The following home sales were recently recorded in Frederick County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Frederick County and other Washington areas, visit

Brunswick Area

ORNDORFF DR. E., 35-Nathan B. Sauser to Leona M. and William E. Sauser, $130,000.

WENNER DR., 86-Tina L. Sofranko to Shaun C. Peters and Jessica S. Torrence, $135,000.

Emmitsburg Area

HAMPTON VALLEY RD., 8917-Donald Lee and Jeannie Kay Springer to Shirley Sharrah and Paul Morgan, $199,000.

PARK DR., 20-Donna M. Hogan to Elizabeth P. and Donald N. Briggs, $205,000.

Frederick City Area

ADAM RD., 308-Guadalupe and David Martinez to Harlene F. Jackson, $187,000.

BALL RD., 8053-Brenda L. and W. Henry Janney to Christopher Griffiths, $222,500.

BEAR DEN RD., 2214-Thomas G. and Cynthia D. Crawford to Susan M. and Duane H. Trettin, $335,000.

BEAR DEN RD., 2467-Thomas A. and Doris S. Weever to Lunetta A. and James I. Porter, $379,900.

BLUEWING CT., 1408-Gary D. and Donna L. Barber to Maria C. Garcia and Orlando A. Guzman, $430,000.

BOB WHITE CT., 5001-Laura M. Emmons to Ana Rosa and Carlos B. Gomez, $333,000.

BRISTOL DR., 2155, No. 11-Juliana R. and Dennis Koutavas Jr. to Sean Maxwell, $215,900.

CAULFIELD CT., 2603-Carolyn S. Turner to James Adams and Shannon Unuscavage, $289,000.

CAULFIELD CT., 2625-Pierre and M.K. Gaye Ndiaye to Kathryn and Neil Placer, $279,000.

CAVERNESS CT., 4902-Susan Ann Hill to Rebecca L. Baugher, $479,000.

COLLEGE AVE., 109-Gary L. and Gail B. Knutsen to Kristen N. and Edward P. Robinson, $765,000.

CRABAPPLE CT., 6898-Mildred Grove Main and Paul E. Main to Janice F. Smith, $225,000.

CRANBERRY CT., 403-Cynthia L. Stull to Robert Gesus Fernandez and Jorge A. Fuentes, $235,000.

DAVID LANE, 1358-Angela M. Harley to Blacidia Garcia and Juan E. Rivas, $173,000.

DELAWARE RD., 443-Joshua D. and Anda J. Mason to Karen E. Hulme and Matthew D. Alegi, $349,900.

DRAWBRIDGE CT., 5824-Patricio Proano to Roberto Cortina Jr., $170,000.

DUKE CT., 5212-Milton Lee Miller to Maria and David Vincent, $220,900.

DULANEY MILL DR., 1007-Albert A. and Anne W. Treanor to Anjeannette G. and Claus P. Madsen, $460,000.

EDGEWOOD CHURCH RD., 8505-Diana M. and Ricky L. Kimmel to Skylar Moon and Kevin M. Chase, $242,000.

ELLINGTON WAY, 6544-Eric A. and Joanne L. Hoffman to Karen R. Weedy and William Stablein, $256,500.

ELLROSE CT., 508-Carmel R. and Michael Beall to Robert Rozman and Miriam Y. Ponton, $180,000.

ELLROSE CT., 539-Michael R. and Michelle K. Quesnel to Lory Sok and Voeun Som, $215,000.

EVERLY DR., 2671, No. 7-Clara Ann M. Johnson to Richard L. Kazunas, $190,000.

FARMBROOK DR., 6834-Cindy Rochelle Plymale to Bethany M. Gabrielson and Douglas McConnell, $199,900.

FARMGATE CT., 5806-Jodie L. and Sam W. Bollinger to Dan R. Mantine, $187,500.

FARMHOUSE DR., 5667-Elnora and Lovell Wilson to Lorena B. Castro, $325,500.

GOOSEANDER CT., 6609-Robert L. and Terri K. Davis to Alison and Joseph Delvecchio, $339,900.

HAYLOFT CT., 5201-Sonja L. and Christopher E. Kelley to Beverly W. Weddle, $460,000.

HEATHER LANE, 1730-Edna Martinez to Alicia Dugay and Oumar A. Diagne, $184,000.

HEATHER RIDGE DR., 840, No. E-Cheryl L. Smith to Marisol Hincapie, $123,500.

HIMES AVE., 603, No. 105-Scott A. Maples to Brett T. Brodersen, $156,000.

HORSESHOE DR., 11021-Kristopher Kinsey to Jeffrey T. and Rachel E. Nauman, $380,000.

IVYWOOD NORTH DR., 5329-Francisco A. Silva to Lori S. and Pete L. Nannini Jr., $379,900.

JUBAL WAY, 921-Sergio F. and Emma M. Alcazar to Joyce S. and Ray G. Pratt, $241,000.

LEAHY CT., 500, No. 1B-Ted W. Bamforth to Edgar A. and Maria Teresa Solis, $194,000.

LEE PLACE., 514-Daniel M. and Edith L. Corun to Amy Feldkamp and Barry Adamson II, $260,000.

MCLAUREN LANE, 5118-Hyman A. Shapiro to Donatella P. and Jacob L. Bennett, $280,000.

MEGAN CT., 411-Andre Q. and Harlene F. Jackson to Ruo Hui Xu and Guang Liang Wang, $191,000.

MERCER CT., 106, No. 22-Marilyn Beckwith to Virginia M. Stimson, $240,000.

MOSBY DR., 914-Kenneth R. and Christine L. Keim to Kandra J. and Thomas Stuart Lark, $285,500.

NEW HAVEN CT., 6331-Katherine L. Juul to Sherri M. and Robert E. Hoskins, $228,900.

NEW HAVEN CT., 6335-Rebecca L. Baugher to Darla Curtis, $245,000.

OBERLIN CIR., 7113-Eric T. and Sherry A. Crandell to Fawzia Heeres, $250,000.

OBERLIN CIR., 7134-Sterling L. Hawkins Jr. to Graciela Garcia and Nelson Cuellar, $192,000.

OXFORD CT., 71-James F. Grimes to Harmony F. Brown and Jason R. Bryan, $191,000.

PARKLAND PL., 7965-Matthew F. Sanders to David R. Kandel, $255,000.

PEBBLE CT., 6648-Angela H. Farrell to Robert R. and Suzanne S. Marsh, $221,000.

PENDLETON CT. S., 1-Michael P. and Brenda C. Terry to Joseph K. and Heather M. Rogers, $195,000.

QUINN RD., 5936-James Vernon and Rolanda Jo Smith to Linda C. and Philip M. Dyett, $245,000.

RHINE CT., 800-Elahe T. and Andrew I. Dayton to Laura J. Stang, $230,000.

ROCKY GLEN DR., 1822-Sandra E. Stecklein to Noble Williams Ajebon, $269,900.

SCHOONER CT., 7989-Beverly Ann and Jerome K. Maultsby to Edwin Lewis, $226,000.

SHANNONBROOK LANE, 224-Charles P. Sperrazza to Patrick C. Henry, $297,000.

SHANNONBROOK LANE, 233-Gail Mann to Vickie and Arnold Lankford, $298,500.

SHOOKSTOWN RD., 1653-Brian R. Barrimond to Terry L. Scholten, $299,900.

SPRINGWATER PL., 6133, No. 1400L-Mary L. Cole to Patricia M. Chambers, $210,000.

ST. LAWRENCE CT., 1537-James E. and C. Kimberly Young to Gregory T. and Juanita D. Green, $210,000.

STRATFORD DR., 806D-Timothy R. Bauer to Marian J. Cochran, $135,000.

SUNHIGH DR., 121-John C. and Elizabeth H. Cochran to Angela and Tyrone A. Watkins, $252,500.

THOMAS AVE., 215-Joseph G. Jankowski Jr. to Justin C. Gray, $206,000.

WAINWRIGHT CT., 2136B-Michelle L. and Brian S. Baracz to Kathryn M. Cioffi, $175,000.

WHEYFIELD DR., 1763-Yolany A. and Victor M. Perez to German E. Pena, $508,000.

THIRD ST. E., 333-Sugarloaf Overlook Corp. to Anna M. Eng, $350,000.

THIRD ST. W., 111-Andrew J. and Madelyn J. Comanda to Karen W. and Irvin L. Muszynski Jr., $539,900.

Ijamsville Area

NICHOLAS CT., 3318-Carole A. Newberry to Emeita and Nasser Safdari Nejad, $500,000.

PHEASANT LANE, 10718-Jacob W. and Mildred B. Gatrell to Stacie L. Renfrew and Ana C. Erazo, $550,000.

Jefferson Area

WESTPORT DR., 3375-Landamerica OneStop Inc. to Charlotte K. and James E. Young, $379,900.

Middletown Area

COUNTRYSIDE DR., 7317-John W. and Teresa K. Falkenstein to Maureen A. and Jerry L. Elliott, $346,900.

MOUNT CHURCH RD., 7201-Mary B. and Ralph H. Fink to Ralph William Fink, $244,400.

Monrovia Area

WELLER RD., 11439-Scott D. Browning to Joseph A. Caffrey, $340,000.

Mount Airy Area

CLUBHOUSE CIR., 7001-Donald J. and Amy E. Cantelo White to Cheryl R. and Michael Buratowski, $479,500.

EAST RD., 207-Daniel S. and Eva M. Klein to Christina F. and Michael C. Woodall, $306,000.

FINN DR., 10685-Paul E. and Diane Menapace to Cheryl L. and Robert C. Wilkie, $349,900.

HIGH BEACH EAST CT., 6610-John M. and Julie A. Tharpe to Milca T. Diez and Jose L. Alejandro, $245,000.

LAKE SQUARE CT., 10803-Sheri and Aimee R. Tibbits French to Jodi M. and Jack L. Hathaway III, $255,000.

LAKERIDGE WEST RD., 6731-Samir F. and Brenda M. Mustafa to Pamela Jean Leppin and Kurt Ashley Double, $335,000.

LEE HILL DR., 12512-Curley E. and Sharon Bishop to Christopher and Kimberly D. Longcor, $380,000.

MANOR CT. W., 207-Joan and Ronald J. McClelland to Mark E. Kissner, $252,000.

MOLESWORTH DR., 12614-Mark S. Harley to Harry A. Waters, $345,000.

SADDLE RD., 7106-Juanita and Bolivar Bernier to Regina T. Staley, $310,000.

SHERWOOD FOREST DR., 12329-William J. and Derrice A. Combs to Paula S. and David M. D'Amore, $499,900.

Myersville Area

VISTA CT., 10066-Paul N. Kane to Sharon K. and Donald L. Brown, $520,000.

New Market-

Lake Linganore Area

TESSIE CT., 5645-Louise T. Haslup to Candace R. and Nathan R. Haupt, $234,000.

Point Of Rocks Area

PIPPINS PL., 3816-Anna M. and Truman W. Ellis to Cindy R. Warfield, $295,000.

Thurmont Area

HAMMAKER ST., 101-Vicky D. and William Austin Fraley to Katherine Ann Smith, $255,000.

MOUNTAINDALE RD., 6601-Diane F. Brown to Danielle Myers and Ryan Lipford, $268,000.

SUNNY WAY, 110-Daniel V. Marshall to Douglas Little, $174,600.

Walkersville Area

ADVENTURE CT., 8513-Ronald G. and Diane C. Smith to Cornell Theodore Lewis Jr., $274,900.

FOUNTAIN ROCK RD., 8817-Sally S. Owens to Chen Hsi Jou, $217,500.