The following home sales were recently recorded in Anne Anne Arundel County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Anne Arundel and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Annapolis Area

ADAMS ST., 309-Albert L. Offer to Patrick J. Traynor, $522,000.

CHANNEL VILLAGE CT., 7030, No. 7030-202-Arthur Birney to Suzanne M. Miller, $498,000.

DORCHESTER DR., 17, No. 9-Sarah Houghtling to Denise Dimauro, $275,000.

DROGUE CT., 3111-Arthur C. Griffin to Bruce W. and Karen J. Burnett, $460,000.

FAIRVIEW AVE., 796, No. 796F-Dawn R. Layfield to Katherine F. Casey, $210,000.

FOREST DR., 1338-Mary J. Brown to Wayne Blunt and Barbara A. Butler, $160,000.

GREYSTONE CT., 10, No. B-Herminia S. Windeshiem to Jeanella Shanklin, $191,900.

HILLSMERE DR., 303-Terry L. Reeve to Anthony J. and Kari S. Lopes, $327,000.

JACKSON ST., 1017-Bay Country Properties Corp. to John H. and Rebecca J. Miller, $285,000.

KING JAMES LANDING RD., 7456-Christine E. Fountain to Albert R. Retowsky Jr. Construction, $165,000.

LAKE DR. E., 7-Edward B. Harner to Michael E. and Julie G. Shearer, $725,000.

MIZZEN CT., 3-Susan M. Mayer to Kathleen Donohue, $249,500.

NARRAGANSETT AVE., 3400-Charles E. Hicks III, trustee, to Carroll H. Hynson Jr., $299,900.

TIMBER CREEK DR., 1038-Jennifer H. McGee to Robert and Deborah J. Butzke, $371,000.

VICTOR PKWY., 210, No. 210E-Brian D. Rinebarger to Robert J. Avallone, $184,750.

WAGGAMON CIR., 457-Kenneth A. Minihan to Michael Ladas, $1.7 million.


Sandy Point State Park Area

ADMIRAL DR., 605, No. 1041-Elana Thompson to David Buhl, $252,400.

ANCHORAGE DR., 241-Bernard W. Frese Jr. to Richard J. and Anne D. Thomas, $789,000.

BALTIMORE ANNAPOLIS BLVD., 1939-Richard T. Hebert to Daniel S. and Angela B. Phelan, $599,000.

CHARLES ST., 121-William N. Turpin to 121 Charles Street Corp., $728,200.

CHESTER TOWN CIR., 1531, No. 45-John C. Flynn to Kipp A. and Joanne D. Collins, $330,000.

FAWNS WALK, 494, No. 52-William R. Atkinson to Kimberly L. Hodges, $349,000.

FOOLISH PLEASURE CT., 1644-Lisa A. Jacob to Michael and Elizabeth Thomasson, $150,000.

FRANCIS NICHOLSON WAY, 506, No. 4-Gene F. Ostrom, trustee, to James and Joyce M. Perrie, $350,000.

GIDDINGS AVE., 304-Christopher B. Driver to Michael P. and Nora C. O'Hara, $567,500.

GOV. THOMAS BLADEN WAY, 2011, No. 304-Susan M. Ruberg to Johnny and Perla R. Flores, $217,000.

GOV. THOMAS BLADEN WAY, 2024, No. 103-Doris A. Styles to Douglas and Lisa Fowler, $245,000.

HARWOOD PL., 409, No. 29-Albert S. Wood to M.B. Akers, $143,000.

HAZEL NUT CT., 1319-Geoffrey G. Goff to Loraine M. Hirz, $217,000.

HAZEL NUT CT., 1377-Mark D. Donze to Jonathan L. and Calise M. Green, $235,000.

IDYLEWILD DR., 1178-Dorothy F. Goodhand, trustee, to C.T. and Carolyn J. Soldano, $375,000.

MUNROE CT., 14-Carroll V. Brocato Jr. to Scott and Shannon L. Morton, $600,000.

PEGGY STEWART WAY, 2004, No. 209-Thomas G. Yamamoto to Benjamin N. Ricker, $275,500.

PINEDALE DR., 559-John K. Mark to Bryan F. and Deborah D. Ross, $540,000.

SCHLEY RD., 413-Nancy B. Rea to Falkor Corp., $657,000.

SEVERN RIDGE RD. E., 102-Mary F. Maschoff to Teresa Vandendolder, $465,000.

SHARPS POINT RD., 1478-Frank Livingston to Ronald A. Rogers, $775,000.

SPA VIEW AVE., 123-William E. Zierden to Stewart B. and Marcia Cohen, $1.715 million.

WINTERS CHASE WAY, 2905, No. 42-Yi Nan Chen to John R. Planas, $300,000.

WYE ISLAND CT., 626-Helen L. Gwinn to Carolyn L. Coulter, $223,000.

Annapolis-Sherwood Forest Area

ROBIN HOOD HILL, 853-Robert A. Bell to David E. and Diane P. Johnson, $860,000.

Arnold Area

BRASSIE CT., 1106-Clair E. Bosserman to Frank J. and Joanne A. Gazarek, $325,000.

BUNKER AVE., 1190-Timothy J. Vollentine to Shawn H. and Lisa A. Culp, $352,500.

CAPETOWNE RD., 371-Mark A. Zablotny to Anthony W. Hiller, $189,900.

CAPRI ESTATES CT., 709-Thomas E. Mansfield Jr., trustee, to William and Judy L. Lam, $449,900.

CIRCLE DR., 1301-Richard F. Dean to Luke E. and Melissa E. Page, $251,000.

CLIFTON AVE., 828-Richard S. Lancaster to Edward L. and Laurie I. Timberlake, $240,000.

DOGWOOD RD., 1256-Mark W. Doyle to Kelly and Sean C. De Leon, $280,000.

FOX RUN WAY, 49-Irvin W. Gertz to Joyce M. Spring, $325,000.

JOYCE LANE E., 50-New Life Church to 50 Joyce Lane Corp., $385,000.

MATCH POINT DR., 758-Robert E. Leake to John W. Peck and Melanie Aprile, $102,800.

MELODY LANE, 215-Jay D. Scrivens to David Pilarski and Debra Florish, $410,000.

POINT O WOODS CT., 1428, No. 10-William D. Pappas to Eric J. Ward, $225,000.

QUAIL RUN CT., 658-Andrew S. Endal to A. Daniel and Marcia K. Milleville, $725,000.

SEVERN WAY, 121-Richard D. Sarmiento to Judith and William Hartman, $375,000.

SEVILLE CT., 992-Joseph J. Brennan to Joseph J. and Karen L. Brennan, $280,000.

SHERIDAN RD., 10-Mandrin Homes to Brian F. and Kristen J. Robinson, $200,000.

SILVERLEAF DR., 1144-Thomas M. Torrese to Robert L. De Victoria, $250,000.

Brooklyn Area

CORTEZ RD., 4317-Thomas S. Campbell to Daniel N. Coleman, $108,000.

EDGEVALE RD. W., 201-W.J. Elliott to Charter Homes Corp., $62,500.

KRAMME AVE., 5007-Jill M. Belter to John T. and Barbara J. Smith, $145,000.

RITCHIE HWY., 4611-Bank One National Association to Steven A. Lagana, $107,000.

SIXTH AVE., 314-Joseph F. Potts III to Dexter W. Fuqua Sr. and Vernell Jones, $189,900.

EIGHTH AVE., 117-Claude T. Watkins to Jason and Tara T. Padgette, $98,500.

Churchton Area

CAPE ANNE WAY, 1117-Richard W. Ellis to Dean and Bradley Rohan, $214,900.

CHESAPEAKE DR., 1318-Ronald L. Keeling to Rosemary Segalla, $650,000.

NORTH SHORE PKWY., 5717-Beverly B. Fransen to Jennifer Newbold, $542,500.

Crofton Area

BLOCKTON CT., 1472, No. 72XB-Lisa A. Pinto to Heather Dube and Andre MacKall, $197,500.

CHELMSFORD DR., 2456-Richard M. Petitbon to Courtney and Thomas Kremer, $621,500.

COPLEY CT., 1706, No. 196-Laura A. Jones Keefe to Thomas W. Dorsey III, $190,000.

DANEWOOD CT., 1508-David A. Hart to Carla E. Bascope and Elizabeth Withers, $230,000.

FOREST HILL CT., 1680-Ailene Barba to Stephen P. Kelly, $205,000.

GUARE'S CT., 2700-Michael J. Ritter Jr. to William M. and Denise E. Roberson, $589,950.

JERROLD PL., 1431-Gary R. McGuffin to Carl M. and Karen F. Elswick, $424,900.

LAURANCE CT., 2112-Christopher M. Stubbs to Jennifer T. and William R. Stanphill, $279,900.

LOWELL CT., 1534, No. 29XB-Bruce L. Nuckols to Jaimee L. and Aladdine D. Joroff, $209,000.

LOWELL CT., 1544, No. 27XB-Joseph Presgraves to Phillip A. Sapienza, $210,000.

NEW WINDSOR CT., 1636, No. 108-James E. McGraw to Dawn E. Olverson, $189,000.

TUFFED MOSS CT., 1403-Prudential Relocation Inc. to Bradley and Svetlana Bachtell, $564,500.

TUPELLO PL., 1913, No. A-Lorrie L. Minton to William W. Hill, $182,500.

WENTWORTH DR., 2474, No. 20-Kathleen J. Ferte to Christopher J. Miller, $248,500.

WESTON CT., 2505-Mark K. Callow to Michelle S. Constantino and Jun Dave Avillanoza, $244,000.

WOODVIEW CT., 1613-Lawrence P. Wans to Edwin Handler, $335,000.

Crownsville Area

ECHO COVE DR., 608-David A. Earl to Maxwell C. Cohen, $531,250.

LATHAM DR., 703-Celeste Raven Canizares Dieppa to John Greensfelder, $328,000.

Curtis Bay Area

CHESTNUT MANOR CT., 909-Shirley A. Woomer to Christopher R. Shutt, $199,900.

FIELDSTONE PL., 1005-Francis Fowler to Frank F. and Dolores J. Frommelt, $200,000.

STONEY BEACH WAY, 1528, No. 92-James R. Brown Sr. to Darryl R. Ingram, $245,000.

Deale Area

BAY DR., 963-Kenneth Benjamin to Kevin C. and Jacqueline H. Ware, $800,000.

SECOND ST., 5985-Brent A. Potts to Francis Raymond and Heidi Ann Mudd, $224,900.

Edgewater Area

CEDAR LANE, 1201-Paul L. O'Bannon to Gregory and Lea Sutton, $816,000.

GRAY FOX CT., 240-Kenneth L. Marvin to John R. Lee, $305,000.

LONDONTOWN RD., 434-Peter A. Cullison to Daniel C. Wood, $270,000.

MIDLAND RD., 1638-John E. Martin to Donald E. and Tina M. Stokes, $280,000.

OLDTOWN RD., 1608-Eugene P. Baxter Jr. to Land America Onestop Inc., $285,000.

OLDTOWN RD., 1608-Land America Onestop Inc. to Nancy J. Mallory, $285,000.

RAMSEY DR., 4014-Hilmer R. Borgeson to Rita Marie Lassise, $275,000.

RIVERTON PL., 163-Donald A. Jack to Dawn M. Mueller, $460,000.

SHADOW POINT CT., 29-David L. Feder to William M. Thomas Jr., $970,000.

SHADY SIDE DR., 1626-Robert J. Ruschell Jr. to James P. and Yvonne M. Debruyn, $262,900.

SILVER RUN RD., 438-Helmut Fleckenstein to Darlene Spillane, $138,000.

SOUTHDOWN RD., 180-Bernard C. Mankin to Elizabeth Sears, $285,000.

SOUTHDOWN RD., 182-Sarah L. Shifler to Kenneth A. and Barbara G. Minihan, $1.9 million.

THYME DR., 2706-A.V. Smith to Darrell Henry, $400,000.

Gambrills Area

APRIL DAWN WAY, 2658-Kimberly A. Coffman to Linda S. Lieberman and Blake W. Coffman, $240,000.

GUNNISON CT., 901-Lenone Inc. to Michael and Jennifer Hall, $600,000.

HALLMARK CT., 2194-Thomas J. Dempsey to John E. and Diana V. Fries, $415,000.

HALLMARK DR., 3001-Robert P. Russell to Madelyn J. Commanda and Charles W. Rygg, $400,000.

MISTHAVEN LANE, 2267-Edward T. Garrett to Graeme S. and Jennifer D. Young, $324,900.

RED LEAF CT., 2129-Vanessa L. Comer to Robert J. and Gloria L. Skinner, $610,000.

VIVALDI LANE, 2514-Michele A. Hardman to 201 St. Louis Corp., $97,738.

Gibson Island Area

BROADWATER WAY, 817-Richard Ruzika to Andrew C. and Heather V. Florance, $2.9 million.

Glen Burnie Area

ALLEN RD., 248-John R. Sola Jr. to Juan Zhi Jiang, $93,000.

ARCANE CT., 397-Robert L. Wecker to Derek N. and Sherry J. Hicks, $255,000.

BAYLOR RD., 6-Adam J. Bolling to Jae Cheon Lee and Kyung Suk Yim, $331,000.

BENTWILLOW DR., 832-John R. Pandullo to Angelo Migliorisi, $186,000.

BROOKHILL TER., 1543-Henrietta Johnson to George and Rosalie Gaither, $110,000.

CASTLE HEDGE DELL, 7963-Robert W. Buxton to Timothy E. and Gail L. White, $315,000.

CRAWFORD DR., 1223-John A. Epley to Alan J. Scholz and Sarah R. Brundick, $180,400.

FOXTREE DR., 107-Paula Hirschmann to Collin F. Meerholz and Tracie L. Miller, $215,000.

GREAT BEND RD., 8214-Tara S. Johnson to Casey L. Ward, $158,900.

LEPRECHAUN LANE, 610-Bruce K. Waterhouse to Anthony and Turkessa Bell, $186,000.

LOCUST AVE., 6026-Richard Fritz to Lloyd T. and Sharon A. Schrader, $217,000.

LONGTOWNE CT., 494-Angela R. Jordan to Michael A. Taylor and Latoya D. Void, $178,000.

PARK SOUTH DR., 8920-Jeffrey Petix to Aja M. and Jon L. Perez, $225,000.

RUMFORD CT., 606-Robert Lewis Jr. to Mi Sun Kim and Jong I. Park, $285,000.

SAUNDERS WAY, 1505-Department of Veterans Affairs to James McGreevy, $165,000.

SHORT CURVE RD., 540-Deborah A. Rodriguez to Charles G. Willis Jr., $191,400.

STAFFORD HILL CT., 7806-D.W. Talbot to Waqar Nazir, $303,000.

SWOOP HILL RD., 538, No. 120-James S. Miller to Carol L. Cooper, $180,500.

WELLHAM AVE. NW, 102-E.K. Stoltz to Jerrold A. Pearson, $205,000.

WENDE CT., 317-Philip C. Pascoe to Marc D. Smith, $315,000.

WOODOAK CT., 269, No. 5-Darrin R. Smith to Robert P. Goergens and Marsha L. Mumaw Goergens, $175,000.

THIRD AVE. SW, 403-John Marx to Christina C. Crawford and Tracey D. Varney, $199,900.

Glen Burnie-

Marley Creek Area

ADDISON DR., 351-Denise Y. Auguste to Frances G. De Amario, $386,000.

BEAGHAN DR., 357-Steven M. Sarmiento to Jeffrey Sims, $162,000.

CLEAR DROP CT., 6528, No. 201-William A. Fry to Karen L. Colhouer, $177,100.

CROWN RD., 7215-William W. Robey to Kevin and Jessica Johnson, $242,400.

HIGH OAK RD., 8041-Scott A. Ford to Wayne L. Leroux, $415,000.

INGLEWOOD DR., 112-Valonda Folks to Dean S. Stedding and Daniel White, $195,000.

NABBS CREEK RD., 866-Maureen L. Marton to Frederick J. Bose, $429,000.

PAULS DR., 7998-Kathleen P. Surenda to Franklin Velasquez and Yadira M. Rodas, $264,000.

PINE WAY DR., 400-Adam S. Bloom to William H. Smith, $245,000.

RAPID WATER WAY, 6605, No. 101-Ella L. Laird to Anthony Anarumo and Irene Gallo, $152,000.

SOUTHFIELD RD., 114-William J. Knight to Bavis Corp., $375,000.

THOMAS RD., 104-Kathy A. Warfield to Heather E. Warren, $92,000.

WENDOVER RD., 11-Timothy Cezer to Senad and Adisa Gusinjac, $176,000.

WHITE WATER WAY, 6803, No. 102-Carolyn M. Tydings to Thea Lukas and Pamela Drgos, $180,000.

Hanover Area

KNOLL ACRES RD., 7540-Towana L. Ayres to Yout Liv, $270,000.

MELLOW CT., 7724-Barbara J. Novak to Teyawanda and Jason Booker, $340,000.

Harwood Area

POLLING HOUSE RD., 25-Bion D. Howard to Gideon O. and Erlinda J. Baugher, $660,000.

Laurel Area

BEECH BOTTOM RD., 3009-Dean M. Brown to James M. and Debby M. Wallner, $315,000.

BITTERWOOD PL., 3410-Dexter Hope to Cherrie Walter, $213,900.

DAMERON S., 342-Daniel D. Wood to Jorge H. Marquez, $207,000.

ELLERTON S., 345-John E. Souder Jr. to Jeffrey W. Potter and John S. Wasilik, $160,000.

FROSTWOOD DR., 8392-Scott A. Underwood to Bhasker R. Mekala, $283,000.

LARK PL., 8610-Hyun K. Kim to Hien Dieu Dang, $305,000.

LAUREL VIEW CT., 3539-Brenda J. Calder to Colleen Blankenship and Sandra Calder, $225,000.

LINDENWOOD DR., 3471-Brian K. Willis to Jesse D. Loomis, $261,155.

PINEY WOODS PL., 3523, No. G301-Julia C. Rhodes to Duane D. Schwartz, $195,000.

RIVER BEND CT., 3107, No. E304-Caren E. Holmquist to Joanne M. Sheppard, $184,900.

WHISPERING HILLS PL., 3434-Whitney H. Owens to Dawn Van Blargan, $265,000.

YELLOW SPRINGS S., 436-Anthony R. Bennett to Sidney and Teresa Williams, $258,000.

Linthicum Heights Area

BALTIMORE ANNAPOLIS BLVD., 6839-Robert J. Kouneski to Mirim M. Suh, $185,000.

CORONET DR., 4-David G. Holmes to Oliver and Latanya M. Sellman, $275,000.

EVA AVE., 302-Stephen J. Thomas to Mark E. Laun, $255,000.

SYCAMORE RD., 209-Marion O. Graham to John A. McCloskey, $225,000.

Mayo Area

SPRUCE AVE., 220-Robert L. Adams to Sandra Fletcher, $200,000.

Millersville Area

FAWN HAVEN CT., 406-Brock T. Strom to Stephen P. and Michelle F. Morgan, $625,500.

FOXWELL RD., 8111-Robert J. Hughes to Rosita Parks, $360,000.

GENERALS HWY., 759-Grant E. Austin to John H. Gaver, $230,000.

HOPE POINT CT., 8309-Chong S. Kim to Stephen A. and Marie E. Vasbinder, $635,000.

KEITH CT., 236-Sun Man Kim to Shelly M. Stephenson, $195,000.

MILLERSVILLE RD., 1527-George Trawitz to Joseph B. Lepore, $540,000.

WEYBURN RD., 8199-Inger Proegel to Mark B. Turner and Sherry A. Allen, $242,000.

WINDY TRAIL, 8102-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Malinda D. and William S. Pachucki, $522,900.

Odenton Area

BRAGG BLVD., 104-Armando Medrano to Kevin M. and Alveta D. Poole, $408,000.

BRAGG BLVD., 156-Prudential Residential Services to Erik and Anita M. Marshall, $405,000.

CAMELOT CT., 512-Gaiola T. McVeigh to Darren R. and Leticia F. Dewilde, $315,000.

COMMISSARY CIR., 2142, No. 238-Karleen J. Dobler to Jeffrey P. Medina Sanchez, $240,000.

INDIAN SUMMER DR., 2225-Calvin F. Lee Jr. to Eva May, $275,000.

KNOB CT., 826-Darren R. Murphy to Paul E. and Julie M. Nauroth, $290,000.

LIASON CT., 106-John Jaffe Jr. to Eliana Nanclares and Ivan Vasquez, $262,900.

LIONS GATE LANE, 642, No. 17-642-Heather L. Stroble to Garrett T. and Holly A. Carstens, $249,900.

MILITIA LANE, 1909, No. 147-Philip A. Green to Marvin G. Williams, $264,000.

PINE DRIFT DR., 700-Joshua D. Beggs to Christopher Reisinger, $297,000.

SANDY WALK WAY, 2361-Timothy A. Rassa to Michelle A. Back, $319,900.

ST. MICHAELS CIR., 295, No. 73-Oliver R. Hernandez to Stephanie R. Thorne, $270,000.

SUNNY CHAPEL RD., 820-Perry L. Smith to Van Pham and Phuong Phung, $425,000.

SYCAMORE GLEN LANE, 8614-Eric L. Dobbins to Prudential Residential Services, $269,000.

TREASURE DR., 1307-William M. Moran to Daniel A. and Silvia Richetts, $425,000.

WILLOW LEAF CT., 2618-Brian M. Wickham to Katrina Cox, $235,000.

WILLOW LEAF LANE, 8646-Susan R. Boothe to Frederick E. and Marlene V. Rodriguez, $233,900.

WINDING STREAM WAY, 693, No. 103-Carrie Williams to Pamela A. Zebrun, $215,000.

Pasadena-Rock Creek Area

ALLEGRI CT., 7920, No. 85-Cathy L. Painter to Wanda Murray, $205,000.

ARUNDEL CT., 4101-Anthony W. Mattare to Thomas A. Detrich Jr., $255,000.

BALTIMORE ANNAPOLIS BLVD., 8273-Frank P. Maydwell Sr. to Duane S. Pinnix and Virginia L. Smith, $167,960.

BALTIMORE ANNAPOLIS BLVD., 8346-Wilbur J. Nightingale to 8346 Baltimore Annapolis Corp., $300,000.

BEACHWOOD RD., 224-James N. Gaither to Ko Pen Wang and Anthony Chang, $770,000.

BEACON POINT DR., 8573-Randy Plunkett to Galen L. Miller, $174,900.

BELLE OF GEORGIA AVE., 4307-Christopher Billing to William M. Fink, $140,000.

BREAKWATER CT., 1-Rodolfo L. Scagliotti to Robert C. and Lynnea L. Alcaraz, $170,000.

CAPE SABLE CT., 299-Thomas M. Howard to Michael Davis and Sharon McGovern, $600,000.

COOL BREEZE CT., 309-Adrianne D. Henkel to David Collins, $210,000.

CYRIL AVE., 618-Carolyn M. Creek to Langton Green Inc., $268,000.

GLEN AVE., 7746-William C. Miller to Paul B. Appel, $400,000.

GOLDEN FLEECE DR., 2923-Michael L. Valdivia to Joanne T. Valdivia, $175,000.

HELONIAS CT., 8010-Diane M. Cooke to David R. Petroske, $245,000.

HOULTON HARBOUR, 8617-Richard B. Kittle to Catherine Knisley, $214,000.

KENTON RD., 8475-Oliver F. Lewis Jr. to Bradley and Tana Soffa, $199,900.

MAIN AVE., 8602-Paula A. Wolf to Wayne R. and April L. McQuay, $295,000.

MAIN CREEK RD., 8142-Dwight D. Magee to Sheila M. and Joseph R. Robertson, $695,000.

NATURE WALK LANE, 340-Charles H. Bowman to Paul Charles, $269,900.

NATURE WALK LANE, 359-Vanessa Casteen to Prudential Residential Services Partnership, $280,000.

NOTLEY RD., 7721-Linda A. Bezelik to Kimberly D. Himmel, $209,900.

OLD CROWN DR., 3474-Robert W. Hillman to Jose P. Ayala and Betiz A. Rodriguez, $264,000.

OLD FORT SMALLWOOD RD., 1454-Torres Sepulveda Francisco to Sara A. and Daniel T. Gannon, $335,000.

OVERVIEW CT., 1224-John E. Firth to Anthony Eary and Leigh A. Brokovich, $410,000.

PEPPERBOX LANE, 7888-Raiann Curtis to Hector and Hugette Calixto, $330,000.

PESCARA CT., 3327, No. 71-Richard W. Huebner to Michael Fink, $215,477.

RAMBLING RIDGE CT., 345-Diana L. Phelps to Mark L. Kopatch, $235,000.

RIVERSIDE DR., 8206-Wilhelmina E. Broll to Harun and Leyla A. Kazaz, $303,000.

SCITUATE HARBOUR, 1037-Zena Saunders to Paula R. Webb and Issac J. Perodin, $205,000.

SCORTON HARBOUR, 8664-Dorothy Vaught to Jose C. and Maria A. Villatoro, $216,000.

SUMMIT RD., 8543-Michael J. Mitchell to Troy W. Winarski and Alicia Fortier, $183,500.

WATER OAK DR., 1302-Joseph P. Marzullo to Gaylon S. and Esther L. Thompson, $467,500.

WATER OAK POINT RD., 7644-Michaeline A. Linthicum to Theresa A. Good, $289,900.

WILLOWBY RUN, 782-Timothy J. Leisner to Andrew J. Nicholson and Maria F. Mura, $210,000.

WINDERMERE DR., 8304-Claude L. Wright III to Harley R. Brady and Ronald L. Colehouse, $635,000.

SECOND ST., 7672-Curtis W. Tobias to William A. and Michelle L. Strawderman, $268,000.

204TH ST., 675-Albert Retowsky Jr. to Nelson M. Navas and Ana J. Reyes, $189,900.

Riva Area

CHERRY RD., 14-John F. Bradley Jr. to P. Mark McGonigle, $278,000.

MEADOW RD., 107-Robert B. Smiley to Mikolaj B. Grabiak, $300,000.

PINECREST DR., 2757-Douglas W. Baldwin to Steven L. and Julie A. Bradley, $350,000.

Severn Area

ARWELL CT., 1834, No. 10G-Allison M. Woods to George L. Fountain Jr., $60,000.

ARWELL CT., 1964, No. 2F-Kevin X. Jackson to Funmilayo Olugbemi, $50,000.

BENT BOUGH RD., 7915, No. 50-Jaime E. Colon to Mark and Rhonda S. Greene Bruce, $290,000.

CROSSBAY DR., 7822-Andrew J. Quarm to Sydney S. Lasry, $399,900.

DUBBS DR., 8319-Jeffrey L. Black to Daniel R. and Shannon M. Wilson, $284,900.

EAGLE CT., 1862, No. 8-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Daniel Y. Joe, $108,044.

GEORGIA AVE., 1432-Cheri A. Carroll to Robert J. and Alison Digsby, $215,000.

GOLDEN PINE CIR., 7823-Jeffrey W. Rodrigues to David L. and Deanna M. Hickey, $384,000.

PASTURE BROOK RD., 568-Walter B. Morris to Larry D. and Rhonda C. Winters, $461,000.

WALNUT TREE RD., 7814-Philip A. Lincoln to Dumuria S. and Jaretta Keller, $295,000.

Severna Park Area

ARUNDEL BEACH RD., 456-Frank M. Behegan to Dawn C. Wolf and George C. McDowell III, $570,000.

BUCKINGHAM DR., 825-Samuel B. Jones III to Stephen R. McNey and Kelley J. McClung, $800,000.

CREEK VIEW RD., 831-Thomas R. Cease to Aurelia and Silviu D. Minut, $350,000.

HARTMAN DR., 378-Kimberly J. Lawson to Gregory A. Reich, $445,000.

JENNINGS RD. S., 68-Louis C. Brown Jr. to Harold C. and Pamela D. Turner, $180,000.

MAPLE RD., 495-Alfred C. Jacukiewicz to Donald C. and Catherine M. Pette, $1.6 million.

PRESTONFIELD LANE, 355-R.D. Guhne to Shaun F. and Julie W. Mahoney, $535,000.

PUTNEY WAY S., 350-Gillian J. Porter to Joseph P. and Sandra J. Baressi, $549,900.

SIMMONS LANE, 54-Robert F. Foery Jr. to Jonathan B. and Debra W. Wood, $824,900.

ST. IVES DR., 312-Dorothy F. Manzolillo, trustee, to Clay B. Kiser, $555,000.

TRENTON AVE., 752-Glen A. Ballinger to Darrell M. Westrick and Mary E. Caldwell, $385,000.

WHITTIER CT., 9-James P. Barkmeier to William R. and Linda C. Goodman, $425,000.

Shady Side Area

BEECH ST., 4933-Leslie L. Campbell to Kevin G. and Clara G. Hall, $305,000.

HOLLY ST., 1304-Carlene F. Heath to Deborah L. and Kristal M. Miller, $244,000.

MAPLE AVE., 1175-Jeffrey D. Brown to Troy W. Painter and Rachel M. Bell, $228,000.

Tracys Landing Area

FRANKLIN GIBSON RD., 6276-Spencer Seibert to Robert and Martha B. Barrett, $340,000.

SOLOMONS ISLAND RD., 5896-John W. Sherbert to Richard E. Kavanaugh IV, $135,000.