Citing privacy and safety concerns, Holy Cross and Montgomery General hospitals do not release names of newborns. However, new parents can list their children by faxing the hospital's proof of birth letter to The Washington Post at 301-279-5665 or mailing it to Births, The Washington Post, 51 Monroe St., Suite 500, Rockville, Md. 20850. For more information, call 301-294-2600.

Shady Grove Hospital

May 2

Jermain Antonio Cooper Jr., a son, to Jennifer S.M. Love and Jermain Antonio Cooper of Germantown.

Alaris Kimberly-Lynette Seraile, a daughter, to Deborah M. and Kevin J. Seraile of Gaithersburg.

May 3

Connor Steven Cross, a son, to Kate Marie and William Michael Cross of Urbana.

Kylee Jo Savannah, a daughter, to Jessica Catherine Raynor and Shane Hansen Savannah of Germantown.

Brendan Lee Warner, a son, to Morgan Elaine and John William Warner of Rockville.

May 4

Ava Jayden Guishard, a daughter, to Grace Lovelace Guishard and Kevin Guishard of Germantown.

Natalie Ava Jordan, a daughter, to Maryann C. and David Michael Jordan of Frederick.

Alexandria Latia McKoy, a daughter, to Kathleen Y. and Freddie A. McKoy of Gaithersburg.

Adam Michael Rymkiewicz, a son, to Sonia Natalina Rymkiewicz and Michael Sebastian Rymkiewicz of Rockville.

May 5

Clayton James Gill, a son, to Kimberly Ann and Scott Clayton Gill of Rockville.

Antonio Jenaro Murphy, a son, to Edesa Maria Cardozo and Thomas James Murphy of Mount Airy.

Rafael Donato Llenado Rubino, a son, to Maria Gracia Tan Llenado Rubino and Carl Ralph Galvez Rubino of Rockville.

Liza Jane Triandafilou, a daughter, to Nancy M. Palermo and Nicholas M. Triandafilou of North Potomac.

Lily Ann Trietley, a daughter, to Amanda Lea and Timothy Thomas Trietley of Thurmont.

May 6

Dylan Mackenzie Carroll, a daughter, to Courtney and Matthew Carroll of Bethesda.

Christian James Gonzales, a son, to Rosalita Intal Gonzales and Michael Monzon Gonzales of Silver Spring.

Lena An Ying Heikkinen, a daughter, to Pei-Pei and Tom Heikkinen of Silver Spring.

Penelope Bree Henry, a daughter, to Rebecca Lee Henry and David John Henry of Gaithersburg.

Jasmine Alysha Wint, a daughter, to Shana Marie Malone and Durward Lamont Wint of Germantown.

May 7

Alyssa Kelly Bolen, a daughter, to Marjorie B. Loggie and Wesley B. Bolen of Montgomery Village.

Grace Anne Hatcher, a daughter, to Tracey Lynn and Daniel Alan Hatcher of Damascus.

Joanna Ruth Fishell, a daughter, to Hana Lisa and Jason Ray Fishell of Frederick.

May 8

Emily Claire Henry, a daughter, to Elizabeth Marie and Samuel Raymond Henry of Frederick.

Morgan Lenore Okupski, a daughter, to Cara Lee Okupski and Christopher Joseph Okupski of Germantown.

May 10

Nick Eguez, a son, to Ylce Hurtado de Eguez and Jose Erland Eguez Vaca of Germantown.

Jessica Lyn Kotchenreuther, a daughter, to Laura C. and Robert V. Kotchenreuther II of Rockville.

May 11

Ronny Goel Argueta, a son, to Maria Dinora Argueta and Tereso de Jesus Argueta of Damascus.

Haika Thomas Masawe, a daughter, to Victoria and Furia Masawe of Gaithersburg.

Ryan Kevin Pettit, a son, to Shannon Bell Pettit and J. Kevin Pettit of Olney.

Maggie Rose Rook, a daughter, to Carla DeLong Rook and Steven James Rook of Gaithersburg.

May 12

Cathryn Elizabeth Russ, a daughter, to Lauren Pasekoff Russ and Daniel Edward Russ of Darnestown.

Noah Ryan Witt and McKenna Adamson Witt, twin daughters, to Jerri Hevener Witt and John Stephen Joseph Witt Jr. of Frederick.

Madeleine Rachel Press, a daughter, to Leslie Ellen and Michael Allen Press of North Potomac.

Lara Torchy Kehl, a daughter, to Militza Antonia Suarez and Jorge Javier Kehl of Gaithersburg.

Kaoru Jasmine Oka, a daughter, to Yumiko and Shunya Oka of Rockville.

May 14

Charles Bestman, a son, to Wendella Jackie Hoskins and Charles Momolu Bestman of Rockville.

Sibley Memorial Hospital

June 3

Maya Reese August, a daughter, to Brooke Caplan August and Adam Jason August of Potomac.

June 15

Matthew Constantinos Kostaris, a son, to Eileen L. and Evangelos Kostaris of Rockville.

Luke William Bowen, a son, to Julia Cross Bowen and Paul Thomas Bowen of Bethesda.

June 19

Cole Thomas Remington, a son, to Amy Kristen and Christopher James Remington of Kensington.

June 20

Evangeline Skye Kirvan, a daughter, to Jennifer Hoak Kirvan and Matthew Henderson Kirvan of Rockville.

Maren Elizabeth Sobin, a daughter, to Lori Petruso Sobin and Richard Mark Sobin of Silver Spring.

Brett Geoffrey Noyes, a son, to Jennifer Amerman Noyes and Stephen Anthony Noyes of Garrett Park.

-- Compiled by TINA TOLL