The following home sales were recently recorded for Fairfax County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Real Estate Division of the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Fairfax and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Alexandria-Belle View Area

BELLE VIEW BLVD., 1101, No. A2-Theodore W. Johnson to Lauris R. Trimble, $280,000.

BELLE VIEW BLVD., 1601, No. B1-Matthew F. and Elizabeth H. Fields to Emil M. Zuberbueler, $249,900.

POTOMAC AVE., 6515, No. A2-Robert W. Folen to Charles S. French, $234,000.

Alexandria-Franconia Area

ASHBY LANE, 7503, No. J-Kenneth J. Campbell to Sophia Ali, $295,000.

CAPTAINS COVE CT., 7114-Robert F. Doven to Craig A. Klein and Theresa M. Caldwell, $419,000.

CASSEL GLEN CT., 5732-Douglas H. Nomura and Anela G. Nomura to Lee A. and Jennifer Kellerman, $935,000.

CASTLETOWN WAY, 6151-Shirlett D. Miller to Rabih Abi Aad, $388,000.

CHAPEL COVE CT., 5203-Ann M. Joiner to Michelle L. and Thomas P. Bonanno, $343,000.

FORBUSH CT., 6617-Jean De Montebello to Jirawat and Pranee Zorncharoen, $332,000.

FOUNDERS HILL CT., 5982, No. 102-Kevin M. Butturff to Linda S. Piquet, $320,500.

GOVERNORS POND CIR., 5644-William P. Trainor to Nikolaos and Heather L.D. Kolovos, $569,000.

GRANGE LANE, 6551, No. 302-Hazel M. Borowsky to Francesca N. Stigliano, $330,000.

HEATHERFIELD LANE, 7441-Prudential Relocation Inc. to Connie H. Chang and Derek T. Kan, $460,000.

HIGH VALLEY LANE, 6626-Luan C. Truong to Badrul and Komar Khan, $305,500.

KATHMOOR DR., 5959-Diane G. Burgess to John P. and Debora A. Forrester, $1.175 million.

KINGS LANDING RD., 6406-William H. Tadlock to Christopher P. and Jennifer L. Sheedy, $560,000.

MARILYN DR., 6104-Obaidullah and Mary S. Futuri to Francisco Rodriguez, $427,000.

MARY CAROLINE CIR., 6927-Leo F. Coulson to Bing Tang and Steven Ong, $265,000.

MAY BLVD., 6401-Miguel A. Orellana to Mustafa Salih, $493,000.

NORHAM DR., 5812-Livena E. Alexander to Christopher A. Mullings, $349,900.

OLD BRENTFORD RD., 7016-Frederick E. King to Jean B. Fleurantin, $295,000.

OLD CARRIAGE WAY, 6519-Kenneth A. and Melanie Hendricks to David P. Randolph, $276,000.

PIKE BRANCH DR., 6012-Charles S. and Elizabeth R. Hulfish to Anthony and Martina Simpkins, $680,000.

ROCKLEIGH WAY, 6646-John and Barbara Kinnard to Troy and Naomi M. Glassman, $354,900.

ROLLING CREEK WAY, 6915-Nathan and Patricia Anderson to Susan M. Karlesses, $482,000.

ST. JOHN DR., 6013-Virginia L. De Moss to Novin Ghoudsi Moghaddam, $410,000.

SHROPSHIRE CT., 5727-Howard R. and Jean D. Guffey to Colin Concannon and Carole E. Mayo, $400,000.

WICKFORD DR., 7339-Paul J. and Julia C. Murphy to Robert F. Doven and Romaine H. Doven, $425,000.

Annandale Area

AMERICANA DR., 4241-In Hwa Choi to James V. and Kyi Cha West, $196,000.

ASHLEY GLEN RD., 7806-Carlos and Z. Alva to Jason C. Glenn and Sally R. Brown, $430,000.

BRISTOW DR., 4807-Mary G. Ellison and Robert E. Gray to Minh V. and Nguyet T. Tran, $450,000.

CHANEL RD., 3816-Cleve B. and Michelle P. Tyler to Daniel J. Buford and Kelly L. Hornaday, $624,888.

DONNYBROOK CT., 7723, No. 106-Thomas B. Vanpoole to Hicham Elabbassi, $194,900.

ELAN CT., 4457-Guillermo Arias to Remberto and Osvaldo Cabrera, $353,000.

EXCALIBUR CT., 8205-Robert B. and Jane R. Kalisch to Gary W. and Michele Bornholdt, $540,000.

MANGALORE DR., 4112, No. 303-Helen K. Kim to Hui Sook Kim, $210,000.

NEWCASTLE DR., 7702-Soonyoung Darder to Hyon S. Hwang and Jenny H. Hwong, $515,000.

SOUTHAMPTON DR., 5102-Charlie Sabbouh and Michel Greige to Carlos Terrazas, $482,000.

Baileys Crossroads Area

CHRISTINE PL., 4200-Gerald D. and Bonnie L. Kleczka to Michael Gearghty and Kathy Chung, $565,000.

LEESBURG PIKE, 6141, No. 506-Vladimir Castillo to Jose A. Maldonado and Euclides H. Moreno, $245,000.

PINETREE TER., 3500-Abraham P. and Joan R. Gelbein to Dann J. and Ada H. Determan, $758,000.

RIO DR., 3245, No. 913-Jay K. Tak to Walter F. Serrano, $176,900.

S. GEORGE MASON DR., 3701, No. 618N-Everett W. Seamans to Cindy Rodriguez, $207,000.

S. GEORGE MASON DR., 3713, No. 1512-Daniel J. Barnwell to Jeffrey N. Henry, $255,000.

SEMINARY RD., 5505, No. 2513N-Celia M. Vaughn to Lee R. Hamilton and Bee L. Tay, $285,000.

Burke Area

ANNABERG CT., 10328, No. 215-Michael D. and Sheree S. Furlong to Giovanni Garcia, $300,000.

BURKE TOWNE CT., 5741-Kirk D. and Katherine G. Smallwood to Shaazad and Karen Asghar, $350,700.

BURR OAK WAY, 10733-John P. and Shirley D. Breaden to James R. and Suzanne M. Eckloff, $557,800.

COVE LANDING RD., 5938, No. 303-Ernest D. and Lou C. Strawderman to Dennis P. and Elizabeth A. Monaghan, $189,900.

HARFORD LANE, 5034-Jose B. Cabrera and Delmis I. Cabrera to Jose E. and Jose M. Romero and Ramon Rodriguez, $293,000.

LAKESIDE OAK CT., 10625-Jennifer R. and Shawn M. Taylor to Henry A. and Jennifer R. Anglin, $351,000.

MARSHALL POND RD., 10231-Anthony R. and Michelle K. Pico to Dean A. and Nancy A. Hicks, $505,000.

MEADOW GROVE CT., 9506-Carlos and Katia K. Ipanaque to Fernando and Jacinto Cabrera, $315,000.

MERSEA CT., 5442-Alvin T. and Pamela K. Guern to Claudia Pellegrino, $385,000.

PEPPERCORN DR., 5548-Aatiqullah Kazemi to Oscar Brown, $295,000.

REEDS LANDING CIR., 10572-Antoinetta M. and Maximilian Roman to Jae C. and Sila Pang, $379,500.

SUMMERDAY CT., 6309-Daniel J. and Jong H. Lee to Mark T. and Veronica C. Miller, $617,000.

WENLOCK WAY, 5210-Tricia L. and Michael W. Brown to Michael J. and Tracey K. Marletto, $525,000.

WESTWOOD MANOR CT., 9816-John M. and Linda K. Hooks to Kirk D. and Katherine G. Smallwood, $628,000.

Centreville Area

ANTONIA FORD CT., 13967-Hyun H. Kim to Shell and Chul C. Hyun, $329,000.

BELCHER FARM DR., 5712-Dinesh and Neelam Toteja to Tru Phan and Tinh V. Phan, $366,000.

BETSY ROSS LANE, 14062-Diane Rock to Edward S. Kim, $329,000.

BLACK HORSE CT., 14452-William C. Cantrell to Naheed Hussain and Rizwan M. Hussain, $305,000.

CANTEEN CT., 14205-Francis J. and Sung S. Conway to Todd McDannell and Jennifer Lemker, $365,000.

CHOPTANK CT., 13814-Richard S. and Anne O. Mitchell to Paige Butler and Toby McCullough, $487,500.

CLIMBING ROSE WAY, 14322, No. 205-Paul R. McCray to Jennifer H. Song, $208,000.

CONNOR DR., 13347, No. B-Ruth Zick to Kevin Cuellar, $309,000.

DEER POND RD., 5709-Tuan A. and Phuonguyen T. Tran to Thi N. Nguyen, $504,000.

GLADE SPRING DR., 14273-M. Tam and Mai H.T. Tran to Munnawar J. Mohammad and Shaheda Kouser, $394,000.

GREYMONT DR., 15009-John Charles and Patricia K. Green to German A. Salazar, $430,000.

GRINGSBY CT., 14453-Elizabeth Thomason to Hind Elamin, $275,000.

HARTWOOD LANE, 6729-William G. and Carol L. Brozo to Thomas J. and Kristen M. Robertson, $596,000.

KERRYWOOD CIR., 6891-Hun Jung and Eun Mi Kim to Graciela Munayco and Thomas E. Pritchard, $374,900.

PALISADES DR., 6532-Scott C. Kirkland to Pauline Ball, $395,000.

PLUMBAGO DR., 13553-Winchester Homes Inc. to Ireldy Fuentes and Yaseen M. Noorazi, $777,950.

PRAIRIE MALLOW LANE, 13501-Winchester Homes Inc. to Srinivas Anumolu, $456,100.

PREACHER CHAPMAN PL., 13947-Michele M. Simpson to Jason K. Fogarty and Leah A. Kerkman, $332,000.

ROCKY WAY CT., 6123-Keith D. and Stephanie N. Reichlen to Helen N. Arnold, $298,000.

SAPPHIRE SKY LANE, 5149-Seongmin Hong to Justin and Youmee Kim, $446,500.

SEASONS DR., 14680-Sonja A. and Michael H. Wood to Seho Moon, $412,300.

SKYLEMAR TRAIL, 6520-Robin K. Ramos to Jennifer A. Norrman, $300,000.

SMETHWICK PL., 14806-Eugene J. and Elise T. Fisher to Luis Barriga, $299,000.

SMITHWOOD DR., 14528-Jeff C. Bannon

and Terry K. Thorson to Najat Chekroun, $434,900.

ST. TIMOTHYS LANE, 6370-Kwon J. Choe to Nam H. and Terry T. Kim, $384,900.

STONE RIDGE DR., 5835-Joseph and Lucy J. Thomas to Joseph E. and Michelle E. Clerkin, $495,000.

TURIN LANE, 14431-Pankaj Sharma to Julio Godoy and Leonila Cohen Godoy, $225,000.

VILLAGE CENTER DR., 5572-Raymond L. and Cynthia M. Flannery to Edgar Ruanova, $499,000.

WETHERBURN DR., 15160-O. Charles and Gwendolyn S. Hardy to Robert L. Borsato and Julie B. Pearl, $675,000.

WILD BROOK CT., 5928-A. David and Shirley H. Harmon to Nathan S. Lee, $357,000.

WINDING RIDGE LANE, 14077-James E. Democker to Joyce M. Goins, $360,000.

WOODFIELD DR., 5113-Orville E. Hay to Linda, Allen and Heather Prizmich, $385,000.

Chantilly Area

DEERWATCH DR., 4669-John K. Barron and Patricia E. Haney to Mamta Goyal and Arun K. Goyal, $430,000.

FLOWING BROOK CT., 13727, No. 48A-Karen Perez to Santos L. Amaya, $299,000.

RENOIR TRAIL, 3703-Thuy M. Pham to Madhava Reddy Pandem and Shivani Moolamalla, $750,000.

Clifton Area

JOHNNY MOORE LANE, 13215-Grant and Leslie Gibson to Joseph and Donna L. Brickey, $950,000.

SANDSTONE CT., 6116-Albert E. Culp and Sheryl L. Zenke to James W. and Holly L. Richbourg, $614,500.

WILDFLOWER LANE, 13640-Hernan R. Susanibar to Keon Choi, $337,000.

WOODLAND RUN CT., 6416-Joseph P. and Elizabeth A. Kender to Glenn A. and Linda R. Kurowski, $905,000.

Fairfax City Area

AMBERLEIGH WAY, 2927-Helena S. Hotaling to Amir M. Jamil and Tazeen Fasih, $354,900.

ARLINGTON BLVD., 9324-Mary A. Bahns to Dennis L. and Susan G. O'Brien, $455,000.

ARTERY DR., 11978-Karl F. and Kimberly C. Fippinger to Claudia M. Dewald, $365,000.

BARCELLONA CT., 9505-Hyun Ho Yang to Sung H. Kim, $389,900.

BRANCH SIDE LANE, 9319-Jeffrey W. and Karen S. Epstein to David J. and Carrie E. Jones, $700,000.

BROOMSEDGE CT., 3712-Chi Ping Hsu to Chaudhry R. Ahmad, $355,000.

BUCKHORN RIDGE, 4659-Kyu and Sarah Choi to Mark Blazy, $449,900.

CONNOR DR., 13367, No. T-Stonegate at Faircrest Corp. to Michael K., Cynthia T. and Christopher Zook, $336,895.

COTTON FARM RD., 10021-David Broadwell to Jorge Calixtro, $489,900.

DOGWOOD HILLS LANE, 12718-Douglas R. Bailey to Amy E. Hanratty and Mark G. Beizile, $455,000.

DORADO CT., 3619-Larry A. and Charlene J. Cossairt to Raymond L. and Suzanne S. Peeler, $629,900.

EARPS CORNER PL., 5409-Michael G. Andrea to Hack D. and Kyu S. Kim, $498,000.

FAIRHILL RD., 2921-John P. Dapogny to Ghassan and Karen T. Rubeiz, $697,000.

FOUNTAINSIDE LANE, 4129-Pamela Martin to Dung and Tuyen Nguyen, $320,000.

FOX LAKE PL., 12305-Woinshet Takele to Matthew B. Sandler, $435,500.

GLENN ROSE ST., 4402-Melodie A. Baron and Aquiles R. Gonzalez to Alberto D. Zegada, $430,000.

GOOSE POND LANE, 13214-Michael A. and Olivia G. Hilt to Kwang S. Kim, $466,000.

GREENWOOD CT., 12100, No. 165-Michael L. and Stephanie E. Fugate to Robert K. Pauli, $266,000.

HAMPTON FOREST WAY, 5816-William M. Smith to Kevin P. and Katherine B. Smith, $845,000.

HEADLY CT., 10422-Mack N. and Nancy B. Leath to Mubashir H. Khan, $504,000.

HILLYER ST., 4410-John A. Robertie and Elynor O. Robertie to Daniel J. and Melanie O. Mills, $525,000.

HOLLINGER AVE., 13312-Brian C. and Tara M. Iglinski to Christopher Larose, $400,000.

INVERNESS RD., 3782-Andrew M. and Holly C. Walker to Deborah R. Broderick, $484,950.

KEEFER CT., 3731-Yvette Zarookian to Carlos and Gloria Pineda, $334,000.

LADY SOMERSET LANE, 12723-MHI Rugby Road Corp. to Margaret C. Reames, $1.022 million.

LOCHLEVEN TRAIL, 4151, No. 133-Comstock Fairfax Corp. to Greta D. Brake, $364,045.

MADONNA LANE, 13158-David Skiffington to Richard and Sharon L. Lechner, $439,900.

MEARS ST., 9001-John H. Duong and Savan K. Duong to Nelson R. Torrico and Lidia L. Claros, $535,000.

MINSTRELL LANE, 4224-Bruno J. and Marlene E. Giri to Brian H. Tonthat and Duyen K. Tran, $463,000.

PAXFORD CT., 5500-Michael K. and Kristina K. Robinson to Jorge Zamora and Janet Ramos, $350,000.

PHEASANT BROOK LANE, 4824-Richard W. Loving to Mark Tschechtelin, $375,000.

SAMMY JOE DR., 4929-Pulte Home Corp. to Ryan K. and Yen P. Logan, $977,050.

STAR OPAL DR., 2875-Trace Briarwood to Charles G. and Lynn C. Hunter, $708,715.

THOMPSON PARK LANE, 2958-Neighborhoods Corp. to Donnie P. and Pamela J. Sullivan Young, $570,672.

VERNOY HILLS RD., 4159-Soon Yuan Chang and Ching Yin Hsu to Ahmed A. Elbaba and Dina A. Elakkad, $514,900.

VILLAGE DR., 4616-Thomas R. Wagner to Buddha Lama and Sukrita Pradhan, $460,000.

VOSGER CT., 9115-Charles E. Parsons and R. Ellis Jack to Ronald E. Jones and Katherine T. Walter, $333,100.

WHEATLAND RD., 12916-Omar M. and Aziza Shoja to Peter and Amy Bowman, $643,000.

WHITE BIRCH CT., 3092-Stuart A. and Melissa A. Franklin to William N. Brown, $440,000.

Fairfax Station Area

AUTUMN OAK CT., 9110-Roger J. and Sherley A. Channing to John and Sherry L. Taylor, $775,000.

HENRY HOUSE CT., 6109-William B. and Gloria J. Zell to Paul and Nanette Werner, $645,000.

HOMAR POND DR., 10101-Peter C. and Susan V. Lee to Paul and Nancy Rowson, $839,000.

LILTING LANE, 11538-Willis J. and Judy L. Lothrop to James R. and Katherine H. Gray, $785,000.

SHADOWRIDGE DR., 8229-Joseph L. and Vera V. Duvall to Margaret L. France and Roger A. Hart, $845,000.

Falls Church Area

BARRETT RD., 6664-Isabel M. Krauss to Douglas Lauw, $400,000.

BISVEY DR., 2838-Anthony V. Buglak to Jesus U. Tintaya, $420,000.

DOVER LANE, 2842, No. 103-Eugene Mauck to Paul Ruben Quispe, $197,000.

FREEHOLLOW DR., 7902-C. Kevin and Patricia E. Morrison to Todd and Abigail Norell, $540,000.

KENNEY DR., 3247-Jose R. Terrazaz to Ruben A. Senzano, $450,000.

KINGS CHAPEL RD., 2902, No. 12-Mary A. Elmotassadeq to Saima Tauqeer, $175,000.

LAKESIDE VILLAGE DR., 7592, No. N-Caroline C. Pons to Derhonda K. Coleman, $265,000.

NEW PROVIDENCE CT., 2831-Paul R. McGurrin to Tisan and Jaon Ahmad, $335,000.

SKELTON CIR., 8151-Daniel C. Kim to Venkatesan Natarajan and Yasodarani Venkatesan, $530,000.

SUMMERFIELD RD., 2812-Frederick E. and Sara J. Breaux to Michael T. and Erika A. Chambers, $470,000.

Falls Church-Pimmit Area

BRITTANY PARC CT., 7603-Richard H. Kaijuka to John M. Kamya, $728,000.

JANUARY CT., 2755-Robert D. Evans to William F. and Katherine P. Hall, $399,000.

Fort Belvoir Area

INLET COVE DR., 6940-NVR Inc. to Regina and George A. Perkins, $723,640.

Fort Hunt Area

BUCKBOARD DR., 8615-Robert E. Watts to Peter and Adriana Barsotti Kaplan, $675,000.

FALSTER RD., 1229-Patricia F. Inzunza to Margaret M. Dunnigan, $565,000.

JAMESTOWN RD., 1804-Jonathan R. and Judith M. Bryan to Sabrina Redd, $379,900.

LONDONDERRY RD., 2513-Ada R. Normile to James W. and Cynthia K. Wright, $625,000.

Great Falls Area

GREAT KNOLL CT., 10939-Patrick C. Cho and Catherine L. Hui to Marwan Jamal, $1.375 million.

HAVEN LANE, 508-Otto E. and Dorothy N. Fry to Walter A. Santos and Julia Bentiez, $1.125 million.

Herndon Area

ANGELINE DR., 2495, No. 102-Tana Farrell to Srinivasan Nelaturu, $321,100.

BAYFLOWER CT., 1502-Ahmad Navid and Ahmad Nariman to Brian A. and Rebecca S. Hope, $458,000.

BICKSLER DR., 1120-Alex Serrano and Julio C. Portales to Ceferino and Mercedes A. Diaz, $415,000.

COMMODORE CT., 3508-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Vannee Vutthayakom and Sitkasem Chanhiran, $969,900.

DOGWOOD CT., 860-Karina Melendez and Cesar Alfaro to Samuel S. Serrano, $279,000.

FLINTWOOD PL., 13617-Michael A. and Deneen Karpovich to Charles and Judith L. Gardner, $478,000.

FLORIDA AVE., 511, No. 102-Katalin K. Torzsok to Dean R. Makarita, $200,000.

KIDWELL FIELD RD., 13160-Joseph F. Recupero to Scott J. Young and Natalie M. Walter, $406,000.

KNIGHT LANE, 1079-Jose Portillo and Sabino Nolasco to Bobby A. and Melanie Dillon, $268,000.

LAURA MARK LANE, 2474-Jiyub Lee to Deverdrakum and Manisha Patel, $420,000.

LOGAN WOOD DR., 2560-Elvira E. Pareja to Robert and Paula Jens, $369,000.

MISTY DAWN DR., 13345-John R. and Toiya L. Godfrey to Guruprasad P. and Bhagya Rao, $435,000.

MISTY WATER DR., 12523-Vincent J. Vehemente and Maria C. Nocon Vehemente to Sean P. and Elizabeth A. Rogers, $520,000.

MONAGHAN DR., 2112-Aqeel Khan to Muhammad Saleem, $268,000.

NICKLEBACK CT., 13502-Donna M. Heath to Tana Farrell, $418,900.

PAGE CT., 1013-Nora A. Gutierrez and Mariana M. Singh to Lourden A. Garcia, $500,000.

PARK CRESCENT CIR., 12976-Brian L. and Jennifer D. Longest to Krishna M. Alluri and Aruna Penumetsa, $480,000.

PATRICK LANE, 408-Olimpia and Nelly Garcia to Luis Lara, $374,000.

PINEY POINT PL., 12821-Stuart P. and Helen J. Layzell to Glenn M. and Keri M. Fukuda, $740,000.

RICHLAND LANE, 12104-Teresa A. Dean and James R. Plasker to Shidan Derakhshani and Bahareh Sardari, $1.197 million.

ROCK CHAPEL RD., 1352-Theodore Loy and Darlene M. Pryor to Lawrance and Jannine Hinson, $451,000.

STUART POINTE LANE, 1705-Tami Kim and Yong Kwon to John and Taylor Lee,


TAYLOE CT., 3234-Donna L. Seabolt to Maria M. Rivera, $310,000.

THORNCROFT PL., 2566-Loretta Guirguis and Raouf A. Guirguis to Susan L. and Cheryl Cheng and Richard Vo, $429,900.

TREESIDE LANE, 1125-Huyen T. Tran to Hoa T. Tran, $430,000.

WHITWORTH CT., 1130-Abdul and Rezaul Monsur to Marcela and Hector Montas, $372,500.

Huntington Area

EDGEHILL DR., 5921-Vivian A. Manning to Phantamith Prompol, $277,436.

FORT DR., 2416-James Franklin and Mary E. Boswell to James K. and Michele A. Surdam and Thomas R. Corbitt, $253,000.

N. KINGS HWY., 5719, No. 340-Evelyn C. and Lawrence T. Washington to Marvin B. and Mary C. Rubin, $270,500.

NORTON RD., 5605-Edmund V. Rice to Primitivo Benjamin and Sherry May Piza, $335,000.

Hybla Valley Area

CLIFTON FARM CT., 8280-Bertrand M. and Linda D. Harding to Lori D. Rulapaugh, $384,350.

E. LEE AVE., 2841-Irene S. Sampier to Ascencio Ayala, $360,000.

KINGS VILLAGE RD., 3018-Mopeola and Anthony Adeyemi to Emilio and Blanca Alvarez, $350,000.

PARSONS CT., 7211-James F. Miller to Oscar E. and Lilian K. Portillo, $325,000.

SOUTH BENSON DR., 6727-Eugene W. Spangler and C.E. Spangler to Michael Lyons, $400,000.

WINDBREAK DR., 2459-Florence A. Mensah and Dunstan L. Mensah to Najam Mohammad, $339,900.

Lincolnia Area

BRADDOCK RD., 6552-Melania Morales to Lydia A. Fernandez, $455,000.

KING DUNCAN RD., 4605-Manuel and Nicole D. Castro to Jung E. Shin and Byung M. Lee, $427,500.

LITTLE RIVER TPK., 6812-Peter H. and Rosa L. Chin to Thiem Ngo and Thuan T. Tran, $720,000.

Lorton Area

ARDGLASS DR., 7336-Loc Ann Tran to Kathryn C. Kormos, $375,000.

DANIEL FRENCH ST., 9529-NVR Inc. to Timothy C. Haller, $431,151.

DEER CROSSING, 9220-Roy S. Wilensky to Michele S. Herman, $295,000.

GRAYSONS MILL LANE, 7651-Jibril S. and Saria A. Omar to Nikki H. Johnson, $580,000.

GUNSTON WOODS PL., 7940-Floscelia G. Johnson to Mehrdad Karjoo, $370,000.

HAGEL CIR., 9562, No. B-Debra C. and Adrian D. Donkor to Arne and Hazel A. Custodio, $188,400.

HALLOWING DR., 5805-Louis Wayne Boyle to Dawna M. and Thomas L. Taylor, $800,000.

HAWKSHEAD DR., 9663-Ryland Group Inc. to Rod M. Taylor and Michelle L. Serrano, $479,703.

INDIAN PAINTBRUSH WAY, 8494-Centex Homes to Hoang N. and Hien K. Tran, $631,490.

KERNON CT., 8503-Ronald A. Mesko to Alice and Opoku Kwarteng, $352,000.

LAUREL HEIGHTS LOOP, 8256-Richmond American Homes to David and Suzette R. Hoffman, $492,915.

LINNETT HILL DR., 9588-Ryland Group Inc. to Shabana N. Ahmed and Javed Khan, $550,754.

MILFORD HAVEN CT., 8932, No. 32A-Frank L. and Graciela L. Prindle to Kathleen M. Zimpel, $389,000.

MOOREGATE CT., 9538-Johnny S. Granja and Rosario Vasquez to Dafrine D. Jones, $275,000.

POPLAR TREE RD., 13814-Mildred W. Staver to Mila O. and Diogenes B. Villar, $377,000.

SOUTHERN OAKS CT., 8320-Brian A. Tray to Mark Lev, $380,500.

WASDALE HEAD DR., 8450-Charlotte and Ken Biddle to Arnel T. Ryan, $520,000.

WESTERN HEMLOCK WAY, 8812-Pulte Home Corp. to Thomas E. and Elizabeth A. Jones, $762,400.

WHITEHAVEN CT., 8431-Engle Homes Inc. to Melvin Garcia, $542,686.

WILLIAM AUGUSTUS CT., 7965-NVR Inc. to Roderick E. Jaurigue, $395,794.

McLean Area

BUENA VISTA AVE., 1443-Peter E. Malec to Andrew C.T. Eyck, $475,000.

CLOVER LEAF DR., 8456-Houshang and Soghra Makipour to Clara V. Viana and Carlos F. Vargas, $1.03 million.

DAHLIA CT., 1528-Paul B. Stevenson and Kristal L. Redman to Hanborough Corp., $720,000.

FARM MEADOW CT., 7212-Hampstead Village Corp. to Bernard L. and Paula M. Swain, $2.237 million.

HARVEST CROSSING DR., 1412-Hampstead Village Corp. to Steven D. and Cherie A. Thoman, $1.28 million.

KENNEDY DR., 1952, No. 102-Sam N. and Ruba Ayoub to Robert J. and Antemira C. Elliott, $292,900.

LUPINE LANE, 6708-George M. and Sharon E. Gehrman to John Ryan, $1.045 million.

OLD DOMINION DR., 7301-Paul A. and Carol C. Howard to Khosrow Biglarbigi, $1.3 million.

SPRING GATE DR., 1600, No. 2203-Cheryl and Jeff Wu to Wendy E. Keller, $410,000.

STONEHAM LANE, 6325-Mario N. and Belinda Gomes to Phillip W. and Kimberly A. Kempf, $1.5 million.

TILDEN PL., 1833-Scott and Anne Shawkey to Thomas F. Buongervino and Kristi L.S. Buongervino, $590,000.

VAN FLEET DR., 6712-Sheila Cohen Zimmet to Jennifer Schweikert, $550,000.

WELLER AVE., 8431-Carol J. Bancroft and Beauford A. Bancroft to Matthew Mark Polster, $866,500.

Mount Vernon Area

BATTERSEA LANE, 3307-Kenneth and Tria Kim to Thomas J. and Suzanne Pyles, $495,000.

BEEKMAN PL., 8621, No. C-Paul E. and Sylvia R. Rieg to Colon Luis A. Gonzalez, $180,000.

GROOMBRIDGE WAY, 4420, No. E-Joel E. Duarte to Victor Hendrickse, $195,000.

LONGWORTHE SQ., 4411-Thomas M. and Karen Hagedorn to Joseph F. Heath and Jon Holland, $375,000.

LYNNHALL PL., 9494-Zafar I. and Lubna F. Ahmed to Quazi Sayeed and Mehar Ahmed, $1.57 million.

MONTE VISTA PL., 3806-George E. and Rosa A. McLean to Nelly A. Masias Vasquez, $207,000.

RICHMOND HWY., 8424-Muhammad Azeem and Jameela Cattaneo to Mohammad Muktar, $127,000.

ROXBURY CT., 3812-Linda S. Woods to Wayne D. Washington, $291,000.

VILLAGE GREEN DR., 5756, No. E-Carlos A. Lobo and Agueda Maradiaga to Good Shepherd Housing and Family Services Inc., $199,990.

North Springfield Area

AXTON ST., 7428-Tifani Story and Thomas L. O'Brien to Abel Vargas and Almanza Jaime Rojas, $369,900.

LEEWOOD FOREST DR., 7071-Harrison C. and Yumiko I. Cook to Milagros M. Jimenez and Giovanni E. Tenemas, $375,000.

MOULTRIE RD., 5318-Patrick C. and Karen E. Canniff to Johnny and Marlene B. Paz, $340,000.

SOUTHAMPTON DR., 5511-Valerie Nguyen and Khoa D. Tran to Juan and Gregoria Villarroel, $435,500.

Oakton Area

BORGE ST., 3031, No. 208-Brion D. Sumser to Rita Schumer, $285,000.

HOLLYBROOK PL., 2507-John Richard and Diane M. Bashar to Maureen A. Desmond, $799,900.

LINDA MARIE DR., 2713-Wendell L. and Mary L. Irby to Gerald A. and Debra L. Bodmer, $825,000.

MEADOW POND LANE, 10850-Irvin T. and Joan F. Westerman to Michael and Gina M. Hatheway, $810,000.

NORBORNE PL., 2817-Richmond American Homes to Vali and Drehksan Ghaderi, $850,565.

OAKLEIGH LANE, 2972-Peter A. Gray to Rodrigo Z. Rojas and Patricia S. Osinaga, $390,000.

ROSE CREEK CT., 3004-Renaissance at Hunting Hills Corp. to Abbas Y. Abutaa, $1.398 million.

STRATFORD CT., 3157-Mary R. Howell to Jennifer C. Chronis, $480,000.

VALENTINO DR., 10225-Kathryn M. Rheuark to Huchen Zhang, $290,000.

Reston Area

APRICOT CT., 1604-Robert K. Butterfield and Sharon L. Gaskin to David P. and Terry L. Maynard, $476,000.

BURYWOOD LANE, 11011-Christopher V. and Mary K. Tisi to Diane and Benjamin Preston, $685,000.

CASTLE ROCK SQ., 2226, No. 11C-Claudia M. Espinoza to Patrick A. Henry, $240,000.

GATE HILL PL., 11404, No. M-Michael and Helene A. Skurzewski to Evelyn Kaiser, $400,000.

GLADE DR., 11152-John P. Evans to Michael A. and Theresa R. Tomasulo, $430,000.

HERITAGE COMMONS WAY, 11451-Christopher and Sandra Dettra to Michael Parrott, $474,000.

HOOK RD., 11429-George Preston and Cynthia W. Moss to Catherine M. and Mark A. Scrimshire, $626,935.

HUNTERS SQUARE CT., 2340-Fernando L. Herkenhoff and Claudia Di Napoli to John A. and Nicole E.G. Gozzi, $302,500.

IVY BUSH CT., 11567-John J. and Leanne H. Gioeli to Scott W. Galus, $327,000.

IVYSTONE CT., 11614, No. 300-Nancy L. Welton to Ruth E. Crawford and Richard G. Harrison, $275,000.

LINKS DR., 11535-Carla J. Huston and David W. Hecker to Dana M. Scanlan and Paul S. O'Connor, $400,000.

NORTHGATE SQ., 1435, No. 1435-22B-Alan C. and Tessa D. Ptak to Darrell A. Denny, $262,500.

PINE CONE CT., 11512-Andrew J. Trojan and Meredith L. Yancey to Primacy Closing Corp., $381,000.

REDTREE WAY, 11934-Mansoureh Entessari to Andrew D. and Jennifer E. Parker, $330,000.

ROYAL FERN CT., 2035, No. 12B-Samuel A. and Juliette D. Brunetto to Betty B. Sintayehu, $230,000.

SANIBEL CT., 12176-Michael J. Castorina to Fauzia and Ijaz Qamar, $255,000.

THUNDER CHASE DR., 12505-Gary E. and Karen R. Gonet to Nicholas and Kelly S. Forgues, $616,000.

TRUMBULL WAY, 12042-Bruce and Dai Patrick to Randy Mattson and Suna L. Mattson, $419,000.

VALENCIA WAY, 1639-Walter S. Trezevant to Manjeet S. Bal, $354,900.

VILLARIDGE DR., 1902, No. A-Kimberly A. Kerin to Sarah A. Hayes, $235,000.

Seven Corners Area

GREENWOOD DR., 6170, No. 2-Christina R. Ferreira and Daniel T. Howard to Tram N. Mai, $165,000.

MEETING ST., 3005-Viktor Stipsic to Kelly and Ali Zafar, $510,000.

SHADELAND DR., 3048-Aber Abdlelah to Marcial A. and Marisol J. Peredo, $785,000.

WOODVILLE DR., 6424-Phyllis P. Hayman to Laura and David Hunsicker, $690,000.

Springfield Area

BARCAROLE CT., 8083-Andrew and Renee R. Lundquist to Souleymane Sylla and Hudah Murad, $299,000.

BYEFORDE CT., 7301-Angela Y. Moody to Terrence M. Andrews, $330,000.

CHANCELLOR WAY, 7618-Allen L. and Bonnie R. Snyder to Elzbieta J. Nowack, $435,000.

DEANSGATE CT., 7360-Rachel Park to Michael Nguyen and Cynthia Craig, $524,900.

DEMME PL., 6341-Dina Ibarra and Janet Mullin to Jeannette M. Pickett, $422,000.

FLOYD AVE., 6903-Cathy G. Taber to Helmer and Jose S. Hernandez, $425,500.

FRANCONIA CT., 6400-Shoaib and Zarmina Popal to Tumurbaatar Bold and Gerelmandakh Dagvdorj, $345,000.

GAVELWOOD CT., 9041-Ronald T. and Roseanna L. Porter to John R. and Ellen R. West, $390,000.

HICKORY RIDGE CT., 8650-Patrick A. Miller to Timothy J. Hatch and Melissa Lawler, $311,000.

JUNE ST., 7511-Michael H. and Deana T. Kelly to Antonio H. and Karina Pollock, $424,900.

SPELMAN DR., 6903-Robert S. and Mellissa L. Bell to Khalida K. Khan, $467,000.

VALLEYFIELD DR., 7836-Richard W. and Aesun Johnson to Mi Ja and Sung Tae Kim, $697,999.

WESTMORE DR., 7309-Linda A. Charters to Susan Dugan, $415,000.

WIND SONG CT., 8648-William B. and Barbara J. Griffith to Leisa D. Brabson, $432,500.

Vienna Area

ALLARD LANE, 2832-James J. Black and Nuria P. Vilanova to Jeffrey C. and Donna J. Snyder, $625,000.

BERRY ST., 309-Squires Crest Corp. to Brett P. and Jill S. Giroir, $1.033 million.

BETTERTON CT., 8527-John and Maria Laourakis to Ray H. and Deborah M. Moutinho, $532,500.

BEULAH ST., 7533-John F. and Linda M. Palmer to Gayfields Corp., $800,000.

CENTER ST., 508-Ayrhill Homes Corp. to Lloyd and Meredith Ritter, $952,118.

CENTERBORO DR., 2765, No. 262-Marquis at Vienna Station to Nripendra and Suneeta Rana, $300,900.

CLAVES CT., 1400-Veronica E.H. and William E. Kornemann to John R. Kell and Bowman N. Kell, $710,000.

DESALE ST. SW, 801-Tony and Qian R. Cheng to Stephen Siksay, $460,000.

OAKDALE WOODS CT., 9810-Madeleine M. Friedlander to Mohamed A. Abdulhameed, $312,100.

POST RD., 2104-David E. and Janice E. Gushee to Thevinh Vien and Tieuphuong Trinh, $675,000.

SUTTON GREEN CT., 9630-Nada N. Prouty to Lawrence Carnegie, $435,000.

TIMBER LANE SW, 904-Timothy L. and Jacqueline L. Knicely to Mohammed Y. Rababeh and Fatemah A. Saka, $450,000.

VIRGINIA CENTER BLVD., 9486, No. 215-Marquis at Vienna Station to Sabrina and Samuel Huang and Jui Ying Chang, $337,500.

Vienna-Dunn Loring Area

JOURNET DR., 2221-Chuk Shing Chu and Xue Zhen Huang to Tony and Qian R. Cheng, $572,000.

West Springfield Area

FOREST BREEZE CT., 9149-In K. Kim to Robert A. and Susan E. Lavy, $350,000.

FORRESTER BLVD., 8353-Donald L. and Julie D. Carlson to Pat Junvisetsak and Heather Kern, $348,000.

HADLOW DR., 7231-Harlan D. and Dorothy D. Oelmann to Carlos H. Padilla and Giselle I. Duchesne, $439,900.

KINGSWAY CT., 8101, No. 257-Margaret R. Clifton to Cyril V. and Joan F. May, $225,000.

OAKFORD DR., 8320-David R. and Ruth W. Stinson to Margaret Ann and Peter M. Bermudez, $550,000.

OLD SCOTTS CT., 6409-Edmund J. Singer to Paul Walden, $350,000.

OLDE LANTERN WAY, 7214-John W. and Olga M. Ward to Michael D. and Susan L. Hmara, $399,900.

REXFORD DR., 5815, No. D-Kim Keller to James V. and Kyi C. West, $207,000.

ROYAL RIDGE DR., 5803, No. N-Mona Assemi to Gideon Borena, $199,000.

STREAM WAY, 7369-Metemiku M. Yohannes to Rene R., Adolfo and Margareth Paglinawan, $340,000.

SWEET MAPLE CT., 6101-Ravi Subbarayan to Denae N. Skinner, $275,000.

WESTWIND WAY, 1798-Harold E. Lieding to Loula Ayoub and Walid Aboulhosn, $342,000.