. Chibnall, $392,900.

QUAIL CREEK LANE, 13109-Charles and Lien Emberger to Daniel and Ana M. Hilton, $374,900.

ROSE PATH CIR., 12453-Atul and Jaya Kathuria to Kanoj Kumar and Ria Ramnani, $520,000.

ROYAL LYTHAM DR., 4032-Graham M. and Christine S. Goddard to Jason L. and Angela Rupinski, $532,000.

SILENT VALLEY DR., 3048-Emily S. Willis to Alvin U. Chen, $350,000.

SOUTHWICK ST., 9117-Peter and Lori J. Crouch to Kevin M. Butturff and Hai T. Nguyen, $667,500.

SWEET LEAF TER., 12539-Ofelina Pineda to Glenda H. Ellison, $395,000.

SWEETHORN CT., 3614-Denise W. Wilcox to Chih Kuang and June X. Hsu, $364,950.

TARA DR., 4613-Donald and Marianne Bates to Maria K. Probst, $470,000.

TERRACE DR., 3715-Glenn C. and Katherine N. Dunlap to Peter J. Marcotty and Lloyd A. Poplin, $415,000.

WOODBURY WOODS CT., 10404-Michael A. and Nancy A. Dickerson to Derrick G. and Melissa C. Hayes, $535,000.

WREN HOLLOW LANE, 13109-C. Bryn Scott to John A. and Jill M. Lewandowski, $367,000.

Fairfax Station Area

KARMICH ST., 6311-Paul K. and Nancy E. Rowson to Christine A. and Timothy J. Zanellato, $679,900.

MALLARD VW., 8603-Vijay K. and Madhu Ohri to Angela D. Freeman, $660,000.

OAK BROOK LANE, 8608-Robert V. and Carolyn L. Boggs to Robert J. and Tessie G. Lynch, $800,000.

Falls Church Area

ANCHORWAY CT., 3151, No. F-Zhengtian Xu and Runzhi Zhao to Kent A. Peters, $259,000.

ARNOLD LANE, 3402-Richard L. Forde to Steve Korfonta, $725,000.

BARRETT RD., 6616-Lorenia M. Butler to Ronald and Miriam Montecinos, $365,000.

ELMWOOD DR., 7404-Nancy S. and Daniel E. Abramson to Kathryn M. Pyles, $480,000.

HOLMES RUN DR., 7715-Dann J. and Ada H. Determan to Jennifer Raviv, $474,900.

LEE OAKS CT., 2811, No. 303-Todd and Abigail Norell to William D. Hanson, $315,000.

MIDDLEBORO DR., 2823-Linda McLaughlin to Mylynn Vuong and Thuan V. Nguyen, $320,000.

SHERRY CT., 3224-James Erich Hagen to Melanie Zadrima, $365,000.

TWIN OAK PL., 6505-Richard and Lois Fisher to Mary M. and Kevin H. Santiago, $850,000.

WESTLAWN DR., 6804-Jessie Eileen Barbash to Sarita Rocha, $362,000.

YARLING CT., 2854-Daniel T. Nuven to Rumal Breesam, $276,500.

Great Falls Area

MONTPELIER RD., 434-Neal G. and Monica E. Bibeau to Robert J. and Pamela M. Thompson, $2.175 million.

SENECA HILL CT., 11575-Verinder Kaur and Darshan S. Sohal to Farhang and Badri Tabibian, $965,000.

Herndon Area

AMY WAY, 13416-Shirley Lee Luu and Dung H. Luu to Leena Vij, $610,000.

ARMADA ST., 2617-Bradish Focht and Pamela G. Johnson to Kevin J. and Therese P. Howe, $479,900.

BEXHILL CT., 12800-Charles E. and Laura C. Davis to Amalia Villena, $449,000.

BURWICK DR., 1060-Stefan Rahimian to Mirna Bronfield, $460,000.

CENTER ST., 619, No. 102-Vladimir R. Tacaraya and Elsy Leon to Adelia Aguilar and Carmina Arce, $234,900.

CORN CRIB CT., 2439-Jennifer Mullen to Zhengming and Yun Y. Zhang, $351,800.

EXBURY ST., 12269-John C. and Jill R. Martin to Juliana B. Auel, $488,000.

FLYING SQUIRREL DR., 13618-John B. and Regina S. Cowne to Jarad Francis, $455,000.

FORBES GLEN DR., 12040-Donald C. and Mary J. Robertson to Matthew Barton, $500,000.

GRACE ST., 761-Mildred R. Ellmore, Betsy E. Self and Theodore Ellmore to Bobby B. Emmons, $375,000.

LOCKGATE PL., 13319-Walter V. and Karen K. Meslar to Michael J. McKenna, $610,000.

RENEAU WAY, 341-Marina E. Paz to Jose A. Aguirre, $275,000.

SPRINGTIDE PL., 1229-Santos B. Guevara to Mirtha G. Terrones, $275,000.

VIKING DR., 2632-Timothy L. and Patricia A. Benham to David E. and Kathleen M. Elliott, $602,500.

WOODSHIRE LANE, 506-Jennifer K. and Justin G. Mahlmann to Reid E. March, $450,000.

Huntington Area

BLAINE DR., 5811-Michael C. and Linda B. Graffeo to Vilma Sarazu, $265,000.

CANNON LANE, 5721-Shidrokh and Farrokh Sharifi Tafreshi to George M. and Jan E. Monroe, $432,000.

HUNTINGTON AVE., 2059, No. 711-Brian E. Fiffick to Keith S. Jones, $194,000.

INDIAN CT., 5707, No. 30-Brian D. and Brenda Maday to Nora Guzman, $260,000.

Hybla Valley Area

LINDBERG DR., 7533-Mary B. Jones and Robert P. Mollenberg to Thomas J. Montgomery and Dean F. Colavecchio, $619,900.

MOUNT WOODLEY PL., 7904-Juan P. Giraldo and Mary T. McCawley to Sophia Lambrou and Lambros K. Lambrou, $375,000.

RICHMOND HWY., 6427, No. 1202-Quinn Keeler to Santos and Bernarda Romero, $240,000.

SNOWPEA CT., 7511-Kimberly Goldberg to Linda J. Bean, $267,000.

STOVER DR., 7213-Scott R. Williams and Kimberly A. Boissiere to Sari Heiskanen and Jarmo Tarvainen, $306,000.

Lorton Area

ASHMEADOW CT., 9110-Frances D. Diaz to Shirley C. Funes, $415,000.

CARSLEY CT., 7802-Harry McKenzie and Nancy C. Roper to Frances N. Sellers, $300,000.

FALLSWOOD WAY, 7662-Ronald Leroy and Patricia A. Fauquet to Robert C. and Bettina M. Dowell, $408,000.

FUREY RD., 9090-Fariba Hatami and Mozhgan Amirian to Tracy J. and Carmen A. Gray, $695,000.

HALLEY CT., 8165, No. 304-Richard M. Walsh to Scott M. Stockton, $265,500.

MILFORD HAVEN CT., 8940, No. 40B-Jeffrey A. Seggi to Lewis L. Johnson, $392,900.

PHELPS LAKE CT., 8261-Thomas and Mary E. Kalil to Pamela Walters, $479,900.

PURPLE LILAC CIR., 8909-Douglas M. Cole to Joseph and Jessie Devamithran, $512,500.

TWO BAYS RD., 9063-Lan Hua to Sonia Salazar, $395,000.

McLean Area

AUDMAR DR., 1404-Sterling D. and Elizabeth L. Daines to Christopher N. and Jane R. MacCracken, $620,000.

CARRIAGE HILLS DR., 7470-Marwan M. Jamal to Dianne E. Waits, $905,000.

FOREST VILLA LANE, 1567-Peter P. and Suzanne K. Lord to Scott C. and Anne M. Shawkey, $800,000.

GEORGETOWN PI., 8700-Susan Lee Thornburg to Laureate Corp., $1.15 million.

GREENSBORO DR., 8360, No. 823-Joseph

J. O'Leary to Nader C. and Mahnaz Kay,


KENNEDY DR., 1946, No. 101-Eloisa L. Wade to Mark A. Vanderveen, $255,000.

LEAR RD., 7700-Steven D. and Brenda H. Roy to Gerard S. and Susan B. Poliquin, $750,000.

LINCOLN WAY, 1534, No. 101-Dolores F. Battista to Li Yimin, $239,900.

MARGIE DR., 1713-Jonathan G. and Wendy G. Buck to Michael A. and Denise A. Shochet, $703,000.

OAKVIEW DR., 1439-Mary A. Klein and Susan J. Morgan to Hansborough Corp., $650,000.

OLD MEADOW RD., 1800, No. 209-Barbara F. Jurkovic to Rosario Ballivian, $284,900.

OLD MEADOW RD., 1808, No. 509-Evelyn V. Kaiser to Donato Anne Santa, $275,000.

SILENT RIDGE CT., 1069-Eliane G. Bedewi and Nabih E. Bedewi to Farhad Barzani, $2.805 million.

TURKEY RUN RD., 910-Robert J. and Pamela M. Thompson to Charles F. and Cynthia S. Vance, $2.1 million.

Mount Vernon Area

ASHBORO DR., 8011-Jose L. and Maria C. Reyes to Mirian Beltran, $332,000.

BYERS DR., 8467-Craig Richey, Steven Gordon and Sushama J. Richey to John B. Ansah and Agnes A. Nsiah, $425,000.

FUERTE CT., 8408, No. 133-Alexis C. Lopez and Yenis M. Fuentes to Luis A. Ventura, $175,000.

MANZANITA PL., 3858-Catalina Espinoza to Alberto G. and Nery Portillo, $208,000.

MCNAIR DR., 8900-James Ralph Sisler to Robert E. and Tracy F. Watts, $700,000.

NORWICH TER., 3205-George R. and Doris B. Reinhart to Matthew C. and Melanie C. Cummings, $535,000.

ODESSA DR., 4638-David A. and Joan B. Cohen to Miroslaw and Mari P. Lesniak, $489,000.

PATTON BLVD., 9023-Peter J. Bouffard and Pamela A. Moulder to Patricia D. Ingrum, $512,025.

ROSEMONT AVE., 5017-Carole P. Moss to Carole P. Costello, $400,000.

STEPHIES CT., 3582-Frederick A. and Cheryl Lynn Zehrer to George J. and Kathleen E. Hanrahan, $740,000.

WATERSIDE LANE, 3103-Stephen S. and Christine S. Meehan to Joseph C. Bunton and Wilett W. Bunton, $850,000.

North Springfield Area

BLACKSBURG RD., 5401-Amine and Nabila Taraby to Kathy Nguyen, $445,000.

FOOTE LANE, 7915-Susan G. Lacoste to Christine L. Thompson, $439,900.

KIPLING ST., 5209-Matthew L. and Lisa D. Sweet to Cesar Espinal, $453,000.

LEESTONE ST., 7021-Musa and Elke Rabbo to Ermelinda Nativi, $345,000.

LEHIGH LANE, 5423-Harold L. Keaton and M. Layman Rose to Marilyn R. Pierce, $500,000.

SOUTHAMPTON DR., 5230-James W. and Brenda A. Johnson to Omar E.P. Quinteros and Nelly O. Depinto, $420,000.

VICTORIA RD., 8814-Jesse Madison Burch to Valerie M. Hubbard, $439,500.

Oakton Area

BRADFORD WOOD CT., 3143-Mary A. Reynolds and Tom Easterling to Karen R. and William Mulheron, $455,000.

BUSHMAN DR., 10202, No. 202-Konstadinos and Kathy Petrakis to Mahnaz Keshani,


BUSHMAN DR., 10300, No. 309-Mary C. Russo to Margaret Herby Roberts, $315,000.

CENTER RIDGE DR., 2814-J. Michael and Sheila A. Goodwin to Julia A. Bitner and Jerry M. Littlejohn, $815,000.

COBB HILL LANE, 3104-Charles R. and Ruthann Cope to Charles J. and Kathleen E. Gunther, $642,000.

OAKTON TERRACE RD., 10150-Anjanette M. Trinci to Kendra Williams, $265,000.

PALMER ST., 2953-Rick R. Kratzer and Nancy Sherman Kratzer to Prudential Relocation Inc., $877,500.

WINDSONG DR., 3144-Henry H. and Marlene C. Hubble to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., $2 million.

Reston Area

BEAVER TRAIL CT., 11224-Paul Cox to Carla J. Huston, $280,000.

BLACK FIR CT., 2646-David P. and Marta R. Krasnow to Suzanne M. Adams and Martha Heskett, $615,000.

BUTTERMILK LANE, 1325-Sheila T. Fitzgerald to Timothy L. Gorzycki and Ellen L. Vogel, $625,500.

CASTLE ROCK SQ., 2202, No. 2B-Manuel E. Delgado and Roxana Alva to Maria E. Lopez, $220,000.

CROSS COUNTRY LANE, 12505-Charles T. and Vicki L. Wafle to Paul and Maeve Ryan, $599,900.

EMERALD HEIGHTS CT., 2343-Dorothea Hall to Bowen F. Rose, $287,000.

GLENCOURSE LANE, 2113-Michael Metaxas to Akira E. Ikuma and Carol Kersten, $367,000.

GUNSMITH SQ., 2251-Melissa A. Lawson to Noah W. Briggs and Larisa R. Briggs, $350,000.

HEADLANDS CIR., 2047-Tracie L. Schaefer to Kelly E. and David J. Venci, $360,000.

LAKE SHORE CREST DR., 1712, No. 35-Eric A. Gutierrez to John P. Morley, $350,000.

NORTHGATE SQ., 1421, No. 1421-32B-Margaret C. Foster to Antonio M. Bennett, $253,000.

PARK GARDEN LANE, 1325-Cynthia H. Smith and Lynn G. Maxey to Agnes and Richard J. McGhee, $600,000.

RED LION CT., 1930-Cindy K. Walker to Peter G. Hakansson and Sisseliren Sorensen, $383,750.

ROYAL FERN CT., 2074, No. 22B-Carol A. Reilly to Jean Paul Bonnet, $226,000.

SAGEWOOD LANE, 1951, No. 323-Yvonne Julihn to Walter P. Buckley, $112,000.

SILENTWOOD LANE, 11186-Kermon A. Carter to Jason J. Rusk, $301,000.

SOUTHGATE SQ., 2401-Tera Harris to Kirk S. Larson, $260,000.

Springfield Area

AMHERST AVE., 6021-Edmund T. Baxa to Sonia Montecinos and Ruben Perez, $400,000.

BARK TREE CT., 8326-Yakob Habtesion and Rahel Berhane to Mark C. Statz, $274,000.

BEVERLY PARK DR., 7322-Kebede Kassa and Ayinalem Zewdie to Iftikhar Ali, $390,000.

BRANDEIS WAY, 7711-Tim C. and Christina Shum to Netsihiti and Haileab Hagos, $315,000.

CARBONDALE WAY, 8002-Syed B. and Zarghona Shah to Juan F. Ferrufino and Elizabeth Lopez, $345,000.

CARMELA CIR., 8419-Moon S. Woo and Hee J. Park to Scott J. and Su A.H. Ellinger, $415,000.

FALMOUTH ST., 7415-Grace A. Day to Wilson F. Lopez, $383,800.

GAME LORD DR., 7133-James E. and Reba H. Chambers to Andrew J. Pytko and Kenneth G. Evans, $509,900.

GARY ST., 7305-Dennis R. Oaks and Makiko Oaks to Dawn L. Vander Groef, $387,500.

HUNDSFORD LANE, 7012-Daniel L. and Cynthia S. Burns to Robert L. and Patricia S. Baumann, $599,900.

LOVING FOREST CT., 8133-Douglas and Katherine A. Anderson to Jonathan T. and Regina R. Fadul, $325,000.

MOLINE PL., 8308-Julio S. Caceres to Nicolas Roque, $317,000.

RICHFIELD RD., 7912-Nancy L. Chapman to Fernando Rodriguez and Ana E. Zoccoli Rodriguez, $539,000.

TOWER WOODS DR., 7706-Daniel P. and Lisa C. Kurz to Chun Sik, Michi Cha Kim and Yang Rok Kim, $470,000.

Vienna Area

ABBOTSFORD DR., 1815-James B. and M. Horn to Ryan A. and Christine M. Klabunde, $570,000.

CARNEGIE HALL CT., 8181, No. 101-Peter K. Shonerd to Chieh P. Chen, $315,000.

CEDAR LANE, 2257-Bryan and Nancy Stotler to Jonathan M. and Kelly A. Egnotovich, $455,000.

CINNAMON CREEK DR., 9627-John T. Hughes to Larry M. and Carol L. McMichen, $520,000.

DELLWAY LANE, 8573-Aucha V. Tip and Katekarnda Hutayana to B. Cunningham, $395,000.

GLYNDON ST., 502-Robbyne P. Jones to Mehrin Redjaeian, $490,000.

KELLY SQ., 2893-Daniel B. and Guo W. Wright to Noelle Y. Maynard, $460,000.

LAGERSFIELD CIR., 9602-Sarah M. Jones and Randall K. Spicer to Heidi Mathern, $625,000.

MANHATTAN PL., 2704-Viengkeo Chiang and David S.W. Tzong to Leo and Victor Leung, $530,000.

MIDDLETON CT., 1292-Lisa G. Stricklin and Hinton J. Stricklin to Mary N. Ibrahim, $970,000.

OLYMPIAN CIR. SW, 908-Edward M. Cook to Mark A. and Karen R. Mortensen, $455,000.

PARK ST., 907-Yohannes Woldehanna to Vinicio and Elizabeth Vannicola, $450,000.

POWDERMILL LANE, 2602-Brandon A. Burnett to Jeffrey D. and Jennifer A. Hallett, $890,000.

SHARON LANE NW, 100-Cristina Ros to Luis P. Velasco and Heidi L. Given, $599,900.

SPRUCE CT., 413-K. Jeffery and Aubrey Lyle to Raghu G. Nath and Leelamani R. Nath, $325,200.

TOWLSTON RD., 1433-Douglas and Carmala Walgren to Geetanjali and Umesh Choori, $680,000.

VALERA CT., 2990-Brian C. Altmiller to Maria Kocvara, $416,000.

VIRGINIA CENTER BLVD., 9480, No. 438-Andrew and Alice Tanchel to Jan Verfurth, $371,500.

WALKER ST., 516-Jacques H. Mouyal and Katalin F. Ebrani to Karlin A. McIntyre, $483,000.

WOODFORD CT., 8419-Donald D. and Ruth Hattier to Jeff and Cheryl Wu, $527,000.

West Springfield Area

ASTERELLA CT., 7734-Mark T. and Julie Nadeau to Deepthi M. Jain and Harpreet S. Gambhir, $385,000.

BARDU AVE., 6144-Wallace M. and Marilyn Durkin to Nancy Presutti, $410,000.

BAYSHIRE RD., 5905, No. G-Anthony R. Abbott to Valeria A. Knight, $239,900.

BIRCHTREE CT., 7912-Tilley Family Partnership to John S. Ko, Jihyun Lee and Paulo Baek, $367,000.

BLARNEY STONE CT., 6470-Mario P. and Maria G.S. Alvarez to Otto M. Saldana, $343,000.

DUNHAM CT., 8363, No. 611-Vivian Dobud to Sarah Motsch, $232,500.

KEENE DR., 6612-Gloria E. Berry to Rosa Y. Herrera, $400,000.

KERRY LANE, 8624-Jeannine H. Sones and Bryndol A. Sones to Joseph and Sandra Nestor, $385,000.

MULVANEY CT., 9015-Bryan W. and Mary Ballman to Sang H. Kim, $340,000.

QUEENSTON ST., 6020-Richard A. and Jeannie W. Russell to Jennifer E. Fournier and Edward P. Durning, $458,000.

REXFORD CT., 5778, No. M-Hoa Phan to Salim Touati, $227,000.

ROSEWALL CT., 9020-Ki R. and Yang M. Kim to Seong W. Choi, $365,000.

SQUIRREL RUN RD., 8100-Deniz R. and Yasemin Smith to Malik Mohamed Finaish, $407,000.

STREAM WAY, 7324-Jenny Camargo to Adel Becher, $350,000.

WICKHAM RD., 8327-Frank J. Wood and Courtney L. Shaffer to Albert G. Allen, $349,000.