Citing privacy and safety concerns, Holy Cross and Montgomery General hospitals do not release names of newborns. However, new parents can list their children by faxing the hospital's proof of birth letter to The Washington Post at 301-279-5665 or mailing it to Births, The Washington Post, 51 Monroe St., Suite 500, Rockville, Md. 20850. For more information, call 301-294-2600.

Shady Grove Hospital

May 5

Jacob Michael Oshinsky, a son, to Stephanie Weinstein and Robert Oshinsky of North Bethesda.

May 11

Sean Tyler Daniel, a son, to Keri Anne and David Cary Daniel of Germantown.

May 12

Abhishikta Vadlamudz and Virinchisai Vadlamudz, a twin daughter and son, to Saritha and Rava Cumar Vadlamudz of Germantown.

May 15

Jack Bernard Campbell, a son, to Renae Marie and Chad Jason Campbell of Gaithersburg.

Dakota Arri Duckett, a daughter, to Armecia and Darnell Duckett of Rockville.

Kaitlin Marie Gotting, a daughter, to Vinita Goveia Gotting and Eric Philip Gotting of Rockville.

Sophia G. Houston, a daughter, to Jamie L. Griffin and Aaron R. Houston of Takoma Park.

May 16

Kiarra Nicole Hoes, a daughter, to Anita Roberta Gilchrist and Antonio Dante Hoes of Gaithersburg.

Allison Jee, a daughter, to YoomJoo Sur and JumGoo Jee of Rockville.

May 17

Melissa Ann Clemons, a daughter, to Suzanne Lee Clemons and David Michael Clemons of Woodbine.

Alek Sevastian Escobar, a son, to Patricia Luna Escobar and Kevin Paul Escobar of Gaithersburg.

Zachary Michael Keith, a son, to Christina Valerie Keith and Curtis Roy Keith of Urbana.

Matthew William Lowe and Ryan Joseph Lowe, twin sons, to Perin and Michael Lowe of Rockville.

May 18

Andrew Alexander Franklin, a son, to Laura Anne Franklin and Dale Peter Franklin of Gaithersburg.

Andrew Mwangi Karimi, a son, to Patricia Wambui Mwangi-Karimi and Alex Karimi Kiragu of Rockville.

Michael Namkyu Koo, a son, to Kyoung-Sook Moon and Sang-Mo Koo of Gaithersburg.

Alexa Bryanna Waser, a daughter, to Chrissy Spiropoulos Waser and Bryan K. Waser of Mt. Airy.

May 19

Bradyn Scott Curran, a son, to Shannon Bryant Curran and Joseph Marrian Curran of Mt. Airy.

Daniel Antonio Palomo-Salgado, a son, to Esther Palomo and Nilson Salgado of Germantown.

Christopher Nicholas Romero, a son, to Ana Cristina Romero and Alvaro Francisco Romero of Olney.

May 20

Ryan Jason Capriotti, a son, to Suzanne Lea Capriotti and Jason Todd Capriotti of Point of Rocks.

Olivia Braz Israel, a daughter, to Claudia and Marc Eli Israel of Rockville.

Princess Afua Addobea Saaicodee, a daughter, to Evelyn Obuobi Saaicodee and King Solomon Kofi Saaicodee of Gaithersburg.

May 21

Shubham Bhatnagar, a son, to Deepti Bhatnagar and Anurag Bhatnagar of Germantown.

Nathan Han, a son, to Jianing Hu and Chih-Chung Han of Rockville.

Elizabeth Adelaide Sweeney, a daughter, to Rose Marie Roberts-Sweeney and Shawn Eric Sweeney of Gaithersburg.

Oliver Finnegan Williams, a son, to Nicole and Robert Williams of Frederick.

May 23

Briana Nicole English, a daughter, to Constance Elizabeth Lancaster and Eric Maurice English of Rockville.

Madeleine Rose McKenna, a daughter, to Melissa Sharyn McKenna and Sean Michael McKenna of Gaithersburg.

Soriyah Rayne Northcraft, a daughter, to Tonya Lynae Northcraft and Chad Grayson Northcraft of Germantown.

Benjamin Dennis Robyns, a son, to Monica Murphy Robyns and Nathan Edward Robyns of Frederick.

Sasha A. Sampaio, a daughter, to Lilly and Sandro Sampaio of Rockville.

Emma Jewel Sostaric, a daughter, to Eri Miyagi and Joe Zeljko Sostaric of Rockville.

May 24

Lars Norman Brownworth, a son, to Celine Alison Brownworth and Nils Mehrling Brownworth of Germantown.

Hope Marie Chandler, a daughter, to Katherine E. Chandler and Richard E. Chandler of Ijamsville.

Sophia Grace Riddle, a daughter, to Jessica and Andrew Riddle of Germantown.

Sibley Memorial Hospital

June 26

Matthew Thomas DeLeon, a son, to Julie Mendez-DeLeon and Edward Medina DeLeon of Silver Spring.

June 27

Audrey Elizabeth Rushing, a daughter, to Carol Elizabeth and Jack Douglas Rushing Jr. of Rockville.

-- Compiled by TINA TOLL