The following home sales were recently recorded in Frederick County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Frederick County and other Washington areas, visit

Adamstown Area

DOUBS RD., 5052-Emily H. Salmon to Christiana Gammon and Nicholas C. Richardson, $235,000.

Brunswick Area

D ST. E., 508-Shirley J. and Wendell S. Young Jr. to Kimberly Switlick, $200,000.

MAPLE AVE. N., 615-Brian S. and Amanda E. Rogers to Marianne K. and Daniel L. Brown, $185,000.

ORNDORFF DR., 116-Shannon A. Twentey to Matthew Stone, $138,000.

Frederick City Area

BARCLAY TERR., 4959-Andrew L. and Patricia A. Barr to Marina A. Dobrovolskaia and Serguei V. Kozlov, $240,000.

BARN HILL CT., 6064-Christian and Sharon Kay Converse to Lucy O. and David W. Tormena, $299,900.

BEAR DEN RD., 2555-Delores and Michael Clayter to Debra A. Defelippo, $385,000.

BELLEVUE CT., 6430-Anne C. Boccia to Sara R. and Thomas W. Morris Jr., $563,402.

BENTZ ST. S., 101-Richard L. Cauble Jr. to Jonathan O. Hamrick and Kelli A. Holland, $200,000.

BLACK HAW CT., 8282-Maxine W. Lambert, trustee, to Joyce A. Glorioso, $274,900.

BLUE HERON DR., 8200, No. 3-A-Troy L. Eliason to Prudential Relocation Inc., $182,500.

BLUERIDGE CT., 80-Gary D. and Deborah J. Podgurski to Angel M. Brizuela and Manuel Gaitan, $195,000.

BOYSENBERRY LANE, 568-James V. Gazzerro to Torian Williams, $228,000.

CALVERT DR., 5609-Belinda and Stephen Marks to Karen L. and Paul E. Tyler, $329,800.

CANADA GOOSE CT., 6686-Thomas K. and Trudy L. Toman to Colleena L. and Michael D. Rossi, $230,000.

CAYNE CT., 5621-Roger L. and Sherry E. Bennett to Kimberly and Kenneth A. Bumgardner, $350,000.

COOPERS WAY, 1619-Jennifer C. and Terry L. Myers Jr. to Thomas F. Holzerger, $330,000.

DEARBOUGHT DR., 1749-David M. and Jennifer Y. Dellone to Rebecca D. and Mark S. Madsen, $562,000.

DERRS SQ. W., 1715-John A. and Deanna M. Gibson to Harry E. Kight and Tracy L. Rice, $304,990.

DOCKSIDE CT., 1464-Jamie L. and Brad J. Burgess to Ashley A. Hampton, $205,100.

DUKE CT., 5208-Shawn E. and Jennifer F. Johns to Elinor K. Yates and William R. Johnson, $230,000.

EASTBOURNE TERR., 1014-Elin B. and James E. Forbus to Patricia A. Swaim, $339,900.

EISENHOWER DR., 602-Leslie Deneen and Andrew Mwando to Constance Hardy, $250,000.

FIVE SHILLINGS RD., 2510-David R. and Patricia J. Franz to Judith A. and Robert G. Novelli, $370,000.

FOUNTAIN DR., 6084-Carla Ray Crampton to Sherry E. and Scott E. Ferrell, $289,900.

GERONIMO DR., 805-Joseph Pasterkiewicz to Carla R. and James W. Ritenour, $340,000.

GRANVILLE CT., 6614-Kaseur L. and Kevin J. Blatchley to Debora A. Blackstone, $289,900.

HEATHER RIDGE DR., 1001-F-Elsie M. and George H. Nusbaum to Patricia Lecompte, $117,400.

HEATHER RIDGE DR., 701-Justin T. Williams to Martha Patricia Salazar, $130,000.

HIDDEN WATERS WAY, 5546-Amy D. and David C. Cullison to Jemima B. Acheampong, $294,500.

HILLMEADE SQ., 1773-Donna L. and Thomas L. Danver to Jose R. Oliva, $181,000.

HIMES AVE., 601, No. II-111-Janie M. and Lori M. Denn to Sean Cash, $170,000.

HIMES AVE., 603, No. 108-Sally L. and Cheryl L. Szarenski to Gina and Dewayne Donahoe, $159,900.

KEY PKWY., 1407, No. 102-Reginald V. McKoy Sr. to Berta L. and Hector M. Diaz, $155,000.

KINGFISHER CT., 6814-Allen Lee Herrmann to Christine L. and Russell L. Potts Jr., $355,000.

LARKSPUR SQ., 6821-Joyce Ann and George Whalen to Wendy Betson, $188,000.

LARVADALE CT., 10399-Richard A. and Deborah J. Warfield to Jondelle K. and Ralph J. Truitt, $434,900.

LAUREL RIDGE RD., 8105-H. Peter Storm to Kimberly A. and Jonathan H. Teunis, $530,000.

LAUREN CT., 121-Tracy L. Lopez to Eddie Wembes Juarez, $176,900.

LIME KILN RD., 4219-David M. and Kari M. Jens to Ellen L. and Roscoe G. Bartlett, $111,000.

MARBLEWING CT., 602-Clara I. Rodriguez and Lopez to Roberta Benvenuti and Vincenzo Coppola, $380,000.

MCLENDON DR., 901-Margaret T. Graham to Bernadette and Thomas P. Lancaster, $230,000.

MIDWAY DR., 711-Michael Keith and Donald Lee Main to Rosa E. Hernandez, $255,000.

MILITARY RD., 604-Julia E. Irish to Jennica and David Kalbaugh, $250,000.

PATRICK ST. E., 814-Philip Gordon Bauer to Aaron J. Marsh, $151,500.

PLEASANT VISTA DR., 10415-W.R. Johnson to C.L. and T.P. Rossomondo, $505,000.

PRIMUS CT., 579-Derek T. and Jennifer McLaughlin to Bertrand Patrick Youbi and Marie Claire Mbieleu, $258,900.

PRINCE WILLIAM CT., 5508-Amad E. Osman to Mona R. Fuller, $240,000.

RAINBOW LANE, 7218-J.L. Cuzmr to M.A. Checkley and B.G. Luttge, $339,900.

RIDGE RD., 7327-Megan A. and John M. Bucheimer IV to Matthew Zvolenski, $300,700.

ROCKWELL TERR., 205-Lynn M. O'Brien to Alice H. Faison, $615,000.

SNOWBERRY CT., 6855-C.L. and I.A. Mills to P.M. and D.J. Rush, $220,000.

SPLIT RAIL LANE, 1312-Frederic D. Jackson to Darlene E. Farkas and Paul C. Nuzzo, $269,900.

STRATFORD WAY, 811-E-DJH Consulting Corp. to Rosalie A. and Kevin L. King, $158,000.

VALLEYSIDE DR., 1777-Khamkheuang Chanhdysoth to Bobbi Garza, $270,000.

VIENNA CT., 14-Maria E. Escobar and Wilber Lazo to Florinda Nillas, $195,000.

WARREN WAY, 2628, No. 2-8-Katherine Smith to Karey L. and John S. Mattingly, $199,900.

WHITE ROCK AVE., 9337-James V. and Betty J. Witmer to Andrea Richardson and Randy Hart, $215,000.

FOURTH ST. E., 227-Mary C.B. Markoe to NBI Developers Corp., $150,000.

FIFTH ST. W., 118-Ross J. Arnold to Kenneth C. Young, $100,000.

SIXTH ST. W., 11-Duane E. Browning to J.P. Finizio, $150,000.

Frederick City-

Adamstown Village Area

CIMMARRON CT., 7199-Christine A. and Ronald W. Smith to Donna J. Owensby, $170,000.

Ijamsville Area

FIRE TOWER RD., 9850-Virginia and Kevin Popko to Maria L. Rivas, $365,000.

Middletown Area

WILLOW TREE DR., 7010-Ann J. Miller to Beatrix and Michael Louis Gregg, $399,900.

Mount Airy Area

CONTOUR RD., 302-James A. Jr. and Carletha Boyd to Jennifer A. and Charles L. Dalton, $304,000.

HEDGEAPPLE BEND, 10380-Tara L. and Matthew G. Sobel to Gerald D. Crepezzi, $400,000.

HEMLOCK POINT RD., 6580-Jamie L. and Scott G. Walker to David N. Goldstein, $279,900.

NYASA BEND, 6592-Lavon Noles Thaxton to Mary M. and Christopher G. Collins, $374,900.

WICOMICO DR., 174-Denise Lee Engelberg to Maplewood Farms Corp., $225,000.

Myersville Area

ASHLEY WAY, 62-Lorraine and Stanley B. Boylan to Claes R. Ohlen, $372,000.

HARMONY RD., 9617-Heather Irene Masser to Taffy J. Clark, $222,000.

HIGHLAND SCHOOL RD., 11211-Clarence Lewis to Brian Lewis, $75,000.

Thurmont Area

DOGWOOD AVE., 108-Greg and Barbara A. Moser to Amanda and Thomas W. Barnard, $299,900.

HOLSTEIN CT., 14509-Eric A. and Kimberly Jo Csulak to Lynn L. and Tim S. Stuart, $428,000.

IRON MASTER DR., 21-Andrew J. and Dawn K. Fraser to Lisa and Timothy Snyder, $260,000.

ORCHARD DR., 108-Mary G. Berstler to James S. Grunewald, $305,000.

Walkersville Area

CHAPEL CT., 200, No. 2W-Jacqueline S. Gaskill to Jennifer D. Young, $164,000.

GRANTHAM CT., 123-Debora H. Barry to Mark Hufnagel, $170,000.

WYNDALE DR., 20-James C. Jr. and Sheila D. Oldach to Shirley and Jared Miller, $260,000.

Woodsboro Area

COPPER OAKS DR., 321-Lewis E. and Liane Buch Emery Jr. to Norma A. and Robert J. Claro, $451,000.