The following home sales were recently recorded in Anne Anne Arundel County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Anne Arundel and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Annapolis Area

AMBERSTONE CT., 60-Philip A. Morris to Oscar Manrique, $265,000.

ELMWOOD RD., 2030-Joshua J. Young to Fred H. Steckhahn and McKinley Williams, $1.155 million.

HICKORY LANE, 111-Frances K. Palmeri to Kimberly Vansant, $300,000.

MUIR WOODS CT., 12-R. Clark Topping Jr. to Clinton Campbell, $245,000.

PADDINGTON PL., 1011-William J. Wilson Jr. to Jacinto and Maria S. Turcios, $317,000.

WALNUT AVE., 1332-Brian F. Shaboski to David M. and Deborah A. Zeman, $435,000.

WINDWHISPER LANE, 5-Paul H. Temple to Michael Casilly, $400,000.


Sandy Point State Park Area

ANCHORAGE CT., 239-Germaine M. Gallagher to David P. Harding, $755,000.

ANNAPOLIS WALK DR., 602-Barbara J. Robinson to F. David and Farrall D. Fairbanks, $192,000.

BRETTON VIEW RD., 1433-Nick Yiannoulou to James W. and Susan A. Murray, $395,500.

CARRIAGE HILL CT., 1082-Ronald A. Pullen to Janice M. Somerset, $589,900.

CHILDS POINT RD., 838-David T. Phipps to Donald R. and Susan T. Burrowbridge, $2.499 million.

FOREST BEACH RD., 320-Latonya L. Johnson to Robert Joseph Massa, $191,000.

GENESSEE ST., 706-Jose L. Aguirre to Aixa A. and Salvador A. Martinez, $449,900.

HARBOUR HEIGHTS DR., 69, No. 693-Matthew McCormack to Michael and Sarah Gurgo, $289,100.

HICKORY WOOD DR., 1516-James F. Smith to Eric A. and Carrie L. Connor, $310,000.

HIDDEN COVE RD., 2568, No. 146-Calvin T. Mason Jr. to George H. and Victoria A. Purcell, $375,000.

HIGHVIEW DR., 1187-William H. Vogenitz to Thomas M. and Dianne L. Farrell, $309,900.

LODGE POLE CT., 1526-Chris A. Connor to Leonard R. and Stephanie L. Willson, $244,900.

POPLAR TRAIL, 2976-Jill J. Riemer to Patrick Frame and Sheila Norman, $482,000.

RIVA RD., 2570, No. 20C-Mary B. Frazier to Celeste J. D'Amato, $195,000.

RIVA RD., 2574, No. 2A-Raymond Lubrano to John Dutton, $238,000.

RIVERVIEW TER., 702-Castle Rock Corp. to Byron W. Bland, $225,000.

ROYAL ST., 510-R. and K. Properties Corp. to Charmaine D. Boston, $209,900.

RUNNING BROOK WAY, 960-Gordon Smith to Mary Brown, $435,000.

SEVERN RIDGE RD. W., 2-Martha R. Davis to Bart L. and Kristen West Porter, $690,000.

SNOW GOOSE LANE, 631-Charles E. Naff III to Virginia Holmes, $420,000.

STONEHURST CT., 864-John Murray to Charles A. Phillips and Jennifer Tschirch, $390,000.

Arnold Area

ALAMEDA PKWY., 334-Robin C. Dallas to David B. Westcoat, $216,500.

FARLEY CT. N., 1205, No. 2-Christine M. Denardo to Courtenay M. Smith, $295,000.

FARLEY CT. S., 1310, No. 13105-Renee M. Iannone to Hewitt Relocation Services Inc., $285,000.

GREENBLADES CT., 518, No. 151-Victoria F. Stewart to Donald E. Mosley Jr. and Dawn M. Lafreniere, $249,900.

GREENLEAF CIR., 268-Robert Nelson to Alla and Richard Corey, $221,000.

LONG MEADOW WAY, 387-Wendy S. Muller to Bruce C. and Vicky A. Stolins, $449,500.

MAGOTHY RD., 721-John Leonard Currence, trustee, to James Griffith, $500,000.

MARTINGALE LANE, 403, No. 816-Josett F. Hall to James H. and Nancy J. Meacham, $435,000.

MASTERS DR., 1252, No. 175-Gail J. Austin to Lisa N. and Christopher R. Anderson, $315,000.

PEREGRINE PATH, 1407, No. 77-Christopher J. Polk to Lisa J. Konopka, $375,000.

RUSACK CT., 706-Dennis T. O'Keefe Jr. to Jacki L. and Mary E. Dial, $430,000.

WILLYS DR., 889-William W. Delozier Jr. to Frank J. and Juliet D. Weaver, $250,000.

Brooklyn Area

OLD RIVERSIDE RD., 502-Deena D. Joyce to Francis S. and Deanna M. Smoot, $128,000.

PATRICK HENRY DR., 5228-Stephen Lilliock to Karl A. Smith, $96,000.

POPE ST., 5706-Mang Yu Wong to Peter K. Forste, $125,000.

WASENA AVE., 5515-Wolodymyra A. Wojtowycz to Carl R. Bowers, $172,900.

11TH AVE. W., 210-C.H. Meyer to D. Lee, $240,000.

Churchton Area

BERKLEY MANOR LANE, 5508-James W. Allen III to Raymond and Jodye Robey, $240,000.

Crofton Area

ABERDEEN CIR., 1891, No. 74-Prudential Relocation Inc. to John Paul and Melissa A. Fagan, $234,900.

ABERDEEN DR., 2052, No. A-Chiu Chih Balzer to Irene V. Calio, $183,000.

ALBERMARLE DR., 1656, No. 53-Roland E. Martin III to Thomas B. and Dianne V. Canoles, $299,900.

ANGUS CT., 1644, No. 59-James H. Fall to Kristin L. Wyckoff, $308,350.

ARDENWOOD TER., 1922, No. D-Theodore W. Wilson Jr. to Ronald L. Poore, $68,200.

BILLHIMER CT., 2800-William J. Kearns Jr. to Kevin J. and Krista N. Wells, $569,000.

FARMINGTON CT., 1754, No. 194-Kraig R. Gualtieri to Susan G. Townshend and John D. Stalnaker, $240,500.

HARCOURT AVE., 1884-Russell W. Smith to Matthew J. and Sharon Ritter, $368,000.

HART CT., 1661, No. 125-Troy L. Richards to Peter J. Vartabedian, $200,000.

JAMESON PL., 1461-Robert B. Jaeger to John P. and Kristin S. Clancy, $445,000.

MARLBOROUGH CT., 1535, No. 30XC-Brenda L. Pilkerton to Sean Harris, $182,900.

PAWLET DR., 1906, No. 2D-Daud M. Taherian to Paul Rakoski, $242,900.

TOPANGA PL., 1911, No. B-Todd Sporn to Joseph S. Cook, $189,900.

VINEYARD LANE, 2530-Mark W. Langendorf to Samuel S. Sankey Jr., $238,000.

WALLEYE DR., 1672, No. 210-Linda L. Boyce to Susan L. Bowen, $211,500.

WINDY OAK CT., 2578-Stephen R. Skippen to Kerry L. Meade, $351,000.

Crownsville Area

BARGER DR., 760-Diane E. Sapp to Susan and George Stanton, $245,000.

FAIRFIELD ESTATES LANE, 1200-George T. Macaluso to Nicholas A. Verbanic, $660,000.

GENERALS HWY., 1401-Robert L. Whisman to Sarah L. Castro, $195,000.

MAPLE TRAIL, 395-Roy L. Baker to James and Leslie Eget, $315,000.

WATERBURY HEIGHTS DR., 961-Jason D. Worden to Cynthia L. Bennett, $363,000.

Curtis Bay Area

CARVEL BEACH RD., 175-Melvin H. Bell Sr. to John D. and Susan K. Thompson, $225,000.

STONEY BEACH WAY, 1515, No. 241-Michelle R. Tessicini to Nicole C. Hamilton, $227,000.

Davidsonville Area

CENTRAL AVE. W., 413-Albert L. Lambden to Emily Ahlstrom, $117,000.

WAYSON WAY, 1007-Frank P. Donnelly to Jeffrey K. and C.A. Whetzel, $625,000.

Deale Area

ALLWINE AVE., 6008-Tracey S. Hammons to Raymond and Lenore Walsh, $350,000.

DRUM POINT RD., 6042-Thomas S. Fitzgerald to Stephen J. Jerrick, $300,000.

Edgewater Area

BELMONT RD., 301-Piera Family Partnership to Amber L. Chaney, $450,000.

COLONY POINT PL., 334-Laura W. Jenkins to Thomas M. Pheasant, $435,000.

HALLIE ST., 1419-Teresa A. James to John R. McDonnell and Sara M. Bogdan, $290,000.

HIGHLAND DR., 326-Toni Jo Hardy to Francisco and Alfonso Rodriguez, $263,500.

HOLLY AVE., 873-Eric A. Woronick to Robert J. and Patricia A. Finn, $238,500.

KENMORE AVE., 301-Ralph A. Plunkett to Anthony R. Horner, $290,000.

LARKINGTON DR., 3433-Susan H. Dawson to Michael D. and Althea H. Landymore, $790,000.

MILL SWAMP RD., 52-Dallas Sharps to Brian E. Wilson, $280,000.

POPLAR LEAF DR., 439-Evelyn T. O'Riordan to Christopher J. McQueeney, $268,000.

RIDERS CT., 26-Gary E. Davis to James and Anna Han, $762,500.

SHORE DR., 2210-Matthew J. Kelly to Julie C. Meares, $314,000.

SHORE DR., 2238-Jennifer E. Ruddle to Jose L. Aquino Quintanilla and Rosa D. Aquino, $275,000.

SOLOMONS ISLAND RD., 2616-Dennis W. Merson to Elsa M. Avelar and Edgar Endrade, $350,000.

WAKEFIELD RD., 1525-T.T. Jellifer to Nicholas D. Cavaselis, $324,900.

WHITE ADMIRAL CT., 3444-T. Sturgis William Family Trust to Mary C. Egan, trustee, $333,334.

WINDWARD PASSAGE, 184-Alan W. Frost to Stephen E. and Barbara J. Geier, $530,000.

Glen Burnie Area

AQUAHART RD., 206-Rosie A. Manning to Jake Bruce Sr., $175,000.

CHALMERS AVE., 13-Raymond E. Hawk to Leon Hunt, $277,000.

CRAIN HWY. S., 7922-Elizabeth S. Ridler to Kim N. and Colleen Ridler, $73,762.

GLEN CT., 582, No. 36B-Robert Mewshaw to Lisa Adell Johnson, $149,900.

HARDMOORE CT., 429-Tracey S. Ingram to Tara M. and Robert L. Bartosz, $172,000.

JEFFERSON PL., 6414-Alesia G. Blanks to Tyemesha C. Smith, $126,000.

SHORT CURVE RD., 551-Fikisha L. Smith to Catherine D. Watson and Sharon Burkhardt, $185,000.

TETRA CT., 303-Leheita Sedgwick to Louis Scott Phinney, $198,500.

WARLOCK CT., 413, No. 10313-Donna M. Rauser to Kevin M. Joy, $225,500.

WHITMAN DR., 1208-Stephen J. Jordan to Ronald R. Stone, $227,000.

SECOND AVE. SW, 505-Culfax Corp. to Eric and Rochelle Crapster, $273,000.

Glen Burnie-Marley Creek Area

BEAGHAN DR., 334-Joseph M. Beckman to Andrew J. and Pauline E. Senk, $259,900.

CARROLL RD., 146-Chud Dechsi to Marian E. and Warren E. Dugger, $90,000.

DUMBARTON RD., 1030-Stephen Dorsey Jr. to Anthony C. and Judith P. Gunter, $225,000.

FURNACE DR., 1630-Ernest T. Fischer to T.M. Eiring, $385,000.

GLEN RD., 107-Vincent C. Sunderman to Diane E. Spurgeon, $199,000.

GUILDFORD RD., 1204-William Evans to Daniel and Jaime A. Rivera, $172,650.

HOLLYWOOD DR., 120-John T. Barton to Edward and Michelle Carter, $230,000.

NABBS CREEK RD., 1016-Page W. Richardson to C.L. Payne and Associates Inc., $141,000.

NORTH SHORE DR., 811-James Wilson to Lisa M. Filanosky Frey and Louis M. Filanosky, $377,000.

OAKDALE RD., 1433-George R. Young Jr. to E. Paul and Sherry L. Riebel, $160,000.

OVERHILL RD., 7742-Douglas M. Hipp Sr. to Rustin and Jennifer Claire V. Evans, $228,000.

PRESTON RD., 2012-Wayne F. Tarun to Florence M. Jordan, $187,500.

RAPID WATER WAY, 6701, No. 303-Kenneth C. Brown to Jennifer D. Beck, $162,500.

WATER FOUNTAIN WAY, 112, No. 102-Edward L. Sanford to Frank A. and Doris L. Ruff, $155,000.

Hanover Area

CLARK RD., 7653-John J. Gugliotta to Charles H. and Terri Lee Ford, $359,900.

KIDWELL CT., 7716-Terry W. Maxwell to Catherine and Graciela Uruburo, $195,500.

MATTHEWS TOWN RD., 1534-Naomi V. Jackson to Cliff H. and Stephanie M. Dairsow, $100,000.

POMETACOM DR., 1935-Lisa J. Griffith to William F. Hynes, $365,000.

RIDGE RD., 7630-Eric R. Young to Konterra Elm Street Corp., $750,000.

Laurel Area

BEAVER CREEK RD., 3000-Joseph E. Tenne to Timothy L. and Sally E. Pendergrass, $360,000.

BITTERWOOD PL., 3404, No. I003-Jermaine A. Wilkins to Sabra D. Owens, $219,808.

CRANBERRY S., 3349-Edward S. Marin to Yony U. and Nery E. Guevara, $255,000.

MORNING STAR PL., 3556-Ranaldo R. Abacan to Susan A.R. and Scott Chutka, $350,000.

SERENE CT., 3506-William F. Stacey to Elizabeth A. Aten, $280,000.

TURTLE CREEK RD., 2999-Kenneth M. Lazorchak to Matthew D. and Tammy L. Dostal, $525,000.

VALLEY LEE S., 3331-William I. Bingaman to Jennifer L. and Crystal M. Landin, $287,000.

Linthicum Heights Area

HAWTHORNE RD., 414-Bernard H. Paul to Carl D. and Christina M. Steinbach, $310,000.

OLD HAMMONDS FERRY RD., 518-Sara E. Burden to John T. and Colleen M. Ervin, $315,000.

PRITCHARD DR., 539-Dalton P. Graham to Susan Neall, $230,000.

Millersville Area

DANMARK CT., 309-William B. Lamon to Louis and Susan Hagopian, $665,000.

KENORA DR., 547-Detlev H. Hetzler to Julious and Tuwana Lindsay, $297,000.

MALLET HILL LANE, 806-Robert B. Stryker to Vincent R. Scarborough, $1.06 million.

MILLERSVILLE RD., 1644-Michael Kummer to Mary Lynn Waldman, $366,500.

RUSTLING OAKS DR., 1020-George D. Mohr to Trent R. and Stacey M. Gooding, $544,000.

SPRINGBLOOM DR., 766-Kevin S. Schmidt to George C. and Barbara Sellner, $650,000.

Odenton Area

AUTUMN HARVEST CT., 2400, No. 202-William F. Tydings III to Steven W. Sylvester, $224,850.

AUTUMN RIDGE CT., 8738-Ronald A. Zanarotti to Damon Adam Elias, $270,000.

CROSBYSIDE CT., 2018-SHC Seven Oaks Corp. to Nicholas Catucci, $279,900.

EASTRIDGE CIR., 114-Nicholas S. Havrilla Jr. to Kristine P. Fisher, $259,000.

KNOB CT., 832-John J. Vigil Jr. to Chenoa L. and Erik M. Anderson, $291,000.

LIONS GATE LANE, 700, No. 13-700-Michael S. Joseph to Nowell and Sheila Bausch, $265,200.

MOONGLOW RD., 606, No. 301-Robin Bonora to Josh Adam Bonora and Kira K. Thompson, $155,000.

ST. MICHAELS CIR., 215, No. 88-Craig M. Smith to Ryan Flower and Kristina Klima, $295,500.

WARM SPRING WAY, 2439-Lawrence T. Branche Jr. to Sebastian Botero and Monica Santin Duran, $326,600.

WINDING STREAM WAY, 692, No. 304-13-Kristopher M. Keith to Tara R. Euler and Andrew D. Wells, $226,000.

WINER RD., 1196-Martha H. Goodenough to Howard C. and Debra L. Gill, $365,000.

Pasadena-Rock Creek Area

ABBEY CT., 8046, No. E-Todd M. Clark to Rick M. and Stephanie H. Rall, $100,000.

APPALACHIAN DR., 8240-Rodney W. Nicklas to John J. Grasso, $172,000.

ASBURY RD., 222-Susan M. Brown to Ralph Scott and Amy L. Michaud, $262,000.

BLUE ANCHOR CT., 7924-John H. Freeberger to Danielle M. Pall, $185,000.

BRICKWALL LANE, 3548-Frederick W. Hodgson III to Nicholas A. and Jacqueline S. Grice, $295,000.

BRICKWALL LANE, 3556-Bradley A. Weliver to Kenneth R. Dobson, $259,900.

BULMAN HARBOUR, 1049-Michelle D. Rittiner to Joseph W. Congdon, $257,500.

CALIBURN CT., 8005-Thomas M. Burr to Jason S. and Christine D. Welborn, $274,000.

CHRIS CT., 8564-John L. Garriques to Julian and Mary Burroughs, $267,000.

CONCORDIA DR., 1634-Kenneth D. Hansen to Bryan L. and Donna L. Appell, $525,000.

DUNLAP RD., 217-Aaron A. Drummond to Christopher C. and Meagan A. Dockens, $250,000.

FALCON DR., 185-Glenn F. Blow, trustee, to Linda S. Melody and Rusty Clarence White, $374,900.

GRAY STONE LANE, 8107-Barbara N. Copeland to Margaret Nell Singleton, $260,000.

HENSLOWE CT., 7944-Debra L. Butcher to Kara M. Rice and Keith F. Luthardt, $180,000.

HICKORY NUT CT., 360-Richard C. Graves to Catherine L. Regan and Joseph A. Graves, $199,500.

LIBERTY CIR., 7908-Green Tree Servicing Corp. to Harrison V. Price Jr., $202,500.

LITTLETON WAY, 3395, No. 2A-Mark A. Nichol to Adam M. and Heather M. Loewenheim, $169,900.

LITTLETON WAY, 3395, No. 2J-Carole V. Bousum to Rana C. Schreiber, $175,000.

MARCO DR., 1520-Joseph T. King to Bryan and Kristy Collins, $395,000.

NATURE WALK LANE, 337-Elizabeth A. Herrmann, trustee, to RMG Investments Inc., $200,000.

NEPTUNE DR., 8548-Daniel L. Bates to Richard M. and Darlene Aro, $195,000.

OLD FORT SMALLWOOD RD., 1410-Daniel J. Kwiatkowski to Garry and April J. Haskell, $375,000.

OUTING AVE., 7745-John S. Walton to Terry A. Hitsman, $279,900.

RED WING CT., 8202-Jeffrey P. McCoy to Robert C. Burns III and Anne H. Burn, $585,000.

RIVERSIDE DR., 8208-George W. Slack Jr. to Daryn Trout, $275,000.

SALEM HARBOUR, 1062-Harold Merriman to David and Maria Villalobos, $212,000.

SOLARI CT., 7814, No. 47-James C. Godey to Donna A. Turing, $213,000.

WHARF DR., 1142-Betty J. Hodgson to James H. Bricker, $244,500.

205TH ST., 691-Stacy A. Duncan to Richard E. and Jane L. Hershey, $128,000.

Riva Area

SCOTTSBOROUGH WAY, 3091-Steven Hollingsworth to David and Barbara Domino, $479,900.

STONEHENGE DR., 3152-Juan Turruellas to Brit and Karena Gardner, $659,500.

Severn Area

ARWELL CT., 1974, No. 2A-Kevin X. Jackson to Kimberly and Russell E. Roy, $61,500.

BEACH PLUM LANE, 7937, No. 22-Kenneth G. Houck to Sohail and Humaa Ahmed, $295,000.

BROOKMEAD CT., 8001-Gerald R. Egolf to Fatimah and Saleem Hasan, $285,000.

GRAHAM FARM CIR., 1453-Jonathan E. Skillings to William Glascoe and Sharon Lacy Glascoe, $350,000.

ORIOLE CT., 1801, No. 5-Tammy C. Samuels to Gloria A. Moses, $150,000.

ORIOLE CT., 1834, No. 3-Thomas D. Wieland to Janice Watson, $119,000.

RICHARD AVE., 94-Leroy F. Blades III to Brandon O. and Fikisha L. Phillips, $310,000.

RINGE DR., 1531-Robert F. Smith to Jorge A. and Candida R. Romero, $550,000.

WASHINGTON AVE., 1465-Richard E. Bergey to Suzanne N. Noe, $290,000.

WIEKER RD., 933-Anirudh L. Sukhu to Innovative Real Estate Services Corp., $215,000.

Severna Park Area

ARUNDEL BEACH RD., 468-Lexie J. Snyder, trustee, to Steven and Susan G. Anstett, $1 million.

BENFIELD BLVD., 753-Floyd C. Howard to Bryce Holdings Corp., $195,000.

HIGH BANK RD., 567-Glenn R. Mueller to James K. and Rosemary Poulton, $1.525 million.

MAUREEN LANE, 421-Wayne C. Flack to Robert and Kerry Mernin Fairweather, $771,015.

PINE TREE DR., 617-Richard Kozel to Daniel Bailey and Jessica Mulhern Heard, $449,900.

Tracys Landing Area

ELEANORE AVE., 6607-Charles H. Walton, trustee, to Naida Kalloo, $600,000.