The following home sales were recently recorded in Montgomery County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Montgomery and other Washington areas, visit

Ashton Area

POND RD., 17950-David S. and L.E. Rosenberg to Pia C. and John P.F. Rockhold, $685,000.

Aspen Hill Area

ARCTIC AVE., 14317-N.A. and Yacoub A. Kassis to Eufemia Gonzalez, $420,000.

BLACKPOOL RD., 4101-Valmir Manezes to Alvaro Maldonado, $405,000.

CHERRY VALLEY DR., 4509-Christopher D. and N.N. Clagett to Fiona Williams and Leo Ring, $585,000.

CRESTEDGE LANE, 5304-Kenneth N. and K.S. Pooton to Cynthia D. and Mark A. Clark, $465,000.

FRANKFORT DR. W., 4505-Norman B. Coder, trustee, to Gloria Raimundo, $424,750.

FREELAND RD., 13022-Geraldine E. and Joseph A.J. MacAiran to Ana Perez and Pedro Ramos, $350,000.

GRENOBLE DR., 12909-Jan Polansky to Hanh M. Khuu, $379,000.

KALMIA ST., 4403-Carlos R. Via to Luisa and Francisco Reyes, $340,000.

LESCOT TERR., 16621-Benjamin S. Vincent

III to Vafolay M. and Talloh V. Tulay,


MANOR VILLAGE LANE, 15316-Dale D. Kerstetter, trustee, to Sherry Weisenborne, $389,962.

PARKLAND DR., 13416-Jack E. and S.D. Rhine to Steven G. and Joyce A. Szili, $369,500.

PARKVALE RD., 14418, No. 4-William H. Boyd to Nadia V. Savova, $225,000.

SWEETBIRCH DR., 4874-Joseph P. Cangelosi to Bilkiss and Feroz Dhomun, $672,000.

SYCAMORE LANE, 16111-Gail Lambert to Gayle D. and Shawn S. Shaffer, $699,900.

WISSAHICAN AVE., 4601-Lauren D. and Clarence M. Wright to Jasmin C. Hipolito, $395,000.

Bethesda Area

BATTERY LANE, 5000, No. 302-Stephanie K. Levison to Kristofer R. Smith, $295,000.

BRADLEY BLVD., 7511-Eva M. Morell to Karen and Christopher Detucci, $580,000.

BRIXTON LANE, 9927-G. and M. Khatchadourian to K.W. and A. Khatchadourian, $520,000.

BRYANT DR., 8310-D.P. and Norman M. Jones to Yasoma Liyanarachchi, $725,000.

BULLS RUN PKWY., 9202-Brandon B. Straus to Andrew W. Plitt, $604,000.

BUTTERMERE LANE, 6813-A.I. and Jonathan N. Rosen to Glenn Douglas Brill, $588,000.

CHASE AVE., 4411-Alfredo Villanueva to James R. Siegel, $580,000.

CHELTENHAM DR., 4614-Mark Nail to Gregory S. Gertner, $739,000.

CINDY LANE, 7710-L.L. and Stephen J. Frank Jr. to Jorge A. Tavel, $949,000.

CRESTBERRY LANE, 7411-Michael L. Quinn to Michael McLean, $665,000.

EXFAIR RD., 7111-K. and Gene Tidrick to Robert W. Degrasse Jr., $900,000.

FARNHAM DR., 10524-Dennis Menos to James E. Balow Jr., $660,000.

GARFIELD ST., 8708-Valadek Janovicz to Leon G. Nisenfeld, $1.4 million.

MACARTHUR BLVD., 7215-Brian Leair to Hyosug and Eun S. Lee, $650,000.

MADAKET RD., 5803-Marilena Pibernat to Christopher D. and Lisa A. Suits, $958,000.

MADAWASKA RD., 6212-Graham K. White to Kiho and Elizabeth Kim, $600,000.

MASSACHUSETTS AVE., 6104-Ovrang S. Sohrabi to Kimberly D. Reilly, $835,000.

MONTROSE AVE., 10607-Matthew Lewandowski to Kate L. Prybylosski and Jaskaran Singh, $299,000.

MOORLAND LANE, 7807-Jean Pierre Jacqmotte to Julie A. Muroff and Peter G. Lesburg, $650,000.

OLD GEORGETOWN RD., 9020-Dolores Martos to Jun Kyung and Sang Won Jung, $965,000.

PARKHILL DR. E., 9220-Lucille A. Donelan, trustee, to Andrea T. Musalem and Federico Garcia Lopez, $600,000.

QUARRY RIDGE WAY, 8041-H.P. and Eugene F. Suk to Robert Craig Lockard, $759,000.

QUINTANA DR., 9008-Randa H. Yassin to Ann C. and Charles R. Hill, $739,000.

RAYBURN RD., 8619-Dong J. and Y.D. Han to Nathalie Halimi and Robert D. Shnerson, $665,000.

RIVER ROCK TERR., 8413-William P. Tedesco to Benjamin F. Ivins, $1.15 million.

ROSEDALE AVE., 4706-Karen and R.W. Wilfong Jr. to Clair and David Knicley, $500,000.

SENTINEL DR., 5001, No. 10-W.R. and Finette W. Shupe to Arthur L. Pavis Jr., $322,000.

STILL SPRING CT., 8300-Beatriz and Michael C. Glover to Deborah R. Croft, $805,000.

WEYMOUTH ST., 10681-Michael W. Kilgore to Christine Brantner, $239,000.

Brookeville Area

GREGG RD., 3511-Robert Riegle to Patricia Ludwig, $325,000.

Burtonsville Area

ALMANAC DR., 14647-Karen M. Jackson to Vipin and Jasmine V. Antoney, $310,000.

BEAKER CT., 14330-N.N. and Babak Rasolee to Rafael Valdivieso, $307,000.

BLACKBURN RD., 15310-Virginia L. Marlow to John C. Bean, $200,000.

OLD COLUMBIA PIKE, 14311-Timothy Shriver to Amritpal K. and Himmat S. Chadda, $600,400.

REGALWOOD TERR., 4330-Nelly Cuellar Viscarra to Luis A. and Ana R. Sariol, $250,000.

STEPPING STONE LANE, 3806-Anne M. Rothfeld to Sheri A. Phillips, $272,000.

TAPESTRY CIR., 3346-Simeon Fernando Deskins to Kenrick H. Jones, $190,000.

WILDLIFE LANE, 3832-Abimbola F. Obatolu to Sharon R. Nedd, $250,000.

Calverton-Colesville Area

BRAHMS TERR., 13018-Kathleen M. Robinson to Hernan Urias, $312,000.

CARRIAGE HOUSE TERR., 1617-William P. Tedesco to Barbara Carnemark Nalls and Thomas F. Nalls, $165,000.

CHICHESTER LANE, 707-S.P. and K. Bhasin to D.K. and K.I. Talati, $440,000.

HERRINGTON MANOR DR., 12424-Monika M. Hiatt to Mofikpara Wright, $330,000.

LEISTER DR., 1405-A.M. and James M. Stone to Evline Alphonse, $429,000.

LEMAR CT., 12208-H.W. and F.N. Cooper to S.S. and S.N. Dean, $452,500.

LOCKSLEY LANE, 13208-Uwe and Nicole Brandes to Hoang Anh Tuong Phu and Lan Trong Hoang, $437,000.

OLD COLUMBIA PIKE, 12001, No. 712-William U. Davis Jr. to Imran Khan Alizai, $208,000.

PIANO LANE, 3043, No. 20-Jaime N. Ayala to Bienvenida and Carlos Jaimes, $236,000.

SHERWOOD FOREST DR., 13609-George B. Steffens to Francis Leo Henry Jr., $470,000.

SIR THOMAS WAY, 13605, No. 2-Karen A. Robinson to Kingsley Oparah, $207,500.

SIR THOMAS WAY, 13609, No. 1-C-22-Danielle K. Rodondi to Jean S. and Jung Ho Ha, $205,000.

SUMMERWOOD DR., 12520-M.K. and Nicholas J. Agrusti to Noel J. Guerrero, $375,000.

SUNCROFT CT., 13-Mikhail and R. Dubensky to Sandeep and Asna Dayal, $375,000.

SWEET CLOVER DR., 12136-Theodora Hosten to Betty R. Boi and Udoh E. Udom, $333,900.

SWEET CLOVER DR., 12144-C.N. and Karen R. Nnamani to Stella Ronke James, $332,500.

TUFA TERR., 1805-Mamour Ba to Marquita and Ousmane Kouyate, $315,000.

TURQUOISE TERR., 12773-Paul B. Johnson, trustee, to Ana C. and Mario F. Navas, $245,000.

VALLEY BROOK DR., 607-Marjorie N. Wells to Eda A. and Frank M. Jones, $440,000.

Chevy Chase Area

CHEVY CHASE BLVD., 4601-George F. and S.C. Tully to Katherine and Atul Grover, $962,000.

CHEVY CHASE DR., 4877, No. 158-Darryl V. and Karen K. Creel to Minchul Yang and Myong Jin Kim, $510,000.

EAST WEST HWY., 2627-Scott M. and E.A. Freund to Noel T. Southall and Leslie A. Kenna, $535,000.

STANFORD ST., 4413-James F. and M.K. O'Brien to Anita B. Dunn and Robert F. Bauer, $1.4 million.

WILLARD AVE., 4515, No. 1715S-Katie E. and Andrew R. Sonnabend to Anna V. Bogomolov, $302,200.

Cloverly-Ednor Area

DELILAH CT., 14200-M.O. and Paul K. Chung to Consolata Kapenda, $525,000.

FAIRDALE TERR., 2701-Stephen G. and P.A. Weisenborne to Santos C. Escobar Almendarez and Ruth Noemi Fuentes, $238,000.

FAIRDALE TERR., 2735-Roger L. John to Cheryl A. John, $250,000.

THOMPSON RD., 15405-James E. Schallmo, trustee, to Yolanda H. Bueso, $385,000.

Damascus Area

COLORADO CT., 9916-Christy L. Lombard to Janet L. and Matthew C. Rabon, $389,900.

CONRAD CT., 25262-Juan and D.W. Guevara to Lucinda A. and Daniel J. Dimmick, $395,000.

GUE RD., 9316-Jacob K. and H.R. Diggs to Kimberly and Mitchell Goode, $347,000.

NICKELBY CT., 13-Guillermo A. and Fabiola Gonzaga to Samuel J. Jr. and Carol A. Auxier, $399,900.

RIDGE MANOR TERR., 10109, No. 4000-A-Eva J. Grimes to Gregory A. Sterling Jr., $206,700.

Derwood Area

LISA DR., 17504-Jamilla I. Numan to Yen Bach T. Pham and Tho Van Nguyen, $300,000.

MILLER FALL RD., 7313-Christopher J. Daniell to Mario and Magdalena Alvarez, $450,000.

OLDE MILL RUN, 17116-Esther J.A. Alley to Aye Aye Oo, $469,900.

Gaithersburg Area

ALDEN AVE., 16638-John J. Hassett to Tonya S. and Richard A. Brown, $520,000.

AMBIANCE DR., 15616-Ken T. and T.P. Wang to Lily and James Tong, $354,500.

ANNA CT., 44, No. 279-Pachara Bindusmita to Jenny M. Herrera, $232,500.

APPLE RIDGE RD., 10518-Rebecca L. Johnson to Gloria Mori, $250,000.

BAYRIDGE TERR., 1006-Julio and E. Centeno to Wendy and David Shokrai, $312,500.

BEACON SQUARE CT., 935, No. 16-Charles H. Shelton to Lori K. Briggs, $88,500.

BIG ACRE SQ., 29, No. 20-6-Mosunmola Ajogbasile to Ange O. Moussouary, $300,000.

BILLINGSGATE CT., 10-Robert and J. Dell'Orco to Lilibeth and Ramon Bautista, $485,000.

BILLINGSGATE CT., 9-Ike Nweke to Elisa R. and Richardo D. Roxas, $510,000.

BOOTH ST., 106, No. 26-Heather Charkatz to Carlos E. Camacho, $319,000.

BROADWATER WAY, 19155-S.A. and Sheikh M. Firoz to Parmesh Dutt, $245,000.

BRUCAR CT., 8108-Laureano D. Asico to Nelia and Winfred Cabanayan, $393,000.

CALYPSO PL., 18629-Subhash and Veena Boveja to Kanwalpret Kaur and Hermeet Singh, $426,000.

CAMBOURNE CT., 8117-P. and Gopal Mehrotra to Antonio Araujo, $450,000.

CATHEDRAL DR., 18906-E.S. and Gregory S. Tang to Maria D. Velasquez, $490,000.

CHERRY BLOSSOM LANE, 15744-M.C. and Gary S. Albert to Elizabeth B. Engel, $475,000.

CHICKADEE LANE, 18606-M.F. and Byron S. Bobo to Selio A. Nunez, $265,000.

CHISHOLM LANDING CT., 7-D.E. and Dennis Eisen to Joonyeong Kim, $349,000.

CHRISTOPHER AVE., 403, No. 22-Taoufik Mimilahlou to Dina E. Flores Munoz, $173,000.

CHRISTOPHER AVE., 413, No. 91-Carlos E. and L.M. Torres to John W. and Marie Gisele Z. Morrisson, $212,000.

CLOVER MEADOW PL., 19106-Lisa J. Douglas to Maria D. Delaosanchez, $269,000.

CLOVER MEADOW PL., 19120-S.N. and Ashraf R. Din to Shiyi Zheng, $284,900.

CREEPER LANE, 18808-Ferdinand J. Noveras to Ilcia A. Gonzales, $280,000.

CROSSBOW LANE, 167, No. 264-Farnaz Ghadaki to Shari Beharry, $289,000.

DEER PARK RD. W., 386, No. 8-B-E. James Wood to Gary D. Haines, $245,000.

DEVEREAUX TERR., 14605-Nathan J. Roberts to Tony Thien Huynh, $319,500.

DUFIEF DR., 14836-William T. Burkes to Jennifer A. and Brian A. Levine, $535,000.

DUNBRIDGE WAY, 19303-Nettie S. Ravick to Maria R. Corrales, $352,900.

DUVALL LANE, 102, No. 9-301-Lin Xia to Gloria and Alexander W. Portillo, $155,000.

DUVALL LANE, 134, No. 222-102-Freda Maria Spry to Gloria and Alexander Portillo, $129,900.

DUVALL LANE, 138, No. 252-202-Santos P. Ulloa to Roy T. Velasco, $163,000.

FENCE POST CT., 18033-Ana M. and Hossein Atarodian to Monica Lopez and Oscar E. Restrepo, $339,000.

FLEECE FLOWER DR., 311-Robert M. and R.A. Cornelsen to Bailing Li and Chang Cheng Song, $354,900.

FLEECE FLOWER DR., 313-Rosario and L. D'Costa to Niroshi Chamila Jayasuriya and Susantha D. Hettiarachchi, $365,000.

FLEECE FLOWER DR., 414-John V. Messina to Laura Marie Stets, $345,000.

FLINTS GROVE LANE, 11601-Efren J. and Amy I. Saraza to Susan L. and Ronald B. Kraft Jr., $670,000.

GALESVILLE DR., 12445-Thomas and D. Kollecas to Xiao Fei Chang and Wael M. Fahmy, $579,900.

GIRARD ST., 416, No. 91-Roberta M. Armstrong to Hoan Boi Hang, $165,000.

GIRARD ST., 448, No. 319-Haney A. Bedas to Juan Francisco Martinez and Esperanza D.G. Martinez, $156,000.

GIRARD ST., 452, No. 359-Aletha Stewart to Julio Diaz, $198,000.

GLACIER CT., 15816-Quan Chen to Gary P. Davison, $420,000.

GRANTCHESTER PL., 17-Melanie N. and Michael J. Whelan to Sergei M. Miroshnichenko, $500,000.

HADDONFIELD WAY, 15612-Peter H. and Teresa D. Chi to Amy N. and Gary W. Depreta, $822,500.

HIBISCUS CT., 38, No. 14-9-Cecilia Long to Nataliya Gordiyenko and Budimir Muchnik, $284,000.

HIGHLAND AVE., 6-James F. Mace to Timothy A. Hall, $491,000.

HILLSIDE LAKE TERR., 989, No. 905-Donald C. Richardson to Robert A. Scardelletti II, $345,000.

HONEY BROOK LANE, 2-Deborah Y. Gordon to Idalia Sanchez, $320,000.

HUMMINGBIRD TERR., 9221-Luis Bruder

Jr. to Betty T. and Daniel K. Moore Sr., $289,000.

IVY OAK TERR., 18325-Adelheid Springer to Kelvin E. Garcia, $282,000.

KENDRICK PL., 172, No. 32L-A.C. and Gilford M. Taylor to Bruce A. Lister, $309,000.

LAGUNA DR., 19404-Herbert M. Fetherlin to Katherine and Ferdinand Noveras, $439,900.

LAZY HOLLOW DR., 226-Marie Jeanne and Ama to Svetlana and Nikolay Tkach, $335,000.

MANDOLIN CT., 515-Lonnie B. West to Comfort O. and Patrick O. Afriyie, $305,000.

MEDITERRANEAN DR., 19004-Dominique S. Vattuone II to Ali Abedin, $371,000.

MONTGOMERY VILLAGE AVE., 18946-Neyla Sanchez to Blanca E. and Jose H. Alvarez, $279,000.

MUSTANG HILL LANE, 13909-Young K. and Y.A. Kim to Neerja Tripathi and Sanjay Mishra, $535,000.

OAKMONT ST., 8701-Philip P. Comaromi to Nicholaus A. Martinez, $389,000.

PEBBLE HILL LANE, 14423-Soo K. and Dong Y. Park to Matthew Rogers, $319,000.

PHILMONT DR., 502, No. 1-Neal A. Greene to Eva Parys, $164,000.

PLEASANT MEADOW CT., 14208-Johannes R.S. Carp to Jeffrey D. Briggs, $633,000.

QUAIL VALLEY BLVD., 18931-Thomas H. and Lesley Hoffman to Georgina Orellana, $345,000.

QUINCE ORCHARD BLVD., 738, No. P-2-Danielle D. Larar to Brenda Hausman, $139,900.

RAMSDELL CT., 15-Scott L. and V.L. Forman to Amjad and Maryam A. Humayun, $299,000.

SEVERN RD., 18712-Swarup Bhatnagar to Amitab Ratra, $699,900.

SPRING ST., 126-E.J. and Robert T. Munsey to Eugenio A. Guzman, $345,000.

SPRING ST., 130-Jose A. and Laurie N.

Bautista to Martha and Santos P. Ulloa, $350,000.

THAXTON ST., 115-Gary W. and Amy N. Depreta to Christine L. Hollingsworth and Charles G. Hollingsworth, $799,900.

TIMBERBROOK LANE, 109, No. 203-Leslie A. Bozeman to Elisa S. Foltz, $280,000.

TRENTO CT., 12, No. 12-B. and Randolph Singh to Patricia O. Fiawoo, $247,000.

WHEATFIELD TERR., 19240-Karen E. and Robert L. Kohout to Lucy Ellen Fox, $290,000.

WHEELWRIGHT DR., 19859-Anthony and Holly Hunter Ceci to Milagros D. and Juan R. Narvaez, $235,000.

WINTER WALK DR., 310-David M. Desalle to Robert V. Duvall Jr., $545,000.

Germantown Area

ABERSTRAW WAY, 11532-Patrick O. Madden to Hilda Elena Harispe and Patricio Geldres, $257,000.

AMBASSADOR TERR., 20404-Ricardo N. Bazan to Mihael R. Gouel, $265,000.

AMBASSADOR TERR., 20414-Gisela M. John to Victoria Wedell and Justin Tenke, $290,000.

AMBER RIDGE CIR., 12033-Barbara M. Binnix to Gang Hu and Dan Chen, $355,000.

APPLEDOWRE WAY, 11467, No. 7-Jennifer L. Gaddis to Vincent L. Abell, $162,000.

BAILIWICK TERR., 13931-Lisa Anne Barton to Brian Iglesias, $450,000.

BENT CREEK TERR., 11342-Teresa K. and C.B. Houck to Elenora G. and Krassimir H. Haralanov, $321,000.

BRONCO PL., 13829, No. 218-Tanya G. Lyles to Harpreet K. Rekhi, $265,000.

CHALET DR., 18010, No. 18-Behrooz Zahed to Ivonne Guerrero, $200,000.

CROSS LAUREL DR., 11000-John G. Hartwell, trustee, to Christi D. and D.J. Hutson, $600,000.

DEEP RUN CT., 19220-Juana Romo to Jocelyn E. Villamayor, $252,000.

DUNSTABLE CIR., 19900, No. 176-Susan Schaechner to Nga Chi Chan and Mario Po San Chin, $242,500.

EAGLES NEST CT., 12213-L-Thomas M. Holliday to Mark Vieder, $234,900.

GALLOP TERR., 14156-Ronald E. and S. Bolls to Ryan John Pike and Christopher H. Glennon, $334,000.

GINGER CT., 18717-Elizabeth Riddell to Alexei Fajardo, $200,000.

HIGHSTREAM DR., 19060, No. 779-Sara P. and James L. Henson to Glenda Rodriguez, $253,000.

MAYCREST WAY, 19805-Tuyen J. Kieu to Eva and Leonard Shterenberg, $575,000.

PARTRIDGE WOOD DR., 19019-Glenn A. Yarborough to Elizabeth and Samuel Gonzales, $280,000.

PINEY POINT PL., 18905-Jorge De La Torre to Lori and Ollie Perkins, $299,900.

PORT HAVEN DR., 12418-Darryl J. Israel to Edgar G. Jauregui, $299,990.

QUIET OAK LANE, 18909-Mazhar H. Asim to Rosa C. and Jose V. Cantor, $342,900.

SCOTTSBURY DR., 20841-Marie J. Roy to Nelson Marquez, $439,000.

SHADYSIDE LANE, 13120, No. 9-151-Todd M. Johnson to Julie Gillard, $217,500.

SHIPLEY TERR., 20216, No. 8-B-202-Donald M. Stafford to Sujoy K. Kundu, $145,500.

SHIPLEY TERR., 20229, No. 3-B-101-Norman M. and Barbara J. Carlo to Isabel C. Giraldo Zuluaga, $190,000.

SPINNING WHEEL DR., 13636-James L. and D.M. Wilbur to Lydia M. and Thomas G. Arcuri, $650,000.

SUMMIT RIDGE TERR., 12925-Thomas A. Reilly, trustee, to Mahin Eslami, $540,000.

SUNBRIGHT LANE, 20459-S. Saheta to Carole A. and I. Edward Howard, $305,000.

TEAKWOOD CIR., 19703, No. 93-Egil Andrew Kergalvis to Takiia Anderson, $236,900.

THUNDERHEAD WAY, 20216-Anthony M. and Jewell L. Foster to Ilham Bennouna and Jamal Bencherki, $251,500.

TIMBER OAK LANE, 20176, No. 166-Jesse Malkin to Brendon D. Post, $322,000.

TRIMFIELD LANE, 13205-Keisha A. Hunter to Jese A. and Nelson G. Galvez, $215,000.

TURMERIC CT., 18641-V.A. and James A. Simms II to Catherine Mutunga, $230,000.

VILLAGE GREEN CIR., 21339-Matthew K. Nguyen to Vandana A. Patel, $635,000.

WATERCRESS CIR., 21207-L. and Barry L. Spickler to Paige C. Lynch, $240,000.

WATERSIDE DR., 20134-B.R. and Michael E. Fratkin to Darren J. Black, $305,000.

WHEATRIDGE DR., 17901-Hossein Razavi to Yinyi Lu, $580,000.

WHITE SADDLE DR., 19641-Ronald A. Walton to Kenneth S. Glasser, trustee, $309,900.

WINTERSPOON LANE, 13625, No. 12-Anthony V. Passemante to Barry Doyle, $253,000.


New Hampshire Estates Area

BURNT EMBER DR., 10414-Elizabeth Holm to Emidia N. and Jose E. Sanchez, $475,000.

DILSTON RD., 1407-Mathai T. and M. Chacko to Griselda and Edwin Renderos, $385,000.

FOREST HILL DR., 2012-Jorge O. Lazo to Maria E. and Edgar I. Santizo, $472,700.

HEDIN DR., 9706-Walter Glickman, trustee, to Dominica A. and Henry Gomes, $340,000.

PINEY BRANCH RD., 8830, No. 1006-Stella Livinus to Hang Dinh, $160,000.

ROBROY DR., 1012-Joie C. Rumingan to Karen P. Fisher, $420,000.

SCHINDLER DR., 803-R. W. and D. Abel to Celina Fuentes and Santos Garcia, $449,000.

Kensington Area

ANDERSON RD., 3510-Daniel A. Shelkrot to Barbara E. Bracy, $340,580.

DENNIS AVE., 3003-Deborah A. Lawless to Erin G. and James P. Neill, $480,000.

EWELL AVE., 10419-P.B. and Douglas H. Nichols to John C. Jordan, $385,000.

HILL ST., 9714-Herbert N. and Q. Ziger to Dina C. and Eric C. Bickel, $780,000.

MCCAIN CT., 4211-Everett E. Roberts III to Christopher D. Fransen, $415,000.

MUIR PL., 10401-Yvonne and Ruddy Stein to Leslie N. and Jeffrey A. Mason, $449,000.

UNIVERSITY BLVD. W., 3333, No. 301-Matthew J. Collins to Anne M. and Geoffrey J. Jones, $325,000.

VALLEY VIEW AVE., 11108-Donna M. and Ronald F. Hinds to Marcelo G. Argotti, $315,000.

Laytonsville Area

BRINK RD., 7115-Ruby M. Geisbert, trustee, to Sidra Berman, $250,000.

BRINK RD., 7740-Nasim Atarzada to Nectali Flores, $299,900.

BROOKRIDGE CT., 9926-Irving Panken to

Rosa Hernandez and Joe R. Carballo, $210,000.

PEANUT MILL DR., 10149-C.A. and Jay E. Michael to Angie Adkins, $385,000.

Montgomery Village Area

BATTLERIDGE PL., 10004-Chad M. Beswick to Christi M. and David M. Webster, $292,500.

BRASSIE WAY, 9688-Rolando Gonzales to Sharon Shahbehram, $229,900.

CHADBURN PL., 9405-Crystal Myers to Arthur A. Makfinsky, $217,000.

FOREST VIEW PL., 9917-Inci Ocal to Lilin Zhong, $225,000.

FOREST VIEW PL., 9945-Harvinder Wadehra to Kelly M. Fairweather, $225,000.

GUNPOWDER PL., 9301-David E. and M.S. Williams to Tracy and Timothy Mohr, $529,900.

SILVERFIELD CT., 5-Mannie L. and P.A. Maddox to Lisa A. and Charles K. Orthman, $575,000.

STALVEY HILL CT., 6-R. and Basil Ogunnaike to Usha Devi Doke, $359,000.

STEDWICK DR., 19106-O. and Gerald Schaffer to Rosalie Mesa Vidal, $255,000.

THOMAS LEA TERR., 8832-John W. Fink to Francine E.A. Hope, $325,000.

WALKERS CHOICE RD., 18714, No. 2-Dwight Hampton to Naing Naing Myint, $170,000.

WELBECK TERR., 20125-Carlos O. Portales to Marlene and Antonio Urrutia, $216,000.

Mullinix Area

RIDGE RD., 28721-Quaford N. and P.Z. Reece to Cristina and Max Gomez Sanchez, $365,950.

Norbeck-Layhill Area

ATHERTON DR., 12501-Rafaela R. and

Armando Martinez to Mario L. Herrarte, $315,000.

BARBARA RD., 12501-Nadav Kalai to Maria E. and Ramon D. Rodriguez, $375,000.

BEAVERWOOD LANE, 2909-Vincent P. and R. Vallely to Lam Ngoc Nguyen and Thu Thi Anh, $400,000.

BEAVERWOOD LANE, 3129-Marjon Kamara to Rosanna V. Toledo, $333,500.

BEL PRE DR., 14420-Jose Garcia to Mery Y. Claros and Wilber Lopez, $193,000.

BEL PRE RD., 3850, No. 6-170-N. and Israel C. Soriano to Santos Enrique Blanco, $139,300.

CAMELLIA DR., 12822-Regina De Alvarado to Muctarr and Fatmata Dabo, $425,000.

CAPULET TERR., 3718-Othello Jr. and M. Grayson to Michal T. Berhe and Renato Marchello, $235,000.

CLEAR SHOT DR., 2814, No. 10-34-Benita L. Eckberg to Hezel Buitrago and Carlos A. Tabares, $248,000.

COPPER MOUNTAIN TERR., 2454-K.J. and Jong S. Lee to Mary M. Kirchhoff, $395,990.

DINSDALE DR., 15003-Chizoba and M. Mlemchukwu to Elaine and Francisco Aviso, $305,000.

FARNELL DR., 12605-Christine Freeman Muehling to Betty Benitez, $345,000.

GUNARETTE WAY, 2836-Donald K. and Y.K. Irvine to Maria S. and Agostinho Simoes, $460,000.

INTERLACHEN DR., 15107, No. 2-Sophia B. Weinberger, trustee, to Charlotte S. Price, $245,000.

PONDSIDE TERR., 2403-Nancy P. Bartram to Christine N. and Gregory J. Aune, $465,000.

TYNEWICK DR., 3936, No. 8-Rolda W. Hamblin to Martha M. Mattovich, $290,000.

WALLBROOK CT., 15301, No. 48-1F-Myrtle M. Stewart to Jean D. Rose, $150,000.

Olney Area

GELDERLAND CT., 3726-S.S.K. and Peter S. Clarke to Sin Im Choi, $290,000.

LOCHNESS CIR., 17834, No. 42-O.R. and David C. Botello to Lou Ann Champion, $304,900.

LONGVIEW LANE, 17506-Tito and Lea Benimerito Buendia to Jamie L. Oleksa, $315,000.

MEADOWLAND TERR., 18506-James A. and S.L. Day to Laura and Constantine Markos, $540,000.

MORNINGWOOD DR., 4005-John Blanchard Jr. to Gail S. and David Claffey, $475,000.

MOSS SIDE LANE, 17124, No. 61-James P. and C.M. Pinnix to Muctaru A. and Augusta Sannoh, $285,000.

ROLLING MEADOW WAY, 18282-Kristy and Tok Park to Ji Hyeong Yun, $322,000.

SANDY KNOLL DR., 17235-James E. and B.C. Fish to Chinasa and Lawrence C. Ifeajekwu, $499,000.

THICKETT WAY, 2831-Desiree L. Washington to Delia E. Medina, $384,000.

THORNHURST CT., 17-Mark Learn to Jilu Kurian and Sajan M. Poulose, $460,000.

Poolesville Area

SOPER ST., 17308-J. Christopher Kendrick to Gregory S. Wilson, $365,000.

SOPER ST., 17624-Karl and C. Hren to Joseph and Geraldine Macairan, $365,000.

Potomac Area

BALANTRE LANE, 10904-Michael R. and K.R. Silverman to Muleka Mubikayi and Mpoy Kamulayi, $1.44 million.

BELLS RIDGE DR., 10901-Yolanda H. Chen to Chunlan Wang and Song Zhao, $1.23 million.

CROSSING GLEN CT., 11305-Robert P. and A.L. Begelman to Jill B. and Donald A. Gross, $1.34 million.

DEBORAH DR., 10725-Leona S. Sibelman to Mikhail V. Pryadilnikov, $490,000.

FARMBROOKE LANE, 10610-Woo K. and J.S. Shin to Michelle and Michael Cho, $975,000.

GAINSBOROUGH RD., 11012-Henry D. and I.D. Green to Anne and John Shimabukuro, $779,800.

HEATHERTON LANE, 7541-Diane M. Holmes to Allison F. Carp, $571,500.

HEATHERTON LANE, 7816-Monique D. Korn to Mariana Teresa Felicio and Gian Franco Carassale, $527,000.

LARKMEADE LANE, 11002-Steven D. and T.B. Morgan to Karen N. and Adam M. Shapiro, $1.2 million.

LOCKS POND CT., 15-Eli A. Argon to Chia Ting Chou and Richard Chisheng Liang, $719,900.

SUNRISE CT., 2-R. and Srinivasa R. Rangaswamy to Asif Qadir, $600,000.

WILLOWLEAF WAY, 1020-Shun Chao L. Liu to Esther and Augustin Traore, $645,000.

Rockville Area

AUBURN AVE., 1615-Robert H. and G.L. Epstein to Andrea C. and Michael R. Tuico, $535,000.

BEALL AVE., 747-Neil A. and E.B. McDonald to Renee and David Aniere, $449,000.

CHARLES ST., 105-Ye Z. and Tian Y. Zhang to Anneliese Baker, $340,900.

COLLEGE PKWY., 688-Jorge Sanin to Boback Varkiani, $520,000.

CROSSFIELD CT., 5109, No. 291-Lilach and Orey Gilliam to Aynalem Mesfin, $210,000.

CROYDON AVE., 216-Katherine E. Krienert to Malinda Taylor Frick, $325,000.

ERTTER DR., 4814-Hadi M. Kalarestaghi to Jessica and Aaron Wells, $450,000.

FALCON PARK LANE, 505-David S. and Danielle Goldberg to Sun and Silvio Tavares, $525,000.

FOREST AVE., 223-Henry M. Cox to Ali Tabatabai, $305,000.

FOREST LANDING CT., 13-Clarence and M. Liu to Fei Chun Wang and Ningsheng Chen, $349,900.

GROSVENOR PL., 10201, No. 1221-Phyllis M. Knowles, trustee, to Esther and Joe B. Harford, $320,900.

GROSVENOR PL., 10401, No. 519-Rose Katz to Payam Nawab, $185,000.

IVY LEAGUE LANE, 831, No. 20-111-Henghameh Salarfar to Jah Yang and Kyung J. Kim, $387,100.

MAPLETON RD., 714-Marcel R. Portmann to Julie E. and Owen F. Turner, $335,000.

MONONGAHELA DR., 11501-Antonio Araujo to Brenda E. Darrah, $375,000.

MONROE ST., 102, No. 101-Valeria Medvinsky to Melanie A. Simpson, $275,000.

REGAL OAK DR., 1140-Rhonda Arrendell to Gloria J. Nantais, $615,000.

STONESTREET AVE. N., 613-Darryl P. Young to Daryl S. Quigley, $96,106.

TREBLE CT., 10161-Joanna F. and James G. Hook to Michelle A. Mantilla, $485,000.

VALLEY OAK CIR., 13624-E.H. and Andrew H. Simpson to Blanche H. Mavromatis, $430,000.

WATCHWATER CT., 3-Yoursalinda G. Vance to Usha Dheenan and Subind Shetty, $586,333.

WATTS BRANCH DR., 9825-Michael S. and Michelle R. Smith to Katherine W. and Jason A. Mahoney, $732,000.

WINDERMERE CIR., 6349-J. Christof Kuechemann to Sandra Valencia and Carlos Gonzalez, $850,000.

WYACONDA RD., 4727-C.M. and Michael P. Renshaw to Maria C. Zaldivar, $370,000.

Silver Spring Area

BLACK OAK LANE, 1701-C. and Anthony J. Demarco to Howard Russell Ellis, $524,900.

DALLAS AVE., 10134-J.L. and John P. Gallagher to Jay R. Hessey, $350,000.

DERBY RIDGE LANE, 2036, No. 3-4-Jason Sherman to Mariela Olivares, $375,000.

EAST WEST HWY., 1828-Robert De Luca to Kathryn A. Fricks, $263,900.

EASTWOOD AVE., 10614-Vicky and Jonathan G. Rein to Raul B. Flores, $325,000.

FOREST GLEN RD., 811-Christiane M. Haynes to Nathaniel Conroy, $400,000.

GARLAND AVE., 9009-David W. Reed to Amy S. Yoxthimer and Andrew C. Swiderski, $411,600.

GEREN RD., 8520, No. 18-3-Christa F.B. Hoffman to Rachna Rikhye, $305,000.

GEREN RD., 8636, No. 14-1-Sherry A. Marts to Joy K. Hendrickson, $275,000.

LADSON RD., 304-Jorge A. Portillo to Jorge A. Portillo and Mirna C. Hernandez, $90,991.

LANGLEY DR., 912-Alicia M. Altamirano to Matthew and Natercia F. Thomas, $350,000.

LAREDO RD., 1007-George V. Lehto to Mirtala B. Desantos, $335,000.

LEONARD DR., 8706-L.C. and Morris A. Glazer to Jose F. Andrade, $350,000.

LINDEN LANE, 2310-Vincent R. McDonald, trustee, to Melvin Babwah, $250,000.

LOXFORD TERR., 1012-Ron N. Lachovizer to Narcy and Juan Tilleria, $369,000.

LYTTONSVILLE RD., 1900, No. 1202-Ron Castaldi to Ngar Ling Yu, $129,000.

MANCHESTER RD., 8510, No. 12-1-Elizabeth Briggs to Amy and Marco Echeverria, $270,000.

MARVIN RD., 201-William B. Brinckerhoff to Patricia M. Wakely, $380,000.

OSBORN DR., 2104-R.P. and Robert W. Poe to Herbert A. Poe, $430,000.

ROGART RD., 9908-Jamie and Stephen Herz to Andrea and Scott D. Rogers, $439,000.

SPRING ST., 1415-J. and Hideo Koike to Lawrence Cole, $680,000.

TENBROOK DR., 10018-Jonathan Lehner to Melanie Snyder Garms and Paul Bruce Garms, $385,000.

Takoma Park Area

FLOWER AVE., 7314-Mary C. Pherigo, trustee, to Dennis Taaff, $313,000.

GARLAND AVE., 7309-Janet R. Schwartz to David W. Reed, $659,000.

HAYWARD AVE., 819-Thomas L. and L.S. Anderson to Laura A. Jacobi and Raymond M. Lane, $425,000.

WESTMORELAND AVE., 6808-Shirley J. Roberts, trustee, to Kyle W. Adams, $375,000.

Twinbrook Area

RIDGEWAY AVE., 5708-Oscar O. and M.C. Monge to Jeanette S. Toledo and Daniel P. McGurty, $337,900.

STANLEY AVE., 1911-Pamela Taulbee and Coskun Ucar to Ahmed O. Tabet, $320,000.

Wheaton Area

BURNLEY TERR., 11026-Mable L. Simpson to Maria Jimenez, $297,500.

DAWSON AVE., 3001-Mary M. Labonte to Luong Dang, $270,000.

ELMONT ST., 2608-E.R. and Wilbur E. Williams to Jose I. Mejia Ramirez, $315,000.

GEORGIA AVE., 9820, No. 21-202-Ine G. Michaliga to Lara Richardson, $240,000.

GREEN HOLLY TERR., 10357-Seyoum Zewde to Linda C. Olale, $354,000.

HEATHER CREST LANE, 11419-E.Y. and Shelton D. Roberts to Deborah L. Rogal, $375,000.

KENBROOK DR., 622-Zion Avissar to Anabel Hernandez and Jose Andres Vega, $426,000.

REMINGTON DR., 12300-C. Vernon and J.P. Locklear to Chi Jiunn and Hua Lu Pan, $699,000.

ROCKY MOUNT WAY, 10934-Pamela A. Manning to Valerie K. Freeland, $430,000.