These were among cases received recently by the Montgomery County Animal Services Division. For more information, call 240-773-5054. That number provides recorded information on such topics as the Montgomery County Animal Shelter hours and location, adoption and licensing procedures, rabies clinics and low-cost neutering.

Jailed Owner's Pit Bulls Given Up

MONTGOMERY VILLAGE, Walkers Choice Rd., 18000 Block, June 24. Two pit bulls were reportedly kept locked in an outdoor shed. An animal services officer investigated and met with a resident at the house where the dogs were kept. The resident showed the officers the dogs inside the shed, which was littered with feces and smelling of urine. She said the two dogs belonged to her boyfriend, who is serving a jail sentence. The resident acknowledged that she was not able to care for the dogs and relinquished them to the officer. The dogs were taken to the Montgomery County Animal Shelter to be evaluated for health and temperament.

Chipmunk Bites Cat and Girl

SILVER SPRING, Fireside Dr., 1400 block, June 24. A family's cat caught a chipmunk and had it in its mouth when the chipmunk bit the cat, causing it to drop its prey. A 16-year-old girl went to help the chipmunk, which bit her on a finger and ran off. The girl's mother washed the wound and contacted her physician and the Montgomery County Health Department for a rabies evaluation. While officials say it is very unlikely that a chipmunk would be a rabies carrier, the county recorded one case of a chipmunk testing positive for rabies in 2001. The case of the girl who was bitten continues to be monitored.

Turtle Relocated to Lay Eggs

WHEATON, Turkey Branch Parkway, June 20. A motorist going to work noticed a rather large turtle on a grassy patch close to the road. When she got to work, she called her husband and he checked on the turtle. Being a snapper, the turtle was quite aggressive, and the husband thought it better not to try to move it. The Animal Services Division was called, and the officer who responded realized it was a female snapping turtle that was digging in the dirt in an attempt to lay eggs. The officer carefully picked up the turtle and relocated it to a more turtle-friendly area.

Aggressive Dog Is Euthanized

GERMANTOWN, Staleybridge Rd., 19000 block, June 23. A resident asked Montgomery County Animal Services for help with his aggressive Rottweiler-mix. The owner said the dog had been extremely aggressive since it had fought with a raccoon the previous day, and the owner had become afraid to go near the dog. Two animal services officers arrived at the house and encountered the dog, which was viciously trying to get to the officers by pulling the boards off a privacy fence. One officer tried to control the dog with his noose-equipped rabies pole, but the animal retreated under a deck behind the house. The officer entered the yard, cautiously approached the dog and was able to snare the dog with the noose. The animal struggled and bit the rabies pole. The owner agreed to have the dog euthanized and tested for rabies. The test result was negative, and it is not known what caused the dog to become aggressive.

-- Compiled by TINA TOLL