The following home sales were recently recorded in Prince George's County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Prince George's and other Washington areas, visit

Accokeek Area

BROOK ST., 902-Amy J. and William H. Aussiker to Eva Cameron, $367,000.

CATHERINE FRAN DR., 2007-Olivia S. and John L. Bautista to Mark C. Ford, $429,950.

FARMINGTON RD. W., 200-Middleton Homes to James Lusby, $298,150.

GARNER CT., 18303-Betty L. and Marion E. Scott to Roger G. Liverpool, $425,000.

SHANNA DR., 18422-Sheldon and Tonya Bryant to Mary and Johnnie Jackson, $384,000.

TERESA DR., 1109-Patricia J. and Clinton E. Koch to Sheila Miles, $250,000.

Adelphi Area

ADELPHI RD., 9280, No. 101-Jeffrey Fewell to Sylvia Luna, $102,000.

ADELPHI RD., 9284, No. 103-Linwood E. Johnson to Austen Nwaochei, $95,000.

BORNEDALE DR., 10916-Kathryn B. Beard to Francisca Cruz, $350,000.

BURKETON RD., 1101-Reta Glover to Eva F. and John Hopkins Jr., $313,000.

CHILLUM RD., 716-Kalpana Wynn to Gilmar Amaya, $270,000.

EDWARDS WAY, 9200, No. 201-Eleanor and Reginald J. Stewart Sr. to Dene T. Pendleton, $108,800.

EDWARDS WAY, 9200, No. 110-Cynthia D. and Henry Cooper III to Brent J. Khelawan, $175,500.

FALLING BROOK TERR., 2813-Boadicia P. and Kingsley S. Wright to Carol J. Grant Gordon, $460,000.

JUDSON ST., 2500-Thelma L. and Carlos A. Corzo to Francisco J. Cartagena, $200,000.

METZEROTT RD., 1800, No. 107-Lisa R. and Russell N. Thomas to Huber E. Carrillo Alvarado, $112,000.

METZEROTT RD., 1830, No. 403-Benjamin Selva to Assiatu Kamara and Mallam Jalloh, $86,000.

RIGGS RD., 7959, No. 3-Sandra Nnaji to Irma I. Salmeron, $83,000.

RIGGS RD., 7979, No. 5-Dwayne Crowder to Joseph L. Costa, $89,000.

RUATAN ST., 2010-Herman E. Busey to Melvin Y. Teja and Maria C.A. Portillo, $245,000.

16TH PL., 7302-Clarice and Albert V. Howard to Catherine A. Burt, $185,000.

Beltsville Area

AMMENDALE WAY, 6715-Donna L. and Keith B. Mann to Sean Parker, $230,000.

BELTSVILLE DR., 11995-Barbara J. and Ronald L. McGehee to Miguel A. Lainez, $240,000.

BLACK FOOT CT., 11217-Annette M. Harlow to Chirwat Hkamphong, $248,000.

BRIGGS CHANEY RD., 4104-Tomi and Benjamin Wallberg to Rebecca Popov, $260,000.

BROKEN BOW CT., 11312-Richard J. Fratanduono to Michael B. Awosemusi, $239,900.

CAROLINE AVE., 11205-Ever J. and Sandra Flores Mendoza to Candida F. and Mercedes M. Franco, $305,000.

CHERRY HILL CT., 3443-Walter Friegen to Emmanuel Odiana, $179,900.

CHERRY HILL RD., 11236, No. 301-Pierre A. Antenor to Chidi Maduka, $162,000.

CHERRY HILL RD., 11314T-R. Charles Redhead to Lori J. and Ryan J. Loughlin, $82,000.

CHERRY HILL RD., 11328M-John K. Magee to Juan C. Disla and Brennys Moranta, $126,000.

FRANKLIN TERR., 4406-Timothy L. and Sharon L. Hipp Jr. to Tema D. Burns and Michael Schaffer, $296,500.

INNIS CT., 7402-Thanh Huynh to Jasdeep and Jaspal Vohra, $520,000.

ODELL RD., 4703-Doris Padgett to Carlos A. Rubio, $295,000.

POWDER MILL RD., 4243-Leana Silva to Irma Y. Chinchilla, $361,500.

POWDER MILL RD., 4714-Mary E. and Louis A. Perticari to Jorge Corvera, $363,000.

45TH PL., 10303, No. 202-Joann L. Alexander to Thomas H. Beigel, $110,000.

Bladensburg Area

TAYLOR ST., 5315-Ana G. and Julio O. Jovel to Justina Alfaro, $230,000.

52ND ST., 4007-Julieta and Domingo Caintic to Anthony Busog, $223,000.

Bowie Area

ASPEN LEAF DR., 17204-David A. and Lucy Green to Nicole T. and Andre D. Whitaker, $470,000.

BACKUS DR., 12310-Mohammad F. and Sabah Jawhar to Winnifred R. Park and Houseo Miles Jr., $449,000.

BARTLETT LANE, 2711-Elizabeth S. and Ronald D. Nelson to Triana D. Bash, $318,000.

DANGELO DR., 13236-Dominic M. and Lay Kin Zarro to Kenneth B. and Daphne T. Pryor, $319,900.

DEEPWOOD CT., 4633-Timothy R. Countee Jr. to Jasmine T. Riley, $228,000.

DEEPWOOD DR., 11441-Tracy A. Holland to Ondrea P. Holliday, $170,000.

EAGER TERR., 4012-Theresa McNair to Queen Ola, $249,000.

EASTHAVEN CT., 15645, No. 1011-Dayna Evans and Thomas Lazorcak to Netsanet Kibret, $135,000.

EASTHAVEN CT., 15756-Maria C. Pena to Kimberly B. Cvitkovic, $127,000.

EDGEVIEW TERR., 15930-Aaron J. Green to Anthony Gray, $310,000.

ELEGANT CT., 16005-Nicole and Andre Whitaker to Lisa Ward, $295,000.

ELLERTON RD., 3550-Lisa B. and Anthony V. Clark to Briant K. Coleman, $259,500.

ELMCREST LANE, 3612-Natanya Lott and Sheryl L. Scott to Joelle D. Jordan, $260,500.

ELMCREST LANE, 3707-Carla Lee to Devin McMillan and Daughan Pitts, $230,000.

EMPRESS WAY, 15414-Abiola Ogunyemi to Evelyn N. and Kwasi O. Forsun, $253,000.

ENDERS LANE, 3706-Jeffrey Banks to Rabian M. Ahmed and Hassan M. Ahmad, $252,000.

ERNST DR., 3809-Pamel H. and Marcus Reed to Jesse T. Gill and Mary Latimore Jr., $259,950.

EXCALIBUR CT., 3712, No. 201-Robert L. Ellis II to Bashir Lawal, $213,000.

EXCALIBUR CT., 3714-Terry G. Perkins to Ebonique L. Lov and Larry A. Poteat Jr., $205,198.

FERN LANE, 12104-Martin L. Boseck Jr. to Christine and William Anderson, $325,000.

FOXHILL LANE, 12200-Kathleen G. Arnheim to Marta M. and Aaron H. Sanders, $341,500.

FOXHILL LANE, 12212-Vivian S. and Walter E. Ambler to Gottlieb M. Bright, $296,000.

GILBRALTER CT., 6305-Theresa S. and Byong K. Choi to Lillian Burrell, $419,900.

GOLD CUP LANE, 8114-Martin J. and Kathryn W. Kane to Daisy R. and Nathaniel Clark, $335,000.

GOTHIC LANE, 6208-Carol N. Dula to Cheryl V. Cooper Cockerham, $292,000.

GWINNETT LANE, 6417-Stephen J. and Belle R. Bertocchi to S. Earl Reynolds and Yvette Napper, $451,000.

HEMING LANE, 12640-Lisa Dejournette to Simret Kebede and Million Demissie, $259,900.

KEMMERTON LANE, 12407-Jacqueline L. and James K. Ford to Patricia L. Howard, $309,900.

KIMBERWICK DR., 14809-Amit H. and Nisha A. Patel to Dolores M. and Brian S. Puckett, $459,000.

LONDON LANE, 14930-Charles B. Dyer to Jennice and Richard Oriolo, $240,000.

LONGRIDGE LANE, 12110-Rebecca L. and John A. Gross to Sharon E. Scheidahauer, $294,000.

MADONNA LANE, 3527-James D. and Karen P. Burrow III to Patricia L. and Clifford S. Rader, $330,000.

MAPLE AVE., 8609-Samantha and Michael Lilly to Joshua Chambers, $199,900.

MAYCHECK LANE, 12210-Helen M. and John J. Faber to Nicole S.W. Gurdon, $276,000.

MEMORY LANE, 12603-Angela M. and Robert J. Koonce to Georgia Skrine Scott, $289,900.

MILBURN LANE, 12602-Samir Assar to Larissa A. O'Brien, $305,000.

NASHUA LANE, 14909-Albert W. and Patricia A. Firestein to Jung L. Hsiao and Michael K. Alexander, $311,000.

NOBLEWOOD LANE, 15221-Patricia A. Calletto to Judith E. Case, $205,000.

NOBLEWOOD LANE, 2705-Jahmal Leitzsey to Dina Dejesus, $261,000.

NORTH DALE LANE, 3052-Leon A. Hasnain to Omotola and Kolawole A. Olaitan, $221,990.

OLD CHAPEL RD., 12800-Michael J. and Linda F. Gifford to Susan J. and Steven E. Puffpaff, $310,000.

OLD CHAPEL RD., 13616-Jean C. and Richard J. Colton to Kimberly A. Blum, $219,900.

ORANGEWOOD LANE, 4413-Jacqueline D.E. Crump McCain to David L. Vincent, $282,500.

PATRIOT LANE, 1111-Joseph T. McCann III to Katrina Cartwright, $193,000.

PENN MANOR LANE, 15808-Shirley A. Eta and Charles G. Renken to Chad A. Walters, $255,000.

PITTLAND LANE, 2517-Odell Jackson to Monique Lamar and Jaimie Foster, $265,000.

POND MEADOW LANE, 16110-Cheryl R. Dry to Juan C. Yan, $269,500.

QUARTERBACK CT., 12337-Ricky R. Mitchell to Byron M. Mapp, $289,000.

QUARTERBACK CT., 12339-Jacqueline and Milton Hardy to Lesley M. Jones, $312,000.

QUARUM PL., 12017-Susan A. and Christian R.A. Wilson to Vonisha G. Hodge, $414,900.

QUILL POINT DR., 7942-Christian Curry to Gaither B. Rone, $310,000.

ROCKPORT LANE, 4303-Pamela J. Lomax to Cassandra A. and Mark S. Britt, $220,000.

SHAWMONT LANE, 12415-Albert L.L.J. and Joan Rodier to Jeannette and Ned Muffley, $320,000.

SUNFLOWER CIR., 3917, No. 9-Kathy C. and John A. Kunkel to Janet Rudasill Allen, $410,000.

TABB CT., 8602-Thomas Rickenbach to Joylyn and Dewight W. Watson, $419,000.

TANBARK LANE, 3001-Robert B. and Elizabeth O. Mullen to Pamela and Kenneth Harris, $285,000.

URBANA LANE, 13717-Christopher S. and Catherine Munar to Karen P. and James D. Burrow III, $367,000.

WILLOW CREEK RD., 6707-William J. and Pamela L. Smith to Ruth A. Thollie and Ibrahim Kamara, $269,900.

YOUNGWOOD TURN, 13545-Patricia W. and Colin W. Coulthurst to Carson Whitaker, $275,000.

Brandywine Area

HEATHERWICK DR., 8509-Lenora A. Hanee to Valerie L. Newman, $252,000.

Brentwood Area

NEWTON ST., 3818-Rolando and Mark Maglaque to Maria B. Mendoza and Pedro A. Cruz, $225,000.

Capitol Heights Area

ADDISON RD., 5510-Moses K. Koyi to Donald B. and Sarah L. Williams, $142,500.

ALTON ST., 3912-Sharon T. Lundy to Ronald Hill, $190,000.

CARMODY HILLS DR., 324-Denise Watson Fletcher to Warren P. Tucker, $152,000.

DEANWOOD DR., 4811-Maria T. and Ronald D. Williams to Celeste Taylor, $165,000.

DOLE ST., 5508-Cheryl L. Johnson to Lashone D. and Benjamin F. Butler, $115,000.

DUEL PL., 5127-William A. Smith Jr. to Maggie M. Williams, $135,000.

ELLIS ST., 3805-Rebecca Pritch and Louis E. Keen to Carletta Howard, $135,000.

FAIRFORD WAY, 1004-Amanda Byrd to Michael J. Garrett, $153,470.

JANSEN AVE., 908-Federal National Mortgage Association to Jerome Smith and Darlene Wall, $176,000.

MILL AVE. E., 203, No. 116-Clara S. Doiley to Michael Doiley, $105,600.

MORNINGTON PL., 1108-Reco F. Coates and Shontail K. Brown to Reginald Matthews, $185,000.

MOUNTAIN LAKE PL., 6920-Jacqueline R. Hinnant to Shanita and Willie J. Milligan III, $180,000.

OMAHA ST., 4704-Roy S. Monroe to Felicia A. Shakir, $157,000.

OPUS AVE., 611-Beltway Properties Inc. to Beulah Evans, $170,000.

OPUS AVE., 715-Amerivest Inc. to Teresa Y. Joel, $164,950.

PACIFIC AVE., 1515-Linda J. and Jack G. Bannister to Keith M. Wade, $125,000.

PISTACHIO LANE, 4606-Cheaz A.M. Porter to Richard E. Faulknor, $198,000.

TORQUE ST., 4208-Amenane Kouadio to Tyrone M. Bryant, $175,000.

WILBURN DR., 6600-Ellery Bolls to Allie and Delano Lincoln, $185,000.

ZELMA AVE., 306-Shermel and Lloyd E. Epps to Neil Matias, $155,000.

ZELMA AVE., 315-Anita Cary to Lula Marable, $140,000.

69TH PL., 526-John R. Wolfe Jr. to Veronica Lee and Carolyn Mack, $151,500.

Cheltenham Area

BAILEY DR., 10512-Marla C. Sheppard to Wanda E. Price, $310,000.

Cheverly-Landover Area

ALLENDALE DR., 8117-Prince J. Floyd to Babajide Akintunde, $126,000.

ARBOR ST., 6118-Linda V. and Brian N. Priebe to Andrew J. Castleberry, $320,000.

CENTRAL HILLS LANE, 903-Dorothy M. and Albert D. Green to Tara K. Rama, $177,000.

CHEVERLY HILLS CT., 3212-William B. Meloy to Audrey M. Ichida, $322,680.

CHEVERLY OAKS CT., 2922-Mona B. and Gregory L. Johnson to Robert Sands, $359,900.

COUNTRYWOOD CT., 1701-Ravi G. Mani to Grace I. Ogbonlowo, $160,000.

FIRE HOUSE RD., 2607-Huri D. and Eliel Rodrigue Pizarro to Gloria and Tomas Hernandez, $207,000.

FLAGSTAFF ST., 7111-Bernestine and Calvin C. Floyd to Cornail Floyd, $140,000.

GOODLAND DR., 7402-Tayron Reynold and Joanne Voss to Elva E. Romero, $135,000.

GREELEY RD., 7201-Rose Family and Lyle Snakenberg, trustees, to Christopher W. Jorgensen, $140,000.

HAWTHORNE ST., 6016-Austin E. and Elizabeth A. Hatch to Amy L. and Aaron J. Whitesel, $270,000.

MAHOGANY DR., 7100-Eric W. Brown and Jerome R. Davis to Sheryl W. Stokes, $167,500.

MERRICK LANE, 7713-Michael A. Robinson to Byron Daniels, $162,000.

MERRICK LANE, 7714-Donnie H. Smith to Fahnbulleh G. Zarzar, $153,500.

NORMANDY RD., 7614-William C. Oliver to Yvonne Mason, $137,000.

RED OAK LANE, 2741-Vonisha Bryant to Veleda Henderson, $165,000.

RYDERWOOD CT., 1800-Hattie A. Anderson to Amy X.Y. Booker, $152,000.

TREMONT AVE., 2905-Charles Bachman to Luis E. Vargas, $230,000.

VILLAGE GREEN DR., 1716, No. A9-Cheryle R. Plater to Phil Obi, $90,500.

VILLAGE GREEN DR., 1740, No. A21-Dorothy S. Gregory to Micheline Honorat, $90,000.

Clinton Area

CHAD WAY, 8908-Jacqueline E. Strother to Bryan Colvin and Pamela Vandoren, $330,000.

CLAYTON LANE, 8913-Monnie C. and Howard L. Hiester to Charles M. Proctor, $170,000.

CLINTON ST. E., 7112-Avis and Andre Cook to Andale J. Dixon, $280,000.

CUSHMAN DR., 8803-Bernnette J. and David C. Pridgen to Fannie C. Manning, $239,000.

DENTON DR., 7829-Terond and Christopher C. Davis Sr. to Barbara M. Bishop, $250,000.

GOBLET WAY, 7120-Gloria B. and Hilliard Daniels Jr. to Shirley A. Little, $257,900.

LINHURST DR., 9319-Carolyn V. Lewis to April C. and Norman J. Pryde, $278,000.

LUCKY LURE DR., 7722-Elijah Jenkins to Kendra Worthy, $245,000.

MIKE SHAPIRO DR., 7709-Sonya Y. and Christopher L. Haulsey to Barbara and William Autry, $257,500.

NATAHALA DR., 4508-Joy Jessie to Teronda Davis, $314,950.

NATAHALA DR., 4550-Christopher B. and Sharon Y. Prince to Teahne Boston and Andre M. Blake, $370,000.

NORTHGATE PKWY., 6709-Forte Corp. to Armetine Squires, $285,000.

RAINTREE WAY, 9921-Sheronda Ervin to Tonique Makle, $249,900.

ROYAL FERN CT., 7810-Caldwell O. Jackson to Donna and Garnett Stephens, $360,000.

SYLVIA DR., 11815-Leopoldo Fernandes to Lorenzo D. Givens, $209,900.

THRIFT RD., 10503-Donna Y. and John J. Simms to Vivian and Kelvin L. Graves Sr., $270,000.

TOVE RD., 12516-Lamont C. Marable to Roderick Bell, $270,000.

WIGAN DR., 10111-Nan J. and Daniel P. Mangrum to Edward Geathers, $263,000.

College Park Area

KNOX RD., 4313, No. 309-Khosrow S. and Shohreh Makki to Guneet Kumar and Amit Pramanik, $160,000.

PONTIAC ST., 5711-Joseph and Clotilda Cangelosi to Mia and Doyle Chisholm, $265,000.

RHODE ISLAND AVE., 8104-Anthony and Caterina Greco to Randi C. and Mitchell E. Levy, $250,000.

RHODE ISLAND AVE., 9540-William D. Nazzaro to Tamara Sadowski, $256,000.

RUATAN ST., 6214-Maureen C. and Neal R. Murphy to Matthew A. Jochum, $266,000.

WELLESLEY DR., 7508-Preston R. Hall to Luz C. Herrera, $309,000.

WICHITA AVE., 9737-Matthew G. Ganim to Thomas F. and Moira G. McGuire, $265,000.

48TH AVE., 8500-Zo A. Soong to Michelle Tam, $223,000.

48TH PL., 9407-Ellen S. and William H. Muller Jr. to Perparim Thaqi, $224,000.

49TH PL., 9114-Aminul H. and Shabahat S. Chowdhary to Dina R. and Jose I. Marquina, $225,000.

50TH PL., 9005-Philip N. Lazarus to Deborah A. Jacobs, $310,000.

51ST AVE., 8005-Frank R. Altobelli Family Trust to Delmy Melgar, $300,000.

52ND AVE., 9727-David K. and Carla R. Taylor to Edwing and Lissett and Oswaldo Narvaez, $250,000.

63RD AVE., 8718-Christopher Morrow to Consuelo D. Orozco, $251,000.

District Heights Area

BREWTON ST., 2105-George E. Pitt and Shirley J. Neely to Linda K. Ashe, $225,000.

CRESTWICK PL., 2720-Elise D. Halmo and Dariel K. Moore to Denise M. Hurey, $213,000.

DELANO LANE, 2301-Clifford W. Bailey to Gabriel Ferere, $125,000.

FLAG HARBOR DR., 7242-Shernise T. Betancourt to Leslie Brown, $182,000.

FOREST PARK DR., 1658-Steven H. Nero to Sonja M. Turner, $167,500.

GLENDORA DR., 1923-Barbara J. Owens to Ethel P. Pelote, $227,000.

INSEY ST., 6515-Leslie A. Fleet to Marilyn D. and Calvin J. Givens, $206,000.

KIPLING PKWY., 6713-Bennie A. and Darryl Vanhoose to Daniel Burrell, $219,000.

KIRTLAND AVE., 2607-Lynndrell D. Evans to Elizabeth Baganda, $140,000.

KIRTLAND AVE., 2615-Emmanuel K. Adugyamfi to Tiffany C. and Deryl Johnson, $174,990.

MARBURY CT., 7043-William A. Phillips to James A. Bryant, $160,000.

MILLTOWN CT., 6805-Whaley Brown Jr. to Nicole Gunter, $130,000.

NEWGLEN AVE., 2501-Margi R. Jenkins to Rhonda Proctor, $143,000.

NEWGLEN AVE., 2615-Frances and Catherin E. Covington to Navita Williams, $138,500.

RITCHBORO RD., 8722-Esther M. Estes to George Cho, $191,000.

RYDER AVE., 2605-Joan J. Gilbert to Constance Williams, $127,500.

SOUTH HIL MAR CIR., 5946-Brenda E.B. and Donald R. Paul to Ronald N. Davis, $178,000.

STONEY MEADOW DR., 5110-Kimberly Y. and Terrence L. Baynes to Madaline H. Street, $177,000.

SWEETWATER CT., 2713-Sabrina Green to Shevona T. and Aaron T. Johnson, $208,000.

TULIP AVE., 1645-Patricia B. Clark to Shijuan D. Savage, $183,990.

Fort Washington Area

ASBURY DR., 12303-Robert L. and Lois T. Waterhouse to Elizabeth L. and Juan D. Smith, $314,900.

BATTERSEA LANE, 19-Frank C. and Ruth A. Cumberland to Cassandra A. and Jules D. Pinkney, $585,000.

BENTREE RD., 7609-Salvatore M. and Rochelle Desimone to Lashonda and Reginald E. Hatten, $245,000.

BLUFFWOOD LANE, 8610-Robert S. and Song Ho T. Brunton to James and Heather Reynolds, $239,900.

BRANDYHALL CT., 6118-Roberta J. Hami and Walter L. Jordan to Claire S. Brinkley, $141,400.

CAPRI DR., 2902-Joe L. Bryant Jr. to Rosa E. Reyes and Victor M. Turcios, $215,000.

CHERRYFIELD RD., 7011-Steven M. and Kathline E. Jones to Revenia D. and McKinley A. Miller, $237,000.

DANIA DR., 1901-Lisa A. Hughes to Carlos Umana, $234,000.

ENTWOOD CT., 6437, No. 210-Sandra H. Saunders to Tiffany Mathis, $158,000.

FOUNDERS WOODS WAY, 8310-Avis B. Higgins to Cara Jenkins and Keith Salmon, $215,000.

GUNPOWDER DR., 11203-Grant B. and Alberta B. Williams Jr. to Angela M. and Aaron J. Green, $453,000.

HENSON VALLEY WAY, 2502-Christerfer B. and Kimberl Smith Jr. to Gregory L. and Kimberly A. Davis, $365,000.

HOLLYBANK DR., 12200-Bertrand Marc Allen to Sharon and Ephriam Wolfolk Jr., $530,000.

OXON HILL RD., 9100-David and Velma Scott to Yesenia N. and Mario F. Giron, $201,000.

PARKTON ST., 12509-Deborah B. and Joseph A. Fogg to Denise C. Fletcher, $285,000.

PARKTON ST., 12722-Peter and Avis Garcia to Dania Banega and Erwin O. Quintanilla, $255,000.

RIDER CT., 9700-James E. Wilson to Theodore Robinson, $460,000.

ROSE MARIE DR., 8504-Cleveland F. Purvis to Helen and Samuel Turner, $299,000.

ROSE VALLEY DR., 2606-Anthony R. Gaskins Jr. to Henry L. Small III, $279,985.

ST. IGNATIUS DR., 6100, No. 204-Jule E. and William E. Burton to Brian A. Pearson, $159,000.

SUNNYSIDE LANE, 6816-Thomas E. Campbell to Curtis Hamilton, $207,500.

TRAFALGAR CT., 11311-Anne L. and Clarence E. Bennett to Lisa A. Poole, $275,000.

WOOD HOLLOW PL., 2812-Sherry P. Carter to Tracie Robinson, $155,000.

Glenn Dale Area

FRANKLIN AVE. E., 10105-Dawn Brodus Yo and Edmond E. Yougha to Garth A. Sinclair, $339,990.

GUINEVERE RD., 12230-Raymond and Sally E. Lazorchak to Cathy R. and Clarence M. Crumpton, $345,950.

Greenbelt Area

HANOVER PKWY., 6994, No. 301-David L. Warr to John K. Hawkins, $123,000.

LAKE PARK DR., 6702, No. 3C-Joyce A. Robinson to Pape M. Sylla, $180,000.

MANDAN RD., 7646-Philip S. and Kyung S. Kim to Almaz E. Berhane and Woldu A. Woldu, $268,000.

MANDAN RD., 8013, No. T4-Janine G. and Stuart C. Lowry to Odella C. King, $131,000.

MANDAN TERR., 8171-Brian K. Littleton to Jorge Troncoso Ramirez, $236,000.

MORRISON DR., 7233-Bay N. Sayegh to Tuan K. Nguyen and Kimthanh T. Luc, $160,000.

Hyattsville Area

HANOVER PKWY., 6934, No. 301-Said Chestnut to Ayanna A. Baccus, $115,000.

HANOVER PKWY., 7714, No. T2-Chipley C. Stevenson to Emmett V. Jordan, $102,000.

HANOVER PKWY., 7732-Beverly A. Lewoc to Rose E. Johnson and Unit 103, $126,000.

JEFFERSON ST., 4207-Mary D. Clark to Ann Hanlon and Ryan Jerving, $310,000.

KENNEDY ST., 4101-Carol A. and Walter L. Johnson to Nuray K. Pearson, $226,600.

NICHOLSON ST., 4214-Robert E. and Irene G. Elwood to Audrey M. and Richard Engdahl, $303,000.

OGLETHORPE ST., 4410, No. 809-Dennis L. and Caron M. Janko to Jianhua and Yue and Jun Cao, $50,000.

49TH AVE., 4810-Evette M. Williams to Maria Zapata, $247,000.

Langley Park Area

NEW HAMPSHIRE AVE., 9203, No. B4-Chaiu T. and Thanh D. Nguyen to Maria N. Juarez, $84,900.

QUEBEC ST., 1127-Graciela Flore and Lilia M. Quispe to Jose C. Blanco, $250,000.

Lanham Area

CATHEDRAL AVE., 6742-Deborah A. Bust and Bryan K. Morris to Habtemarian T. Kidane, $252,000.

CIPRIANO RD., 6502-Diep H. and Bay and Lan H. Tran to Joan R. Tinner, $320,000.

DOVER LANE, 7511-Benedict B. Atiim to Daniel Retta, $232,000.

ELBROOK RD., 6914-Regina R. Baines to Maria and Jaime Guzman, $299,900.

FOWLER LANE, 9201-Edith G. and Howard C. Dempsey to Jose Espinal, $193,000.

FRANKLIN AVE., 9433-Steven D. Kaplan to Melverlyn A. Logan, $265,950.

FRANKLIN AVE., 9508-Linda C. Durham to Jeffry Chacon, $210,000.

KIMBARK AVE., 9313-Yong H. and Pyong Ui Cho to Emiliana King, $250,000.

KIMBARK AVE., 9317-Ryan Burford to Adrian Esparza, $270,000.

OGDEN PL., 9308-William E. and Elaine D. Bolin Sr. to Judith D. and Nestor D. Alconga, $247,000.

ROXANNE DR., 9212-Valerie R. Maben to Carlos E. and Jose A. Castro, $243,500.

SEABROOK RD., 6403-Everett A. and Barbara P. Love to Hawanatu Tholley and Alfred R. Turay, $295,000.

TIFFANY CT., 6405, No. 203-Twylah M. and Alfred D. Dotson to Felicia R. Jones, $291,000.

91ST CT., 4205-Carlos and Adolfo Vasquez Quiroga to Jose F. Ulloa and Jose U. Rodriguez, $275,000.

Largo Area

BURLEIGH ST., 13107-Brenda J. Baldwin to Jestina Diallo and Mathew P. Kamara, $315,000.

DAUNTLY ST., 108-Wharton L. and Georgiana F. Madkins to Sebastian A. and Brenda P. Sosa, $300,000.

DUNLORING PL., 11407-Kimberly M. Ross to Theopolis A. Sloan, $220,000.

EAST GROVE, 8840-Carolyn C. and Edwina M. Bland to Carol Washington, $155,000.

HOBART ST., 9103-Frank D. Jackson to Teane R. Smith, $175,000.

POOKEY WAY, 10705-William G. and William G. Contee Sr. to Dion A. and Karen V. Wiggins, $340,000.

TOWN CENTER CIR., 8931, No. 305-Clarence B. Bynum to Leslie A. James, $170,000.

TOWN CENTER CIR., 8951, No. 301-Andrea J. Taylor to Dwayne C. Johnson, $151,000.

Laurel Area

ARBORY CT., 7654-Anis Wanees to Lisa I. Gaye, $194,990.

ARBORY CT. E., 7619, No. 294-Arlene W. Weiss to Raina Domneys, $200,000.

ARBORY CT. E., 7650-Krystle and Kenneth R. Silva III to William L. Wilkins, $208,000.

ARBORY WAY N., 7641-Francine P. Rush to Naima Amrouss and Mohamed Imras, $196,000.

BOWSPRIT LANE, 14118-Edward J. Smithmyer to Marlena and Margaret A. Worthy, $178,000.

BRASHEARS ST., 107-Patricia A. Beach to Barbara J. and Christopher Tarran, $137,000.

CARRIAGE HILL DR., 7235-Aminata Tura and Augustine Ukaegbu to Olubusola Oredugba, $270,000.

CHAPEL COVE DR., 8024-Wayne R. Jones and Robin M. Douglass to Thomas J. Amer, $151,000.

DORSET RD., 15613, No. T3-Catharine J. Pagan to Mark E. Farrell, $111,300.

GREENCASTLE RD., 4909-Jane S. and Gerald Neumaier to Anna Cruz, $355,000.

KALMIA DR., 15120-Curtis L. and Jacquelyn E.V. Hill to Teresa and Gail Hogan, $235,000.

LAUREL OAKS LANE, 15025-Jan W. Shulse to Florence R. Tilkens, $206,000.

LONDONDERRY CT., 8116-Richard E. and Natacha I. Moorer to Lorena B. Escobar and Edwin M. Ruiz, $269,000.

MILLBROOK LANE, 15705-Mary T. and Martin V. Brym to Jesus Tapia, $218,500.

MILLBROOK LANE, 15829-Dyann Richards to Mable Reliford and Crystal Marable, $247,900.

OLD SANDY SPRING RD., 7415-Joseph Harvey and Sarah P. Jones to Shirley Porter, $270,400.

PLAID DR., 15538-Manmohini and Om P. Arora to Denise M. Revel, $195,000.

SHANNON AVE., 13827-L. Tyler W. and Eric G. Kirksey to David L. Kerr, $363,000.

STRATFIELD CIR., 14600-Basheer and Thahira B. Ahamed to Amita and Umesh Naik, $435,000.

STRAUGHN DR., 15515-Michael C. Weber to Robyn L. and Marcus G. Moody, $385,000.

VISTA DR., 14022, No. 71B-Maria R. Logan to Giannina M. Davis, $157,000.

WESTVIEW TERR., 1202-Megan R. Deveny to Antwon McNair, $134,000.

Montpelier Area

APACHE TEARS CIR., 12239-Latonya R. Moore to Donnie Dockery, $310,000.

BASSWOOD DR., 11717-Christopher J. Handy to James A. Hill, $350,000.

IMPERIAL DR., 8518-Karrie A. Carey to Violeta Gomez, $305,000.

LAURELWALK DR., 11350-Walter W. Oliph and Carrie O. Curtis to Tracy M. Felton, $124,000.

NICKLAUS LANE, 9423, No. 59-Edward H. Won to Cecil C. Salazar, $205,000.

OLD CISTERN LANE, 11202-Tara P. and Benjamin C. Turner to Ronald L. Harris, $425,000.

OREGOLD CT., 9227-Manuel Enterprises to Alfred Batts, $298,000.

RIVER RIDGE PL., 12901-Charles E. and Dorothy C. Tanner to Anny M. Quesada and Ana Soriano, $355,000.

SILVERBIRCH LANE, 12802-Kirby and Linda Tsui to Christina O. and Edward L. Gignac, $345,000.

SNOWDEN OAKS PL., 8424-Lydia and Ralph Sampson to Christina and Mark Klenk, $210,000.

TWIN HILL LANE, 9215-Carol A. and Monte D. Marshall to David Yager, $375,000.

VAN FLEET CT., 9213-Pamela J. Yep and Thomas Jee to Denise M. Clark, $299,000.

Mount Rainier Area

SHEPHERD ST., 3510-Peter Ngandu to Luis A. Escoto and Consuelo Lopez, $210,000.

UPSHUR ST., 3114-Zenaida M. Campos to Selene Sanchez, $239,900.

24TH AVE., 4501-John H.F. Blassingame Jr. to Jose A. Cruz, $265,000.

24TH AVE., 4607-H. Dale and E. Elaine Moran to Michael C. Doyal and Tonya A. Sanders, $251,850.

30TH ST., 4119-Leticia G. and Jose G. Flores to Nerio Escobar Castro, $269,900.

31ST ST., 4014-Dolores A. and David D. King Arroyo to Pedro E. Briones and Dale W. Dayton, $382,500.

35TH ST., 4010-Stacie J. Broadwater to Surabhi Shah and Thomas J. Walker, $359,900.

New Carrollton Area

CATHEDRAL AVE., 8405-James H. and Esther B. Easley to Gladys E. Torres and Reyes S. Fortiz, $270,000.

DORMAN ST., 6713-Jennings and Covera Brown to Laura M.D. and Jose R. Gamero, $230,000.

FAIRBANKS ST., 6409-Edith M. and Jimmie L. Cannon to George P. Tsirigotis, $170,000.

FAIRFAX ST., 4114-Shirley G. Rich to Carlos and Glenis Moreno, $223,000.

FREEPORT ST., 6911-Eleanor D. and William J. Peterson to Sean Turner, $136,000.

GLENRIDGE DR., 7219-Scheherazade E. Penrose to Emanuel Gore and Lashaine Frazier, $105,000.

HANSON OAKS DR., 4082-Patricia E. Millard to Benjamin C. Wellington, $185,000.

HARMON AVE., 3717-Dora D. Martin and Juan M.R. Recinos to Luis A. Velis Maldonado, $195,000.

KAREN ELAINE DR., 5532, No. 1723-Trudie C. and Criston F. Ellis to Sah U. Ra Brown, $72,500.

KAREN ELAINE DR., 5548, No. 1423-Violet M. Carter to Benjamin Nwosu, $92,000.

LONGBRANCH DR., 7312-Thai Huu and Phuong Thao T. Nguyen to Olga and Manuel Polio, $300,000.

MARYWOOD ST., 7200-Manuel A. Carrillo to Andres D. Aguilar Carrillo, $189,000.

MONROE ST., 5507-Selvin O. Lazo to Blanca E. Monto and Rosalina E. Avalos, $255,000.

MONROE ST., 5610-Cheryl A. Edmonds to Scott E. and Krista Z. Soderholm, $235,000.

OGLETHORPE ST., 8302-Stacey L. and Dawud Sadeq to Maria I. Ortiz, $283,000.

PARKWOOD ST., 7437-Norma B. and Darletta Barth to Oscar Ventura and Heidy Y. Escobar, $245,000.

RANDOLPH ST., 6914-Stephanie R. Simpkins to Dawn P. and Alfred A. Dickson, $237,000.

RIVERDALE RD., 7519, No. 1934-Arthur A. Wyatt to Lisa Miles, $34,800.

RIVERDALE RD., 7523-No. 1999-Lord Moses to Ricardo J. Magalhaes, $69,500.

STANWOOD ST., 8307-Jasmin and Mersija Beciro Mastalic to Maria B. and Rosa and Hugo A. Rodriquez, $283,000.

STOCKTON LANE, 4806-Walter A. Lizano to Carmen A. Martine and Victor Giron, $215,000.

WEBSTER ST., 6708-Frank Noriega Quijones to Aida and Rodolfo A. Medoza, $200,000.

66TH PL., 4805-Shantell Diggs to Jorge Hernandez, $173,000.

84TH AVE., 5710-Bernice L. and Howard R. Ehrler to Lucilla I. Martinez, $250,000.

86TH AVE., 6208-Elizabeth A. and Lester A. Davis to Demba Sissoko, $297,000.

Oxon Hill Area

CARSON AVE., 702-Garmon West Jr. to Mary A.L. Lontoc, $128,750.

CREE DR., 134-James R. Factory Jr. to Catherine Archuleta, $144,000.

ELKHART ST., 1008-Joann E. Moore to Ervin D. Gunby, $165,000.

JARVIS AVE., 1701-Linda C. and Harvey L. Patterson to Jesse Belton, $215,000.

LINDSAY RD., 910-Bridget J. and Paul J. King to Femin Vides, $185,000.

OWENS RD., 1619-Elizabeth Ippolito to Joseph Spinner and Elaine Haggans, $220,000.

WHITE OAK DR., 916-Audrey E. and Tuovi K. Karhumaa to Wilfredo S. Culi, $200,000.

WILSON BRIDGE DR., 526, No. 6727-Geraldine Macasling to Charles Allen, $85,000.

WILSON BRIDGE DR., 550-Lois A. Anderson to Annablelle and Robert Obey, $81,446.

WILSON BRIDGE DR., 569, No. 6768-Sharon L. McLean to Temesgen F. Tessema, $59,200.

Riverdale Area

KENNEDY ST., 5708-Carlos S. Peraza to Ana G. Guerra and Misael H. Ortiz, $230,000.

LONGFELLOW ST., 6304-Juanita and Charles R. Jones to Christopher Maduforo, $180,000.

PATTERSON RD., 5615-Julio C. Del Cid and Ramon D. Reyes to Ever A. Guevara, $240,000.

RITTENHOUSE ST., 4809-Geoffrey R. Bellchambers to Mauricio A. Avila Cruz, $231,000.

45TH PL., 6311-Dawn M. Worsham to Isaias Leiva and Gladys Ramirez, $220,000.

57TH AVE., 6311-Leoncio Romero to Charles Ngansop, $200,000.

64TH AVE., 5713-Cardella M. Jamison to Santiago P. Zarate, $205,000.

Suitland Area

GAYLORD DR., 2310-Tracey and Tyree Newman to David C. Luptak, $131,000.

LARCHES COURT CT., 6710-Johnathan Bolden to Anita R. Flood, $206,000.

PORTER AVE., 1918-Mellissa C. Johnson to Michael D. Griffin Jr., $199,000.

ST. BARNABAS RD., 3823, No. 204-Granville E. Hall Jr. to Cynthia Gatling, $69,999.

SWANN RD., 3808-John I. Dickey to Octavia Johnson, $240,000.

WESSON DR., 6013-Jose A. Rios to Milton Spencer, $253,000.

WHITE OWL WAY, 2307-Nichole Smith to Charmetra L. and Terence L. Parker, $195,000.

Takoma Park Area

15TH AVE., 7307-Margaret Wissert to Sarah L. and Galen A. Scott, $286,000.

Temple Hills Area

ANDERSON DR., 6409-Willa M. and Tillison M. Sherbert to Oscar Cruz, $299,500.

ANVIL LANE, 2352-Sonya Harris to Daniel A. Garc and Virginia Hernandez, $162,000.

BEACHCRAFT CT., 4119-Charles L. and Letitia L. Mozee III to Kirk L. Goode, $200,000.

BRINKLEY RD., 3130, No. T3-Aisha E. Grace to Jae H. Song, $74,000.

CARLTON AVE., 3304-Arlene L. Paige to Randolph A. Stoddard, $256,200.

CHADWICK TERR., 2021-Babajide Akindele to James A. Matthews Sr., $175,500.

GIFFORD LANE, 6406-Wilma D. and Mary L. White to Carmencita Canad and Brian W. Hamer, $235,000.

GOOD HOPE AVE., 3107, No. N709-Deloris A. Dunnington to Michael E. Brownley Jr., $50,000.

HUNTLEY SQUARE DR., 3301, No. T2-Martey F. Longmire to William D. Garne and Evelyn L. Moy, $50,000.

HUNTLEY SQUARE DR., 3306, No. B1-Helen L. and Bryan T. Frassmann to Lesley A. Holmes, $120,000.

IVERSON ST., 2429-Laurie J. Samuel to Alton Garder, $84,000.

IVERSON ST., 2733, No. 54-Yvonne Simmons to Kelly Williams, $91,500.

JANICE LANE, 5609-Jennifer M. Tyson to Tammi and Howard Richardson, $233,200.

KEATING ST., 2818, No. 165-Dolores A. and Calvin T. Mason Jr. to Ardrina D. Stokes, $93,000.

NEWMAN RD., 4818-John T. Robinson to William and Annette Abernathy, $173,000.

SAYAN CT., 2114-Jackqueline Jennings to Lakesha Mise, $181,000.

SHANNAN DR., 8707-Dena S. and Terrence K. Butler to Kellie Suydam, $245,000.

SOUTH ANVIL LANE, 2037-Nabil Bedewi to Michael Fair, $139,900.

TOBY DR., 6004-Harry and Vivian R. Jackson to Eula F. Liv Trus and R. Bishop Herring, $182,500.

21ST PL., 4202-Starmanda B. Featherstone to James Seawright, $350,000.

23RD PKWY., 4223-Christine V. and James W. Walker to Rodney A. Wilkinson, $187,000.

23RD PKWY., 4308-Trina A. Smith to Concord Investment Corp., $112,000.

26TH AVE., 3534-Solita J. Cuthrell to Rosmery Mejia, $190,000.

27TH AVE., 3311-Constance M. Jo and Minnie M. Jones to Andrea Ross, $183,500.

28TH PKWY., 3118-Valerie L. Jones Simmons to Marie McDonough, $150,000.

University Park-

West Hyattsville Area

ADELPHI RD., 6801-Mairiam L. and Avelino F. Gonzalez to Dean A. Miller, $310,000.

GALLATIN ST., 3640-Alejandro Bernard to Oscar S. Villatoro, $195,000.

LANCER DR., 2902-Robert Adkins to Henry Berroa and Silvia D. Figueroa, $197,500.

PEABODY ST., 2024-Mary Manu and Kusi Boateng to Solomon O. Agyemang, $250,000.

ROSEDALE PL., 1004-Patricia and Aaron P. Hatcher III to Lanora Ali, $180,000.

SLIGO PKWY., 6205-Emily Richards to Israel Aguilar and Jasmine Lazo, $265,000.

SLIGO PKWY., 6219-Luis A. and Maria D. Romero Gonzales to Sandra D. Amaya and Awner I. Fuentes, $275,000.

23RD AVE., 6639-Marsha D. Weems to Edna and Victor M. Solorzano, $207,500.

23RD PL., 6647-Cordelia Mesa Haynes to Tawana M. Moore Cedeno, $177,000.

31ST AVE., 5610-Margaret E. McGinthy to Anastacio Rodriguez, $199,000.

39TH PL., 6104-Karin H. and Jeffrey J. Davis to David M. Martinez, $282,000.

41ST AVE., 6507-Nicholas and Catherine Hathaway to Julie and Jonathan McLaren, $337,500.

Upper Marlboro Area

BISHOPMILL CIR., 4524-Laverne S. and Benjamin F. Tillman to Lawrence D. Walker, $250,000.

BISHOPMILL PL., 3917-Karyl E. and Hugh E. Novak to Kim Stevenson, $244,000.

CAPTAIN BAYNE CT., 4731-Danielle E. and Herman J. Alston to Mellissa Johnson, $268,000.

COLONEL CLAGETT CT., 14309-Karen and Robert Geranis to Rayford Young Jr., $169,500.

COLONEL GARDINER CT., 4507, No. 527-Tina R. and Jason P. Mangen to Cheryl Lewis, $237,990.

COURTLAND LANE, 13912-Charles Stewart to Michelle T. Brown, $200,000.

DARIO RD., 4409-Brenda Rice to Cheryl E. Cephas, $205,000.

GOVERNOR LEE PL., 14229-Annette L. Veler to Kimberly V. and Paul A. Simmons, $265,000.

GRANDHAVEN AVE., 9104-Jeffrey K. Boyd to Bonita J. McNeill, $248,999.

HALLOWAY NORTH, 3505-David J. and Lois E. Dewaters to Rene and Blanca G. Flores, $243,000.

HENRY DARNALL CT., 10907-Priscilla A. Hunt to Lamine and Brenda D. Fadiga, $244,500.

JOYCETON DR., 11369-Jacqueline R. Marshall to Denise D. and Shawn R. Brome, $165,500.

JOYCETON WAY, 132-David O. and Olukemi F. Owo Ogunkoya to Ijeoma and Chinaobi Chijoke, $230,000.

LEELAND RD., 15720-James B. and Harriet B. Curtin Jr. to Milagro E. and Juan P. Hernandez, $279,000.

LIVE OAK PL., 12705-Mark J. Grundman to Dovia E. and Mohammed S. Sankoh, $240,000.

LORD STERLING PL., 13530-Traketa K. Wray to Karon S. Moody, $136,500.

MAPLELEAF PL., 2010-Caridad and Pernell D. Cheston to Jennifer Goode Brown, $220,000.

MARLBOROUGH CIR., 14508, No.l 119-Rosemary Moyer to Sandra Williams, $155,000.

MARLBOROUGH DR., 4904-Delores M. and Adrain Pittman to Adam Leach, $170,900.

MARYVALE RD., 11412-Patricia R. and David M. Dennison to Dwayne K. Clark, $365,000.

MONARCH CT., 12600-Jeremy J. Bruch to Kesha Savage, $210,000.

MUIRFIELD DR., 9605-Burrell E. Hancock to Deborah R. Bryant, $329,900.

OLD LARGO RD., 2500-Ara Pezeshkian to Kristina L. Roberts Stewart, $1,550,000.

PARAGON CT., 8504-Maureen I. and Lorrent J. Smith to Donna M. Carlyle, $210,000.

PRINCE PL., 10206, No. T3-Renee K. Johnson to Yonas Ogbe, $79,000.

PRINCE PL., 10230, No. T6-Mark E. King to Reginald L. Allen, $107,500.

RECTORY LANE, 14108-M. Kelley Hooker to Monte Elswick and Jennifer Hallock, $188,000.

RHODENDA PL., 11002-Vondalee Rice Broadnax to Lorraine and Donald A. Clements, $305,000.

SCOTCH HILL DR., 10108, No. 35-Rosalind T. James to Tracey F. Lee, $120,500.

THOMAS SIM LEE TERR., 5319-Diane R. and John E. Hicks Jr. to Karla L. Chryar, $270,000.

TRUMBULL DR., 12911-Mary H. and David O. Lightfoot to Deborah Watkins, $196,500.

TRUMBULL DR., 12915-Devonne A. Chapman to Tina Nguyen, $215,000.

TRUMPS HILL RD., 8624-Rita Browner to Lamberton Partnership, $193,000.

VILLAGE DR. N., 3400-Bank of America to Christopher Hall, $164,280.

VILLAGE DR. W., 16806-Tyrone A. Simms to Angela D. and Robin A. Collick, $244,000.

WACO DR., 10610-Cindy Sinanan to Thomasena and Woodrow Caldwell, $249,000.

WHITEHOLM DR., 13100-Zenobia Jones to Patricia Truesdale, $270,000.

Woodmore-Lake Arbor Area

BISHOPS CONTENT RD., 11815-Latrice D. and Stanley K. Foshee to Sandra L. Thompson, $450,000.

BRIGHT SUN DR., 610-Jacqueline C. Jones to Carol L. Harris, $267,500.

DARTFORD LANE, 1100-Chandra R. and Tennea Collier Green to Angela N. Clowers and Martha R. Tracy, $480,000.

DELCASTLE DR., 14518-Brian W. Rich to Ikemenanwa Nnabugwu, $475,000.

JENKINS RIDGE RD., 15211-Stephanie Hailes to Virgil G. and Melvin M. Riley, $465,000.

KENCREST DR., 10803-Patricia and John J. Fingal to Remi C. Njoku, $389,000.

KINGS TREE DR., 1008-Afolabi Aiyeola to Roger Flores and Marleny Reyes, $286,000.

LAKE ARBOR WAY, 11106-Leonides D. and Mario C. Valle to Derick Savory, $397,000.

LAKE OVERLOOK DR., 920-Colin K. and Jeanette L. Pugh II to Christopher and Trammell C. Walters, $265,000.

MEADOWRIDGE CT., 10401-Mable T. and Levi Chaplin to Nicole Enterprises Corp., $285,000.

PEPPERRIDGE CT., 1700-Gboyega Shonibare to Olufunmilola R. Wolo, $420,000.

PLANE TREE WAY, 1702-Reginald A. and Brenda A.S. White to Nicole and Andre C. Santos, $450,000.

SASSAFRAS LANE, 9902-Cynthia L. Green to Jennifer A. and Ivan A. King, $250,000.

SAVILLE LANE, 3209-William and Kenneth W. Breland Jr. to Wanda Alston, $300,000.

SOUTHLAKES DR., 10900-Lolita P. Chichester to Angela R. Alexander Barnes, $260,000.

SPYGLASS HILL DR., 11013-Eugene W. and Janice C. Motley Jr. to Edna and Ansanus Obizuo, $275,000.

ST. MICHAELS DR., 847-Renita Lawrence to Alexander Rosales, $210,000.

WOOD LAUREL WAY, 10107-Elizabeth T. Wa and Kathleen Drake to Kimberly Lewis, $300,000.