The following home sales were recently recorded for Fairfax County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Real Estate Division of the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Fairfax and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Alexandria-Belle View Area

BELLE VIEW BLVD., 1100, No. C2-John F. Boseker and Debra P. Ackerman to Eric E. Johnson, $285,000.

BELLE VIEW BLVD., 1404, No. A1-Ron E. Mader to Howard M. and Jessica S. Cameron, $239,900.

RADCLIFFE DR., 6722-Barbara G. Von Mettenheim to Arnold Sierra, $279,950.

Alexandria-Franconia Area

ALFORTH AVE., 6255-Ricardo and Zenaida B. Marasigan to Ma Consuelo B. Marasigan, $320,000.

BRIARLEIGH WAY, 6621-Elizabeth Ortiz to Abdelhafid Haydadi, $349,950.

BROADMOOR ST., 5419-Gary A. and Maureen M. Waters to Stanley J. and Tamara R. Stolpe, $458,500.

BUSH HILL DR., 5938-Cendant Mobility Government Financial Services Corp. to Donald P. and Elizabeth A. Schroeder, $500,000.

CROMARTY DR., 6959-Citicapital Relocation Inc. and Prudential Relocation Inc. to William B. Meloy, $445,950.

CROMWELL PL., 6027-Kenneth L. Shearer to Gregg M. and Lenore A. Fogarty, $464,950.

FOUNDERS CROSSING CT., 5921, No. 101-Michael Baglivio to Cori Smith, $312,000.

HAYNES POINT WAY, 7702, No. 2005-Mi S. Kim to Alan A. Boaz, $349,000.

HEATHERFIELD LANE, 7441-Hector R. Ortiz to Prudential Relocation Inc., $460,000.

JAMES GUNNELL LANE, 5615-Charles D. Matthews and Deborah J. Potratz to Joseph and Jennifer R. Chenelle, $800,000.

JAVINS DR., 4100-John D. Reddick to Robert Rotach, Luke Treaster and Brian Wallenhorst, $415,000.

KNIGHTS RIDGE WAY, 6006-Catherine J. Whitaker to C. Woodrow and Alison B. Irvin, $410,500.

LA VISTA DR., 5561-Oakwood Towns Corp. to Ali H. Hamadi and Seham I. Shaikh, $126,993.

LITTLE VALLEY WAY, 6184-Julianne Basinger to Rachel K. Ziegler, $314,900.

MALLORY LANE, 7320-Thurman and Mildred L. Lofton to Charles P. Monroe and Kerry L. Bleasdale, $433,000.

MARY CAROLINE CIR., 6925, No. F-Vera L. Horton to Dan P. Zimmerman, $265,000.

OLD BRENTFORD CT., 6146-Joseph V. McLaughlin to Michele L. Weinstein, $399,900.

PRATT ST., 6001-Frances and Leslie R. Campbell to Zaida Rojas and Jaime Jimenez, $450,000.

ROYAL THOMAS WAY, 6707-Darryl C. and April D.W. Jackson to Mimi Gulelat, $437,000.

SPLIT ROCK RD., 4901-Irene A. Floyd and Ellen J. Barber to Irma Quintanilla, $410,000.

ST. GENEVIEVE PL., 5213-Ernest A. and M. Campbell to Harry L. and Freddie L. Archer, $340,000.

THURLTON DR., 6639-Michael S. and Peggy L. Johnson to Michael W. and Lan N. Augustus, $454,900.

TOWER HILL CIR., 5606-Porten Builders Leasing to Anil and Madhurima Khare, $910,000.

WATERFIELD RD., 6487-Carol Canada to Jan C. Opper and Glenna L. Tinney, $538,000.

WICKFORD DR., 7211-Mitch and Mia Lasat to William R. and Verna B. Baer, $500,000.

WILTON RD., 5922-John M. and Susan E. Dugan to Gregory S. Hunter, $749,000.

Annandale Area

BEVERLY ST., 7212-Oscar and Teresa Flores to Thu Huynh and Ngoc Yen Nguyen, $395,300.

BRIARWOOD CT., 4415, No. 51-Sylvia M. Hackbarth to David Stasik, $250,000.

IVYMOUNT CT., 4360, No. 45-Mohammed H. Zaray to Hugh Lobban, $195,000.

KANDEL CT., 4751-Larry A. and Monica E. Bentley to Syed M. Hussain, $352,000.

KINGSTON DR., 4920-Robert A. and Mary L. Sylvester to Richard A. Delph and Laura T. Downey, $580,000.

PEYTON FOREST TRAIL, 7916-Kimi Snyder to Seong W. Choi, $385,000.

PINERIDGE DR., 4106-Louise C. Messano to Jacqueline K. Hoang, $650,000.

RIDGE RD., 3907-Lori Dyer to Richard and Stephanie Guadagno, $525,902.

WHEATWHEEL LANE, 3422-Richard and Carolyn A. Staats to Griselda K. Flores, $351,000.

WOODBURN RD., 3354, No. 21-Nasrin Gharzai and Parwin Anwar to Zarifa Kashmire, $212,500.

Baileys Crossroads Area

LAKESIDE VIEW DR., 3353, No. 8-3-Shahrzad Matini and Oormazd Oliaee to Marie A. Clark, $351,000.

LEESBURG PIKE, 6141, No. 408-Regina Ieva to Shreyas Dode, $168,000.

PINETREE TER., 3502-Francis M. and Florence S. Devilliers to James H. Webb, $944,000.

ROSSER ST. N., 3714, No. 101-Ricardo Bolanos to Ronald Sanchez, $178,000.

S. GEORGE MASON DR., 3705, No. 401S-L. Erick Ohlsson and James S. Shubert to Francisco Pita, $216,000.

S. GEORGE MASON DR., 3713, No. 1207-Ricardo N. Gardeazabal to Jorge C. Parrado, $260,000.

SEMINARY RD., 5505, No. 2202N-Eric Chaves to Miguel A. and Diana C. Isaza, $216,000.

Burke Area

ANDROMEDA DR., 9065-Gerald B. Rathbone to Marlene E. Pratt, $410,000.

ASHBOURN DR., 9729-Mohammad G. Othman and Sheila M. Deguzman to Leonida Valenzuela, $265,000.

COVE LANDING RD., 5831, No. 204-Jane B. Sachse to Donna S. Carmichael, Jaime Padgett and David Carmichael, $265,000.

FLINT TAVERN PL., 5438-Keith W. and Anna M. Marty to Michael and Clare Laskofski, $540,000.

HEATHWICK CT., 6030-James E. and Leah M. Pena to Diovicelda and Javier Alarcon, $345,000.

LAKE BRADDOCK DR., 9605-Jeong H. Lee to King H. and Thanh D. Thai, $359,900.

SASSAFRAS WOODS CT., 10174-Denise Allen to Balvinder Nanra and Atif Qureshi, $319,900.

SCARBOROUGH COMMONS LANE, 6022-Drew R. Fessler to Sha Meen Alston, $360,000.

SPRUCEWOOD RD., 9266-Bertha Flores to Enrique De La Fuente Chavez, $314,000.

SUMMER OAK WAY, 5617-Bibi L. Wardak to Leticia C. Ramirez, $295,000.

WALLINGFORD DR., 9535-Elizabeth A. Safford to Miriam Bellot, $499,900.

WYE OAK COMMONS CT., 5852, No. 26-Tae S. and Brenda K. Cho to Mark R. Whitehead, $355,000.

Centreville Area

BASINGSTOKE LOOP, 14779-Evelyn I. Cheme Vucetich to Emigdio Arreguin, $275,000.

BETSY ROSS LANE, 14045-Thomas and Kristen Robertson to Zohre Davoodian and Mohammad Behrooz, $354,900.

BIG YANKEE LANE, 13939-Nga Trang and Nguyen Tan to Carl F. and Kerry F. Neumann, $315,000.

BRITTNEY ELYSE CIR., 5152, No. T-Stonegate at Faircrest Corp. to Emma Rich, $342,495.

CANTEEN CT., 14219-Susan M. and Steven McCarthy to Nida A. Ahmed, $370,000.

CLARENDON SPRINGS PL., 5893-James Griffin to Lori Gheitanchi, $235,000.

CLIMBING ROSE WAY, 14325, No. 201-Andre B. Ellis to Mansur and Bella Alyadinov, $199,000.

CONNOR DR., 13343, No. T-Stonegate at Faircrest Corp. to Anthony N. Nguyen, $334,900.

CONNOR DR., 13359, No. D-Stonegate at Faircrest Corp. to Vincent B., Romulo L. and Teresita B. Lindo, $289,900.

CONNOR DR., 13365, No. T-Stonegate at Faircrest Corp. to Sean M. Currigan, $349,900.

CONNOR DR., 13377, No. P-Amir Ahmad and Theodore J. Bank to Min Yong Jang, $325,000.

CRYSTALFORD CT., 13700-Eric Olson to Eric E. Jividen, $380,000.

CUPIDS DART DR., 5315-Winchester Homes Inc. to Mohammad T. Siddiqui, $489,900.

DEER POND RD., 5703-In S. and Hyung J. Kim to Jennifer K. Dozier, $579,000.

EDDY CT., 14528-Michael H. and Diane B. Constantine to Kyle W. and Leigh C. Toweson, $370,000.

GILL BROOK LANE, 13988-Song H. Lee to Rajiu Kumar, $409,990.

GLADE SPRING DR., 14226-Matthew C. and Marybeth Forys to Steve and Nicole Rapp, $389,900.

GLEN MEADOW RD., 5213-Joseph D. and Judith C. Chastang to Karen A. Holt and Leahman J. Holt, $570,000.

GRISBY HOUSE CT., 5901-Elmer N. Palacios and Sandra A. Ortega to Victor and Miguel A. Pichardo, $328,000.

HARNESS HILL CT., 6609-Ronald F. and Barbara A. Linden to Tae W. and Young M. Park, $685,000.

HOSKINS HOLLOW CIR., 6120, No. C-Amanda K. Schutz to Karen Weller, $275,000.

JOSEPH JOHNSTON LANE, 5472-Pulte Home Corp. to Myung H. Baek, $680,770.

KERRYWOOD CIR., 6848-Richard J. Morvillo to Ramon E. and Josefina Morales, $390,000.

LAMBETH SQ., 14877-Mid Atlantic Development Corp. to Christopher K. and Carolyn J. Ramsey, $306,000.

LAMIUM LANE, 13522-Winchester Homes Inc. to Hyoung M. and Ki Y. Jun, $801,475.

LAVENDER MIST LANE, 13646-Winchester Homes Inc. to Xiaofeng and Zhan Liu, $427,990.

LITTLE ROCKY MOUNTAIN CT., 14307-Vladimir I. Perez to Ingrid Oropeza, $320,000.

LYNHODGE CT., 14836-Sylvie L. Martinez to Chezhiyan Sivagurunathan and Radhika Rajendran, $270,000.

MILLICENT CT., 14832-Jonathan A. Markhoff to T. Mimi, $265,000.

PACHYSANDRA LANE, 5405-Winchester Homes Inc. to Hoon J. Kim and Cindy J. Seo, $540,150.

REGENTS PARK RD., 6036-Edwin Wendorff and Graciela Gonzales to Jason Tyler and Blaire Swails, $262,950.

RITCHIE RD., 14917-Sayed Amir, Marilyn V. Hashime and Hashem Rahimi to Edgar Montano, $415,000.

SKYLEMAR TRAIL, 6512-Joseph R. Donovan and Sallie T. Hsieh to Jessica R. Vasquez, $325,000.

ST. GERMAIN DR., 14729-Michael P. Cote and Noshaba I. Haq to Kenneth J. Daniels and Sheila M. Miller, $614,950.

STONE MAPLE TER., 6799-Christina D. Phipps to Herbert Frango and Lindsy Perlman, $303,000.

STREAM POND CT., 5816-Timothy S. Unsell to Matthew C. Micene, $389,900.

STREAM POND DR., 14623-Susan K. and Bradley S. Jones to Ana Vasquez, $395,000.

SUMMER GARDEN WK., 13324-Pulte Home Corp. to Yush Chye Hu, $498,908.

SWEET WOODRUFF LANE, 13680-Winchester Homes Inc. to Won J. and Myung H. Kong, $701,930.

TANNERS HOUSE WAY, 13967-Pulte Home Corp. to Hamed and Mozhgan Moussavi Nejad, $563,549.

TRAVIS EDWARD WAY, 5106, No. N-Stonegate at Faircrest Corp. to Shari Kamm, $309,900.

TRAVIS EDWARD WAY, 5123, No. E-Payal K. Agarwal to Ellise Han, $240,000.

TRUITT FARM DR., 14736-John N. and Lynne M. Triggs to Shawn M. and Christina M. Lehnertz, $429,900.

WATERDALE CT., 5833-Margaret A. Graichen to Kenneth B. Abner and Suzanne K. Watts, $320,000.

WILLIAM COLIN CT., 5172, No. A-Malik and Ambereen Jaffer to Maryam Elmotassadeq, $234,900.

WINDING RIDGE LANE, 14091-Soo C. and Bun Suk Lee to Pedram and Honia Azizi, $368,000.

WINDING WOODS DR., 5104-Milo J. and Jeanne M. Serreyn to Chang L. Foo, $376,950.

WOOD LILLY LANE, 13431-Winchester Homes Inc. to Jacqueline S. Choi, $667,755.

WOODSPRING CT., 14612-Damon R. and Kimberly A. Wells to Feuti Selina Lang, $335,630.

Chantilly Area

BIXBY CT., 4101-Hector and Julie E. Hilario to Maria L. Alfaro and Rigoberto Requeno, $415,000.

CABELLS MILL CT., 5658-M. Renee Coates to Soon H. Yeon, $305,000.

EAGLE CHASE CIR., 14044-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Young Jin Yoo, $680,000.

Clifton Area

CHAPEL RD., 11320-James E. Moller to Jay L. and Suzanne H. Johnson, $699,000.

CLIFTON RD., 7221-James H. and Gale O. Cleveland to Sally A. Rood, $459,000.

QUAIL CT., 5528-Kathryn Whitescarver to Patricia Peacock, $369,900.

QUARTZ LANE, 13008-Ludwig F. and Lynne H. Imre to Eben G. and Erica M. Jahnke, $400,000.

REGAL CREST DR., 13306-Jae D. and Yoon H. Min to Mark R. and Marjorie A. Sieg, $719,000.

SANDSTONE CT., 6133-Jong G. Ahn and Sung J. Pang to Marion E.W. Rantis and Theofanis D. Rantis, $599,900.

WILDFLOWER LANE, 13663-Constance M. Glover and Deborah G. Mattens to Simon Mathews, $338,000.

YATES FORD RD., 12500-Randall Crabtree to Curtis I. Guckert and Scott E. Kestner, $425,000.

Fairfax City Area

ATHENS RD., 9401-Homer A. Bacas to Gerard C. and Janice H. Swainson, $550,000.

BARKLEY DR., 3133-Soon Y. Darder and Kurt Hwong to Jee Y. Kim, $477,900.

BLAKE LANE, 9609, No. A-Roger J. Jordan and Amy Catherine Pestorius to Michael A. Pappas, $301,000.

BROOMSEDGE CT., 3734-Armando E. Contatore to Mark D. Barrineau, $350,000.

BUCKHORN RIDGE, 4643-John Shaw to James L. and Tracy Correll, $456,900.

CANNON RIDGE CT., 4310, No. V-Csaba and Margaret F. Foldes to Priti Patel, $350,000.

CASBEER DR., 12460-Susan J. Compton to Mark Popivchak, $532,000.

COLLIS OAK CT., 3924-Brent D. Auble to Robert W. Porter and Michelle M. Lowe, $345,000.

CROFTON GREEN DR., 5508-Hampton Estates Corp. to Jose E. Calderon and Maria P. Madera, $836,831.

DEL RIO DR., 11033-Ik Chul and Kook Kim to William and Charlotte Rinderknecht, $425,000.

ELLENWOOD DR., 2949-Loic Fabro and Marylise Palfray to Samuel C. Lee and Duth Pung, $375,000.

FAIR VALLEY DR., 4564-David and Karen Palmer to Zohreh Mansouri, $506,000.

FALCON WOOD PL., 12817-MHI Rugby Road Corp. to David R. and Holly R. Lukens, $806,627.

FOUNTAINSIDE LANE, 4140, No. 204-Linda P. Ayoub to Christopher and Frederick Kiefer, $361,000.

GRACELAND PL., 9220-Veda and Gregory L. Bolton to Jeremiah and Kira B. Vanderlan, $425,000.

GREENWOOD CT., 12102, No. 202-Sue Chu Hwang and Jose O. Mercado to Chi Chen and Ching Nan Hwang, $270,000.

HAMPSHIRE GREEN AVE., 10368-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Patricia M. Kearns, $355,000.

HARROW CT., 5407-Kenneth W. and Connie T. Pedersen to James B. and Ginger J. Fitzgerald, $825,000.

HUMMINGBIRD LANE, 4533-U.S. Home Corp. to Paul C. Park, $665,073.

INVERNESS RD., 3859-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Kevin Turnau and Abbey Solomon, $499,000.

KINGSBRIDGE DR., 9802, No. 001-Rudolpho Rivera and Anna Maria Lopez to Brian C. Williammee, $248,000.

LADY SOMERSET LANE, 12721-MHI Rugby Road Corp. to Swati Shirali and Michael Dillinger, $797,723.

LAKE GLEN RD., 4025-Daniel and Elizabeth A. Zielinski to Mark and Sheliah Fritz, $439,900.

LOG RIDGE DR., 11449-Traci Jean and Sean Andre Powell to Thomas E. and Emily N. Kluckman, $410,000.

MAINSTONE DR., 2915-Elizabeth J. Merrion and Michael A. Dagostino to Richard and Jeannie Russell, $560,000.

MAPLE LANE, 2902-Zohreh Rashidsima to Van Ngo and Leslie Nguyen, $580,000.

MEADOW FIELD CT., 4125-Bu H. and Kyung H. Kim to Muhammad R. Babar, $415,000.

MEADOW FIELD DR., 12408-Michael A. Minter and Sharon L. Lucas Minter to Eui Jung Lee, $584,900.

OAKCREST DR., 4886-Jon and Diana Cecil to Stephen F. and Cheryl C. Campbell, $675,000.

OMAR CT., 9110-Jing Zhang to Richard Newcomb and Elizabeth L. Buettner, $418,000.

PENNERVIEW LANE, 13216-Stuart G. and Tamara L. Fleming to Jerry and Joung R. Kim, $402,000.

QUAIL CREEK LANE, 13140-Donald F. and Patricia T. Kassilke to Willie I. and Kwi S. Lewis, $370,000.

RED ADMIRAL PL., 13030-Inna Volyankskaya and Ross Lansel to Richard H. and Chung Hua Lee, $710,000.

RED ADMIRAL PL., 13046-U.S. Home Corp. to Kwang Chae Lee and Gi Seul Kang, $694,758.

SANTAYANA DR., 9103-Charles E. Bravo to Diana Lotito, $570,000.

STARTERS LANE, 12912-Kihong Ahn and Soo Y. Lee to Gook H. Yoon, $527,500.

STRINGFELLOW CT., 3504-Sheila Q. Sax to Marcelo, Mayra and Jose Tarrazas, $580,000.

SWANEE LANE, 2895-Trace Briarwood to Brenda J. Johnson, $710,075.

THOMPSON PARK LANE, 2956-Neighborhoods Corp. to Maria C. Ferrari Carrillo and Rolando Carrillo, $603,605.

THOMPSON PARK LANE, 2984-Neighborhoods Corp. to Jack S. Kim, $620,835.

VALLEY RIDGE DR., 3970-Arthur J. and Dari Velasquez to Anthony S. Litwiller and Madeline Bowen, $478,000.

Fairfax Station Area

CROSS CHASE CT., 8603-Thomas P. and Andrea M. Bold to Carrie Gerich Bullard and Brian D. Bullard, $770,000.

WINDPATTERNS TRAIL, 6310-Kathleen I. Connolly to James P. Feagins and Thomas E. Saunders, $1.295 million.

Falls Church Area

ANNANDALE ST., 6518-Hung T. and Thanh T. Tran to Maria E. Rodriguez, $400,000.

BEECHWOOD LANE, 3039-Michael Gabriel and Emily M. Mirabella to Christopher D. and Eileen E. Gorman, $900,000.

BISVEY DR., 2839-Juan P. and Nidia H. Garcia to Sunawar and Malazam H. Khan, $450,500.

CAROL LANE, 7105-Louis P. Pierno and Catherine K. Maxson to Paul Wheeler, $550,000.

DAUPHINE DR., 3309-David J. and Amy C. Skiavo to Michael P. and Amy K. Jensen, $569,900.

DEVON DR., 3525-Monique P. McIntyre to William and Mary G. Phillips, $525,000.

DOVER LANE, 2854-Stephen V. and Janice M. Murray to Robert Childress, $230,000.

LAKESIDE VILLAGE DR., 7592, No. H-Sergio and Carolun Suarez to Michael Cogburn, $187,000.

LEE HWY., 7348, No. T3-Lois V. Humphries to Jinshu Zhang and Yanping Wu, $210,000.

NEW PROVIDENCE CT., 2850-Barbara J. Zerega to Tisha L. Thomas and Seth K. Blackburn, $350,000.

WESTMORELAND RD., 6844-Ronaldo Marroquin and Vilma A. Vasquez to Steven B. Spector, $395,000.

YARLING CT., 2938-Lori J. Shelton to Matt P. and Sonya D. Sterbutzel, $340,000.

Falls Church-Pimmit Area

GORDONS RD., 7319-Reynaldo and Nastaran Avalos to Glenn A. and Alison T. White, $980,000.

KIRKLYN ST., 2534-Ti and Duong Lam to Mohammad O. Malik, $545,000.

LEESBURG PIKE, 7746-Thelma M. Affeldt to Maria L. Aguilar, $375,000.

REDDFIELD CT., 7319-Ronald S. and Sylvia Bednarz to David R. and Sabine C. Farrar, $602,500.

SENSENEY LANE, 2213-Shirley A. Bender to Camille M. Attieh and Randa F. Melhem, $520,000.

Fort Belvoir Area

INLET CREEK CT., 6971-Maryann Singer to Stephen M. Roark and Sun Roark, $620,000.

Fort Hunt Area

FELTON LANE, 8319-Anthony A. Ceresi to William C. and Lisa R. Hanna, $581,000.

GREENWAY RD., 1120-Eleanor S. Herman to Christopher H. Wood, $555,000.

MIDWOOD ST., 8320-Francisco and Celilia Bernasconi to Christopher G. Parente, $480,000.

OLD STAGE RD., 1900-Presidential Residential Services to Lara Bartl Wilson and Gregory Wilson, $595,000.

Great Falls Area

RIVER BEND RD., 351-James J. and Leslie P. Hoban to Keith A. Henderson, $1.5 million.

Herndon Area

APPLE BARREL CT., 13506-Li Zhao Xin to Sita Ram Sharma and Shashi Prabha, $365,000.

BARTON OAKS PL., 933-Andrew J. Briddell to Olivia Lopez, $316,000.

CARLSBAD CT., 12706-Erminio and Nancy M. Telles to Khalil Nammour, $513,500.

CLOVER FIELD CIR., 2430-Bebe D. Diggins to Hong Zhu and Shu Shian Zhu, $380,000.

COMMODORE CT., 3508-Warren C. Dance and Tadelech E. Dance to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., $1.02 million.

COPPER BROOK WAY, 13142-Soumya and Sangeeta Sarkar to Deepak Deshpande and Vinaya Shabaraya, $421,000.

DORNOCK CT., 13634-Beeren and Barry Investments Corp. to Richard J. Ward and Cindy L. Squires, $560,000.

FAIRFAX LANE, 503-David W. Zech and Janell Leopardo to John F. Farmer and Jody R. Platt, $485,000.

FANTASIA DR., 12627-Wayne W. Seal to Iris B. and Byron E. Britt, $419,000.

HERNDON MILL CIR., 155-Richard W. Harold to Richard A. Spurgeon, $689,000.

HORTON HILL RD., 2673-Esteban M. and Lisa K. Alzamora to David A. and Nancy A. Linton, $549,000.

JUNIPER CT., 366-Fidelina Cruz to Jose Reyes and Maria C. Alvarenga, $292,000.

KINGS CT., 1005-Michael V. and Tara M. Giordano to Samir Bassilios and Violette S. Choucri, $250,000.

LOGAN WOOD DR., 2660-Robert K. Levine to Madhusudhan Kamasamudram and Geetha Chilukamarri, $475,000.

MCGRANE CT., 3098-Robert Hirshfield and Susan M. McDougall to Cynthia D. Austin, $286,100.

MISTY DAWN DR., 13355-Raj and Sujata Sundaram to James M. and Anne E. Ryan, $440,000.

NAVY DR., 3219-Carlos A. and Lilian K. Garay to Timothy M. and Susan L. McCarthy, $1.05 million.

PARK CRESCENT CIR., 13063-An S. Kim to Bezdek Cherry, $422,300.

QUICK ST., 2494, No. 102-Angela Anderson to Thuba Nguyen, $325,000.

SCHWENGER PL., 13328-Doris A. Holmes to Leonardo Portillo, $294,800.

STUART RIDGE DR., 12033-Martin J. and Julia K. Quinn to Helen M. Kenna, $409,000.

VAN BUREN ST., 823-Ruth K. Davis to Fatima Gull and Mian M. Kashar, $372,000.

WILSHIRE DR., 1232-Elmer Luna and Maria E.M. Melendez to Victorina Aviles, $275,000.

Huntington Area

EVERGREEN KNOLL CT., 5705-Margaret P. Campione to Christopher J. and Meghan Campione, $310,000.

FIFER DR., 5846-Lincoln L. Lawrence to Juan F. and Deisy Cabrera, $261,000.

FORT DR., 2400-Timothy and Kimberly L. Paumen to Maria M. Cuesta, $355,123.

SABLE DR., 5800-Samuel M. and Shirley A. Ricks to Tomas Perez, $430,000.

Hybla Valley Area

AUDUBON AVE., 7980-Leslie Willson to Gilberth Silva, $144,000.

BEDROCK RD., 7012-Susan M. Wheeler to Jose L. and Maria D.L.C. Reyes, $420,000.

FRANCES DR., 7740-Lucinda R. Cotton to Terra Development Inc., $300,000.

LINDBERG DR., 7506-Centex Homes to Teresita A. and Lucile W. Tiongson, $691,560.

MANORHAVEN CT., 2722-Esther B. Tate to Joseph T. Fleckenstein and Shannon B. Lord, $364,900.

PARSONS CT., 7224-Susan Palmer to Carla S. Dye, $345,000.

TAHALLA DR., 6712-Billy R. Shelton to Arcadia C. Lopez, $480,000.

TORON CT., 2509-Angela Freeman to Stephen C. and Susan G. Zidek, $587,500.

WOODSTONE PL., 6807-Judy W. George to Charles D. Oppman, $550,000.

Lincolnia Area

CHIEFTAIN CIR., 5378-Vijayalakshmi Vellayan and Arvind Nair to Lynne S. Ball, $639,900.

CHIEFTAIN CIR., 5440-El Khalil Setti to Florence S. Devilliers, $435,000.

CRATER PL., 6014-John K. Edwards and Rebecca J. Choi to Peter Ochs and Letch M. Ochs, $459,000.

TARTAN VISTA DR., 6529-Wesley J. Dietz to Jeffrey Ward, $465,000.

Lorton Area

ALBERT LANE, 8544-Stephen N. Heller to Maitri Tamrongyouth and Patranee Hamrojananukun, $430,000.

ARDGLASS DR., 7321-Ricky and Maria L. Lara to Manuel Sousa, $415,000.

BIRCH BAY CIR., 8984-Pulte Home Corp. to Catalino Velasquez and Mirian Ferrera, $633,700.

BITTERROOT CT., 8703-Pulte Home Corp. to David A. and Jill Redding, $884,950.

BLU STEEL WAY, 9279-M-I Schottenstein Homes Inc. to Liliana A. Helou and William Torres, $1.055 million.

DANIEL FRENCH ST., 9527-NVR Inc. to Victor G. Cruz, $387,114.

ENOCHS DR., 8544-Erick S. and Stephanie Guidinetti to Frances Joannides and Michael Wiley, $370,000.

FALLSWOOD WAY, 7606-Woo K. and Jung R. Kim to Juan F.D.L. Maza, $359,000.

FUREY RD., 9091-Obaidullah Rashid and Robina N. Rashid to Chong G. and Jong H. Park, $739,000.

GEORGE FOX PL., 8018-NVR Inc. to Shi and Ji Y. Kim, $488,284.

GUNSTON COMMONS WAY, 8204-Engle Homes Virginia to Araya Neway and Yodit Seifu, $481,280.

HAGEL CIR., 9530, No. E-Damir Josic to Asim Mumtaz, $183,500.

HAGEL CIR., 9909-Sylvia B. Dixon and Martin A. Scott to Sara G. Gidey and Gosaye Adugna, $239,000.

HAWKSHEAD DR., 9667-Ryland Group Inc. to Nasreen Begum, Gohar Mirza and Johar Mirza, $509,510.

INDIAN PAINTBRUSH WAY, 8488-Centex Homes to Daniel C. Kim, $772,275.

KENOSHA CT., 8637-Donald L. and Daniel L. Foreit to Getdih Guevara, $285,000.

LINNETT HILL DR., 9586-Ryland Group Inc. to Gabriel E. Elvir, $527,184.

MILFORD HAVEN CT., 8932, No. 32C-Steven F. Cummings, Patrick J. Woznak and Eric Zeeman to Maureen J. Kimmeth, $405,000.

MISTLETOE LANE, 8207-Pulte Home Corp. to Shabana Ahmed, $642,175.

RED CARNATION CT., 8236-Afshin Afsharnia to Jacques S. Battiste, $530,000.

SINGLELEAF LANE, 8187-Pulte Home Corp. to Hanjin Park, $498,050.

SLOWAY COAST DR., 9626-Engle Homes to Kumaran Chinnaswamy and Prasanna Dhudha, $587,032.

STONEGARDEN DR., 9167-Glen P. Craig to Sean B. Layne, $549,900.

USHER DR., 8180-Engle Homes to Kwang Y. and Kyung J. Park, $703,502.

WHITEHAVEN CT., 8433-Engle Homes Inc. to Ibrahim N. Gerdak, $571,237.

WOLFORD WAY, 7754-Dawn C. Tucker to Curtis G. White, $297,000.

FIFTH PL., 9574-Margaret C. Mashinkila to Choudhry Abbas and Khurshid Begum, $680,000.

FIFTH PL., 9581-Gjergji Jonuzaj and Edhira H. Zoto to Paul M. and Angelique R.B. Anderson, $680,000.

McLean Area

CHINQUAPIN RD., 889-Abolfazl T. Bidgoli to Joe H. and Cynthia M. Porter, $1.9 million.

CLOVER LEAF DR., 8454-David R. and Lisa K. Johnson to Earl R. and Cindy L. Beeman, $1.15 million.

EVERMAY DR., 6305-Ernest M. and Constance C. Dixon to Lynn D. and Biff F. Palmer, $930,000.

FARM MEADOW CT., 7200-Hampstead Village Corp. to Richard and Mishelle Kelley, $1.691 million.

GREENSBORO DR., 8370, No. 108-Terry L. and Matthew R. Clark to Youngsoon L. Oh, $395,000.

HARVEST CROSSING DR., 1414-Hampstead Village Corp. to John F. and Peggy J. Maddox, $1.186 million.

INTERNATIONAL DR., 1645, No. 326-Kevin Afshar to Sabittin Yelken, $410,000.

LABURNUM ST., 1510-Jane Beam Daniels and Ann Beam Dorothy to Randal Heeb and Shirley A. Merchant, $840,000.

LAWTON ST., 726-Jean Noel and Gail O. Berre to David P. and Susan R. Ensor, $981,000.

LINCOLN WAY, 1504, No. 421-Mohammad and Mansoor Tabibian to Nancy Z. Torkas and Margaret Zak, $360,000.

LINCOLN WAY, 1540, No. 304-Kevin Vigilante to Joseph B. Waterman, $250,000.

MERRIEWOOD LANE, 849-Michael C. and Nancy C. Rau to Han Lin and Fulin Lee, $949,000.

SPRING GATE DR., 1521, No. 10406-Hye C. Choi to Dana Nouri, $315,000.

Mount Vernon Area

BEEKMAN PL., 8613, No. D-Nicole M. Ellis to Roberto and Tatiana Silvera, $185,000.

BOUND BROOK LANE, 8415-Steven M. and Deborah Simpson to Daniel S. and Katherine D. Canestrano, $500,000.

BRADDOCK AVE., 8614-Brenda L. Rich to Thomas D. and Glenda E. Whalen, $525,000.

GROOMBRIDGE WAY, 4420, No. D-Patricia A. Ullrich to Jorge M. Rios, $192,000.

HALLIE ROSE PL., 8522-Ryland Group Inc. to Michael T. Thorpe, $384,317.

HANRAHAN PL., 4710-NVR Inc. to Farhan A. and Nadia Nasir, $492,340.

LEA LANE, 8808-Terry L. Esselman to Gustavo and Elsa Zelaya, $460,000.

MCNAIR DR., 8896-Margaret A. Callahan to Albert B. and Leanne M. Hutton, $690,000.

RADFORD AVE., 8540-Martha D. Frank to J. Michael Frank, $450,000.

SAN LEANDRO PL., 3945-Lenwood A. Johnson to Rene Aguirre, $223,000.

ST. ANNES CT., 8043-Gustavo and Elsa V. Zelaya to Tiffany and Sherman H. Young, $331,725.

VILLAGE WAY, 8601-Edmundo H. Guardado and Ana C. Castellon to Wanda M. Whitfield, $205,000.

North Springfield Area

AXTON ST., 7405-Richard M. Dorko and May S. Dorko to Eva and Misael Pineda, $425,000.

FORMAN CT., 5229-Joseph S. and Heather Contrino to Lidia Velasquez, $409,000.

GOSPORT LANE, 8003-George A. and Barbara Surratt to Daisy Ramirez and Lina V. Jaramillo, $453,000.

LEESVILLE BLVD., 7003-Graham T. and Janice L. Richardson to Charles A. and Chanardaye M. Phillips, $399,900.

PARLIAMENT DR., 8509-Danny J. Michaels to Afif Lhoury and Fares Tannous, $396,500.

RAVENSWORTH RD., 5342-Narinder and Saktosh Thakral to Surjett Singh and Satinder Kaur, $405,000.

Oakton Area

BUSHMAN DR., 10204, No. 303-Feras Nabulsi and Suehaila S. Nabulsi to Qi Liu, $268,000.

CENTER RIDGE DR., 2818-Thomas P. and Jeanne M. Ross to Christopher T. and Kimberlee R. Perry, $810,000.

CYRANDALL VALLEY RD., 2956-Cecile J. and Pedro Gonzalez to Matthew A. and Laura B. Tetreault, $306,150.

GLYNDON ST. SE, 601-Edward J. and Diane S. Matthews to Bruce W. and Leanne S. Trojan, $415,000.

HUNTER MILL RD., 2849-John L. Boyter to Renni Zhao and Suli Wang, $697,000.

LEEDS RD., 2505-Helen J. Christrup to Joon Im and Peter Yang, $715,000.

PALMER ST., 2953-Prudential Relocation Inc. to David and Ellen Watson, $877,500.

ST. AUGUSTINE LANE, 3534-Renaissance at Oakton to Siamak and Mersedeh Darvish, $1.331 million.

SOUTHAM LANE, 10337-Richmond American Homes to Michael A. Nadolski and Judy A. Keane, $960,884.

WHITE GRANITE CT., 10459-Brian F. Donovan to Eric and Alisha Lacey, $430,000.

Reston Area

AMBLESIDE CT., 10908-Charles N. and Martha V. Price to Frank M. and Marie C. Jacobs, $425,000.

BRETON CT., 11814-Kay C. Dannenberg to Anne Marie Proctor, $254,000.

COCQUINA DR., 2241-Carlos Garay to Marcia Garcia, $365,000.

COLTS BROOK DR., 2341-John W. Bender to Terri Cox, $625,000.

CROSS COUNTRY LANE, 12501-Freshta Jaghori to Daniel A. Arnold, $585,000.

DEER POINT WAY, 1540-David S. Grove to Hewitt Relocation Services Inc., $446,000.

EMERALD HEIGHTS CT., 2359-Judy Y. Burkhart to Juan A. Mejia, $280,000.

ESCALANTE CT., 11955-Silvio J. and Janice M. Zinicola to Leah T. Nemetz and Hilary J. Rinke, $357,500.

GOLF COURSE SQ., 11615-Elyse Schoenig Pinkerton to Robert G. and Susan T. Walker, $375,000.

GREENMONT CT., 1470-Tara E. Coonin and Deborah Pestronk to Kimberly A. Kerin, $335,000.

GUNSMITH SQ., 2262-Donna L. Kent to Philip and Christiana D. Magrogan, $306,000.

KINSLEY PL., 12094-Maurice and Bonnie L. Moore to Kimberly A. Frame, $765,000.

MARKET ST., 12001, No. 122-Reston Apartments Holdings Corp. to Haley M. Lucas, $190,350.

MARKET ST., 12001, No. 128-Reston Apartments Holdings Corp. to Rashmi and Meera Khatri, $174,903.

MARKET ST., 12001, No. 229-Reston Apartments Holdings Corp. to Raymond A. and Antoinette R. Diperna, $192,434.

MARKET ST., 12001, No. 236-Reston Apartments Holdings Corp. to Emily C. and Ronald M. Riggs, $305,004.

MARKET ST., 12001, No. 323-Reston Apartments Holdings Corp. to Shahrzad Davani, $198,206.

MARKET ST., 12001, No. 426-Reston Apartments Holdings Corp. to Jay A. and Mija Perkins, $376,683.

MARKET ST., 12001, No. 435-Reston Apartments Holdings Corp. to Mary E. Dunlop, $234,466.

NEWPORT SPRING CT., 1445-Joseph Cassell to Angela Dickinson, $419,000.

NORTHGATE SQ., No. 1433-12B-Robert Lam and Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corp. to Lisa D. Salmon, $250,000.

NORTHWIND CT., 11401-David A. and Holly G. Galper to William R. and Martha E. Miranda, $820,000.

ORCHARD LANE, 11442-Mark A. and Catherine M. Scrimshire to Rebecca M. Fallen and Bradford G. Ripley, $538,000.

PARK GARDEN LANE, 1396-Elfriede Walker to Jacqueline M. Olkin, $480,000.

ROYAL FERN CT., 2063, No. 21B-Juan C. Tassara and Graciela Pescara to David Hecker, $255,000.

SPRINGWOOD DR., 2224, No. G-Jane D. Nelson to Michael D. Dishner, $270,900.

VILLARIDGE CT., 11025, No. A-Silvio J. and Janice M. Zinicola to Amy K. Wells, $250,000.

WALNUT BRANCH RD., 12108-Paul J. and Lynne L. Farrell to Ilona Kirzhner and Michael Vikhman, $1.063 million.

Seven Corners Area

BARGER DR., 3407-Vicki L. Doff to Amy M. Rocklin and Franklin D. Lomax, $615,000.

PATRICK HENRY DR., 3065, No. 202-Dorothy A. Zilberfarb to Dang L. Bui, $137,000.

Springfield Area

AMELIA ST., 5817-Christel Pendli to Angela A. Ratcliff, $379,000.

CURVING CREEK CT., 8160-Salomon G. Palacios and Daniel E. Garcia to Carlos Gomez, Josefina Constanza and Jose Chavez, $330,000.

CUTTING HORSE CT., 9203-Jonathan N. and Patricia M. Forest to Michael R. and Cynthia J. Rogers, $497,000.

EDINBURGH DR., 8013-Roberto and Maria T. Fernandez to Kelli A. Pacilio, $275,000.

FOREST HUNT CT., 7408-James D. and Joanna F. Powell to Wen Huei Chang and Ping Jung Lo, $389,900.

FRONTIER DR., 6204-Larry Abner Harris to Minh X. Phu and Yuan Yuan Wang, $310,000.

GREEN GARLAND DR., 7721-Steven Wayne and Tracy W. Boutelle to William C. and Deborah Muldoon, $453,000.

GWYNEDD WAY, 8534-Evelyn L. McCleaf to Rachel E. Moen, $310,000.

LAKELAND VALLEY DR., 7828-Homer and Mary W. Hopkins to Matthew D. and Stephanie A. Dejohn, $734,500.

LAZY CREEK CT., 8495-Dina M. Diamantides to Louise D. Blanc, $279,900.

NORTHERN OAKS CT., 7676-Michael K. Yenchochic and Kim Eva Smith to Mohammad Khalil and Mohammad Waseem, $355,000.

RESERVOIR RD., 7226-Michael W. Kim and Jung Hyun Park to Sandra Z. Garcia and Juan J. Nunez, $416,500.

SPRING CREEK CT., 8645-Edward B. and Mary E. Pearson to Sonia Wahi, $300,000.

Vienna Area

ABBOTSFORD DR., 1909-David H. and Catherine Kennett to Ilene C. Deboissiere and Stan J. Trachtenberg, $669,000.

BRANCH RD., 308-Osman Harooni to Abdellah Ferdawsey, $497,000.

CENTERBORO DR., 2765, No. 261-Marquis at Vienna Station to David Nguyen, $336,900.

CENTERBORO DR., 2791, No. 187-Marquis at Vienna Station to Harish Sharma, $451,950.

GAYFIELDS RD., 6401-Clifton James Harlow to Gayfields Corp., $165,000.

KINGSLEY RD., 713-William R. Monk and Tonni K. Monk to Joseph P. and Sharyn D. Covington and Thomas Moroz, $435,000.

LOCUST ST., 209, No. A-Shirley A. Woodburn and Joseh K. Woodburn to Vijay Madhavan and Chitra Mohan, $411,000.

MADRILLON CREEK CT., 2027-Ruben E. and Nellys P. Cobas to Ivan K. Chen and Jo Hsuan Chu, $775,000.

RENSSELAER CT., 2924-Rakesh and Nandini Mehrotra to Raymond C.L. Lin, $480,000.

SUTTON RD., 2753-Mastercraft Homes Inc. to Andreas and Karin B. Schallwig, $887,435.

TAPAWINGO RD., 104-Alex Hejazi to Jose S. Delcid, $489,000.

TREVOR PL., 8022-Afshin Samimi and Negar A. Samimi to Geeve Assari, $510,000.

SECOND AVE., 8225-John M. Adams to Hesham E. Mohran, $633,000.

Vienna-Dunn Loring Area

JOURNET DR., 2225-Mark A. Uhron to Elizabeth and Daniele Bava, $604,000.

West Springfield Area

BARRINGTON CT., 8511, No. C-Joanne Organek to Kathryn Moxley, $190,000.

BLARNEY STONE CT., 6405-John D. Edwards and Douglas E. Tufts to Daniel M. and Susan M. Voss, $336,400.

CARRLEIGH PW., 7814-Mervyn T. Johns to Richard M. Press, $550,000.

HADLOW DR., 7105-David A. and Cristina Koehler to Marcelo F. and Rosalie B. Dasig, $450,000.

KERRYDALE DR., 6297-Amy Sheridan to Marlin G. Forbes, $365,000.

LINDEN TREE LANE, 7281-Paul H. and Fawn V. Freeman to Robert and Marjorie Bowman, $486,000.

MILLWOOD CIR., 6309-Richard J. and Sharon K. Tedesco to Semyon and Rimma Reznik, $431,370.

MINUTEMEN RD., 5941, No. 256-Nancy A. Presutti to Vitali Korobov, $292,000.

O SHAD LANE, 9134-Donald J. and Krista B. Ripper to Yon G. Lee and Bong H. Kim, $338,000.

QUEENSTON ST., 5936-Peter Mason and Margaret Ann Bermudez to Thomas J. and Barbara M. Carney, $406,700.

REXFORD CT., 5778-Sophia So to Rashad Rivera, $232,000.

STREAM WAY, 7355-Daniel A. Fuhr to Scott A. and Kathleen T. Racek, $350,000.

TANGLEWOOD CT., 6204-James J. Clark to John L. and Monica L. Bartos, $395,000.

VERANDA DR., 5905-Loree J. Exley to John G. Now, $469,900.