The following home sales were recently recorded in Prince George's County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Prince George's and other Washington areas, visit

Accokeek Area

APRIL ST., 14402-Darlene L. and Michael E. Morgan to Michael C. Brown III, $215,000.

CHARITY LANE, 18413-Jill K. and Leon R. Anderson to Tracey D. Goff Davis, $385,000.

TASMIN CT., 2305-Valtroud and Otis Harvey to Louise Harris, $405,000.

Adelphi Area

ASHFIELD RD., 10804-Hao and Nguyet A. Ly to Telena C. Knight, $300,000.

CHAPMAN RD., 2231-Latoya T. Stephens Joefield to Charles W. Parker Jr., $175,000.

CHAPMAN RD., 2406-Mary A. Prodanovic, trustee, to Elodia V. Morales, $290,000.

CHEROKEE ST., 2412-Darwin Romero to Rosa M. and Eduardo Vela, $340,000.

LAVERNE DR., 8506-Holly and Charles E. Slaugh Jr. to Wanda F. Watson, $309,000.

METZEROTT RD., 1836, No. 114-Musukula K. Brima to Mark Onwuka, $65,000.

METZEROTT RD., 1836, No. 2014-Ronald Hemby to Kenneth Scott, $67,500.

RUATAN ST., 2124-Lemuel Nerona to Juanita Martinez, $299,500.

18TH AVE., 7405, No. 203-Olga Brent to Santos E.C. Martinez, $57,000.

18TH AVE., 8009-Liliana and Juan J. Escobar to Ramon Velasquez, $246,000.

25TH AVE., 7413-Roque Arauzo to Digna Y. Bonilla and Jose M. Soto, $186,000.

Beltsville Area

BLACK FOOT CT., 11216-Gregory and Mary C. Baucum to Hilda N. and Imad T. Madanat, $235,000.

CHERRY HILL RD., 11222, No. 203-Deniece T. Contee to Cuba Combs, $125,000.

CHERRY HILL RD., 11326, No. 101-II-N-Nelson N. Santos to Orangel F. Montero, $137,000.

EVANS TRAIL CT., 3808-Armah G. and Patricia B. Karnley to Joana A. and Frederick D. Quarshie, $219,000.

OLYMPIA AVE., 4703-Joanne E. Treadway to Susan D. and Nicolas E. Otero, $122,100.

Bladensburg Area

VOLTA AVE., 5523-Shirley M. and Michael F. Helf to Henry A. Guzman, $202,000.

Bowie Area

AINSWORTH TERR., 2601-Joey J. and Holly M. Johnson to Becky L. and Charles H. Ouimette, $440,000.

ALAMEDA DR., 15804-William A. Van Meter and Naomi S. to Maurice O. Brooks, $269,900.

ALMA LANE, 3102-Antonio M. and Loretta Graham to Larisa and Samuel Alexander III, $469,900.

ELF STONE CT., 15903-Ryan J. and Michelle L. Cool to Thomas O. and Carmen N. Malone, $289,000.

KENDALE LANE, 12911-Christopher Davis to Donald L. Hataloski, $316,000.

LIBERTY PL., 2802-Margaret L. and Francis J. Lerch to Bonita Temple, $200,000.

LONDON LANE, 14616-Gary D. and Phyllis B. Morse Sr. to Sandra C. Edwards, $245,000.

LONDON LANE, 14823-Uma Sharma to Annette M. Williams, $244,900.

MACKELL LANE, 12120-Linda A. Hepler to Barbara Gregory, $226,748.

MILLSTREAM DR., 12304-Christopher L. and Susan S. Miller to Holly C. West Owen and John T. Owen, $195,000.

MOLLY LANE, 6701-Carl and Gladys L. Haas to Ada and Walter Livingstone, $220,000.

MULLIN LANE, 3505-Elizabeth S. and Thomas H. Harwood to Demetria D. Gregory, $297,900.

NEW HAVEN DR., 4008-Basilio N. and Miriam G. Garcia Nova to Lisa K. Grigsby, $329,000.

NOBLEWOOD LANE, 15207-Katie M. and James C. Strickland to Ravi R. Ramnarine, $242,500.

NORWALK CT., 15406-Phillip McCutcheon to Marcelina E. and Mario Gonzalez, $230,000.

OLD BARN RD., 7705-David R. Brosnahan to Shawne and Clifton Morgan, $599,900.

ORCHARD PARK WAY, 7927-Falecia M. McMillian to Javan Ougo, $450,000.

OVERBROOK LANE, 13415-Mary K. and John D. Wright to Carolyn Brown, $293,000.

PARKLAWN PL., 16132-Roslin L. and Henry A. Turner to Dianne Mitchell, $320,000.

PATRIOT LANE, 1258-Richard L. Jones to Jennifer C. Atkinson, $130,000.

PATRIOT LANE, 1282-Greeley A. Stones II to Lawrence Johnson, $165,000.

PENNANT LANE, 15911-Kindra E. Ochoa to Jerome E. Williams, $270,000.

PERRELL LANE, 1701-Maxine F. Beysolow to Sheronda Farrow and Anthony Johnson, $280,000.

POINTER RIDGE DR., 15743-Cheryl A. and William R. Kraus to Valerie Brown Carver, $314,000.

PRINCESS ANNE CT., 2118-Monica James to Sreekumar C. Nair, $205,500.

RAMSGATE LANE, 4725-James A. and Ruth M. Brennan to Patricia D. and Jessee L. Hess, $277,450.

ST. MICHAELS DR., 923-Mary L. Hayes to Rebecca Brooks and Brian Mensch, $205,000.

SPARK LANE, 3003-Jung H. and In S. Kim to Marlene D. Naranjit, $290,000.

STONE HAVEN LANE, 12319, No. S-6-Irene W. Abbott to Helen A. Olshefski, $97,500.

WHITE MARSH PARK DR., 16200-Jeanne C. and David J. Danelski to Morris B. Goldman, $560,000.

YORKTOWN DR., 13100-John and Donna Gilbert to Heather A. and George E. Segredo, $320,000.

Brandywine Area

BADEN SPRINGS DR., 16510-Arnold Loga and Robert M. Broughton to Wayne C. Key, $278,000.

OLD BRANDYWINE RD., 13809-Alva L. and Kenneth D. Amaker to Barbara A. Jones, $285,000.

Brentwood Area

ALLISON ST., 3819-Robert W. and Patricia Wallace to Enid and Wallace Brooks, $125,000.

UTAH AVE., 4015-William H. and Donald Clark to Irene Holtzman, $198,500.

34TH ST., 4501-Jaime D. Allen to Terry and Tena White, $130,000.

41ST AVE., 3710-Willis L. Brown to Leslie Brown, $215,000.

Capitol Heights Area

ADDISON RD. N., 4315-Siriaco M. Duenas to Oscar A. Reyes, $163,000.

ADELINE WAY, 1225-Anthony T. Robinson to Willie Murchison, $164,950.

BALBOA AVE., 806-Tanya and Leontyne Grayson to Monique Johnson, $215,500.

DAIMLER DR., 132, No. 6-Frank E. Walker to Andrew M. Gordon Jr., $120,000.

DRUM AVE., 813-Janet Nicholson to Ozell Cooper, $87,000.

DUTTON WAY, 1116-Peggy B. Pratt to Jose Ortiz, $160,000.

EAGLE ST., 5606-John M. and Joyce C. Robinson to Wyvon A. Byrd, $175,000.

POSSUM CT., 309-Tonya Freeman to Leslie Simpson, $160,000.

SAMUEL DR., 1309-Patricia A. Jackson to Michelle A. Mitchell, $198,000.

WALKER MILL DR., 7417-Phyllis and Gregory E. Ware to Miriam M. Castano, $165,000.

64TH PL., 616-Grace L. and Marcelino Dioso to Rashad Gayle, $80,000.

70TH ST., 511-Legendary Properties Corp. to Albert R. Spell Jr., $170,000.

Cheltenham Area

BLACKSTONE AVE., 10707-Earl and Coressa Williams to Ervin Green, $380,000.

GLOUCESTER LANE, 10424-Linda and Joshua Okundaye to Tracy M. Mason, $360,000.

Cheverly-Landover Area

AVANTI PL., 810-Jean C. and Kevin A. Holmes to Linda D. Quattlebaum, $180,000.

BRIGHTSEAT RD., 3112-Karen G. Johnson to Faustina N. Evbuomwan, $265,000.

BRINDLE CT., 7516-Miriam Hussein to GMAC Mortgage Corp., $253,500.

CENTRAL HILLS LANE, 823-Elizabeth E.L. and Juan D. Smith to Tawanda D. White, $170,000.

ELDERS HOLLOW DR., 10420-Adeniyi Oyemade to Francis D. Oladapo, $270,000.

FLAGSTAFF ST., 6814-Folashade Badmus to Oluremi Adeola, $113,000.

GIRARD ST., 8610-Lavada Gipson to Guadalupe Castil and Jose M. Gomez, $205,000.

INGRID PL., 7610-Ian and Tonya Coppin to Philchrist R. Tossou, $175,000.

INWOOD ST., 6315-Carol L. and Clinton W. Harris to Patricia E. Millard, $280,000.

NORMANDY RD., 7719-Althea S. Sparrow to Marlene Patterson, $105,000.

OLD LANDOVER RD., 6431-Georgina N. Dimuna to Rene Herrera, $235,200.

UTICA PL., 9620-Telli M. Abiola to Christina and Louis Lashman, $340,000.

VILLAGE GREEN DR., 1786-Marilyn D. and William M. King to Claudetta Reid, $104,990.

64TH AVE., 2816-James J. and Jennifer L. Allegro to Elissa M. and Jason E. Bumiller, $320,000.

Clinton Area

BIRCHVIEW DR., 12208-James O. Stephens to Paul G. Savage, $274,950.

BONIWOOD TURN E., 5854-Marilyn E. Jones to William Hodge, $242,000.

FOXCROFT AVE., 9503-John G. Bell to Inie L. and Ighovie F. Onojafe, $335,000.

FULFORD ST., 6711-Ruth B. Bond to Elizabeth and Shawn Stafford, $260,000.

GLEN VIEW DR., 9601-Curtis E. Cusey to Denise L. and Frank E. McCray, $243,000.

HORSESHOE RD., 6424-Aloyse R. Cunningham to Winsome O. Thompson, $239,000.

JENNIFER CT., 8713-Zietta M. and Robert A. Ferris to Tamecia E. Bradshaw, $295,000.

NORTHGATE PKWY., 6923-Rachelle D. and Brian M. Taylor to Annette Walker, $270,000.

PINEWOOD DR., 7708-Raymond J. and Donna K. Herbert to Emilia and Salvador Castro, $173,000.

REILLY DR., 4810-Alfred Jr. and Carrie Deas to Fern E. and Wilbert R. Bond, $245,000.

TEABERRY WAY, 6119-Gerald Boyle to Ababacar Seck, $215,000.

College Park Area

APACHE ST., 5006-Dale L. Phenicie Jr. to Scott M. Langert, $250,000.

AUTOVILLE DR., 9125, No. 805-Hennie H. and Hemniel Claros to Barrett Penan, $300,000.

DREXEL RD., 4614-Alan G. Tyler to Lynn A. and James L. Flynn, $420,000.

METZEROTT RD., 4009-Violet R. Smith to Samuel C. Doyle, $270,000.

NIAGARA RD., 4810-Erhan and Cenk Dincer to Miguel G. Salmeron, $260,000.

PADUCAH RD., 5106-Frances and Dennis Bailey to Jose G. Escano, $292,400.

WESTCHESTER PARK DR., 6100, No. 619-Lawrence L. Hoeck to Carol J. Askey, $129,000.

48TH AVE., 9530-James M. Bashore to Carl E. Andersen III, $252,000.

District Heights Area

ADDISON RD. S., 1945-Amentha P. Burruss to George Hockaday Bey, $95,000.

BARKLEY PL., 2305-Liberty Mortgage Corp. to Rochelle L. McCollum, $108,150.

BERRY LANE, 1801-Phyllis Tucker Saunders to Tawanna Wilson, $153,000.

BRETON DR., 2203-Arel Properties Corp. to Sean T. Carter, $210,000.

CRICKET AVE., 3801-Charlie M. Patterson to Tracy Adams, $240,000.

DONNELL PL., 7110-Mark A. McMillan to Paula Gupta, $85,700.

DYNASTY DR., 3125-Margaret J. Maxwell to Michael A. Thompson, $175,000.

FLAG HARBOR DR., 7250-Joyce C. and Andre M. Hayes to Nidia E. Smith, $180,000.

HIL-MAR CIR. S., 6052-Gina B. and Ronnie L. Screen to Margaret L. Bush, $195,000.

KENTUCKY AVE., 5805-Aida R. Cordero to Deirdra S. Payton, $231,000.

MARBURY CT., 7105-Terri A. Dandridge to Dana E. Dandridge, $155,000.

MELROSE AVE., 3607-Charles N. Walker to Douglas M. Norris II, $165,000.

QUILL POINT DR., 7827-Tara McDaniel to Angela M. McPhail, $310,000.

SENATOR AVE., 2508-Lashan A. Woo and William C. Wood Jr. to Shronda McElveen, $219,950.

Fort Washington Area

ALLENTOWN RD., 10100-Ruth S. Klejnot to Birkett Holdings Corp., $160,000.

ARAGONA DR., 305-Mirza A. Baig to Victor Coreas, $185,000.

ARWEN CT., 6323-Linda L. Ward to Lisa M. Carter, $172,000.

ASBURY DR., 12302-Vernon T. Cooper to Marc A. Colbert, $320,000.

BEECH ST., 402-Jae K. Lee to Darryl J. Jiles, $249,900.

CALVIN CT., 7010-Pamela V. and Michael Davis to Theresa A. Christian, $265,000.

DANIA DR., 1915-Shelley N. Copeland to Alphonso L. Wilkins, $214,000.

FORT FOOTE RD., 8114-Tonya T. Laney to Juanita Letman, $278,000.

GUNPOWDER DR., 11303-Yvette R. Cooper to Pedro A. Estrada, $455,000.

IVANHOE RD., 9306-Carson H. Alston to Mark K. and Sheree A. Taylor, $295,000.

MURRAY HILL DR., 8160-Milton Velasquez to Oskar A. Villatoro, $294,900.

OLD FORT RD., 13019-Rolando and Betty E. Bernui to Julien A. and Emile Merzoug, $527,598.

REXBURG AVE., 303-Keith B. and Loretta R. Pitt to Altamont Reid Jr., $174,000.

SHELFAR PL., 508-Billy Dove to Brent Sykes, $303,000.

TARBORO PL., 7200-Odell Bartlett Jr. to Ana Herrera, $267,000.

TRAFALGAR DR., 2102-Barbara A. and Horace L. Daniel to Deborah D. Driver, $235,000.

Glenn Dale Area

RANSOM CT., 12503-Lydia D. and McKinley Anderson Jr. to Karen Rollings, $393,000.

WINGATE DR., 8003-Samuel E. and Linda S. Rosenzweig to Lynn P. and Ricky N. Winston Sr., $559,000.

Greenbelt Area

GREENBELT RD., 8653, No. 202-Donna M. Yant to Meosha Hudgens, $135,000.

GREENBELT RD., 8697, No. T-2-Michaela L. Brown to Pamela Graham, $127,900.

HANOVER PKWY., 6962, No. 100-Myong S. Burd to Sanjay Khanna, $150,000.

HANOVER PKWY., 7730-Andrea E. Jones to Lisa and Ira H. Coakley, $136,000.

HANOVER PKWY., 7732-Beverly Mosso to Carmen Martinez, $175,000.

Hyattsville Area

BURLINGTON RD., 4611-David Simard to Carlos H. Garcia, $200,000.

EDMONSTON RD., 4816-Lawrencetta Thomas to Jose A. Vasquez, $175,000.

HAMILTON ST., 3823, No. 304-Ben Rosen to Edward Stockton, $95,000.

HAMILTON ST., 3827, No. 204-Shirley S. Richie to Adolfo M. Escobar, $90,000.

MADISON ST., 4228-Donald M. and Elvira A. Barry to Robert B. MacGregor, $265,000.

OGLETHORPE ST., 4410, No. 107-Randy L. Bachtel to Valerie and Thomas Dant, $48,650.

OGLETHORPE ST., 4410, No. 504-Genet Tesema to Kerli Phillipe, $80,000.

43RD AVE., 6109-Lori and Mark Emon Cuthbert to Lara B. and Robert N. Oerter, $417,000.

Langley Park Area

NEW HAMPSHIRE AVE., 9201, No. A-3-Ellen and Bill Putman to Ben Rosen, $60,250.

TAHONA DR., 8513-Vijay B. and Vikram S. Kushawaha to Maria E.A. Ganoz and Olga M. Leon, $225,900.

12TH AVE., 8402-Jose A. and Edith Fuentes to Andrew and Suprobha M. Rozario, $200,000.

Lanham Area

BELVA ST., 5508-Mary L. and Robert C. Carl to Loxley and Denise O'Connor, $192,500.

BRAE BROOKE DR., 9011-Rochelle A. and Jeffrey A. Hassan to Bruce A. Stephenson, $425,000.

BRIGHTLEA DR., 6312-Donna D. Thompson to Rosie M. and Arnold L. Carter Jr., $320,000.

ELLARD DR., 10108-Linnet C. Wright to David Harris, $498,000.

ELLERBIE ST., 5803-Walter J.K. and Ruperta R. Charles to Sonia E. and Juan C. Tobar, $273,600.

GARY, 9211-Carl A. Travis to Lawrence O. and Adebayo O. Aduyemi, $241,600.

LORY LANE, 7106-Karen F. and Jeffrey L. Tylec to Yolanda V. Smith, $324,950.

STORCH CIR., 6930-Phil A. Mashino to Larmartia Poullard, $216,000.

WORRELL AVE., 9333-Teresa Mejia to Jose L. Salmeron, $215,000.

WORRELL AVE., 9428-Darrell Powell to Leticia Martinez, $195,000.

FOURTH ST., 9102-Mark L. and Jil P. Webb to Sharon N. Opoku, $225,000.

Largo Area

ARDWICK ARDMORE RD., 8904-Robert F. Toczylowski to Latrice Jenkins, $188,500.

BELTON ST., 11028-Almaz Yosef and Solomon Tesfatsion to Jackson A. Faalola, $300,000.

HOBART ST., 9308-Jesse Mooring to Susan Raphael and Richard Mollel, $363,000.

MANDARIN DR., 1102-Linda F. and Glenn E. Brown to Gladys A. Ajayi, $385,000.

MART CT., 12504-Veronica Scarborough to Worth K. Mays, $225,000.

ROSEY BILL DR., 902-David W. and Tyria L. Hall to Blessing and Victor Nwakaihe, $400,000.

WHISTLING DUCK DR., 1604-Peter C. Gibbs to Kofi A. Boateng, $550,000.

Laurel Area

ARBORY LANE S., 7659-Mary G. Hampson to Bethzaida Mat and Windsor A. Quintana, $195,000.

ARBORY WAY N., 7663-Valerie S. Copeland to Shana and Rhonda and Edsel Billingy, $171,000.

ARBORY WAY S., 7508-Charles O. and Donna M. Faina to Marta P. and Andrew J. Unsicker, $166,000.

BELLE AMI DR., 14976-Claire D. Bray to Nathan E. Johnson, $230,000.

BIRKHALL DR., 13502-Jacinth F. Joyner to Secure Care Services, $310,000.

BRIARWOOD DR., 13503-Jason Maduka to Roxana and Luis Morales, $305,000.

CHAPEL COVE DR., 8110, No. 4A-Wasiu A. Ibrahim to Lizzy B. Kabwe, $232,900.

DEER CREEK CT., 15819-Melissa Lambert to Cheryl D. Payn and Orlando A. Marshall, $180,000.

HARRISON DR., 1002-Christopher L. Grabczynski to Caleb Garcia Rodriguez, $268,000.

HAYNES RD., 15841-Stacey G. Henry to Ingrid and Steven Ramirez, $178,000.

LINDENDALE DR., 8701-David and Rose Ediger to Shoshana and Adam Nelson, $175,000.

LONDONDERRY CT., 8251-Rhonda E. Harris to Wykaine L. Nelson, $264,000.

MAYFAIR TERR., 6910-Carline Brice Webb to Corrine G. Harrison, $190,000.

OAKPOINTE DR., 14212-Yan Wang and Steven M. Muri to Adolfo O. Gonzalez, $238,000.

OAKPOINTE DR., 14238-Sharon A. and Roger W. Perkins to Olubunmi Akinnuoye, $272,000.

PARK AVE., 605-Jose Rodriguez and Javier Szuchman to Nissim Gershon, $270,000.

RUNABOUT CT., 14315-Deanna L. Wooten to Lisa M. Kaiser and Unit 21, $165,000.

STRATFIELD LANE, 7702-Kwang S. Baek to Abiola O. and Adeniyi A. Oyemade, $465,000.

TALBOTT AVE., 329-Douglas A. Broaddus to Cary G. Barbin, $145,000.

WHITE WAY, 906-Raymond M. and Jane A. Deavers to Jessica R. and Jacques E. Carroll, $270,000.

12TH ST., 1134-Linda Y. and Robert D. Parker III to Jorge Ruiz, $225,000.

Mattawoman Creek Area

MATTAWOMAN LANE, 16701-Lisa M. and Agnes Hilgenbe Farr to Vanessa Fulcher and Marvin D. Mills, $375,000.

Montpelier Area

BIGNONIA DR., 10115-Paula A. and Richard R. Beck Jr. to Donna Winbush, $305,000.

BRIARCHIP ST., 9214-Modupeola Idewu to Richard Gbolahan, $390,000.

BRITTANY PL., 12208-Sharon A. and John P. Caffrey to Kim D. Porter, $345,000.

CLARINGTON CT., 13207-Yilma Yifru to Justus Mulwa, $279,000.

CREEKVIEW DR., 9349-Jong H. and Mu Yon P. Kim to Mia and Michael Wood, $334,000.

DORTMUND CT., 9303-Emily J. and William C. Kirk to Tracy A. Perron, $291,600.

ENGLEMAN DR., 13716-Sonja L. and Brennan A. Jones to Omoefe Ozomaro, $390,000.

IMPERIAL DR., 8606-S. Earl Reynolds to Adam Ndow and Ebrima Bah, $291,900.

LAURELWALK DR., 11355-Fran D. Washington to Robyn M. Franklin, $120,000.

PLAYER DR., 9313, No. 113-Michael J. Palmore to Evans C. Payne, $216,400.

SNOWDEN OAKS PL., 8463-Kathleen A. and Charles Crossed to Jacqueline Ford, $215,000.

New Carrollton Area

FAIRFAX ST., 4104-Pilar Ciaramello to Bernardo R. Ramirez, $239,900.

FARMCREST DR., 7411-Edward M. Massaquoi to Roberto A. Rivera, $290,000.

HANSON OAKS DR., 4108-Jeannie L. Greene to Gloria and William E. Greaves, $183,000.

HARMON AVE., 3714-Dania Bane and Erwin O. Quintanilla to Roy Gilbert Higginson, $225,900.

LAMONT DR., 6502-John L. McAdory III to Adiel Palma and Jeremias S. Guevara, $276,000.

LARCHWOOD ST., 8305-John K. Hawkins to Caroline Q. Delancy, $307,000.

MARYWOOD ST., 7202-Brenda Glover to E. Mauricio Ventura, $170,000.

PARKWOOD ST., 6714-Ebony B. Laoye to Peter L. Howell, $148,000.

QUINCY ST., 5618-James R. Heslep to Sharon C. and Darrell D. Taylor, $190,000.

QUINCY ST., 6914-Taiwo A. and Olubunmi Ogundiran to Andre Gay and Emma L. Bullock, $245,000.

REDFIELD AVE., 6703-Carlos Deoyague to Johnnie and Odell Pendergrass, $165,000.

RIVERDALE RD., 7501, No. 2007-Sun E. Lee and Sien K. Ting to Rufus H. Parker III, $65,500.

RIVERDALE RD., 7529, No. 1847-Myra Rosen to Patrick Soga, $54,950.

VERONA DR., 8305-Kenneth and Wai C. Sui to Samuel D. Chacon, $269,000.

68TH AVE., 4818-Stella O. Oloniyo to Stacey W. Price and Sonadji Farris, $232,000.

85TH AVE., 5438, No. 2-Rashida E. Davis to Uchenna Ndolo, $90,000.

85TH AVE., 5911-Sima A. and Abdul Wakil to Juan R. Constancia, $285,000.

Oxon Hill Area

ALICE AVE., 2051-Carolyn M. Bounds to Annabelle and Robert Obey, $129,500.

FOREST DR. S., 906-Isabelle G. and Stacy M. Liggins to Deidre D. and Charles E. Davis, $187,500.

KENMONT RD., 5309-Robert Thomas to Jose A. and Reyna I. Melgar, $230,000.

LINDSAY RD., 1014-Florentino C.E. Dela Pena to Jose Medrano, $169,900.

ST. BARNABAS RD., 6617-Martha C. Harri and Charles F. Miles to Eugene L. Young, $137,000.

SENECA DR., 205-Rita and Frank W. Riddle to Nicholas Hampton, $225,000.

VINSON ST., 1111-James E. Hall and Andrea L. Dickens to Earnest Hedgeman, $153,000.

WILSON BRIDGE DR., 525, No. 6724-Ronald J. Watts Sr. to Konjit Arega and Elaias Boulew, $81,480.

WILSON BRIDGE DR., 550-George C. Day to Dexter Nutall, $82,000.

WILSON BRIDGE DR., 572-Daniel F. Hartley to Jeralene B. and Wilbert Green Jr., $75,000.

Riverdale Area

GREENLAND ST., 6703-Jane D. and Nathaniel T. Tuopaeh to Raymond Ekpedeme, $180,000.

INGRAHAM ST., 6909-Gwendolyn and Prince J. Abdullah to Francisco D. Cruz, $256,000.

SECOND ST., 6805-Hoang V. Tran to Leila A. and Clifford W. Becker, $399,000.

43RD ST., 6113-Evelyn and Gerard P. Stack to Sharon S. Scott, $295,000.

63RD AVE., 5510-John E. and Rosalie Faulk to Maria N. Machad and Misael A. Martinez, $177,000.

Suitland Area

GAYLORD DR., 2320-Keith I. Brown to Jo Lo Inc., $88,000.

LACY AVE., 4641-James A. Haupt to Roberto Bonilla, $200,000.

POPLAR RD., 6707-Diane L. McCrone to Shirley M. Pickens, $165,000.

SKYLINE DR., 4306-Michael S. and Judith D. Morris to Maurice and Andrea Castell, $235,000.

SUITLAND RD., 6113-Angela R. and Lacy H. Ware IV to Alexander J. Dumez, $230,000.

SUMMER RD. W., 4400-Gerard P. Brophy to Judy Ng and Anna L. Stevens, $182,900.

SWANN RD., 3815, No. 104-Anna R. and Walter L. Coley to Belinda Gee, $45,000.

WOODLAND RD., 6419-Jeremy Kittrell to Terrance Meneifield, $200,000.

Temple Hills Area

AFTON ST., 2218-Marilyn W. Council to Amy Cook, $137,000.

BEECHWOOD DR., 6507, No. 26-Patricia King to Christine Woods, $140,000.

IVERSON PL., 4804-Vivian C. and Willie L. Jones to Dena R. Crawford, $230,000.

KEPPLER RD., 5714-Cathy M. and Linus T. Wade to Dennis L. Chestnut, $245,000.

MCKINLEY ST., 5001-Donneat and Lashonda P. Buie to William D. Trammell, $220,000.

MIDDLETON LANE, 5609-Joy K. Holness to Secure Care Services, $260,000.

ST. CLAIR PL., 4106-Elinore S. Tramontana, trustee, to Scott Lonesome, $213,000.

WILKINS DR., 5110-Jean L. and Michael T. Young to Tessa P. Johnson, $265,000.

27TH AVE., 3500-Shannon D. Doyle to Olivia Salley, $215,000.

28TH AVE., 3829, No. 24-Rebecca L. Gerald to Ovetta R. and Ruth V. Lewis, $95,000.

University Park-

West Hyattsville Area

CHILLUM RD., 1206-Arthur A. Scott to Jean P. Cooke, $270,000.

LANCER DR., 3109-Rosemaire and James P. Kelley to Williams Blanco, $206,000.

OLIVER ST., 4105-Marianne Broughton to Simon C. Osorio and Pablo Contreras, $325,000.

PATTERSON RD., 2008-William J. and Betty A. Jenkins to Jose A. Aguilar and Misalia Turcios, $265,000.

UNDERWOOD ST., 4401-Karol R. Duffy to Halil M. Okumusoglu, $428,000.

VAN BUREN ST., 4012, No. 204-Eleanor M. and Frank M. Trozzo to James D. Williams, $600,000.

31ST PL., 5815-Elida R. Rivera and Yetis E. Ramirez to Gustavo A. Castellanos, $250,000.

Upper Marlboro Area

BABBLING BROOK CT., 10501-David F. Clemmer to Twana M. and Jamal G. Walker, $405,000.

CONE CT., 9803-Angela S. and Gregory C. Johnson Sr. to Michael A. Jackson, $243,500.

CRANFORD DR., 11004-Sandra E. and Charles E. Owens to Steven B. Owens, $380,000.

DORVAL AVE., 9825-Phyllis M. and Dennis M. Risinger to Johnny S. Fox III, $265,000.

EARLHAM CT., 17101-Derek M. Jones Sr. to Keta Sudberry, $242,000.

HAVRE TURN, 7224-Jenee K. George to Nicole and Daniel C. Bobbitt, $165,000.

LYNDIA PL., 9902-Jenneth L. and David M. Freeman to Gregory W. Jones, $300,000.

MARLTON CENTER DR., 12714-Sherritta L. Matthews to Kemba A. Taylor, $262,000.

OLD LARGO RD., 4302-Mary G. and Jefferson D. Bauckman to Jaime E. Diaz, $160,000.

PENZANCE PL., 4653-Charles E. Ellis to Michele D. Love, $235,000.

PRINCE PL., 10206, No. 4-T-3-Sherwin L. Simmons to Renee K. Johnson, $73,000.

PRINCE PL., 10230, No. 15-207-Anastasia Hagood to Demetres L. Washington, $125,900.

SWINDON TERR., 4315-Charlene Tarver to Myra Moxley, $237,000.

WACO DR., 10610-Nigel F. Bramble to Cindy Sinanan, $259,000.

WATKINS PARK DR., 33-Pamela D. Rogers to Vilneuve and Ruth P. Mesine, $170,000.

YORKTON ST., 13111-Gerald M. Wilson to Margaret E. and Paul F. Lee, $360,000.


Lake Arbor Area

ALBERT DR., 1706-Carol A. and Carl E. Taylor to Cindy McGee, $435,000.

BROOKEVILLE LANDING CT., 11802-Benjamin K. Nworqu to Merri Tabor, $485,000.

CLEARY LANE, 10111-Susan L. and Richard P. Stup to G. Russell Donaldson, $278,000.

DANWOOD LANE, 1504-Elizabeth A. and Jerry V. Frink to John G. Bell, $439,000.

FARAWAY CT., 717-Pamela A. and Michael S. Davis to Thomas Wireko, $260,000.

LAKE SHORE DR., 943-Frances R. and William H. Toney to Darrell E. Bowie, $251,000.