Sports Article Ignored

Hornsby's True Legacy

The article by Josh Barr, "Hornsby's Departure Raises Concerns; Former Schools Chief Helped Boost Sports" [Prince George's Extra, June 23], in my view was puzzling, to say the least.

I live in Prince George's County. Our elected Board of Education was replaced by an appointed one, to next be replaced by an elected one. The appointed board had to hire a new superintendent. They found a fired one in New York and snapped him up. In only two years, he became an interesting role model for county students: A woman (not his wife) with whom he lived worked for an education company. It got a $1 million contract from the county. (It would seem that common sense is not a requirement to be on a board of education or serve as superintendent of a public school system.) After FBI agents went to the superintendent's school system office, he resigned. With a $100,000-plus settlement from our Board of Education, our former superintendent went on a vacation. Is this a great country or what?

Dozens of our county schools are on a "watch list." I doubt the Maryland State Department of Education is worried about current or future athletes in our schools, but the article doesn't say so. The article gave the impression that the most memorable thing about our former superintendent was an interest in school athletics.

Mr. Barr ignored the well-known facts of our former superintendent's past. Perhaps Mr. Barr hopes Washington Post readers have short memories, or maybe none at all. One hope is maybe -- just maybe -- our current Board of Education has, athletics aside, learned from its mistakes. Place your bets.

Marie A. Sherrett

Upper Marlboro