The following home sales were recently recorded in Howard County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Howard and other Washington areas, visit

Columbia Area

APRIL BROOK CIR., 6309-Thomas J. Eisert to Lee C. and Judith Kopp Anderson, $530,000.

AVALANCHE WAY, 11210-Douglas C. Talley to James M. Vetro, $200,000.

BARNWOOD PL., 5803-Frances X. McIntyre Jr. to William F. and June C. Bittner, $175,000.

BASKET RING RD., 9682-Basket Ring Partnership to Roseline Seweje, $165,000.

BEST TIMES PATH SW, 7024-Reginald D. Meekins to Ferdinand O. and Leigh Ann Bernardino, $725,000.

BROKEN STAFF W., 7352-Mark Stewart to Leonard and Marcia S. Lala, $295,000.

BUGLEDRUM WAY E., 6935-Karen Jean Stroud to Scott R. and Petra D. Walton, $310,000.

CALM SUNSET SE, 7266-Jocelyn A. Whitfield to Sang Chul and Hye Sook Lee, $345,000.

CANDLESHINE CT. NE, 7270-Michael P. Dubinsky to Arthur Lee Hamel, $357,500.

CEDAR FERN CT. S., 5919-Tracey Cooke to Stone Manor Enterprises, $311,000.

CEDAR LANE W., 5470-Frederick B. Neely to Daniel Paul Hicks, $138,000.

CONNELL CT., 9221-Adam L. Trypus Jr. to Senefa Atitsogbui and Godwin Atsitsobui, $230,000.

CROSS FOX LANE, 10578-John J. Barry to Joyce E. Baer Trust, $135,885.

FLAGFLOWER PL. NW, 5758-Susan S. Dockery to Francis Niba, $230,000.

FLAMEPOOL WAY NE, 9058-Daunette M. Lemard to Marwan S. Abisaleh, $249,525.

FLICKER PL. NE, 9004-Barry N. Blum to Mathew and Greeshma Jose, $315,000.

FLIGHT FEATHER, 5362-Stephan T. Lemelle to Inez Yancy Paye and Jennie Beysolow, $300,000.

GREEN MOUNTAIN CIR., 5021-John P. Rossetti to Donald L. Hill Jr., $111,400.

HARPERS FARM RD. E., 5177-Donna E. Douglass to Carin E. Falconer, $545,000.

INDIAN CAMP RD. NE, 9352-Travis Hamilton to Kevin D. Perren, $175,000.

IVY BUSH LANE N., 11114-Ruben A. Roca to Yasir M. Usman and Reema Shanavas, $510,000.

LIGHTFOOT PATH SE, 5239-Gordon T. Lane to Mohammad and Samina Kazi, $339,000.

LITTLE BOOTS, 6956-Juliana Trotta to Leon and Stephanie Lightfoot, $295,000.

LOG RAFT NW, 10325-Todd O'Brien to Peter Y. and Elizabeth L. Yasuda, $450,000.

MAJORS LANE, 6091-Jeffrey G. Foote to Kathleen F. and Richard A. Yost, $108,000.

OAKLAND MILLS RD., 7451-Leroy Wilbur Brown to John G. Sullivan Jr. and Patrick Goonan, $425,000.

PHELPS LUCK DR. E., 5675-Jared T. Healy to Kevin Lee and Kristine Vanworkum, $294,000.

RED CART CT. SW, 9248-Miguel Adams to Mirian Castillo and Jose Notasco, $262,000.

SEA SHADOW, 9591-Shelly Ann McFarland to David Joseph Rose, $230,000.

SMOOTH MEADOW WAY, 5423-Paul W. Cottle to Shahrzad Etemadi, $225,000.

SUMMER PARK CT. SE, 9724-Peter S. Embrey to Andrew M. and Jessica T. Cohen, $299,900.

TALISMAN LANE NW, 7237-Paul M. Buckmaster to Shirley Ann Low, $245,000.

TARKINGTON PL. S., 5351-Alexa Katrina Fair, trustee, to Carina M. and Christopher Sinding, $360,000.

TOOKS WAY N., 11340-James An Nguyen to Francis Neuberger, $871,000.

TWIN RIVERS RD., 10581-Eli Vidnjvich to Ramon A. Leon, $209,900.

WATCH CHAIN WAY, 5964-Raza Razzaghi to Athyl J. Jones and Dafnete Prothro, $170,000.

WEATHER WORN WAY W., 7605-Bryan M. Orosz to Tiffany C. Ragin, $152,000.

WELLINGHALL WAY, 5117-Sean M. Peay to Jeffrey A. and Michelle M. Rivest, $860,000.

WHITE ACRE RD., 9625-Kimberly J. Johnson to Robert and Francine Joyce Kent, $113,000.

WIND RIDER WAY NW, 6350-Rosemary V. Wortman to Brian G. Nist and Danielle M. Napier, $326,600.

Dayton Area

TRIADELPHIA MILL RD., 14499-Carroll M. Brown to Michael T. and Heather D. Davis, $377,000.

Elkridge Area

AMBERMAN AVE., 6598-Henry R. Wehland to Christopher L. Brown, $130,000.

AUGUSTINE AVE., 5758-Edward M. Bisesi to Laura and William F. Holderman, $241,500.

AUTUMN SPELL, 5937-John G. Darias to Eric A. and Asa M. Schrader, $335,000.

BLUE SKY N., 5822-Chang Yim to Padma Kumar and Suneetha Karumuri, $354,500.

BUTTERFIELD DR. N., 7920-Dale H. Simmonds to Carlos L. and Patricia A. Holgado, $385,000.

COZY LANE, 6724-Shawna Lynne Hutchins to Manuel S. Murgulia Jr., $307,500.

ELIBANK DR., 6460-Howard R. Stewart to Shadow Brook Farm Corp., $541,000.

ELK MAR DR. N., 7135-Jon Boustany to James Kevin and Jennifer Lynn Johnson, $615,000.

GRASSY GARTH S., 7813-Samuel E. Lowe III to Christopher Ameter and Cynthia Gordon, $325,000.

GREEN TREE CT. W., 8013-George J. Holthaus III to Tianhang Hou and Heping Yuan, $248,000.

GREENFIELD RD. N., 6382-Mansoor Anvari to Bryan and Jessica Orosz, $239,000.

MARIOAK DR. N., 7808-Patrick Ryan Casey to Robert R. McGinnis and Toni M. Dupuis, $210,500.

MERRYMAKER WAY NE, 7460-Michael Mobley to Seth A. Owusu and Regina Adjei, $325,000.

OLD ROCKBRIDGE DR. NW, 7660-Bernice K. Rice to Jaime A. Cullen, $210,000.

ROWANBERRY DR., 6019-Kimberly L. Solomon to Brian E. and Karen G. Igleheart, $207,500.

Ellicott City Area

BONNYBRIDGE PL. SW, 3737-Scott J. Fino to Thomas Wayne Kirwan, $277,500.

BRIGHTWOOD CT. SW, 8018-Tracy L. Burdis to Krishnaraja C. Bhat, $299,000.

CRAGSMOOR RD., 3626-Thomas A. Baum to John P. and Suzette C. Santori, $469,500.

DIVERSIFIED LANE E., 9868-Robert Wheatley to Atallerico and Carol S. Ridgely, $545,000.

DORSEY HALL DR., 4850-Eric Schrader to Tymmetta K. Dawson, $244,000.

DUNLOGGIN CT., 9044-Cendant Corp. to Matthew E. and Janet Z. Jamison, $425,000.

GLOBE CT., 10313-Howard L. George to James R. and Deborah J. Wright, $394,000.

GOVERNOR MARTIN CT., 3327-Sezin Feher to Cheng Zhang O. Shi and Xin Wu, $610,000.

GOVERNOR RIDGELY LANE, 8309-Michelle M. Hendricks to Jinmin Zhou and Han Zin, $709,888.

GREEN CLOVER CT., 10206-James E. Frederick to Chander and Asha Tschand, $415,000.

HARVEST VIEW CT. E., 8502-Darryl C. Talley to Dewayne J. and Bridget A. Noble, $305,000.

LIGON RD., 3613-James D. McCabe to Nancy Seikira, $325,000.

LIVE OAK CT., 4617-Derrick Conover to Kenneth B. and Mary E. Blum, $385,000.

MARYBETH WAY, 8521-Carl E. Ross, trustee, to Ralph S. Bathgate, $350,000.

OLD ANNAPOLIS RD., 9871-Bernard A. Zetlmeisl to Randy and Flori Willard, $478,000.

OLD DRAGON PATH SW, 4648-Sandra G. Sattin to Robert M. and Candace Y.A. Montague, $540,000.

PAUL MILL RD. NW, 3873-Albert J. Laun II to Granger G. Sutton and C. Lynne Dautrechy, $700,000.

ROBERT JAY WAY, 9720-Bradley D. May to Paul Elkis and Diana Buyaner, $630,000.

SONIA TRAIL, 3109-Chan Soo Choi to Albert J. and Peter Christopher Zanger, $252,000.

SONIA TRAIL, 3387-Shafiqul Haq to Jae Soo Choi, $327,000.

UPPER MILL CT., 3520-Xiaozhen Xiong to Jeffrey Wenda Ma and Manling Zhuo, $318,000.

WHISTLING PINES CT. E., 7814-Richard A. Olsen to Mary Catherine and Benjamin D. Downes, $289,900.

WOODSHIRE GARTH, 4829-Roopam Sood Khandpur to John G. Fairias and Lisa J. Farias, $605,000.

WOODSHIRE GARTH, 4813-Robert J. Rouland to Larry S. and Harriet L. Taylor, $639,900.

Jessup Area

SHAREWOOD DR., 7716-Robert N. Stubblefield to Orbegoso Flor, $250,000.

WELLINGTON PL., 8210-Charles E. Dant to William D. and Heather A. Harris, $234,900.

Mount Airy Area

BAHNER CT. W., 16601-Edward G. Dalkiewicz to William S. and Lisa R. Check, $550,000.

Scaggsville-Laurel Area

CANTERBURY RIDING, 9554-Travas M. Holland to Maria C. and Jose I. Palacios, $207,500.

CASTLEBURY CT., 8810-Jody J. Venkatesan to Purnell and Marlo Hilton, $296,000.

HITCHING POST LANE, 9180-Noe Palacios to Jeremias and Kelvin Chacon, $135,000.

MOONSHINE HOLLOW, 9060-Betsy A. Birdine to Ololade R. Onalaja, $165,000.

NAYLOR AVE., 9947-Andrew J. Stitham to Edward K. and Joni M. Wiredu, $299,900.

SUSINI DR., 8716-William G. Walsh Jr. to Jeffrey A. and Kristen Herberger, $349,900.

West Friendship Area

VELVET VALLEY DR. E., 3316-D. Michael Meehan to James P. and Elisabeth S. Clements, $1.05 million.

WOODRIDGE CT. W., 2726-Ronald Lee Bare to Reginald D. and Izette P. Meekins, $885,000.

Woodbine Area

SAGEWOOD DR. N., 2808-Eric W. Frost to James and Sheila M. McManus, $1.188 million.

Woodstock Area

SUSSEX WAY N., 2232-Mehmet A. Duran to Rafaei Wonjun and Rosa J. Choi, $410,000.