Write-A-Book First Place Winners

And the Titles of Their Works

Bond Mill Elementary School

"Ocean Dolphins" -- Ashleigh Jacobs

"Lucy's Adventure in New York City" -- Allison Michelle Lehman

"Jami's Move" -- Lauren Emmert

"Tommy and the Happy Toothland" -- Kaillin Rousin-Lally

"Grandma's First Vacation" -- Austin Frazier

"The Most Fabulous Place on Earth, New York City" -- Taylor R. Pearcy

"Girl's Great Christmas Surprise" -- Kimberly Graninger

"Spiky Hair -- Views on Life from a Ten-Year-Old Boy" -- Lee R. Friedman

"The Boy Who Could Fly" -- Matthew Jacobs

"My Shadow and I" -- Lean Mudd

"Revolution Poems" -- Jennifer Gribben

Calverton Elementary School

"The Grouchy Old Man" -- Travine Nemhard, Sherelle Walker, Jessica Sawyers, Gabrielle Williams

"Can't You See Our Poetry Dancing and Singing Out Loud" -- Young Authors Group, sixth grade

Heather Hills Elementary School

"To Be the Kid First Decade: Lessons Learned" -- Raymond Showell

High Bridge Elementary School

"My Amazing Pets" -- Elizabeth Leidich

Kenilworth Elementary School

"Santa Lost His Hat" -- Joseph Scalise

"I Love You As Much . . ." -- Kyra Sigler

"Poems and Numbers" -- amy Skelly

"If I Wasn't Me . . . What Would I Be?" -- Steven Rigby

"Our Favorite Foods" -- Mrs. Peacock's class

"Assorted Poems" -- Alexis Lucas, Michael Lyons, Samantha Walker

"Damon's Quest" -- Paul (P.J.) Dominiski

Kenmoor Elementary School

"Buildings Are Everywhere" -- Jacquelyn Chin

Kettering Elementary School

"My Little Book of Poems" -- Samara Chamble

Mt. Rainier Elementary School

"Sensational Sagas" -- Mrs. Haraway's TAG Group

"Japan" -- Octavia Berry, Lin Chen

"Our Worldwide School" -- M. Abbas, S. Abbas, O. Arce-Romero, O. Berry, L. Chen, Y. Hadane, S. Kubrom, J. Lopez-Perez, M. Lopez, N. Montelara, J. Montoya ,Y. Yirdaw, K. Blanco

Patuxent Elementary School

"My Friends in the Sky" -- Kaila Crosse, Daryn Govan

Perrywood Elementary School

"Great Men of the American Revolutionary War" -- Erica Henderson, Hamza Akhtar, Drevian Bell, Taylor Greene, Sifon Effiong

Phyllis E. Williams Elementary School

"A Collection of Poems" -- Anthony J. White

Pointer Ridge Elementary School

"The Giant Worm" -- Samuel Thomas

"The Dance Queens" -- Charae Bell, Christelle Asu

"Dragon Fly" -- Jerome and Justin Brown

Rockledge Elementary School

"My California Adventure" -- Maria Ricks

"The Never Ending Day" -- Lucas English

"You are What You Are, Ellie Oak" -- Yusuf Sahibzada

Rosaryville Elementary School

"When Bad Things Happen People Do Good Things" -- Jasmine Burks

"Friday Night Sleepover" -- Maya Kenner, Brianna Bagby, Tanya Johnson, Jordon Haythorne

Thomas G. Pullen Arts Focus School

"Life Stories" -- Donald Richardson

Yorktown Elementary School

"A Variety of Verses" -- Becca and Amanda Hastings

Benjamin Tasker Middle School

"Closer to Midnight" -- Rachel Hill, Rachel Pataky

"The Empty Prom Dress" -- Catherine Beal, Emily Cai, Rachel Ottenstein

"Stanley's Sixth Grade Trip" -- Kimberly Adams

"A Hobo's Christmas" -- Reddhyia Taylor, Zina Wilkins

"No Vacancy" -- Carl Wilson

"Birthday Surprise" -- Keli Greensdale, Tessa Tolson

Ernest Everett Just Middle School

"The Case of the Missing Dance Tickets" -- Quenzel Goff

"The Expert's Survival Guide to Seventh Grade" -- Haley Medlock, Jessica Myles

Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School

"A Journey Through Paris" -- Ivana Medrano

"Good Bye American, Hello Confused" -- Savannah Isner, Tori Ritenour

"From Mythical to Modern: An Olympic History" -- Jonathan Dan

Bladensburg High School

"Redemption of Inanimate Emotions" -- Rafael Saavedra, Elijah Resurreccion

Forestville Military High School

"Poetry Is My Life" -- Sonali Hope, Fred Watkins

Largo High School

"What Makes Me Different?" -- Marcus Coates

"Dream Big" -- Cassie Green

Laurel High School

"The Resurrection: The Reawakening of Dreams and Deeper Horrors" -- Deborah Jack

"Cherokee Rose" -- Jerel Ellegood