1. I became one of the most celebrated agents of the Underground Railroad when I escaped from Maryland to Pennsylvania. In 14 return trips, I rescued between 60 and 70 people and never lost a passenger. Who am I?

2. Though I came from an impoverished background in Detroit, I turned my life around through the support of my mother and by pursuing education with a passion. In 1987, I performed a 22-hour operation that successfully separated a set of twins joined at the skull at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Who am I?

3. I was a poet, but I was better known as an anti-slavery lecturer and an advocate for women's rights. I was so eloquent that many did not believe I was a woman. Who am I?

4. I was born Frederick Bailey, a slave on Maryland's Eastern Shore. I was an apprentice in Fells Point before escaping north to freedom. Who am I?

5. I was a phenomenally successful businessman who was born into a working class family in east Baltimore. I eventually acquired TLC Beatrice International Foods and amassed a fortune worth approximately $400 million. Who am I?

SOURCE: Reginald F. Lewis Museum of Maryland African American History & Culture