PEC Does Not Have

Citizens' Needs at Heart

Of all the things Desiree Sorenson-Groves could have chosen to disagree with in her response to me ["Praise for the PEC," Letters to the Editor, Loudoun Extra, June 23], I am truly surprised that she would choose to do so on the derivation of the group she represents.

In the first week of January, Citizens to Save the Transition Area (CSTA) appeared as a member group on the Campaign for Loudoun's Future's Web site, at that time directly hosted by the Piedmont Environmental Council (PEC) site.

However, it wasn't until March that an employee of PEC called the "kickoff" meeting for this same group. The meeting was noted in the comment time at the March 15 business meeting of the Board of Supervisors, when Supervisor Stephen J. Snow (R-Dulles) asked Supervisor Jim G. Burton (I-Blue Ridge) why he was holding meetings in the Dulles district.

The first public meeting of CSTA was held in Aldie on May 3, four months after the group appeared on PEC's Web site. At its second public meeting, at Mercer Middle School in Stone Ridge on June 2, I heard Sorenson-Groves speak on behalf of the group, at which time she requested that donations be made to support the five members' work. She noted that there was a box for donations in the lobby, or that checks could be made out to PEC.

Contrary to her stated claim that CSTA is "an independent citizens group" organized by people like herself, it seems apparent to me that if the group was created on the PEC Web site two months before it was formed in person by PEC, and, like the Campaign for Loudoun's Future, is funded through PEC, then it is, in fact, a subgroup of a PEC group.

I am sorry if my account of the visioning exercise made her feel as if she were from another planet; PEC often seems to have that effect on people. I had a bit of an out-of-body experience myself when Sorenson-Groves stated that her goal for Dulles South was for it to be a "buffer zone."

I have lived in this de facto PEC buffer zone for eight years and can tell Sorenson-Groves that the "needs of existing citizens" are the furthest things from the collective PEC mind when it beams into Dulles South. If we are to be no more than a layer of foam rubber for the world that is Planet PEC, we "existing citizens" will never get the roads, schools or public safety needs of our community met, because those things are not part of a simple buffer zone.

Sorenson-Groves and I may actually want some of the same things: good services, attractive communities and a good quality of life. We will not get them from PEC.

Barbara Munsey

South Riding