The following home sales were recently recorded in Frederick County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Frederick County and other Washington areas, visit

Adamstown Area

RUSSELL AVE., 2903-Stephan R. McClellan to Dennis K. Shrewsbury, $310,000.

Brunswick Area

F ST. E.,, 9-Guy E. Crutchley to Janice Marie Moyers, $76,165.

G ST. E., 202-David L. and Mary E. Heffner to Jean L. and Ricky N. Coffey, $260,000.

WENNER DR., 42-David E. Pearcy to William Hildebrand, $145,000.

Burkittsville Area

MAIN ST., 14-Gretchen Wright to William Susa Jr., $245,000.

Emmitsburg Area

PROVINCIAL PARKWAY, 18-TDJ Builders Inc. to George Kazanjian, $160,000.

ROBINDALE DR., 54-Kerry Douglas Shorb to Barbara W. Martin, $177,900.

ROSE CT., 15508-Scott A. Milor to Sandra T. and John P. Coughlin Jr., $225,000.

WARTHENS CT., 1, No. B3-David A. Maze to Teresa Joy and Neal Harrington, $115,000.

Frederick City Area

ALLINGTON MANOR CIR. E., 7037-Patrick L. Gallagher to Linda M. Maillet, $429,900.

BETHEL RD., 9503-Betty K. Martin to Barbara and Richard Wetzel, $189,900.

BRECKEN DELL CT., 2119-A.A. Radcliffe III to Edmond B. Gregory and Elizabeth Lane Fields, $210,000.

CARRIAGE WAY, 1792-Daniel L. and Pamela K. Delph to Diainn and Thaddious L. Goodman Sr., $195,305.

CASCADE WAY, 591-Shirley and Jared Miller to Ernest Boakye, $210,500.

CLIFFSIDE TERR., 6226-Christopher J. Sousa to Dirk Biskup, $300,000.

CONSETT PL., 25, No. 4B-Daniel S. Uppercue to Deshawn Jamal Williams, $167,900.

COUNTRY CT., 1714-Anita J. Hall and Russell W. Bunner to Dana J. Scott, $217,000.

CRESTRIDGE CT., 5727-Bennie D. and Tammy S. Wheat to Lystra and Orlando Glory, $460,000.

DAVID LANE, 1372-Birdie M. Gaston to Jennifer and Ray Discaya, $214,900.

DERBY DR., 6221-Thomas P. and Cathy L. Rossomondo to Pamela J. and Wesley L. McGee, $395,000.

DOMINION DR., 2406, No. 3C-Donna L. and Richard A. Saunders to Christina Kearney, $218,000.

FARMGATE CT., 5819-Christina Chang to Gayle Y. Brown, $215,000.

FIVE SHILLINGS RD., 2486-Peter M. and Kathleen S. Murfitt to Anne C. and Richard J. Pelicano, $439,900.

GARDEN LANE, 2203-Steve W. and Doris A. Grossnickle to Susan and Charles Barnhill, $340,000.

GRESHAM CT. W., 7062-Angel M. and Karen Quinones Jr. to Marjorie S. and Selvin A. Inparaj, $262,000.

HAMMOND CT., 1824-Kelly F. Goff to Bell F. Quelega, $190,000.

HEATHER RIDGE CT., 1460-Gregory D. and Peggy J. Bryant to Marvin L. and Katherine A. Matheson, $177,500.

HEATHFIELD DR., 127-Sonya R. and John R. Smith to Eddie Wembes Juarez, $223,000.

HOLLYBERRY WAY, 520-George Chase to Leah and Michael T. Sihvola, $245,000.

HOPELAND RD., 3545-Stephanie A. Williams to Doris V. and William L. Millios,


HUNTING HORN LANE, 1404-Gary M. and Tressa L. Gieseman to Lori A. and Dale S. Andrews, $360,400.

JENNINGS CT., 1612-Derek H. and Crystal A. Harrison to Colleen E. and Issaka I. Souley, $221,000.

KEY PARKWAY WAY, 1401, No. 106-Mario Ierardi to Thomas Powers, $149,500.

LADD CIR., 7113-Judith A. Miller to Rachelle J. Fontanez and Iani M. Perez, $264,900.

LIBERTY RD., 10401-Desiree L. Bartlett to Carolyn M. Lopez and Felipe L. Arnada, $299,000.

LIVINGSTONE TERR., 44-James Farmer II to Diana Olson, $225,000.

MCLAUREN LANE, 5117-Kenneth B. Maher to Michele B. Paul, $295,500.

MOSBY DR., 922-Catherine S. and David L. Rosell to Susan Martonosi, $293,000.

NORTHSIDE DR., 705-John M. and Evelyn V. Burdette to Regina E. and Brian S. Wade, $295,000.

PINE AVE., 902-Jeffrey T. and Margaret Balistrere to Sharon W. and Marshall A. Botkin, $269,950.

PINE RIDGE TERR., 6104-Dodie R. Carper to Gail Burton, $267,000.

PINE RIDGE TERR., 6111-Leesa M. Baxter to John A. Conrad Jr., $265,000.

PRINCE WILLIAM CT., 5469-Karen Lee and Paul E. Tyler to Veronica Lee and Brian E. McKenzie, $265,000.

RAMBLING WAY S., 1508-Christy A. Taylor to Rebecca Bozym and John Arthur, $259,900.

REGAL CT., 5302-Christopher Matthew Pollitt to Lori and Robert Horne, $227,000.

RENN RD., 5376-Robert J. and Mary E. Taylor to Carolyn G. and David L. Stitely, $279,900.

SEMINOLE RD., 931-Harold V. and M. Catherine Hausler to Deborah L. and Danny L. Judy, $255,000.

STAGHORN AVE., 1003-Nicol E. Stephens to Robyn Sakraida, $220,000.

STRATFORD WAY, 804L-Ross L. Meem to Justyn Myles Weber and Erin Michelle Broadwater, $155,000.

SWEET BAY CT., 5771-Clifton M. Lee to Melvin R. Harrison, $160,500.

WALLER HOUSE CT., 2219-Dicola Antonio and Angela N. Schiano to Elisa M. and Douglas E. Medina, $230,000.

WASHINGTON ST., 225-Marianne Segura to Heloisa Schmidt and Zachary Eckert, $190,000.

WEATHERBY CT., 6409M-James E. Morgan to Walter C. Geddes, $190,000.

WHITEHALL RD., 2108, No. 1A-Claudia Oglivie to George E. Salibi, $177,500.

WILSON PL., 523-BBR Properties Corp. to Brian P. Muldowney, $418,000.

FOURTH ST. W., 112-Gregg L. Taylor to J. Mark Phillips, $230,000.

14TH ST. W., 16-Mary K. McDonald to Bret W. Slovikosky, $279,900.

Jefferson Area

MILFORD CT., 4610-Richard and Claire M. Moyer to Kaseur and Kevin Blatchley, $380,000.

SHADYWOOD DR., 3856, No. 3D-Charles W. Nusbaum Jr. to Gary L. and Courtney A. Watkins, $169,500.

Middletown Area

MAIN ST. E., 605-Melinda J. and John R. Maurey to Marcie Harris, $334,900.

Mount Airy Area

COMMODORE CT., 6619-Scott M. and Erin W. Schnell to Amy L. and Jason M. Piotter, $260,000.

EDGEWOOD CT., 10743-Deirdra D. and Nicholas J. Dewaal to Allison M. Reeves, $269,900.

HARRISVILLE RD., 14805-Vicki L. and Denis C. Hodgkins to Michael H. Ebbs, $325,000.

LAKE SQUARE CT., 10809-Lisa Michelle Dennison to Jamie L. and Robert P. Morris, $229,000.

LARSON LANE, 4117-Virginia and Stephen Ranson to Valerie S. Sheppard, $392,000.

LEAFY HOLLOW CIR., 1301-Jeffrey and Sharon Pearsall to Leslie J. and John A. Bennett, $475,000.

PROSPECT RD., 607-Russell J. Earley to Mary D. and Michael S. Pratt, $349,900.

WELLSPRING CT., 5621-Maria A. and Stevean J. Beall to Stevean J. Beall, $40,000.

Myersville Area

DOG RD., 2715-James L. and Faye E. Blank to Cheryl and Stuart J. Feldsott, $300,000.

MOUNTAIN TERR., 234-Bruce E. and Kathleen M. Burdette to Heidi N. Minnick and Martin W. Neal Jr., $209,000.

PLEASANT WALK RD., 11223-John H. and Elizabeth A. Carr to Kathleen J. and John C. Anderson, $345,000.

ROLLINGRIDGE CT., 10260-Catharine H. Ahalt to Linda M. and Michael S. Morse, $335,000.

WOLFSVILLE RD., 11018-Sandra L. and Leroy D. Masser to Richard Pizzi, $411,000.

Sabillasville Area

DEBOLD RD., 7037-Wayne R. and Doris L. Barthlow to Marthanne Phillips Smith and Mark E. Bailey, $850,000.

Thurmont Area

SABILLASVILLE RD., 14731-Lloyd A. and Josephine C. Eyler to Judith Ann and Andrea Stossel, $209,000.

SANDY SPRING EXT, 205-Elmer W. and Victorine M. Bollinger to M. Patricia Sullivan Swope and Jay R. Swope, $295,000.

Union Bridge-Libertytown Area

LIBERTY KNOLLS CT., 9105-Douglas E. and Karla E. Drahnak to Kimberly and Christopher S. Mangold, $475,000.

Walkersville Area

ABBOTT CT., 104-Steven A. and Rebecca L. Elkins to Victoria M. and Daniel Woods, $214,000.

DISCOVERY PL., 8386-S.M. and K.J. Shafer to F.D. and W. Kirchhoff, $170,000.

VICTORY CT., 8788-Dennis R. and Ginette J. Gordon to Joy D. and Stanley J. Kamara, $168,900.

WYNDALE DR., 8-Dennis T. and Mary A. Carolan to Catherine A. and Robert Taylor, $295,000.