The following home sales were recorded recently in Loudoun County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Loudoun County Assessment Office. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Loudoun and other Washington areas, visit

Aldie-Braddock Road Area

BEAR TOOTH DR., 42040-Centex Homes to Ronald C. Rush, $495,510.

CINNABAR SQ., 41948-Stone Ridge Community Development to S. Soma and Rajanee K. Bommadeni, $445,440.

LACEYS TAVERN CT., 24001-Wetherburne Homes to Nancy L. and Michael Kurkjian, $903,912.

RESTFUL TERR., 41892-Angela M. Facciolo to Ryun Y. Hae and Jackson S. Foster, $399,900.

ULTIMATE DR., 25289-NVR Inc. to Bong Thi Dang and Than Ngee Dang, $559,055.

VACATION PL., 25467-NVR Inc. to Bernice and Charles E. Hammersley, $516,845.

VACATION PL., 25475-NVR Inc. to Rajiv B. and Poonam R. Gidadhubli, $541,505.

WIND RIVER DR., 24827-Centex Homes to Kanwaljit and Pritinder S. Mann, $526,400.

Algonkian Regional Park Area

BICKEL CT., 12-Paula Iraheta and Eduard Ayala to Jose Fernando Ortiz, $311,000.

BICKEL CT., 91-Dawn M. and Andrew J. Clyde to John Jones and Rebecca Carrington, $236,900.

BRIDALVEIL FALLS TERR., 20747-Susan E. and Bryan W. Spruill to Fedele F. and Thomas J. Regan Jr., $473,900.

BROAD RUN DR., 20266-Michael A. Cabaniss to Greg and Kristine Donaldson, $450,000.

COTTSWOLD TERR., 20385-Mary E. and George H. Eckert to Kyung L. Park, $468,000.

LAKEMONT SQ., 45560-Deniele M. and Gustavo A. Martinez to Joyce Acheampong, $385,000.

VILLA SQ., 46351-Kobra Fatahzaden to Dan Saley, $312,000.

WALES TERR., 46225-Yanhong Wang and Haizhou Zhang to Soon H. Song, $365,000.

Ashburn Area

BALTUSROL TERR., 43253-Belmont Land Partnership to John and M.K. Davis and Kyle Davis, $449,788.

BROOKTON WAY, 42953-Wallace and Linda Mitchell III to Carmen and Royal Dimond, $459,900.

BRUCETON MILLS CIR., 43953-Mary E. and Michael J. Kanady to Manju and Rajendra B. Lal, $490,000.

COLUMBUS ST., 43330-Elizabeth A. and James V. Sisti to Phuong K.T. Hoang and Hung B. Van, $500,000.

COPPERSMITH DR., 20675-Michelle M. and David P. Maroney to Lisa L. and William L. Fisher, $624,900.

HAY RD., 43710-R. Talasani and Bhuvaneswar Boojala to Miller and Smith Homes, $1.09 million.

HEDGEROW TERR., 21170-Kristen J. and Scott R. Lanier to Jeremy E. Brown, $310,000.

IVYMOUNT TERR., 20909-Leslie F. and William K. Haxton to Sheryl M. and Adam S. Tucker, $359,500.

JENKINS LANE, 43803-Marie W. Cunningham to Ashburn Land Development Corp., $575,000.

MOSSY BROOK SQ., 44188-Constance A. Cottrell to Marcelo L. Lopez, $342,000.

PUEBLOS SQ., 20228-Richmond American Homes to Cynthia L. and Holland K. Smith, $340,340.

PUEBLOS SQ., 20230-Richmond American Homes to Carol J. Niaz and Wallace Bias, $335,540.

TROWBRIDGE SQ., 21514-Brigitte A. and Joel C. Custer to Ahsan Habib and Nurjahan Begum, $520,000.

WILDFLOWER SQ., 21174-Kathryn Rumsey and Jonathan L. Silhol to Deneen A. Karpovich, $385,000.

Broadlands Area

CHELSY PAIGE SQ., 22045-NVR Inc. to James A. Jensen III, $425,065.

POOLE CT., 21759-Collier Homes Corp. to Lisa Beth K. and Jerry L. Hayes Jr., $532,615.

ROYAL FERN TERR., 43117-Susan L. and Stephen A. Young to Amy H. and Martin Pemberton, $499,900.

STONE HOLLOW DR., 22019-Van Metre Homes to Molly F. and Patrick W. Powers, $684,813.

STONESTILE PL., 22001-Van Metre Homes to Rachel York and Michael A. Youngblood, $570,624.

WINDY OAKS SQ., 21922-Van Metre Homes to Richard L. Rowand, $556,784.

WINDY OAKS SQ., 21936-Van Metre Homes to Thanh and K. Hoang and Hai Nguyen, $475,505.

Leesburg Area

ADAMS DR., 16-Georgia Dean to K. Clinesmith and John Trupp, $186,000.

ALPINE DR., 179-Richmond American Homes to Shawn G. and Ernest E. Norris, $463,890.

ALPINE DR., 188-Richmond American Homes to Vannaly Phanthavong, $420,465.

ALPINE DR., 189-Richmond American Homes to Ruby and Davinder Hira, $415,965.

ALPINE DR., 192-Richmond American Homes to Donna M. and Jonathan M. Rogers, $433,962.

AYRLEE AVE., 504-Claudia J. and Michael T. Camilleri to Christine C. and David W. Goodrum, $560,000.

BERWYN CT., 18614-Christine C. and David M. Jung to Tonia and David P. Bryant, $540,000.

CAMPBELL CT., 1411-Arcadia Corp. to Ruthann B. and Patrick A. Conway, $547,000.

CATOCTIN CIR., 916-Carlene A. Van Horn to Helen Gayheart Slone, $315,000.

CREEKBANK CT., 43287-West Goose Creek Corp. to Cindy K. and Robert J. Amos, $1.003 million.

CYPRESS POINT TERR., 18226-River C. Corp. to Scott J. Barry, $625,465.

DAVIS AVE., 401-Kimberly Holloman to Angella Packard and Paul Kollman, $329,900.

HANCOCK PL., 26-Claribel S. Conde to Sanjay Duggal, $225,000.

HUNTMASTER TERR., 1126, No. 201-Nikki D. Thompson to Joseph Carbo and Crystal Simpson, $220,000.

HUNTMASTER TERR., 1129, No. 301-Debra J. Williams to Kimberly A. Graumann, $219,900.

JACOB CT., 616-Prabha and Rakesh Rao to Brenda L. and John B. Shaw, $645,000.

LECROY CIR., 43235-NVR Inc. to Sukhbeer Singh, $551,890.

MCARTHUR TERR., 526-The Drees Co. to Erin and Brian Ritter, $323,931.

MILL DAM PL., 19464-Lansdowne Community Development to Anne and Michael Denzin, $630,380.

MILLWRIGHT TERR., 43497-Lansdowne Community Development to Soraya A. Gunnell, $692,634.

MONTVIEW SQ., 18420-Elizabeth and Matthew Carlin to Beth C. Gordy and David F. Maddens, $410,000.

NEEDLES CT., 17133-Samantha V. Fisher to Donna L. and John M. Rains Jr., $990,000.

PRINCE ST., 216-J. Hanson L.E. Umbaugh to Paul Reimers and Roberta Combrie, $172,500.

QUIVER RIDGE DR., 19057-Lansdowne Community Development to C.S. Dobson and Joanna E. Tuyahov, $665,241.

QUIVER RIDGE DR., 19084-Lansdowne Community Development to Kevin McGovern, $530,821.

RADFORD TERR., 535-Michael L. Wright to German Zevallos, $325,000.

RIVERPOINT DR., 43641-Lansdowne Community Development to Ivan V. and Alina D. Antonov, $527,226.

ROCKY CREEK DR., 18938-Lansdowne Community Development to Joshua Steele and Connie Yan Lu Wang, $715,190.

ROCKY CREEK DR., 18970-Lansdowne Community Development to Elizabeth Hope and Joseph D. Mason, $583,462.

SPARKLEBERRY TERR., 423-Benjamin G. Mallory to James W. Lewis, $350,000.

SPRING CELLAR CT., 43369-NVR Inc. to Samreen Khawaja, $609,015.

SPRING CELLAR CT., 43389-Courtland Corp. to NVR Inc., $119,669.

SYCOLIN RD., 20632-Wildwood Farms to Wildwood Farms Corp., $1.28 million.

VANDERBILT TERR., 741-Timothy Lee Owens to Connie J. Stump, $324,900.

VESTALS PL., 43364-Lansdowne Community Development to Nahid Abbasi, $1.113 million.

WATSON RD., 22115-Larry Andrew Pangle to Christopher J. Schiffer, $525,000.

WILD DUNES SQ., 43435-Ashleigh and Bill Vest to Penny A. and Charles M. Villella, $629,900.

WILD GINGER TERR., 43571-Lansdowne Community Development to Fowsia H. Haji and Jamal A. Mohamed, $148,203.

WILD GINGER TERR., 43582-Lansdowne Community Development to Le N. Thieu, $148,203.

Lovettsville Area

BRUCE CT., 13000-Equity Homes Lp to Marilyn I. and Bobby P. Waters, $1.062 million.

PICNIC WOODS RD., 12934-Equity Homes to Erin C. and John C. Mule, $775,307.

Purcellville Area

GREYSANDS LANE, 615-Michael Harris Corp. to Stephanie B. Wyatt, $491,435.

MACNAUGHTON CT., 16800-U S Home Corp. to Desiree P. and Michael G. Dowling, $652,401.

Round Hill Area

EBENEZER CHURCH RD., 19410-Tracey J. and Wilfred A. Soucy to Linda L. and Wayne E. Huyard, $1.22 million.

GREENWOOD DR., 17190-Round Hill Investors Corp. to Courtney A. and Brian W. Markowski, $388,176.

MAIN ST., 7-Todd E. and Mary R. Nielsen to Ryan K. Jackson, $270,000.

YELLOW SCHOOLHOUSE RD., 18496-Renate G. and Walter Koechner to June M. and James M. Cutts, $1.195 million.

South Riding Area

ASHBURY DR., 25328-Lara J. and Tod J. Larson to Charles Luong and Frederick Luong, $373,000.

CEDAR HEDGE ST., 42810-Greg M. Ogrady to Beverly D. Farrance, $424,900.

CHURCHILL GLEN DR., 43780-Pulte Home Corp. to Yesmin S. and Muhammad S. Afsar, $795,750.

CHURCHILL GLEN DR., 43784-Pulte Home Corp. to Edgardo F. Cabana, $881,200.

CHURCHILL GLEN DR., 43793-Pulte Home Corp. to Rosa L. and Jose A. Miranda, $799,292.

DAPPER CT., 25563-Toll Brothers Homes to Sophia C. and Michael F. Grinnan, $897,807.

DONOVAN DR., 25893-South Riding Partners to Anjali and Douglas M. Cornelius, $595,753.

FREEDOM ST., 42715-Maureen A. and Stephan L. Kearns to Bridgette Martin and Adam Pyles, $661,000.

NATIONS ST., 42559-South Riding Partners to Jiehong Li and Fangyu Gao, $709,298.

NATIONS ST., 42582-South Riding Partners to Yoon Ja Kim, $405,575.

NATIONS ST., 42582-Yoon Ja Kim to Kristen A. and William S. Jones, $525,000.

QUINLAN ST., 25941-South Riding Partners to Carla A. and Joseph A. Pisano Jr., $701,490.

SANDMAN TERR., 42681-South Riding Partners to Lynn G. Kelly, $407,911.

SCARLET SQ., 43714-Lori M. and Michael D. Miller to S. Chari and Vijayasarathy Srinivasan, $411,000.

TURLOUGH TERR., 25849-Q. Sun and J. He and S. Wang and Zhong Wang to Francis C. Holmes Jr., $480,000.

Sterling Area

ARGUS PL., 403-Justa Tita Mir to J. Lara and L. Avalos and Alfredo Lara, $293,000.

EDINBURGH SQ., 172-Christine A. Tighe to Kyle R. and Pepsi P. Benken, $247,500.

POTOMAC RIDGE CT., 818-Sharon L. and Anthony L. Sabella to Maria Hernandez and Jaime Mejia, $475,000.

THRUSH RD., 32-Elaine S. and Jeffrey J.M. San Juan to Nora Servellon, $359,000.

TRUMPET CIR., 46878-Linda Starr Evans White to J. Lopez Rojas and Dayan Balderrama, $345,000.

TWINRIDGE SQ., 21105-Xiaoning Z. and Ching Chang Woo to Lei Der Chang, $325,000.

Waterford Area

HAMILTON STATION RD., 16159-Priscilla A. Matt to Beverly C. and Timothy J. Teague, $720,000.