June 1

Madeleine Gail Schmidt, a daughter, to Laurie and Louis C. Schmidt III of White Plains.

June 2

Nicholas Chase Elder, a son, to Angie and Richard Elder of Nanjemoy.

Shaun Dlajuwon Williams, a son, to Takeya Dyson and Shaun Williams of La Plata.

Rene May Harbaugh-Kulas, a daughter, to Caroline Kulas and Steven Harbaugh of Waldorf.

Clint Allen Phillips, a son, to Robin and David Phillips of Waldorf.

June 9

Cameron Thomas Jobe, a son, to Kim and Steven Jobe of Leonardtown.

Angel Marie Jenkins, a daughter, to Rachel Jenkins and Adrian Harding of Waldorf.

June 10

Olivia Ashley Quade, a daughter, to Seanna and Michael Quade of Waldorf.

June 11

Cameron James Wright, a son, to Carrie and James Wright of Mechanicsville.

Hailey Alexis Riemer, a daughter, to Christa Pearson and Charles Riemer of Waldorf.

June 13

Dylan Marshall Freeman, a son, to Connie and John Freeman of Bryans Road.

June 14

Khadija Margaret Darbo, a daughter, to Farrah Proctor and Bakary Darbo of Nanjemoy.

June 15

Alyssa Nichole Harris, a daughter, to Angela Henderson and Bryan Harris of Bryantown.


May 24

Matthew Owen Strickland, a son, to Susan and Richard Strickland of Leonardtown.

Ayanna Kaliece Thomas, a daughter, to Crystal and Dexter Thomas of Lexington Park.

May 25

Zion Elijah Harrington, a son, to Aleya and Tommy Harrington of Lexington Park.

May 26

Stella Marie Robins, a daughter, to Margo and Ricky Robins of Callaway.

Meara Hiller McAllister, a daughter, to Danyel and John J. McAllister III of Leonardtown.

May 27

John Edward Clopper IV, a son, to Michelle Callis and John E. Clopper III of Lexington Park.

May 28

Ava Rose Gunther, a daughter, to Terri and Ed Gunther of Mechanicsville.

May 29

Braylee Anne Downs, a daughter, to Ashley and Billy Downs of Mechanicsville.

Erica Kathleen Schoerner, a daughter, to Kari and Jeff Schoerner of Mechanicsville.

May 30

Alexander Francis Hamernik, a son, to Crystal and Jason Hamernik of Hollywood.


Abby Nicole Neavin, a daughter, to Candale and Keith Neavin of Patuxent River.

Shawn Scott Ridgell, a son, to Nicky Carpenter and Shea Ridgell of Piney Point.

June 2

Taylor Evelyn Hofer, a daughter, to Rhonda Hofer and Charles Clark of California.

June 3

Aurora Elspeth Moore, a daughter, to Elspeth and Daniel Moore of Lexington Park.

Laniyah Carter, a daughter, to Latisha and Elvin Carter of Lexington Park.

June 4

Jayden Thomas Moreland, a son, to Tiffany Moreland of Mechanicsville.

June 5

Catherine Abigail Greenwell, a daughter, to Carrie and Charles Greenwell of Leonardtown.

June 6

Kira Nicole Thomas, a daughter, to Kalisha Morgan and Ivan Thomas of Leonardtown.

John Baylen Dean, a son, to Christina Sterling and Eric Dean of Dameron.

June 7

Hailey Marie Yokley, a daughter, to Reva Smith and Joshua Yokley of Lexington Park.

June 8

Jesse Aaron Hatch, a son, to Beth and C. Scott Hatch of Patuxent River.

Lauren Paige Nelson, a daughter, to Dawn Wise and Steven Nelson of Avenue.

June 9

Sarah Grace Stanley, a daughter, to Elizabeth and Steve Stanley of Hollywood.

Ashlynn Paige Hamilton, a daughter, to Audrey Alvey and Eddie Hamilton of Mechanicsville.

June 10

Hannah Elise Bolton, a daughter, to Ellisha and Gary Bolton of Waldorf.

Jaiden Alexander Holt, a son, to Kristen Hill and Martin Holt Jr. of Hollywood.

June 11

Nicholas Conrad Gibson, a son, to Amy and Jeremy Gibson of Charlotte Hall.

Ryleigh Nicole Lake, a daughter, to Chrissy and Korey Lake of Mechanicsville.

Felicity Lynn Thompson, a daughter, to Jaime Raley and Gary Thompson of Oakville.

June 12

Madison Faye Terrell, a daughter, to Brandi and Joseph Terrell of Great Mills.

June 13

Catherine Elizabeth Kolwey, a daughter, to Cynthia and James Kolwey of Hollywood.

Hannah Miller, a daughter, to Megan Ching and William Miller of Mechanicsville.

June 14

Alex Dale Nelson, a son, to Stephanie Vallandingham and Dale Nelson of Leonardtown.

Madison Brooke Williams, a daughter, to Tasheena and Brent Williams of Lexington Park.