The following home sales were recently recorded in Frederick County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Frederick County and other Washington areas, visit

Brunswick Area

B ST. W., 112-Barry and Toni Zimmerman to Patricia M. O'Brien and John F. Donoghue, $127,500.

MAPLE AVE. N., 613-Steven L. Willhide to Gerald A. Schneider, $159,900.

ORNDORFF CT., 1038-Lynn S. and Ralph E. Gaver Jr. to Bradley P. McBride, $150,000.

Frederick City Area

AVONSHIRE PLACE., 5620-K-Daniel James Hemingway to Scott M. Lamb, $155,000.

BOB WHITE CT., 5019-Michelle and Nathan C. Ferkovich to Jennifer L. Cramer, $335,000.

BRADDOCK AVE., 402-Pedro Esteban to Richard A. Lane, $252,500.

BURNSIDE DR., 2001-Heather K. and Hugh J. O'Neill to Randi Merriam, $430,000.

CANFIELD TERR., 227-Chin Ching Hsu to You Lian Chen and Hai Bin Liu, $170,000.

CASTLE ROCK RD., 1749-Ahmet and Handan Erdogan to Loretta A. and John E. Kutchey, $505,000.

CHESTNUT GROVE RD., 9022-Harry Gifford Blanchard Jr. to Kimberly A. and Vincent G. Baker, $341,000.

COLLEGE TERR. W., 200-Marian J. and Charles W. Nieman to Lisa Hensley, $425,000.

CREST CIR., 6802-William L. and Denise W. West to Carolyn M. Lopez and Felipe L. Arnada, $218,250.

CROYDON CT., 5065-Bethany J. Plaza to Elsie and Jose Molina, $500,000.

DAVID LANE, 1371-Amy J. Underwood to DWT Enterprises Corp., $160,000.

DEERVALLEY DR., 203-Angel Funk to Jan M. Wheatley, $165,000.

DENTON CT., 5639-Michael R. Wakefield to Vijaya L. and Shive K. Gowda, $214,500.

DERRS SQ W, 1711-Alana D. Glover to Susan Delacruz, $309,500.

DRIFTWOOD CT., 2501, No. 3B-Abby L. Green to Brian E. Orrison, $189,900.

DUKE CT., 5180-Walter N. Oguike to Ellen I. Okere, $162,000.

DUKE CT., 5327-Kenneth E. Weddle Jr. to Mariana Ehardt, $260,000.

DUKE CT., 5708-Eric J. Knott to Susan Rausch, $214,900.

DUNBROOKE CT., 815-Ann W. Ryan to Stephen M. Fisher, $275,000.

EAGLE ROCK LANE, 1800-Veleka R. Peeples to Sim Sim T. Pham and Vinh Q. Do, $449,900.

FREE TERR., 1809-Kelly S. Wilcher to Randall Horn, $272,000.

FREE TERR., 1821-Haruko Delashmutt to Kasey A. Heintz, $262,000.

GRESHAM CT., 7117-Lisa Smyka to Jennifer M. Glickman, $267,400.

HEATHER RIDGE DR., 531-G-Cynthia L. Burdette to Summer R. Farrar, $118,000.

HIMES AVE., 603, No. 107-Tiruzewd S. and Addis A. Gashawbeza to Susan V. Lancaster, $172,000.

KESWICK PL., 1121-Paul E. and Stacey L. Hobbs to Gladys L. and Eric T. Mbah, $220,000.

KESWICK PL., 1126-Clarencinia D. Willis to Myint Swe and Tun Win, $205,000.

MOBLEY CT., 1457-Christopher M. Coulby to Matthew M. Deener, $196,000.

NEWPORT TERR., 6157-Warren T. and Rebecca S. Spaeth to Nicole S. and Kevin Miller, $267,000.

NORWICK RD., 1006-Michael A. Brockey to David N. Stansbury, $265,000.

OLD NATIONAL PIKE, 4832-John J. Hubbard to Clara I. and Harvey Toney, $243,500.

PLAYERS CIR., 1189-Kurt P. Sweitzer to Douglas and Amos R. Martin, $224,900.

PROSPECT DR., 7503-Hubert J. and Agnes V. Kaempf to Lawanna K. and Dennis V. Brown, $445,000.

PROVIDENCE CT., 9203-Vincent D. and Kassie V. Fritz to Nikole Brander Feltham and Peter E. Feltham, $305,000.

REELS MILL RD., 4334-Alverna C. Baer, trustee, to Jason S. Schwendenmann and Elizabeth M. Greve, $359,000.

RIVER RUN CT., 7910-Steven E. and Teresa L. Yost to Matthew P. and Tirzah K. Callahan, $359,000.

SHELLEY CIR., 2500, No. 1-3D-Claudia F. Golenda to Howard M. Ambrose, trustee, $229,000.

STRATFORD DR., 809-D-Vernon F. Troxell III to Ruby and Sterling Brown, $146,500.

VIENNA CT., 53-Janice Mitchell to Candice Garner Groves and Jamel Groves, $173,000.

VIENNA CT., 54-Carlos H. and Faye E. Ruano to Luis B. Torres and Martha Ortiz, $185,000.

WADE CT., 5650-D-Dennis A. Derry Sr. to Robert Cline Sr., $135,000.

WATERFORD DR., 847-Ruth Ellen Connoley to Jane and Maurice E. Labbe, $225,000.

WESTCOTT CIR., 5521-Stephen L. and Lisa D. Scheirey to Gloria and Gilberto Samboni, $272,000.

WETHERBURNE WAY, 2244-Alyson R. Brooks to Lori B. and Timothy W. Shrode, $290,000.

WETHERBURNE WAY, 2255-Wanda J. Dudley to Martha L. Brognard, $266,000.

WHEYFIELD DR., 1630-William E.D. and Gayle P. to Robyn and Francis D. Coccia, $296,500.

WYNFIELD CT., 2419-Dale A. Cernik to Patricia N. Chiu, $269,500.

YELLOW SHEAVE CT., 6834-Darin Lee and June Clements to Katherine D. and Paul E. Mangus, $235,000.

EIGHTH ST. E., 202-Richard A. Jr. and Grace Rochford to Michael Guidera and Dawn Lacey Merriman, $295,000.

14TH ST. W., 107-Erica Andrews Hogan to Rolando E. Gapud and Angela L. Tressler, $359,000.

Ijamsville Area

GRAYMARSH CT., 3208-Jeffrey B. Walcoff to Susan Puhala and Matthew Ruble, $544,900.

WINDSOR RD., 11137-Charles E. and Beulah J. Henline to Nancy E. McCarty and Dennis J. Corle, $429,900.

Jefferson Area

CHAMPLAINE DR., 4831-Charles L. Miller to Diane Lewis, $365,000.

TIMBERY DR., 4574-Norman G. and Joan M. Wilcox to Mary C. and Matthew Kevin Hogan, $575,000.

Middletown Area

DEER SPRING RD., 6728-Joseph P. and Tina S. Mullan to Maxine Casey and Jennifer Smullen, $535,000.

Monrovia Area

BOW CT., 4765-Linda A. Caldwell to Lori L. and H. Wayne Butler, $365,000.

LINGANORE WOODS DR., 12410-S.G. Hobbs to Lisabeth and Steven R. Monday, $385,000.

LYNN BURKE RD., 4110-Kenneth R. Smith to Susie I. and Brian O. Kaigler, $350,000.

Mount Airy Area

COWMANS-SOUTH RD., 4700-Chesney and Berta Hakes to Patrick E. and Barbara C. Forster, $540,000.

HIGH BEACH CT., 10603-David B. O'Berry to Irene E. and Martin J. Strzelczyk, $334,900.

LIBERTY RD., 14806-Mark D. McConnell to George Loar III and Carey Scates, $280,000.

MASTERS RD., 7163-Randall P. Jump to Connie S. Shew and Henry H. Koh, $292,500.

OLD NATIONAL PIKE, 13802-Ralph E. Davis to Gregory M. McKenzie, $425,000.

PARKRIDGE DR., 1203-Thomas S. and Marsha J. Gibney to Sharon and Mark Sheldon, $495,000.

WEDGE CT., 4000-Jamie A. Stone to Inge H. and Richard A. McDermaid, $480,000.

Myersville Area

CHURCH HILL RD. E., 3459-Tina Nash to Caroline B. Reese and W. Brian Ralbert, $375,000.

New Market-

Lake Linganore Area

HEMLOCK POINT RD., 6747-M.J. Baker Sr. to Kristin and Lawrence A. Raymond, $339,900.

TALBOT CIR., 5566-Carrie R. and Darren B. Seibert to Elizabeth Ruiz, $240,000.

Point of Rocks Area

BROOKSHIRE RUN, 1722-Mary C. and Matthew K. Hogan to Nancy D. Tome, $274,900.

Sabillasville Area

SABILLASVILLE RD., 17024-Vickie Rissler to Angela P. and Gary R. Spegal, $190,000.

Thurmont Area

BLACK MILL RD., 7911-Edith A. and Brett W. Martin to Jeanette S. Crandell, $347,000.

HAMMAKER ST. E., 103-Susan L. Mathias to Frances and Robert Black, $174,500.

IRONMASTER CT., 3-LandAmerica OneStop Inc. to Tessa L. Fannin, $269,900.

MAIN ST. E., 701-Shirley L. Freshman to Margo Trexler and Carol L. Emrich, $240,000.

OLD OAK PL., 415-Cathie Drake to Ralph Waldo Drake, $125,000.

SABILLASVILLE RD., 14815-R.E. Stottlemyer to Elizabeth and John C. Cochran, $299,300.

STONEY PARK WAY, 15-Kimberly D. and Tommy D. Kyte to Patricia Sabol, $264,900.

TACOMA ST., 15-Thomas and Crystal Ruffner II to Janee and Jason Hipkins, $227,000.

Walkersville Area

CHAPEL CT., 400, No. 4W-William Izer to Theresa C. Gunderson, $155,500.

DREAM PL., 8378-Jennifer S. and Ronald A. Simon to Kenneth Wright, $179,000.

FORTUNE PL., 8509-Forrest J. Miller Jr. to Moses Pettigrew, $175,000.

FORTUNE PL., 8517-Donna M. Schultz to Yenis J. Villegas and Miguel A. Hernandez, $187,900.

WYNDALE DR., 1-Deborah Anderson Rosevear to Krystal D. and Matthew R. Conley, $299,900.