The following home sales were recently recorded in the District and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc. and the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue. To find sale and assessment records for homes in the District and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit


BLAINE ST., 3330-Martha V. Blick to Alcea Blocker, $140,000.

CLOUD PL., 5220-Carl P. Barnes to Hosea J. Washington, $85,000.

CONSTITUTION AVE., 1351-Learley Goodwin to Walter Veney, $399,000.

EASTERN AVE., 3806-Margaret A. Crawford and Estate of Fannie M. Page to Banana Enterprises Inc., $130,000.

EASTERN AVE., 6424-Marquita A. Elmore to John E. Stapleton, $350,000.

FOOTE ST., 4523-Vishnu Persuad to Spicer and Spicer Corp., $132,000.

G ST., 301, No. 34-Thomas A. Tyler to Christopher J. Flack, $459,000.

JAY ST., 4627-Kay F. Clark to Kimel and Michael Dixon, $175,000.

KENILWORTH AVE., 1030-Delores Osbourne to Jorge Granados, $193,000.

KENNEDY ST., 659-Estate of Mary M. Medley, Krystel Green and Charles H. Medley to Heidi J. Zimmerman, $238,500.

LINDEN PL., 1208-Sonia A. Polanco to Kermi M. Kuyumcuyan, $400,000.

MARYLAND AVE., 621-Lynn W. Brallier to Susan S. Berger and Terrence P. Collingsworth, $881,575.

NORTH CAROLINA AVE., 1226-Michael P. Minore and David Blake O'Connell to Edward Nelson, Jerry H. Griffin and Linda N. Griffin, $762,000.

QUACKENBOS ST., 405-405 Quackenbos Street NE Corp. to Karen D. Willenbrecht, $230,000.

RANDOLPH ST., 2415-Herbert H. and Patricia A. Jackson to Kevin S. Stafford, $304,500.

THIRD ST., 2323-Clifford Nathaniel Gibbs and Linda Irene Harris to Jennifer L. Fauss, $215,000.

SEVENTH ST., 1118-Prudential Residential Services Limited Partnership to Hanan Khalil, $400,000.

SEVENTH ST., 2817-Margaret A. Smith to Yo Han Lee, $354,500.

NINTH ST., 223-Kathleen Linehan and Timothy R. Penney to Stephanie R. Aaronson and Nuno G. Limao, $639,000.

NINTH ST., 517-Deborah M. Austin and Ernest J. Miller to Kristi Maasjo and Daniel Spealman, $315,000.

12TH ST., 510-Walter Lumpkins Howard to Natteeporn Pruksavan, $255,000.

19TH PL., 4230-Linda L. Smith to Donald C. Toatley, $317,000.

21ST PL., 2402-Gigi M. Medley to Marie Alexander, $239,553.

51ST ST., 732-Todd M. Gordon to Jose and Yvette Strickland, $97,500.

56TH ST., 283-Edward T. Laios to Entervest Corp., $70,000.


ADAMS MILL RD., 2627, No. 106-Ronald W. Huskey to Timothy William Dumas, $423,750.

BEECH ST., 3227-Louise B. Cobbs to Ashby D. and Clare C. Anderson, $695,000.

BEEKMAN PL., 1650, No. 4D3-Louis W. McCauley to Albert E. Holt, $381,000.

BELMONT RD., 1819-Montrose Corp. to William White, $549,900.

BISHOPS GATE CT., 1433, No. 13-Robert F. Hukill to Carlos F. Cuellar and Maureen F. Ferry, $487,000.

BROWN ST., 3426-Kelly Nykodym to Robert Falk, $675,000.

BRYANT ST., 162-Glenda Moore to John T. and Oydin B. McKane, $315,000.

CALIFORNIA ST., 1808, No. 22-Mary Helen Dye and Robert George Kaler to Candace Kattar and Michael Maggio, $552,000.

CALVERT ST., 1801-J. Peter and Wendy R. Freed to Theodros Woldesemayat, $290,000.

CATHEDRAL AVE., 3901, No. 22-Marian Wells Roberts to Kay D. and William Chirolas, $235,000.

CATHEDRAL AVE., 4100, No. 720-Estate of Matalie C. Grant and George M. Grant to Jonathan M. and Nora C. Friend, $566,500.

CATHEDRAL AVE., 4201, No. 823W-Sabine Hugueny and Christine Worthington to Bette and Bruce Morgan, $440,000.

CHAMPLAIN ST., 2363, No. 23-Francoise Drozd to Daniel Robert Hazard and Rod Rochowiak, $598,000.

CHEVY CHASE PKWY., 5447-Robert W. Deller to Angela Liang and Mark Clarence Walker, $740,000.

CONNECTICUT AVE., 2126, No. 44-William A. Homan and David Donald Norton to Hughlyn F. Fierce Riverside Drive Apartment Trust and Jewel C. Fierce Riverside Drive Apartment Trust, $1.25 million.

CONNECTICUT AVE., 4025, No. 301-Angela N. Liang and Mark Clarence Walker to Susan Eisenhower and Roald Sagdeev, $578,600.

DAVENPORT ST., 4827-Kathleen H. Almand and David Bruce Beal to Susanne Marie Boughner and David L. Miller, $631,000.

DELAFIELD PL., 425-Lynda Faulk Henderson and Ernest Henderson to Altar Corp., $260,000.

DELAFIELD PL., 827-Samuel S. Fields to Akua Femi Kouyate, $257,500.

DENT PL., 3020, No. 12W-Malcolm and Nancy Matthews to Nancy E. Rogers, $410,000.

DUMBARTON ST., 2801-Steven M. and Susan Bishop Kupka to Daniel I. and Deborah D. Booker, $1.14 million.

ELLICOTT ST., 4623-Estate of Victoria F. Ahrensdorf and Carmen V. Nakassis to Britton N. and Pamela L. Perry, $761,000.

FLORIDA AVE., 1321-Barbara J. Broadus to Brian Levy, $369,500.

FLORIDA AVE., 1768-David Kooy to Andrea L. Kavanagh and Ewell G. Smith, $765,500.

FOXHALL CRESCENT, 4517-David E. Weisman to Benjamin and Deann Laster, $1.375 million.

GEORGIA AVE., 7103-L. Suzanne Cusimano to Genene W.Y. Fikru and Tigest Mekonnen, $330,000.

IRVING ST., 743-Mable B. Wynne to Nathaniel A. Becker, $236,111.

KENYON ST., 1000-Eugene Robinson and Alpha Robinson to Julia S. Kingham and Victor Timotin, $266,000.

L ST., 2318-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Abbas Sayah, $850,000.

LAMONT ST., 1812-Elizabeth A. Cavendisshhf and Clifton G. Kellogg to Jessica Stockton and Thomas M. Clancy, $890,000.

LANGLEY CT., 3961, No. 592-Ricardo Pineda Albarran to Roberta M. Rossi, $322,000.

LEGATION ST., 2908-Dani Rose and David Zein to Diane Orentlicher, $750,000.

LONGFELLOW ST., 708-Reina Molina and Felix Villatoro to Raul Mendy and Jose L. Terra, $275,000.

LOWELL ST., 5024-Peter M. and Theresa D. Schwolsky to Dana Landry, $1.35 million.

M ST., 412-Scott Nakada to Nathan Carter, $465,000.

M ST., 901, No. 301-Martin L. Johnson and Toba Watts to Matthew McQuaid and Julia K. Voelker, $400,000.

MACARTHUR BLVD., 4481, No. 202-Jeanne M. Daley to Homayoon Daneshvar, $250,000.

MASSACHUSETTS AVE., 1312, No. 607-Jeremy Zellers to Rakesh Surampudi, $387,000.

MINTWOOD PL., 1842, No. 8198-Jeremy J. and Suzanne M. Sack Alberga to Christopher A. Bugel and Kristen A. Kwiatkowski, $442,000.

N ST., 1440, No. 511-Douglas E. McLaren to Alain Reza and Elizabeth Duggal Taghipour, $155,000.

N ST., 2113, No. T1-Kate Hutchins to Alden Robinson Wood, $332,700.

N ST., 2301, No. 102-Carrie D. Shaw to Douglas M. Goodyear and Thomas J. Synhorst, $410,000.

NEW HAMPSHIRE AVE., 1730-K. Rose Bell to Michael A. Maughan, $259,500.

NEW MEXICO AVE., 3101, No. 1112-Leslie M. and Nathan J. Bayer to Ann F. Heuer, Alice H. Lynch and Catherine Heuer Trust, $511,735.

NORTHAMPTON ST., 3920-Madeline M. Katz and Jonathan S. Massey to Emily V. Cornell and Matthew E. Weiss, $995,000.

OTIS PL., 625-Levell Calhoun, Alfrieda Martin and Sinclair Stewart to Lishan Demekristos, $299,900.

P ST., 1718, No. 812-Dror J. Karni to Shadia Ahmed, $251,000.

P ST., 1749-Patricia A. Mathis to Julie T. Katzman, $2.1 million.

P ST., 3108-Ellen K. Carr and Bryan J. Sherbacow to Lilly A. and Michael D. Rubin, $4 million.

PARK RD., 1342-Alvin R. Shealey to Hewan Deneke, $370,000.

PARK RD., 1471-Ivan Davis to Fidelia Berindoague and Stacie Clelia Courbois,


Q ST., 2500, No. 722-Eric J. Watsky to Maureen Agron and Carol L. Lamour, $355,000.

QUESADA ST., 3626-Joan M. Kerrigan to Caree J. Oslislo and David J. Wizenberg, $1.15 million.

R ST., 207, No. 2-Marsha Walden to Katherine A. Saile, $265,000.

S ST., 1716, No. B-Jeffrey W. Groton and Leval W. Sneed to Daniel and Jacqueline McGroarty, $375,000.

S ST., 1927-Jennifer L. and Robert M. Ward to Stephen L. Bennett, $1.315 million.

S ST., 2119-David A. and Mary H. Stevens to Jeffrey A. Wade, $1.75 milllion.

SEDGEWICK ST., 4841-Jane N. and Kenneth H. Cole to Donald A. and Julie R. McCully, $1.09 million.

SHEPHERD ST., 918-J. and R. Associates Staff Corp. to Nicholas R. Martin, $379,000.

STUYVESANT PL., 3376-David Novack to Daniel Finkelstein and Ellen Shurman, $798,000.

SUTTON PL., 3295-Gloria C. and Jorge E. Tristani to Luis Armando Calderon Aguirre, $525,000.

SWANN ST., 1708-Israel and Mary C. Stollman to John T. Hockensmith, $1.221 million.

SYCAMORE ST., 1701-Leslie L. and Thomas P. Ford to Henry G. Jackson, $720,000.

T ST., 1621, No. 705-Alfred T. Mecum to William A. Weatherford, $355,000.

T ST., 3608-Mary Schofield and Winston H. Lee to Miriam R. Hallinan, $570,000.

TUNLAW RD., 4000, No. 603-Frank T. Ittner and Maura A. McKenna to Wade Newton, $206,000.

UNICORN LANE, 2733-Michael S. Mandel to Barry H. and Marilyn W. Smith, $825,000.

VAN NESS ST., 2939, No. 933-Christopher A. Bugel to Alexander B. Schwarzmian, $307,500.

VAN NESS ST., 3737-Michael A. Demino and Richard Heath to Bryan G. Cantio, $750,000.

VERMONT AVE., 1517-Estate of Patrick Kennedy, James L. Kennedy and Marilyn Kennedy to Changfu Chien, $890,000.

W ST., 1208-Dujdao M. and Jason A. Lefebure to Alan and Jodie S. Goldberg, $614,900.

WILLARD ST., 1736, No. 506-Lewis J. Schrock to Thomas E. Wischer, $190,000.

WINDOM PL., 4401-Kara B. Leitner to Katharina M. Dallmann and Soeren Mattke, $670,000.

FIRST ST., 1541-Tia N. Jones to Taji I. Anderson, $220,000.

FIFTH ST., 6604-Jean D. Johnson to Jose A. Rivas Campo and Rebecca Rogers, $359,000.

10TH ST., 1708-Edward R. and Takako H. Alexander to Lilia M. Lopez and Gerardo Mora, $266,890.

12TH ST., 1310, No. 3-Thomas L. Callahan and Kevin O. Ward to John H. Stroud, $531,925.

13TH ST., 1300, No. 808-Stephen P. Push to Matthew Dolbow, $559,000.

13TH ST., 1325, No. 43-Harold L. Jackson and T.R. Santora to Malia N. Brink and Matthew B. Holmwood, $584,100.

15TH ST., 1332, No. B3-Christine H. Chen to Marc S. Barnes, $305,000.

15TH ST., 1822, No. 305-Alexa Corp. to Keith N. and Kevin J. Humphreys, $180,000.

17TH ST., 1724, No. 44-David M. Rumsey to Allison Rand and Gabriel Walsh, $496,000.

18TH ST., 1918, No. 22-Ann H. and Daniel A. Petalas to Thomas Peters, $403,200.

23RD ST., 1155, No. N3E-2200 M Street Corp. to Conrad Kenley, $1.1 million.

25TH ST., 1150, No. 150-Michael P. Ryan to Andrea and Garth Baer, $430,000.

25TH ST., 817-Jeralynn R. Graham to David S. and Jennifer L. Rudge, $507,000.

28TH ST., 2918-Jane G. Fitts to Susan M. Aplin and Carolyn Wapnick, $925,000.

30TH ST., 4629-David L. and Linda E. Swanson to Nicole L. Bagley and Stuart Walker, $1.2 million.

32ND ST., 2903-Karen and Werner Gundersheimer to Diane A. and Robert H. Wilbur, $1.448 million.

35TH PL., 1921-Kerry R. Callahan and Estate of Ronald Treschitta to Kenneth P. Treschitta, $800,000.

36TH ST., 4318-Kenneth I. Flick to Elizabeth A. Banker, $829,000.


BARKER LANE, 4208-Emma J. Davis to J.L. and Associates Inc., $165,000.

BELLEVUE CIR., 866-1428 Perry Place Corp. to Vincent L. Abell, $95,380.

E ST., 614-Mark A. and Susanne Allen to Elizabeth L. Wilcox, $515,375.

G ST., 310-David L. and Stephanie R. Norquist to Margaret B. Sharkey, $585,000.

G ST., 920-Corrintha R. Bennett to Clare R. Flood and Guy R. Palace, $546,700.

HILLSIDE RD., 4635-Bennie L. and Lillian O. Sharp to Mark H. Dickson, $180,000.

KENTUCKY AVE., 120-Barbara A. Thompson Minnis to Clarence Dwight and Yvette B. Pearson, $540,000.

M ST., 3032-Laura Pauline Perry to Timothy E. Cordero, David Lloyd and Shawn M. Scarlata, $112,500.

PORTLAND ST., 815-Kenneth E. Greene to Brenda F. and William L. Newton, $275,000.

W ST., 1414-Wilhelmina Pinckney McLeod to B.M. and Harold Bailey, $126,900.

THIRD ST., 215-Jacqueline Ann Carney and Stephen B. Daquila to Jeremy K. Zellers, $633,000.

FIFTH ST., 208-Craig A. Benson and Alison Van Horn to David L. Schindler, $830,000.

FIFTH ST., 3429, No. 22-Cynthia Summers to Mary L. Morris, $55,000.

FIFTH ST., 921-James Edward Banks to Urban Communities Corp., $150,000.

10TH ST., 209-Robert Scott Foster and Kenneth Hill to James B. and Janice M. Peake, $1.289 million.

38TH ST., 1519-Althea R. Smith to Desiree and Gregory Wright, $385,000.

41ST ST., 1537-Robert and Tachiea Morris to Mark J. Lennon and Jovan C. Means, $193,000.


GALVESTON PL., 68-Ana Rosa Pena to Craig D. Pooler, $220,000.

N ST., 385, No. 96-Gabrielle C. Lange to Fiorella J. and Vanessa M. Gil, $552,000.

SEVENTH ST., 700, No. 115-Tami C. Parker to Stephan M. Ortman, $235,500.