The following cases were received recently by Loudoun County Animal Care and Control. For information, call 540-882-3211 or 703-777-0406 or visit

Dogs in Vehicle Kept Cool

LEESBURG, Plaza Street, June 11. Two dogs were locked in a vehicle in the Red Hot & Blue parking lot. An animal control officer and a Leesburg police officer went to the scene. The police officer found the dogs' owners in the restaurant, and they opened the vehicle. The car was running, the air conditioning was on, and the interior was cool. There was no violation.

Stray Dog Taken to Shelter

ASHBURN, Wildflower Square, June 11. A woman said she found a small dog running loose and confined it in her home. An animal control officer took the year-old red male Pomeranian to the animal shelter. It had no identification. Reports of lost animals were checked, but no matches were found.

First the Good News . . .

LEESBURG, Prosperity Avenue, June 11. A woman said that she had hit a cat with her vehicle and that it appeared to be alive. An animal control officer found that the cat was actually a groundhog and that it had died from its injuries.

Owner Gives Up Pit Bull

LEESBURG, Wirt Street, Monday. An animal control officer responded to a report of a black pit bull that appeared neglected. The officer examined the dog, which was thin and had no hair on its hind legs and tail. The officer spoke with the owner about the need for veterinary care, and the owner decided to give up the dog, which was taken to the animal shelter.

You Can't Lead a Horse to Water

LOVETTSVILLE, Twincreek Lane, Monday. An animal control officer found a horse with minor injuries on its nose as a result of being bitten by a snapping turtle. After being bitten, the horse stomped on the turtle. The officer took the turtle to the shelter, where it was euthanized because of its injuries.