Timothy M. Kaine, Democratic candidate for governor, offered a transportation plan yesterday.

Among Kaine's Proposals

* Amend the state constitution to prevent raids on the Transportation Trust Fund; veto any diversion of transportation revenue; veto any new tax or fee for transportation.

* Dedicate auto insurance premium taxes to transportation; use surplus revenue for construction.

* Increase role of localities in transportation programs.

* Encourage transit by improving accountability and efficiency of Metro and adding capacity to Metrorail.

What Northern Virginia Wants

The region has some of the worst traffic in the nation. Residents disagree about how money should be raised and spent, but there is broad consensus that new projects are critical to easing congestion. Priorities include wider commuter routes, new roads in the rapidly growing western suburbs and a Metro extension to Dulles International Airport and around the Capital Beltway.

Comments on Kaine's Plan

"I think it's pragmatic and achievable. Visions are nice, but they only materialize if they are achievable."

-- Chris Brown, airport manager at

Dulles International Airport, speaking for himself.

"A lot of us think there might need to be a tax increase, but he might not be able to win that way."

-- John M. Harris, president of Harris Land Advisors LLC,

a community planning organization based in Purcellville.