The following home sales were recently recorded in Alexandria and supplied to The Washington Post by the Alexandria Department of Real Estate Assessments. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Alexandria and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

ABINGDON DR. W., 1614, No. 201-Anne D. and Allen A. Quay to Elizabeth A. Crews, $254,500.

ALEXANDRIA AVE. E., 505-Heidi Pena and Paul W. Moog Jr. to Erin and Charles F. Russell, $474,900.

ARGALL PL., 1407-Kathryn S. and Gary K. Weeden to Ashley M. Head, $552,000.

ARMISTEAD ST. N., 487, No. 301-Jeannette Garza to Lori S. Isenhower, $180,000.

ARMISTEAD ST. N., 489, No. 101-Thanh Quang to Blanca Garcia, $234,000.

BEAUREGARD ST. N., 301, No. 1616-Neamat Hakim to Kwak No Un, $99,000.

BRADDOCK RD. E., 505-Sandra Timms Pawek to Melissa Shafford, $375,600.

BRENMAN PARK DR., 4951, No. 306-Matthew A. Larson to Jennifer D. Auchterlonie, $414,000.

CLIFFORD AVE., 118-Rhonda Jean Thissen to Ann Marie Pedersen, $350,000.

COLONIAL AVE., 1149-Norma P. and Charles Henry Hollins to Kevin A. Hurst and Anne L. Farmakidis, $425,000.

DEVON PL., 804-Janet R. and R.T. Jones to Matthew R. and Emily B. Jones, $290,000.

DUKE ST., 1021-Catherine M. and Mark A. Gaudian to Kerri B. and John R. Griffin, $543,000.

DUKE ST., 821-William F. Lewis to Victoria Anne Betterton, $525,000.

EDSALL RD., 5911-Thomas D. Myers to Thaddeus T. and Deloris J. Bowers, $192,500.

EDSALL RD., 6141-Glynis A. and Kenneth E. Gault to Angie P. Penn, $200,000.

FAYETTE ST. S., 406-Faye D. and Gary J. Fortunato to Terry L. Scherling, $833,000.

GRIMM DR., 5012-Kristen L. Barth to Kenneth J. and Beverly L. Kinzer, $599,900.

HOLLY ST., 2710-Laurie Ann Hand to Mark E. Thomassy, $640,000.

HUDSON ST. S., 34-Gretchen M. Bossert to Mary D. Hassell, $337,600.

LATROBE PL., 4636-Carey T. Ramirez to Sandra F. and Harry D. Polumbo Jr., $592,000.

LINDEN ST. E., 27-John E. Plishker and Jeffrey C. Button to Kristen L. and Joseph N. Schulte, $619,900.

MARTHA CUSTIS DR., 1225, No. 1012-Janet E. Cole to Michael Thomas Whitmire, $232,000.

QUAKER LANE N., 510-Dorothy S. Goodman, trustee, to 508 and 510 Quaker Lane Corp., $1.315 million.

QUANTRELL AVE., 5801, No. 403-Tesfatsion Kahsay to Jose and Elsa I. Paz, $213,000.

REED AVE. E., 22-East Reed Avenue Corp. to Patrick B. and Mary P. Gavigan, $250,000.

REED AVE. W., 37-Ray Pulido to Sandhya Pradhu, $320,000.

REYNOLDS ST. S., 301, No. 400-Timothy V. and Stacey L. Shindelar to Andrea E. Howell, $373,000.

RIDGE ROAD DR., 2811-Mary Lynn Dell and David John Vandermeulen to Kelly Jeffrey Bruce and James Scott Harris, $685,000.

ROBERTS LANE, 110-Florence and Howard Leahy to Geraldine P. Kochan, $299,000.

SLATERS LANE, 501, No. 404-Nancy E. Tippins to E. David Vander, $265,000.

UNION ST. N., 108-Juliette and Wilfred J. Loggan to Vanita Datta, $625,000.

VAN DORN ST. N., 2500, No. 625-Mary Veronica Anthony to Hinda Mohamed, $240,000.

VIRGINIA AVE., 216-Connie Sue Swope Pindell to John P. and Heidi R. Fielding, $1.075 million.

WESMOND DR., 341-Charles R. Myers to Rachael J. Evans, $314,000.

YOAKUM PKWY., 203, No. 1819-Terry and Massjouni Jami and Naveed Edwards to Helen F. Curlee, $295,000.

YOAKUM PKWY., 203, No. 204-Bernardo A., Maria E. and Tatiana E. Gutierrez to Daniel L. and Marsha G. Moses, $275,000.

YOAKUM PKWY., 309, No. 1004-John C. Dupree Jr. to Genet Tessema, $290,000.


The following home sales were recorded in Arlington and supplied to The Washington Post by the Arlington County Department of Real Estate Assessments. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Arlington and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

ABINGDON ST. S., 2825, No. B-Vincent M. Buquicchio to Linda J. Rouse, $435,000.

ABINGDON ST. S., 2902, No. C1-Margaret J. Mey to Larisa Epatko, $295,500.

ABINGDON ST. S., 2902, No. C2-Shelley F. Kestner to Anita Sauterne, $315,000.

ARLINGTON BLVD., 4501, No. 807-Jan L. Rosenberg to William D. McCafferty, $272,500.

BARTON ST. S., 1200, No. 314-Christine D. Niles to Kamyar Kia, $330,000.

BARTON ST. S., 630-Sandra M. Bowen to Sharon A. and James W. Ferguson, $360,000.

BRANDYWINE ST. N., 2114-Alberta M. Russell to Jeanne Sempey, $427,000.

CLEVELAND ST. N., 727-Susan J. Rheingold to Andre C. and Hyo Jin Heinz, $664,000.

COLUMBUS ST. S., 3008, No. A2-Esther A. Freal, trustee, to Francis E. Dalton, $340,400.

CUSTIS RD. N., 2425-Old Dominion Classic Homes Inc. to Michael T. Zymowski, $1.658 million.

EDISON ST. N., 1945-Thomas F. Torres to Natascha P. and Michael L. Ledford, $477,030.

FORT SCOTT DR., 2636-Karen A. and John D. Hollinger to Cynthia A. and Raymond C. Fox, $849,000.

GARFIELD ST. N., 1501-Lori B. and Brian S. Dunch to Clarke P. Simpson, $855,000.

GEORGE MASON DR. N., 614-Dawn M. and Paul L. Dangel to Christopher O'Geen and Kathleen Harkins, $600,000.

GEORGE MASON DR. S., 1506, No. 13-Mesut Ozyenginer to Mehmet Birisik, $220,000.

GLEBE RD. N., 851, No. 512-Joanne D. Harty to Stefan K. Gassner, $292,500.

HARRISON ST. S., 849-Leigh K. Warren to Ruth Guadalupe and Milton Soria, $335,000.

HARTFORD ST. N., 1200, No. 108-Howard Wallach to Charles A. Sweet and Alan Batson, $550,500.

HAYES ST. S., 1659, No. 1-April D. and John Clayton Everett Jr. to Joshua C. Berkley and Michelle Marocco, $541,100.

JACKSON ST. N., 418-Linda M. Taira and William M. Welch to Lawrence A. Wiley and Sandy M. Ballou, $926,000.

KENSINGTON ST. N., 2421-Amour Properties Corp. to Kelly R. and Carl Joseph Lieber, $1.098 million.

KEY BLVD., 1530, No. 1001-Jeffrey G. Ryder to Dawn M. Petchell, $387,000.

KEY BLVD., 1800, No. 9-500-Lisa A. Murphy to Joseph G. Kammerman, $317,500.

OAK ST. N., 1600, No. 1719-Jean O. Leiserson to Betty and Eddy Huang, $950,000.

ODE ST. N., 1309, No. 504-William L. and Bonnie K. Lefbom to Christopher G. Lefbom, $322,000.

ODE ST. N., 1311, No. 622-Mary A. and James F. Jordan to Jeremy R. Ehrhart and Kip S. Malcolm, $386,000.

OXFORD ST. N., 2929-JK Development Co. to Michael John Garawski and Michelle Maureen Lefferts, $1.475 million.

OXFORD ST. N., 2930-Donald R. Mueller to David L. Jordan, $860,000.

PIEDMONT ST. N., 616-616 North Piedmont Partnership to Hakan K. Yavalar and Real Estate Development, $1.8 million.

QUEENS LANE, 1725, No. 1-112-John L. Furey to Milton L. Drewer and Stacy Lynn Price, $408,277.

SPOUT RUN PKWY., 3000, No. D210-Frances C. and Donald J. McConnell to Christine Kielpinski and Eugene S. Reich, $302,000.

STAFFORD ST. N., 900, No. 1404-Christopher Genor to Matthew Fetzer and Mary Frances Keenan, $399,900.

UTAH ST. N., 1113-Lucy W. Chmielewski to Faye and Mike Rokni, $750,000.

UTAH ST. N., 3546-Frances H. and Eric Chetwynd Jr. to Michele McNabb, $650,000.

VEITCH ST. N., 1818-Ellen E. Smith and William T. Pryor to J. Eric and G. David Ritland, $770,000.

VERMONT ST. N., 2330-Elizabeth A. and George J. Sotos to Ventura Group Homes Corp., $805,000.

WAKEFIELD ST. S., 3531, No. A1-Alicia Venegas Mortimer to Theresa B. Ruth, $388,000.

WAKEFIELD ST. S., 3604, No. A1-MAFC Residential Inc. to Patricia Donovan, $400,000.

WALTER REED DR. S., 2456, No. 1-Gregory A. Hall to Mary K. and Louis A. Bransford, $529,000.

WALTER REED DR. S., 2701, No. C-Betty S. Gilliam to Elizabeth H. and Derrick N. Shaw, $393,000.

WAYNE ST. N., 1276, No. 807-Rina and Bharti R. Shah to Shirin and Mansour Saberi, $632,110.

WOODLEY ST. S., 2903, No. 8-Wil Leblanc to Keith A. Turi, $281,903.

WOODLEY ST. S., 2919, No. 1-Frank Sumra to Jessica Aten, $301,500.

SECOND ST. S., 2510-Mary Menke, trustee, to Cecilia A. and Eleuterio Siles, $421,000.

SEVENTH ST. S., 3523-Marie O. and Francis X. Quinn to Saul Aguilar, $549,000.

NINTH ST. N., 3835, No. 603E-Christoph Naegelin to Robert B. Danberg Jr., $510,750.

10TH PL. S., 5230-Jonathan C. Kinney, trustee, to Angel Rivero, $260,000.

11TH ST. S., 5004-Milinda D. Jensen to Daniele Allison Baker, $415,000.

12TH ST. S., 3005-David W. Maier and Colin W. Miller to Dorothy K. and James W. Cannon, $888,000.

13TH ST. S., 1619-Betty Ann Burrows to Vidal and Agripina Leguia, $425,000.

16TH RD. N., 5001-Courtney C. and Douglas G. Jenrath to Geoffrey M. and Donnajoy G. Hawley, $775,000.

16TH ST. S., 4030-Janet A. Phoenix to Guillermo Oliva, $600,000.

20TH ST. S., 829-Perseveranda and Felipe C. Solis to Suzanne S. and Peter Filon, $625,000.

21ST RD. N., 4772-Christopher D. Onoffrey to M. Dao and Le Oanh, $455,000.

21ST ST. S., 935-Jefferson Manor Homes Corp. and Taft Construction and Development Corp. to Ronald L. Rucker and Russell P. O'Grady, $824,900.

22ND ST. S., 714-Elizabeth K. and Harold B. Leroy to Stacey A. and H. Michael Ipsan, $430,000.

23RD ST. N., 2917-Wendy S. Sisson and Paul R. Noe to Kendra A. Ericson and Aaron C. Liebert, $680,000.

24TH RD. N., 4748-Frank W. and Emily G. Pilk to Kristen G. and John C. Masci, $670,000.

25TH ST. S., 3400, No. 33-Margaret Lacson to Estelita M. and Marcelo C. Mariano, $176,000.

26TH RD. N., 5306-Louise B. and C. Raymond Cooper to Stephanie J. Slaymaker and Jim H. Baghdadi, $590,000.

26TH ST. N., 5219-Virginia Gorham Hilleary to Amour Properties Corp., $627,000.

27TH ST. N., 6020-Pamela Anderson and Martin Ross Taplett to Susan H. and Ronald J. Pennington, $690,000.

28TH RD. S., 4630, No. B-Robert M. Jennings to Channing W. Daniel, $285,000.

34TH ST. S., 4522-Richard T. and Jennifer M. Lunger to John P. Buckley, $425,000.