Blind Squirrel Found

LEESBURG, Longfellow Drive, June 24. A man reported that a squirrel in his yard appeared to be in distress. An animal control officer found a blind, elderly squirrel and took it to the animal shelter. It was euthanized because of its poor condition.

Husky Returned to Owner

PURCELLVILLE, Daffodil Court, June 24. A woman confined a stray Siberian husky at her home. The dog was wearing identification, and an animal control officer returned it to its owner.

Dog Stuck at Construction Site

SOUTH RIDING, Shipley Terrace, last Sunday. Investigating a report, an animal control officer went to a construction site and found a beagle on a leash. The free end of the leash was underneath a box. The officer determined that the dog had probably run off from its owner and that its leash had become snagged under the box at the construction site. The dog had no identification tags and was not injured, and it was taken to the animal shelter.

Dogs Kill 1 Bat, Injure Another

ASHBURN, Island Avenue, Monday. A man reported that his two dogs had killed one bat and injured another. An animal control officer met with the dogs' owner and verified that the dogs had current rabies vaccinations. The officer took the bats to the animal shelter to be tested for rabies. The injured bat was euthanized because of its injuries.

Raccoon Enters House

STERLING, Pennrun Way, Monday. An animal control officer removed a healthy adult raccoon from the living room of a home.The raccoon had entered the home through a cat door, so the officer advised the homeowners on how to prevent similar occurrences.