The following home sales were recently recorded in Montgomery County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Montgomery and other Washington areas, visit

Aspen Hill Area

ARCTIC AVE., 14225-Gregory Dennison to Dung My Quach and Hai Van Nguyen, $390,000.

ARCTIC CT., 4804-Kenneth R. and M.J. Maertens to Michele Ann and Paul P.Kowansky, $267,800.

ASPEN HILL RD., 4617-Edward W.K. and F.Y. Leung to Martha O. and Henry O. Melgar, $299,950.

BEL PRE CT., 13-Robert L. Clark Jr. to Jose M. Vasquez, $454,000.

CUTLASS DR., 16632-Christopher J. and A.S. Leber to Michelle L. and Richard T. Mahon, $620,000.

DUMBARTON DR., 13120-Lucila D. Santos to Sonia Parada, $375,000.

GRENOBLE DR., 13512-Patrick and Melissa Z. John to Cristina and Alberto Gomez, $384,000.

HORNBEAM DR., 4537-Miriam N. Goldenzweig to Carol and Jack D. Rushing, $589,900.

PECAN DR., 14409-Leonard F. and M.S. Mongeon Jr. to Rita F. and Juan P. Villalobos, $415,000.

SUMMERTREE CT., 16601-Robert B. and L.J. Cushing to Karen M. and Brett J. Douville, $550,000.

VISTA DR., 13916-Richard M. Petros, trustee, to Ada Maritza Rivera and Carlos O. Portales, $395,000.

Bethesda Area

ACACIA AVE., 5100-R. Carl and F.K. Millican to Cynthia and Nicholas J. Onder, $750,000.

BRILEY PL., 5312-Inga Bowden Frank to Abigail M. and Roger F. Sagerman, $765,000.

BRISTOL SQUARE LANE, 9871, No. 242-John A. Miller to Maria M. Allen, $399,900.

BROOKEWAY DR., 5404-Pote P. Videt Yontrakich to Terrell and Erik Benke, $746,000.

CARTER RD., 10000-Ira H. and R.A. Sharp to Lissette and Timothy Wharton, $1.005 million.

CHELSEA LANE N., 4509-Mary P. Preller Living Trust to Paige and Robert P. Coulman, $550,000.

GRANBY ST., 6805-May A. Rihani to Mohamed Aniba, $872,500.

GREENTREE RD., 7328-Maria Suarez to Ingrid A. Bush, trustee, $490,000.

IPSWICH RD., 5826-Maryam Massoudkahn to Philomena Lai, $555,000.

JULLIARD DR., 9931-Yi Wu Chi to Jeanny S. Ho, $520,000.

KINGSFORD PL., 5903-M.N. and Edward H. Greeley to Eric D. Collier, $634,500.

MADAKET RD., 5802-William E. Rogers, trustee, to Julia A. Moore and Harry C. Blaney III, $949,950.

MAPLEWOOD PARK CT., 21-Eric D. Collier to Cristina M. and Charles A. Tato, $745,000.

MONTROSE AVE., 10501-D.M. and Christopher B. Evans to Anjeanette Agro, $308,000.

MONTROSE AVE., 10643-Barbara B. Shepherd to Amy L. Fisher, $259,900.

PORTSMOUTH RD., 5305-Mary L. McGee to Ann K. Matthews and Michael D. Hays, $1.585 million.

SPRING LAKE DR., 7507, No. B2-Paul B. Fezza to Chu Li Yi, $285,000.

SPRING LAKE DR., 7527, No. D2-Marilyn R. Saunders to Gretchen A. Lucia, $280,000.

ST. ALBANS DR., 10329-Todd A. and Rebecca Gardner to Emilios K. Dimitriadis, $625,000.

STILL SPRING CT., 8311-Carl B. and L.J. Feldbaum to Farshad Foroozan and Lili Mottaghi Foroozan, $740,000.

TULSA LANE, 6312-Edward M. and M.L. Dorland to Stanislava and Jonathan Kimball, $595,000.

WESTLAKE TERR., 7420, No. 1108-Bernard E. Friedman, trustee, to Majid and Manijeh Massumi, $345,000.

WESTLAKE TERR., 7420, No. 1511-Paul A. Wallace to Pramod Paranthaman, $357,500.

WEYMOUTH ST., 10613-Sandra J. Harris to Yeonsoon L. and Keith A. Cole, $300,000.

WEYMOUTH ST., 10650-Susan S. Mundy to Mary E. Miller, $200,000.

Boyds Area

GATE DANCER LANE, 14200-Carlos F. Vargas to Michael Bang Ta, $635,000.

PALMETTO CIR., 13738-Frantz A. Arnoux to Venkatasatya Prerepa and Purushottama Lolla, $365,000.

PEACH TREE RD., 21915-Virginia Magaha to Andrew C. Marchwicki, $330,000.

TATANI DR., 14030-Vijayalaxmi Pemmarazu to Michael and Nicoyan T. Haynes, $413,500.

Brookeville Area

ARIA CT., 19203-Charles E. and R.L. Swallow to Priscilla and Kelvin Rawls, $705,000.

QUEEN ELIZABETH DR., 18632-Paul T. Eng to Lee B. and Jill P. Michaels, $420,000.

TANTERRA CIR., 3332-Mary A. Van Harn to Richard J. and Deborah A. Werden, $420,000.

Burtonsville Area

ALMANAC DR., 14651-David N. Jacobs to Adelaide Gyamfi, $299,900.

AUTUMN GLEN CIR., 3601-Donna J. Lee to Amir Saeed, $310,000.

BERLEIGH HILL CT., 3740-Chandrima Chakrabarti to Thomas Z. Zubah, $359,500.

MC KNEW LANE, 14608-Kelly E. Beck to Manjula and Raju R. Alluri, $290,000.

RED MAPLE CT., 4236-Terence D. Thomas to Yigremachew Israel, $270,600.

SKI LODGE DR., 3802, No. 107-Jamison L. Hughes to Marlon H. Payne, $170,000.

WEXHALL TERR., 14614, No. 13-Oscar A. and Lisa K. Corona to Aminata Traore and Kassim Bagayoko, $270,000.

Cabin John Area

ARCHBOLD TERR., 7859-Linda C. and H. Kurt Christensen to Heath A. Chilcoate, $435,000.

ARCHBOLD TERR., 7859-Peter C. Bianchini to Linda C. and H. Kurt Christensen, $430,000.

Calverton Area

CHERRY HILL RD., 11406, No. 102-Gee M. Moore to Ayodele Olashege, $46,500.

Calverton-Colesville Area

APPLE GROVE RD., 611-Olivia J. Featherson to Richard L. Chauncey Jr., $535,000.

BRUTON PARISH WAY, 3521, No. 93-Vafolay M. Tulay to Sharon and Robert Richardson, $266,000.

CARRIAGE HOUSE TERR., 1617E-Flora Tiacoh to Lecaldo A. Sylvester, $198,000.

CARRIAGE HOUSE TERR., 1637D-Joella Meunier to Evangeline P. Caraos, $157,000.

CASTLE WAY, 3410, No. 107-Priscilla K. Kioko to Maureen D. Harriott, $201,000.

CEDAR CREEK LANE, 13623-Angela Y. Mason to Anna May and Michael J. Puma, $285,000.

CEDAR CREEK LANE, 13652-Sang M. and K.H. Shim to Molienne Philippe and Jeankite Joseph, $295,000.

DOWNS DR., 1014-George W. and P.C. Howard to Rosmery and Exequiel Jarman, $422,500.

HAWKESBURY LANE, 719-Zachary S. You to Steven G. Kendall, $690,000.

HAWKSHEAD CT., 2605-Charles E. Bowser to Jaime N. Ayala, $430,000.

MEMORY LANE, 3030-J. and Angel Aponte to Blanca M. Rodriguez, $446,000.

MODRAD WAY, 13705, No. 9-John V. Wear to Elizabeth O. and Jairus C. Onyiego, $202,000.

MOZART DR., 2905-Alexis Yun to Lap T. Vo, $300,000.

QUARTET LANE, 3118, No. 225-Sheila M. Cheek to Ever Grier, $222,450.

THOMAS DR., 11-Kimberly D. and Adam W. Bingaman to Koilpillai Family Trust, $740,000.

VALLEY BROOK DR., 204-James L. and Barbara M. Kish to Leonor A. and James C. Groomes, $515,000.

Chevy Chase Area

CHEVY CHASE DR., 4720, No. 305-Margot E. Smith to Christine and Charles Blair, $453,000.

EAST WEST HWY., 4219-W.C. and A.N. Miller to Melissa A. and Vincent J. Pasko, $514,000.

EAST WEST HWY., 4242, No. 407-Ehab Elnahal to Laura E. Staro, $450,000.

EAST WEST HWY., 4242, No. 412-Lillie A. Swanke, trustee, to Michael Ryan Romanoff, $234,000.

EAST WEST HWY., 4242, No. 708-Thomas Sheehan to Stephen Clarke Ellis, $265,000.

FRIENDSHIP BLVD., 5500, No. 927N-Farrokh Mohadjerin to John E. Dixon, $295,000.

HESKETH ST., 108-Samantha S. and D.R. Sapin to Jeffrey Eliot Shuren and Allison Weber Shuren, $1.1 million.

MAPLE AVE., 7502-Thomas F. and J. Brady to Julie Vastola and Daniel Cannistra, $820,000.

OXFORD ST., 26-Melville M. and C.H. Moffitt to Eileen C. and Marc D. Weller, $885,000.

RIDGE MANOR DR., 25901, No. 7000F-Stacy A. Allgood to Kimberly and Mitchell Goode, $207,000.

RIDGEWOOD AVE., 7112-Benjamin F.P. Ivins to Linna M. Barnes and Christian J. Mixter, $1.367 million.

ROCTON AVE., 7723-Payam Herischi to Ashk Adamiyatt, $662,300.

Clarksburg Area

FOUNTAIN DR., 12305-R.M. and Robert J. Recchio to Roberta A. Miller, $390,000.

STRINGTOWN RD., 23821-Jose L. Alvarado to Karen P. and Ransom B. Hughes, $325,000.

Cloverly-Ednor Area

ELM GROVE CIR., 1413-Jonathan A. Greene to Joaquin Beltran, $250,000.

FARMCREST WAY, 1407-Latonya M. Kittles to Marco Ayala, $262,000.

HOLLY GROVE RD., 15400-Patricia Hammond to Elba C. Argueta, $660,000.

LOCUSTWOOD LANE, 14729-Michael G. and N.M. Conaway to Zenab and Tamseel Butt, $620,000.

MIDDLEGATE RD., 15112-Richard H. and M.A. Austing to Saloni and Shawn V. Mandaiker, $560,000.

PEACH ORCHARD RD., 14921-Henry I.E. Lepe to Idalina Toledo, $375,000.

TWIG TERR., 1269-Cheng Yi Feng to Alex Pivovarov, $265,000.

Damascus Area

BRIGADIER PL., 26008, No. F-Timothy S. Burns to Laura Edens, $190,000.

CANVASBACK WAY, 9924-Jose V. and Rosa C. Cantor to Amy B. and Thomas C. Conlon, $247,500.

CLEARWATER DR., 25305-Davanna K. Cotone to Dana S. Lees, $464,000.

DURANGO DR., 9916-Morris and Debra K. Eader to Reina A. Diaz and Carlos I. Guerra, $420,000.

GUE RD., 9116-J. and Carroll D. Kittelson to Lance J. Rakovan, $555,000.

HANEY TERR., 11008-Owen M. and L.M. Bromley to Patricia A. and John T. Panetti, $400,000.

TRALEE CT., 25100, No. D1-Jennifer Gough to William T. Duckett, $162,000.

Derwood Area

CATALPA CT., 17024-Karin T. Ventola to Harshini Koshila Fernando, $338,500.

CLIFFBOURNE CT., 7421-James R. and M. Vargo to Karen B. and James M. Wilson III, $415,000.

CLIFFBOURNE LANE, 17800-Raymond R. Rippon to Christina P. and Evan Sutter, $440,000.

DEW WOOD DR., 7721-L.A. and Darin M. Boville to LandAmerica OneStop Inc., $500,000.

EPSILON PL., 17212-Max Doosoon Choi to William M. Herrera Golcher, $300,000.

MILLER FALL RD., 7621-Howard B. and C.S. Smith to Lynne Zarate and Julio E. Zarate, $455,000.

Gaithersburg Area

ANSEL TERR., 13638-Narayanan Ramamurthy to Gracia Katembwe, $390,000.

ATHENS PL., 9603-Payam R. Herischi to David Eyester and Reem Kidess, $446,500.

BADENLOCH WAY, 7900, No. 103-I.S. and Carlito C. Castroverde to De Ausen Oliver Troy, $175,000.

BAMBI CT., 11909-Wayne A. Mann to Michelle and Trent Palmer, $400,000.

BATTERY BEND PL., 20309-Cendant Corp. to Rima and Hani Assiryani, $369,000.

BAYRIDGE CT., 9-Marlene Viray to Deetje Maringka, $360,000.

CENTERWAY RD., 9128-Frank C. Ellwood to Wei Chen, $269,900.

CENTRAL AVE., 204-L.B. and Bruce Wilkinson to Jeannie M. Hart, $565,000.

CHERRY LAUREL LANE, 18549-Sung W. Chung to Yeon Soo Kim, $338,000.

CORAL REEF DR., 507-Rina Iriarte to Hassan Dakkouni and Nadia Boumahdi, $312,000.

CRABAPPLE LANE, 8103-Ana M. Cruz to Dora Dejesus Cruz and Edwin B. Solano, $285,000.

DAMSON TERR., 14909-Kerry and T. Steffan to Bobbie N. and Neel N. Motiwala, $746,250.

DAVENCROFT CT., 20414-Wanda G. Pompey to Lilly H. and Woody A. Lee, $335,000.

DUVALL LANE, 112, No. 88-Rony R. Cruz to Nur J. and Mohammad M. Rahman, $170,000.

DUVALL LANE, 130, No. 302-Farid Khan Mohmand to Michelle P. Dorsey, $147,900.

ELIOAK TERR., 7537-Patrick J. and J.P. Hogan to Yalta Braithwaite and Richard Nyinase, $310,000.

FILBERT CT., 27-Eric K. Heritage to Micheas Zemedkun and Aberash Agune, $280,000.

GIRARD ST., 438, No. 260-F. and Victor Arce to Lionel Moreta, $195,000.

GOODERHAM WAY, 12516-Bruce M. and D.L. Pitts to Tamara and Goran Kondic, $550,000.

GRAVENHURST CT., 61-Oscar Rodriguez to Angela R. Wilson, $305,000.

GUILDBERRY CT., 7804, No. 301-Akram Gizabi to Susan M. Feldmann, $195,000.

HOLMARD ST., 209-Timothy J. and L.J. Wharton to Susan B. and David M. Desalle, $925,000.

HONEY BROOK CIR., 17-M.C.R. and Pierre F.A. Chery to Liset G. Lopez, $320,000.

KINGLET PL., 19112-Devin J. and Adrienne M. McDonald to Veronica and Jorge Gomez, $275,000.

LAMONT LANE, 144-Hossein Kazemi to Rodrigo Barrera, $297,500.

LANDSEND DR., 38-Arthur W. Brusila to Donna L. Ascanio, $280,000.

MAIN ST., 602B-L.V. and Steven D. Feller to Ruth E. Ericksen, $410,000.

MAIN ST., 803-Jason E. and V.A.C. Fisher to Elizabeth Munro and Matthew Finn, $539,900.

MIDSUMMER CIR., 228-Jeffrey B. and S.V. Levine to Irma B. and William A. Froh, $669,000.

MOORESTOWN PL., 11600-D.T.J. and Jong Liang Ku to John V. Messina, $587,000.

NAPA VALLEY RD., 29-Thomas H. and K.K. Candland to Kevin J. and Gloria L. Dabbondanza, $332,500.

ORCHARD DR., 107-Shobna Kukreja to Imelda N. Uzoka, $279,000.

ORIOLE PL., 9205-Jose M. Garcia to Blanca and Daniel Canas, $279,900.

OWENS GLEN WAY, 11763-Robert F. and M.E. Moore to Jill W. and Michael J. Cayelli, $635,000.

PULVER PL., 13407-William C. and Diane E. Beck to Lisa B. and Joel F. Pyser, $875,000.

QUINCE ORCHARD BLVD., 784, No. 102-Sachin and Ritu Marwah to Karen L. Davis, $177,000.

QUINCE ORCHARD BLVD., 870, No. OP1-Anthony Thompson to Margaret Jacobs, $129,000.

SECLUDED LANE, 14237-Camille Wilkens to David Kressler, $708,000.

SHADY STONE WAY, 16013-R. and Barnett Kramer to Lauren Johanna Blank, $611,700.

SPRING ST., 24-Lai C. Cho to Kim Anh Thi Dinh and Tri C. Huynh, $335,000.

STANDARD CT., 28, No. 64-G. and Samuel

O. Olanrewaju to Charles S. Montroll, $185,000.

TAVERNEY DR., 19551-Kristine A. Sager to William Sanabria Diaz, $273,000.

TURKEY FOOT RD., 14560-Milton April to Megan and Keith Fisher, $650,000.

WATERSHED CT., 8606-Stephen C. Pollock to Jose Batres, $287,500.

WATERSHED CT., 8610-Maria A. Pena to Amparo Chavez, $310,000.

WEST SIDE DR., 1102, No. 30B-R.S. and Jose A. Mata to Valeriana Gutierrez, $275,000.

WEST SIDE DR., 732, No. 6A-Zaheer and Ahmed to Syeda Asma Husain and Syed Kamran Husain, $275,000.

WEST SIDE DR., 986, No. 22E-Ron Hanan to Edwin M. Mwencha, $260,000.

WHITE SURF DR., 509-Adam and Krista Helfer to Roberta J. and Carlos M. Castillo, $301,000.

Germantown Area

ABERSTRAW WAY, 11512-Gordon M. and S.J. Hurd to Karen H. and Michael P. Wrublik, $211,000.

AMBER RIDGE CIR., 12020, No. B304-Aravindkumar S. Ramalingam to Andre and Joy Pierre, $275,000.

ARISTA MANOR WAY, 12024-Ethan W. and K.L. Klass to Patricia S. and Scott B. Felrice, $610,000.

ASHWORTH CT., 11752-Richard A. Lane to Juan Orellana, $252,350.

BEACONFIELD TERR., 20332, No. 101-Tanya L. Jackson to Mohit Khanna, $178,000.

BIRDSEYE CT., 2-Kelley A. and Daniel S. Monahan to Zafar Alam, $241,000.

BREEZEDALE LANE, 19453-Thomas G. and L.H. Greene to Junalyn and Richard V. Belandres, $200,000.

BUNYAN CIR., 21245, No. 180-Jarred L. Miller to Rajesh Kohli, $383,500.

CEDARHURST WAY, 20302-Ryan Galich to Tosha Hacket, $69,219.

CLOPPERS MILL DR., 13201, No. 11J-Jane A. and Nathan J. Atwood to Sun Jun Kim, $265,000.

COUNTRY RIDGE DR., 13326-K.A. and F.C. Roberts III to Fatoumata Fanny, $267,000.

CROSS RIDGE WAY, 12565-Melanie M. Safarik to Lisa M. Douglas, $255,000.

DEEP BOTTOM RD., 15417-D.W. and Mark A. Defries to Maria Bautista, $700,000.

DEERWATER DR., 13539, No. 7G-B. and Nader Naderpour to Douglas M. Taylor, $259,000.

DRUMCASTLE CT., 49-Michelle S. Cho to Lilin Zhong, $289,000.

ESMOND TERR., 19272-Samantha and Timothy Kilgore to Eligio Rivas, $279,900.

FOUNTAIN CLUB DR., 13406-Bruno Fabi Jr. to Tatiana Kouznetsova and Victor Fedorov, $425,000.

FOUNTAIN HILLS DR., 18902-David W. and P.L. Carlisle to Tejal and Hinal Balia, $540,000.

GLEN WILLOW WAY, 18614-Freddy Salas to Paul R. Beeks, $273,500.

HICKORY TREE WAY, 12415, No. 321-Deborah G. Toole to Raul R. Llerena, $150,000.

JUMP DR., 14063-Daniel P. and Michele Foerst to Jason Papadopoulos, $290,000.

KITCHEN HOUSE CT., 18124-Sokhom Keo to Wanzheng Pei and Gang Zhi, $234,000.

MC CUBBIN LANE, 12922-Gregory and Jennifer Zweibel to David and Torie Rodriguez, $542,000.

MC FARLIN DR., 18928-Ramon and L. Bautista to Jose A. and Silvia A. Hernandez, $392,000.

NEERWINDER CT., 6-Misty D. and Andrej I. Stupal to David D. Koleber, $335,000.

PANTHERS RIDGE DR., 12119-E.I. and Ilias G. Borsas to Rajiv Shahi, $369,500.

PINE RIDGE CT., 5, No. 3-Leila and Michael A. Singh to Rosa L. Moreira, $226,000.

PIONEER HILLS DR., 14529-Adolphus S. and U.B. Bonar to Nancy A. and Lloyd M. Hardgrave, $750,000.

QUAIL WOODS DR., 12329-Carl E. Prather to Natalie L. and Timothy G. Haggett, $277,000.

QUAIL WOODS DR., 12351-Noel and Ingrid L. Pacheco to Sandra P. and Alberto S. Ramos, $256,000.

RED BUCKEYE CT., 20217-Brian P. and K.J. Green to Katherine R. and Grant G. Gotlinger, $332,500.

RED ROCKS DR., 18032-Soon Gil Kim to Sherry A. and Robert A. Guardiano, $589,000.

SAWYER TERR., 19056-Mirna E. and S.R. Kelly to Hsiu L. Yeh and Liang H. Chang, $355,000.

SCOTTSBURY DR., 20713-Jodi Ann and Joshua D. Katz to Ariel B. Austria, $370,000.

SHADYSIDE LANE, 13001, No. 12-Betty J. Williamson to Talia M. Trigilio, $189,000.

SHIPLEY TERR., 20200, No. 7A-Angela M. Dove to Bryan R. Murphy, $166,670.

SHIPLEY TERR., 20213, No. 1A-Ana J. Penaherrera to Lolita Gani, $179,000.

SKY BLUE DR., 12425-T. Aaron Dyer, trustee, to Sharon E. and Robert Newby, $283,500.

SOJOURN CT., 21062, No. 52-Eun Hee and Tae Hun Kim to Chad M. Beswick, $379,900.

ST. JOHNSBURY LANE, 19405-Sofya Sterina Khelashvili to Juana Romo, $374,000.

STEEPLE CT., 18-Edward D. and B.L. Johnson to Elena Pugacheva and Kamran Melikov, $420,000.

STEEPLE CT., 37-Kristina D. Thiagarajan to Daniel Douglass, $366,000.

SUMMERSONG LANE, 20524-Julie and Steven Vargo to Sean Douglas McLennan, $305,000.

TREEBRANCH TERR., 18938-Jose A. and Silvia A. Hernandez to Ligia Cajiao Escallon and Jesus Franco Ortiz, $271,500.

WINDING CREEK PL., 18630-John D. Bledsoe to Amy R. and Ronald J. Harrington, $239,000.

Hillandale-New Hampshire Estates Area

AVENEL RD., 9413-Adam P. Prasad to Mairelin and Mario Serpas, $355,000.

GATEWOOD AVE., 10622-Pearl O. Krepchin, trustee, to Maria and Mardoqueo Ayala, $379,500.

NOLCREST DR. W., 1002-Jerry J. and R.R. Worth to Elida N. and Jose B. Tejada, $450,000.

NOLCREST DR. W., 917-Sirva Relocation Corp. to Leslie C. and Jermaine H.Q. Cooper, $470,000.

Kensington Area

PEARSON ST., 10715-Sharon Banks Tarr to Jennifer M. Duin and Noel J. Vigliotta, $555,000.

Laytonsville Area

FOXLAIR CT., 14-Eric and M. Quivers to Edmundo and Patricia V. Ilijic, $929,000.

GOLF ESTATES DR., 21225-M.K. and John G. McNeil to Linda M. Nealon, $1.26 million.

HANSON RD., 24509-Loren D. and Barbara J. Show to Joann and Eric Tate, $439,900.

PECAN GROVE LANE, 24124-William E. Merry to Nathan D. Pratt, $451,000.

Montgomery Village Area

BRASSIE PL., 19439, No.203-George M. Wilson to Linda S. Ripley, $89,600.

BRASSIE WAY, 9672-Gelson M. Brown to Maria Del Pilar Ortiz, $195,000.

BROOKRIDGE CT., 9936-Alcira C. Feliciano to David Bennett, $225,000.

CHADBURN PL., 9222-Michael L. Washington to Michelle Toyo Chin, $220,000.

DELCRIS DR., 8620-N.T. and Sanjay Mishra to Atusa Salvidio, $329,900.

DELLCASTLE RD., 9812-William S. Bavis, trustee, to Daniel J. and Maureen Goodwin, $444,900.

FOREST VIEW PL., 10018-Charles W. Belser to Concepcion Lovo, $235,000.

FOREST VIEW PL., 9932-Victor Soto to David Montoya, $163,000.

HELMOND WAY, 19813-John F. Brennen to Virginia M. Dickensheets and Harold L. Dickensheets, $578,000.

HIGHLAND HALL DR., 20709-Linda L. Wille to Judith R. Oliver, $350,000.

KANFER CT., 9658-Kurt H. Germann to Deanna L. Peters, $290,000.

KANFER CT., 9672-Lauren L. Meskill to Ramon R. Hernandez, $294,000.

KINDLY CT., 10212-Joseph F. and S.A.

Banks Jr. to Jaime S. and Philip L. Kirlew, $329,900.

LEA POND CT., 2-Sarah L. Hite to Taoufik Mimilahlou, $265,000.

ROSEMARK CT., 8813-Mario Leon to Claudia M. Gamero, $226,600.

STERNCROFT CT., 20515-K.A. and Michael D. Stuebe to Tatyana Yeremina, $242,000.

WALKERS CHOICE RD., 18710, No. 4-Sergio E. Garcia to Esperance Desouza, $192,000.

WELBECK WAY, 8866-Martha O. and Jose C. Fuentes to Mark Mihill, $217,000.

Mullinix Area

RIDGE RD., 28737-K.E. and Robert J. Harmon to Monique Boss, $375,000.

Norbeck-Layhill Area

ASTRODOME DR., 14435, No. 35-Elizabeth Q. Mack to Reina I. Rivera, $240,000.

BARBARA RD., 12716-Thelma B. Toler to Yolanda Torres, $395,000.

BEL PRE RD., 3754, No. 12-Felix A. Crespo Gomez to Isidro Mella Tolentino, $153,000.

BEL PRE RD., 3770, No. 8-Sami E. Rizkallah, trustee, to Rafael E. Dominguez, $164,000.

BEL PRE RD., 3960-Peter T. Vu to Fredis A. Blanco, $167,000.

BEL PRE RD., 3976, No. 1-Stephen and Sentho Kilgore to Ana I. Martinez, $143,000.

CAMELBACK LANE, 2603, No. 9-Kyle Breitzke to Eth D. Goldstein, $228,600.

CHERRY LEAF LANE, 2212-Donato G. and S.L. Depaola to Ermyn and Shelton D. Roberts Sr., $450,000.

CONNECTICUT AVE., 12903-O.C. and Edison P. Carrillo to Harry A. McNeace, $369,900.

DALEY ST., 13008-Victor and R.I. Campagnari to Hector R. Ubillus and Gloria C. Coello, $378,000.

ELM TREE LANE, 2118-Jacqueline J. Lincoln to Shewaye Amde, $430,000.

EMDEN ST., 4307-Cesira Maranon to Howard Gelinas, $255,000.

FARTHING DR., 3508-Sue C.A. Dawson to Traci M. Smith and Gregory A.D. David, $270,000.

FELDON ST., 12407-Carlos Valdez to Juana E. and Juan E. Jurado, $350,000.

FERRARA DR., 3703-Martin Lespada to Kankoue Kponve, $335,000.

GREENERY LANE, 2203, No. 10-Rita M. Marchone to Jose A. Reyes Jr., $196,000.

GREENERY LANE, 2207, No. 8-Rita N. Weill to Petrona Deavila, $100,000.

GREENERY LANE, 2207, No. T3-Rene M. Castellon to Saeeda Qureshi, $216,000.

HARRELL ST., 3409-Shirley A. Lennon to Felix Porta, $369,900.

HELEN RD., 12703-Raquel Batista Perucchi to Jose N. Lopez, $385,000.

HIGHVIEW DR., 4012-K.A. and Paul G. Egland to Mark A. King, $293,250.

INTERLACHEN DR., 15100, No. 4-George J. Caspar, trustee, to Barbara M. and Chadwick R. Houck, $325,000.

INTERLACHEN DR., 15101, No. 704-William A. Stanley to Dorothy S. London, $359,000.

INTERLACHEN DR., 15107, No. 111-Virginia B. Dillon to Joseph Anastasi, $169,900.

ISBELL ST., 4211-Eduardo A. Llerena to Jennifer S. and Yong S. Kang, $352,900.

LEISURE WORLD BLVD. N., 3330, No. 917-Mary E. and Thomas R. Riley to Charles B. Brewer, trustee, $238,500.

LUTES DR., 13116-Karen E. Aschaffenburg to Allen B. Raymond, $355,000.

NORDIC HILL CIR., 1626-Bonita L. Jude to Del Castillo Hector and Alexandra, $482,000.

PRINCE FREDERICK WAY, 15535, No. 108B-Richard Mehaffey to Eileen E. and Richard J. Haney, $415,000.

SHAMROCK RIDGE RD., 15004-S.J. and Kang B. Lee to Jimmy A. Hernandez, $305,000.

SHILLING LANE, 1708-Edward R. Bowles Sr. to Rosa Portillo, $365,000.

TABIONA CIR., 2614-Isoken and Alile to Caroline T. and Thomas M. Kajubi, $310,000.

VINTON TERR., 12408-Jeanette D. Davis to Madison Properties Inc., $215,000.

Olney Area

ARCHWOOD WAY, 17917-Carol R. Jones to Heather A. Sutton and Steven L. Presley, $439,500.

BROOKE MEADOW LANE, 3828-Joseph L. and R.E. Sernak to Colleen and Jonathan L. Swisher, $495,000.

CLOVERCREST CIR., 18602-J.A. and C. Eugene Harvey to Mary F. Howard, $388,100.

CLOVERCREST CIR., 18653-Albert and Shanta M. Gyan to Christopher K. Hon, $380,000.

DARNELL DR., 18200-Pamela Shannon to David Retz, $520,000.

FORT WILLIAM DR., 2314-W.L. and Raymond P. Gabany to Maria Dylma Smith, $585,000.

GALLAGHER WAY, 17404-Lonetie E. Walker to Christopher J. Boyle, $305,000.

GOLDEN SPRING CT., 18043, No. 163-Robin Caparosa to Juan A. Paco, $251,000.

GOLDEN SPRING CT., 18045, No. 164-Karen D. Rollings to Debra Schindler Eig, $267,800.

MOSS SIDE LANE, 17313-M. and Carlos Romero to Lonette W. Aronson, $500,000.

SHOTLEY BRIDGE PL., 17936-Amy C. Gilleland to Delali and James A. Wilson, $349,900.

WINDSOR HILL DR., 18166, No. 207B-Joseph A. Rhodes III to Michele and Michael S. Bonavia, $230,000.

WINTER LAUREL TERR., 3638-Joseph and N.L. Scheffey to Kelly M. and Frank Lunacek, $435,900.

WINTERGARDEN TERR., 18005-Eun Young and Parker A. Hill to Olga and David Botello, $385,000.

Poolesville Area

FISHER AVE., 19580-Todd A. Maihle to Ramonita Rivera Maldonado and Aurelio Maldonado, $192,000.

HUGHES RD., 17305-J. and Robert H. Douty to Michael A. Klein, $394,000.

WOOTTON AVE., 19016-Sharon N. Street to Kent A. Rosenberger, $375,000.

Potomac Area

ALBERMYRTLE RD., 11301-Sam Al Corp. to Ching M. and Tsal N. Wei, $2.15 million.

BELLS RIDGE DR., 10904-Krystyna Litwin to Karla R. and Michael R. Silverman, $1.235 million.

BUNNELL DR., 8708-Robert and J.R. Schweitz to Allison and Sean Olmsted, $629,900.

CRESTVIEW DR., 1747-Waltraud Rogall to Modesta Yepes, $525,000.

GREAT ELM DR., 12041-Hewitt Relocation Services Inc. to Christine and Steven M. Summers, $1.415 million.

HACKAMORE DR., 7808-Jean T. and C. Crawford to Mythili and Venkatesh Raman, $1.185 million.

LE HAVRE DR., 11701-Dah Hen and K.Y. Lin to Carol S. and Brian M. Sosner, $1.012 million.

SCARBORO CT., 8500-Ronald E. and E.L. Cohen to Suzanne A. and Brian C. Jones, $949,000.

STAPLEFORD HALL DR., 10609-David and Barbara Parish to Raelin F. and Jeffrey A. Kantor, $2.185 million.

WHITERIM TERR., 7708-Yu Teh B. Teng, trustee, to Marcella C. and Paul B. Fezza, $580,000.

Rockville Area

ASHLEY DR., 11804-Hao Fong and Amy P. Hsu to Aykut Uren, $385,000.

CHARLES ST., 301-Adrienne Ricker to Ming Deng, $234,900.

COLLEGE PKWY., 716, No. 3-Irene E. Traynham to Nacera Ouibrahim Tahi and Nacer Tahi, $329,000.

COURTHOUSE SQ., 24, No. 707-Edwin O. Pinedo to Alvaro Villatoro, $285,000.

CROOKED CREEK DR., 607-Brent A. and S.L. Solomon to Robin M. and Albert L. McBride, $859,900.

CROSSFIELD CT., 5200, No. 138-Russell N. Braley to Oliver M. Janney, $185,000.

DIAMOND COVE TERR., 15302, No. 3-Harold Katz to Victoria V. Dergileva, $281,500.

DOUGLAS AVE., 611-Victoria and German Pena to Kelly D. Johnson, $250,000.

DOUGLAS AVE., 614-Lawrence C. Smith to Bryan S. Malickson, $360,000.

EDSON LANE, 5817, No. 3-M.C. and John J. Collins to Touran Halati, $345,000.

ERTTER DR., 4800-Mario C. Alvarado to Minerva Lemus and Juan Lemus Lopez, $440,000.

IVY LEAGUE LANE, 706, No. 69-Chi Ping to Arjumand and Mohammed Akbar, $350,000.

LEYTON CT., 12-H.L. and Chung Y. Wu to Qmars Saisan Lotfi, $485,000.

OLDEN RD., 4710-Sonia L. Grimaldi to Anang Totok Dwiantoro and Henny H. Sukaini, $350,000.

PINE HAVEN TERR., 10625-Alfredo M. Basas to Karen D. and Andrew J. Murphy, $493,100.

PINE HAVEN TERR., 10641-Craig E. London to Scott Attman, $495,000.

ROLLINS AVE., 210-Harry Stein, trustee, to Ching Mei and Tsal Nan Wei, $435,000.

SCHUYLKILL RD., 11014-Mary H. Whiteley to Edmond Mansaku, $342,000.

SCHUYLKILL RD., 11116-J.S. and Sabrina M. Weinberg to Nery Munoz, $380,000.

ST. JAMES RD., 12513-Esagh Ebrahimzadeh to Eva R. and Thomas M. El Khatib, $615,000.

VANDERBILT CT., 33-Rafael Isea to To Thi Thai, $465,000.

Silver Spring Area

BRADFORD RD., 8906-Elijah W. Titus III to Fatimeh Asi and Danyal H. Mokhtarzada, $440,000.

BROOKVILLE RD., 9316-Edward W. Dolson to Seth C. Polansky, $602,500.

DAY AVE., 10207-Angela Correll to Virginia Power and Mark Power, $329,000.

ELKHART ST., 1908-L. and Lars Volz to Cydonii V. Fairfax, $549,900.

GREGORY ST., 10711-Leiann Klein to Sunny and Herbert Martinez, $377,000.

HERON DR., 815-Lori Lisowski to Karen T. and Tedd C. Buelow, $331,000.

KINSMAN VIEW CIR., 129-Luis Medina to Joan Castillo, $335,000.

LEIGHTON AVE., 310-A.K. and John A. Moreland to Maurice E. Brogden Jr., $310,000.

LEIGHTON AVE., 407-Stephen Dillon to Sheilia R. Archer and Edward Evans, $380,000.

LEXINGTON DR., 408-John A. Cannon Jr., trustee, to Christopher J. and Toni L. Mallon, $450,000.

LYTTONSVILLE RD., 1900, No. 901-Miriam Linvat to Adam Shaw, $148,500.

MARKHAM ST., 10014-Tefera Zewdie to Nikos Marmaras, $365,000.

PROVIDENCE AVE., 9117-Benjamin N. Hamlin to Marissa Ronca and Nick Panagopulos, $464,000.

RENFREW RD., 10115-Michael D. Bosley to Jose M. Ramirez, $370,000.

SHARON DR., 1509-Daniel H. Kress to Tom Scurlock, $445,000.

SLIGO CREEK PKWY., 9039, No. 1806-David H. Kraft to Felix Alvarez Pages Jr., $225,000.

UNIVERSITY BLVD. E., 305-Carlos C. Cadenas to Jose L. Ramirez, $330,000.

WOODMOOR DR., 16-Robert A. and D.J. White to Diane and Joe Liberta, $477,500.

FIRST AVE., 8904-Thomas F. Jennings, trustee, to Jacqueline R. and Edward W. Dolson, $837,500.

Spencerville Area

SPENCERVILLE RD., 2111-Rose O. Kanu Oti to Gerald Doye, $430,000.

Takoma Park Area

JACKSON AVE., 7514-Scot Hull to Melissa C. and Peter W. Brandrup, $479,900.

LANCASTER RD., 1113-Helen S. Shepherd to Nancy J. Keith, $395,000.

Twinbrook Area

NIMITZ AVE., 311-Edward O. and M.D. Gregory to Dewi Pelita Sari and Aria H.C. Salaka, $314,900.

SCOTT AVE., 1003-Emil S. and M.W. Dove to Pedro and Maria C. Mejias, $345,000.

TWINBROOK PKWY., 415-Lanny Setijowati

to Thang Thluai and Mang C. Nung,


Wheaton Area

ANNMORE DR., 916-Allyn J. and S.G. Rickman to Tamar S. and Moshe D. Teitelbaum, $500,000.

AVENA ST., 2602-Yehudit Lee to Courtney Draggon and David Dildine, $355,000.

BRISBANE ST., 1918-D.M. and Joseph M. Liberta to Roger B. Niles, $485,000.

BUCKNELL DR., 11508, No. 89-Harold Weinberg to James L. Roy, $170,000.

DALEWOOD DR., 12217-C.L. and Simon C. Warner to Angel A. Vasquez, $260,000.

DAWSON AVE., 2913-Fadwa Lkorchy to David Olivar, $343,900.

DAYTON ST., 2002-Jeffrey J. and Gundeep S. Roussel to Sherri A. and Christoph M. Ahlers, $417,500.

EASECREST DR., 11001-Lillian A. Clary to Ingrid A. Guzman, $372,000.

FENIMORE RD., 2716-Jaime R. and A. Enriquez to Richardo H. Cortez and Edith Y. Turcios, $410,000.

GANNON RD., 3908-Russell A. Langdon to Olga Munoz Lopez and Francisco Javier Lopez, $280,000.

GRIDLEY LANE, 1601-Gerald N. and L.L. McAree to Benjamin C. Ridenour and Patricia S. Schmidt, $300,000.

HAYWOOD DR., 10401-D.A. and Steven M. Clark to Luis Ventura, $349,000.

HUGGINS DR., 11850-Maria and Agostinho Simoes to Ibolya Ignat, $325,000.

INWOOD AVE., 10414-Jose Bautista to Jorge Argoti, $395,000.

LADD ST., 1608-Carolyn C. Middleton to Anthony J. Jones, $300,000.

NEWTON ST., 2603-Jack J. Pruitt to Rigoberto Artiga, $340,000.

PARKER AVE., 2311-Lucile A. Beckmeyer to Laura M. Kay Roth and Craig M. Roth, $425,000.

UNIVERSITY BLVD. W., 1121, No. 215B-Eunice S. Sandhaus, trustee, to Carmina Bedregal, $215,000.

WATERMILL LANE, 11203-Thomas B. Valuck to Eric J. Atwater, $405,000.