The following home sales were recently recorded in Calvert, Charles and St. Mary's counties and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Southern Maryland and other Washington areas, visit

Calvert County

Chesapeake Beach Area

OAK RIDGE DR., 27-11 -- Wendy C. Colestock to Isabelle Field Wilcoxon and Jeffrey Wilcoxon, $470,000.

VALLEY DR., 5000 -- Frederick W. Shockley to Melaney M. and Daniel Sanchez, $655,000.

Dunkirk Area

CHANEY COVE CT., 4020 -- Paul M. and Nicole E. Stone to Constance M. and Frederick Diehlman Jr., $450,000.

DUNLEIGH CT., 12115 -- Lynda Huffman to Jason G. and Beth Printz, $600,000.

Huntingtown Area

HOLLAND CLIFFS RD., 3211 -- Roger M. and Tina M. Mooney to Catherine Gray and Bernard G. Howard, $379,900.

HOLLAND CLIFFS RD., 3428 -- Greg S. and Kristina Karbett to Dorothy A. and Joseph J. Barth III, $700,000.

MILL BRANCH RD., 5821 -- Jeffrey J. and Anne M. Moore to Krista M. Evans and Thomas W. Norton, $400,000.

STEPHEN REID RD., 5501 -- William I. and Sandra K. Daniels to Dawn and James Absher, $375,500.

Lusby Area

BRIDLE CT., 518 -- Van Wie Home Improvements Corp. to Tina N. and Ronald E. Meeks, $250,000.

H.G. TRUEMAN RD., 12100 -- Wayne A. Gustafson to Diane L. Knott, $379,000.

H.G. TRUEMAN RD., 12445 -- Rebecca and Michael Buciok to Jonathan L. Stachnik, $328,000.

HISPERIA RD., 12432 -- Michelle D. Osgood to Buchheister Family Partnership, $170,000.

LAKE DR., 596 -- Donald A. Randall to Timothy C. and Paula A. McNamara, $750,000.

LARAMIE LANE, 12178 -- Nicholas M. and Shirley Ann Smith to Jackie L. and Gregory B. Lawrence, $315,000.

SANTA ANA CT., 615 -- Hollace J. and Michael G. Bamford to Candida Denise Olney, $325,000.

SENORA LANE, 11513 -- Beatrice K. Shearn to Jason E. Jordan, $207,000.

SOLLERS WHARF RD., 410 -- Claudia L. and Matthew W. Stout to Timothy D. King, $236,000.

STAGECOACH CIR., 1141 -- Gregory Michael Schumacher to Tawana H. and Orlando S. Serrano, $250,000.

SUPERSTITION HILL CT., 12772 -- Irene Kathryn Wallace Towles to Steve B. Bender, $92,000.

THUNDERBIRD DR., 281 -- John F. Monger to John Steven Husar, $200,000.

North Beach Area

ATLANTIC AVE., 9200 -- Ala Rentals Corp. to Marilyn K. Van Wagner and Frederic W. Rider, $520,000.

Owings Area

BOYDS TURN RD., 9651 -- Joyce J. and Howard A. Harrison Jr. to Joseph M. and Christine R. Constantino, $430,000.

MARY ANN DR., 9044 -- Catherine T. Gray to Dennis and Brenda B. McAuliffe, $324,000.

Solomons Landing Area

NEWTOWN RD., 237 -- Robert L. and Dyanne M. Dowell to Jacqueline A. and Salvatore N. Gallodoro, $155,000.

St. Leonard Area

J. LLOYD BOWEN RD., 2970 -- Kate C. and Roger B. Horn Richardson to Karin M. and Rodney R. Stewart, $356,075.

NORTH HARBOR DR., 1804 -- James L. and Linda L. Pixton to Andrea Rea and Peggy Estes, $19,000.

Charles County

Bryans Road Area

GABRIEL DR., 7344 -- Mark W. Huseman and Jennifer L. Berry to Richard Bennett, $156,000.

GREENVILLE DR., 5249 -- Brenda D. Bishop to Tabitha S. and David J. White, $317,500.

Faulkner Area

BOWLING RD., 9985 -- Frank Monopoli to David M. Swann, $145,000.

Hughesville-Prince Frederick Road Area

WOOD GLEN DR., 6990 -- Luigi A. and Mary K. Stella to Diana T. and David M. Divver, $510,500.

Indian Head Area

BETH CT., 8 -- Donald E. Tilch to Helen R. Jackson, $187,100.

STUMP NECK RD., 3670 -- Mary L. Dudley to Southern Maryland Real Estate Inc., $145,000.

Issue Area

ETHAN CT., 11365 -- Charles Peterson to Linda A. and George E. Revoir Jr., $593,000.

La Plata Area

CHARLES ST., 9900 -- George A. and Elaine Lancaster to Scott and N. Harrison and James Hunter, $515,000.

CRAIN HWY., 11155 -- Janet M. Mercaldo to F&T Home Builders Inc., $80,000.

DULLES ST., 110 -- Audrey S. and Robert H. Laurine to Thomas F. Feddon, $206,000.

DULLES ST., 127 -- Brel Corp. to Mary M. Briggs, $163,500.

ELLENWOOD DR., 6515 -- James W. Shelton Jr. to Debra M. and Robert B. Curtis, $455,000.

ELLENWOOD DR., 6548 -- Eva I. Davis to Leon E. and Catherine S. McClure, $350,000.

HIBISCUS CT., 101 -- Darlene Crandall to Cynthia and Roger Kraus, $220,000.

KALMIA CT., 109 -- Francis G. and Rhonda Oliver to Denver and Rosanna and Luke Howlett, $147,000.

KALMIA CT., 117 -- Danton B. Humphries to Gary W. and Patrice B. Munroe Jr., $139,900.

LAUREL LANE, 837 -- Larry and M. Guadagnoli Gandee to Michael Harmon and Diane Bradley, $183,000.

PATUXENT CT., 434 -- Stacy Bannister to Denice Scales and Gail Hogue, $145,000.

RIPLEY RD., 6205 -- Lewis J. and Irene C. Welch to Virginia M. and Vincent R. Tayman Jr., $305,000.

SYCAMORE LANE, 914 -- Richard H. Webb III to Steven V. Bryant, $149,000.

Newburg-Rock Point Road Area

SHILOH CHURCH RD., 12660 -- J. Gladwell and Bruce Becraft Jr. to Heather V. Hamilton Brown, $162,555.

WAVERLY POINT BLVD., 10243 -- James J. and Joyce E. Campbell to Laurie Jameson and Thomas Maddox, $289,000.

Port Tobacco Area

CHAPEL POINT RD., 8950 -- Rose C. Wade to Cynthia and Clifford Obier, $269,900.

St. Charles Area

ADAMS LANE, 505 -- James G. Russell to Melanie L. and Christopher A. Harty, $255,000.

GATEVIEW PL., 3852 -- Bich N.T. Hoang and Cuong T. Ton to Timothy Kuhn, $199,900.

GUILDCREST CT., 3154 -- Metropolitan Development Corp. to Eugene M. Thompson, $287,500.

KEMPSFORD FIELD PL., 3643 -- Harry Q. White to Jason Weishar, $155,000.

WILSON RD., 1347 -- Kathy Ann and Gary L. Katz to Pamela L. Pitts, $270,000.

Waldorf Area

BISMARK ST., 2729 -- James Weinberger and Lora L. Asburry to Tyrone Gregory, $385,000.

CORMORANT CT., 2908 -- Paul W. and Sandra J. Peynado to Timothy W. and Susan N. Ward, $385,000.

COTTONGRASS ST., 8768 -- Daniel A. Savoy to Gaye and Derrick Ramsey, $500,000.

COURTNEY DR., 8790 -- Iquo Williams to Reta M. and Dumar Stanley, $610,000.

DEBRA DR., 1618 -- Robert and Deborah Wright Buckler to Alicia D. and Eric Montgomery, $299,900.

DOGWOOD DR., 2007 -- Robert E. Chambers to Daniel L. Chambers, $200,000.

DORSET DR., 1038 -- Judith S. Farrall to Faustine Williams, $162,500.

FRANCES ST., 9365 -- Thomas M. Dillon to Christopher McLoughlin, $175,000.

GALLANT LANE, 14690 -- Charles Gamble to Melanie and Julius A. Gamble II, $580,000.

GOLDEN EAGLE PL., 11309 -- Vinh Q. and Rongxun Lin Dam to Kenya S. and Kieran J. Booker, $245,000.

LOCUST ST., 8913 -- Joann and Gerald M. Nygaard to Patrick King, $287,152.

LUCY DR., 5401 -- John T. and Karen L. Wolff to Charles L. Sharon, $295,000.

OAK MANOR DR., 11751, No. 95 -- Tama S. Lewis to Ronald Thomas, $133,000.

OAK MANOR DR., 11835, No. 45 -- Daniel L. and Brenda L. Thomas to Muhammad Rashid and Samina Shahid, $124,700.

PIERCE RD., 12069 -- Yolanda and Sidney C. Smith Jr. to Jerry L. Hunt, $275,000.

RONNA CIR., 6106 -- Neil E. and Brenda C. Waas to Louis Gonzalez, $299,900.

STANFORD PL., 2628 -- Susan L. and Cleofas R. Trejo to James Garrett, $276,000.

TANGLEWOOD DR., 2069 -- Mark A. Klinefelter to Tabatha Claytor, $156,000.

TREFOIL PL., 416 -- James M. Menge to James G. Turner Jr., $130,900.

WENDY LANE, 12241 -- Gary L. and Amy C. Gray to Reena and Gurvinder Sethi, $259,900.

WIMBLEDON PL., 10267 -- Donahue F. Chase to Lori E. Bryant, $242,000.

WINTERGREEN PL., 3917 -- Nicquita R. Robinson to Valerie J. Branham, $180,000.

ZOLL LANE, 2607 -- Robert Menke to Arlene S. Fernandez, $275,000.

Welcome Area

GUNSTON RD., 8541 -- Richard N. and Amy F. Pollock to Deanna L. Bias and William D. Kearns, $225,000.

White Plains Area

PAGES CT., 10010 -- Todd D. and Janet M. Nalley to Kimberly Shrout and John T. Collier, $340,000.

STONEYBROOK RD., 3807 -- Carl C. and Janice A. Comer to Dana Hendry Sias and John W. Sias Jr., $309,900.

St. Mary's County

Avenue Area

BILLS WAY, 38675 -- Judith L. Gibson to Cindy A. and Charles J. Guy Sr., $198,000.

California Area

OLD HEWITT RD., 22480 -- Essex South Partnership to Christy L. and Jason A. Gmeiner, $323,752.

ROSEWOOD CT., 23240, No. 5E -- Charlotte R. McRae to Joan H. and Steven M. Simko, $147,500.

WOODSTOWN WAY, 45297 -- Timothy J. Wolfrum to Christina A. Resico and Benjamin M. Wood, $178,000.

Drayden Area

WINDMILL POINT RD., 18459 -- Raymond M. Smart to James M. Jordan, $190,000.

Great Mills Area

CHANCELLORS RUN RD., 21281 -- SCH Enterprises Inc. to Hannie D. and Eugene J. Pap, $289,990.

LEXINGTON DR., 21356 -- Brenda M. Goldring to Mary A. and Gladys M. Somerville, $121,700.

LONGFIELDS BLVD., 45538 -- Wanda Faye Eads Read to Angela M. and Gregory M. Linsky, $303,600.

SUNFLOWER ST., 45575 -- Tracey L. Bakkum to Karen E. and Leonard A. Price, $359,000.

Hollywood Area

CAT CREEK RD., 27338 -- Phyllis C. Malley to Little Cat Creek Corp., $635,500.

CUCKOLD COVE WAY, 24990 -- Arnold H. Carter to Richard Lagnemmo, $89,000.

Leonardtown Area

BULL RD., 22525 -- Donald Kent Bender to John R. Johnson, $295,000.

CAPILANO CT., 40561 -- Steven M. Simko to Michael J. Whelan, $415,000.

DRY CREEK LANE, 44410 -- Karyn Z. and Robert Howard Barr to Michael E. Bromley, $300,000.

FAIRGROUNDS RD., 42861 -- Christopher L. Perrygo to Ethel M. and Robert I. Garner, $188,000.

Lexington Park Area

BAY FOREST RD., 48771 -- Richard A. Reed to Carley A. and Robert W. Dodge, $243,000.

BRISTOL DR., 21333 -- Melvin Brown to Garner Stewart and Bobby McAdams, $82,190.

ESSEX DR. N., 21661 -- Chris D. Jorgenson to Heinze Realty Corp., $106,000.

ESSEX DR. S., 21567 -- Robert Dean Walker Jr. to Glaumiez Croom, $240,000.

FREEHOLD DR., 48020 -- Loren E. Koppen to Julian Johnson Jr., $75,000.

MAYFLOWER DR., 48170 -- Walter D. Abbott III to Michael G. Stokes, $279,900.

MIDWAY DR., 46642 -- Robert W. Day to Patrick Chandler, $150,500.

RONALD DR., 21832 -- Springhaven Rentals Corp. to Melody N. and James N. Elele, $124,900.

SCHWARTZKOPF DR., 47169 -- Joseph A. Carlucci to Loraine King and Christopher W. Muirhead, $293,000.

SCHWARTZKOPF DR., 47177 -- Patrick J. and Shifflette to Kathryn M. and Michael A. Dechanine, $330,000.

THREE NOTCH RD., 22550 -- Nellie R. and Dabrey C. Winston to Charlie R. Saah, $215,000.

YORKTOWN RD., 46578 -- Richard W. Scrivner to John W. Couch, $90,000.

Mechanicsville Area

ALL FAITH CHURCH RD., 29507 -- William A. Johnson to Alicia Wooster, $345,000.

LAUREL GROVE CT., 26636 -- David E. Ridgely to Eric S. Halt, $275,000.

OAK ACRES DR., 30039 -- David J. Byers Sr. to Cynthia L. and Donald L. Speirs, $310,000.

PINEWOOD LANE, 39360 -- Joseph A. Norris Jr. to Quinton L. Wood Jr., $70,000.

SHANNON CT., 28988 -- Dean Gerard Quade to Kathleen Ann Burns and David Charles Hill, $365,000.

YOWAISKI MILL RD., 27546 -- William B. Johnson to Constance L. Hamilton, $211,000.

St. Inigoes Area

ST. INIGOES RD., 17705 -- Judith and William Free Jr. to Reginald O. Overman III, $475,000.

Tall Timbers Area

FOURTH ST., 17858 -- Combs Building Corp. to Timothy J. and Stephen T. Bausch, $215,900.