Note: The county planning office file number for each project is included.

Projects Proposed

California Area

1. Retail center, St. Andrew's Church and Three Notch roads. A concept site plan for a 96,160-square-foot shopping center on 14 acres. 05-132-019.

2. Settlers Landing at First Colony, First Colony and FDR boulevards. A plan to subdivide 31 acres for 92 single-family houses. 05-120-008.

3. St Mary's Crossing, section 3, south side of St. Andrew's Church Road at St. Andrew's Lane. A plan to subdivide 133.23 acres for a 152-lot subdivision. 05-120-010.

Hollywood Area

4. Dillow Tower, 43916 St. John's Rd. A concept site plan for a commercial tower. 05-135-001.

5. Hollywood Elementary School, 24400 Mervell Dean Rd. A plan for a parking lot expansion and storm water management construction. 05-132-022.

6. Spalding Farm, 24984 Three Notch Rd. A plan to subdivide 60.49 acres for a 12-lot major subdivision. 05-120-007.

Lexington Park Area

7. Expedition Park, Three Notch Road, northwest of Pegg Road. A major site plan for a 14,554-square-foot office building. 05-132-031.

8. The Woods at Rue Purchase, 46351 Rue Purchase Rd. A concept site plan for a 12-unit condominium building on 5.78 acres. 05-132-016.

Mechanicsville Area

9. Bolings Old Village Center, Old Village Road, about 300 feet north of Baptist Church Road. A concept site plan for a 14,000-square-foot commercial center. 05-132-021.

Projects Approved

Chaptico Area

10. Indiantown Hills, Route 234, about one mile northwest of Mechanicsville Road. A preliminary plan to subdivide 110 acres for a 22-lot major subdivision. 04-12000021.

Building Permits Issued

Mechanicsville Area

11. Performance Custom Motorcycle Sales and Service, 28282 Mechanicsville Rd. A permit for a motorcycle sales and service center. 05-1008.

-- Compiled by BONNIE SMITH