The following home sales were recently recorded in Montgomery County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Montgomery and other Washington areas, visit

Ashton Area

TREE LAWN DR., 17720-R.M. McCabe to S.M. Bender, trustee, $412,000.

Aspen Hill Area

BROOKS RD., 4911-James C. and B.J. Logan to Michele M. and Hamid R. Ziafatmadary, $450,900.

CHERRY VALLEY DR., 4708-Donald W. and A.C. Phillips to Maricarmen F. and Samuel D. Critides, $635,000.

DUMBARTON DR., 13111-B.V.S. and Robert E. Lake to Jose Argueta, $362,000.

FALCON CT., 4510-E.M. and Howard B. Boiko to Daniel Boiko, $356,250.

NORBECK RD., 4236-Lawrence A. and P.F. Lee to Doris L. and Jumpol Mongkol, $650,000.

PARKVALE RD., 14430, No. 6-Michelle Johnson to Mara A. Shtirberg, $226,800.

Beallsville Area

DARNESTOWN RD., 19620-M. Raetta Belcher to Meredith S. Steere, $334,500.

Bethesda Area

DEMOCRACY BLVD., 7425, No. 211-E.J. and Charles A. Stenger to Ann G. Dacy, $270,000.

EARL CT., 8815-Richard H. and J.S. Bryant to Abiose Adebayo and Marsha L. Coleman, $849,000.

GREENTREE RD., 5811-Lisa Forman to George E. and Mercedes G. Flores, $575,000.

JAMESTOWN RD., 5011-Victoria V. Laurel to Katherine Reed Spurlock and Paul Max Schindler, $688,000.

LONE OAK CT., 6520-Francisco X. Castellanos to Maria L. Gemeniano and Gilbert T. Salud, $664,000.

LOWELL ST., 8808-Margaret O. Buck, trustee, to Brett J. Tulacro, $582,000.

MILLWOOD RD., 6609-Pira D. Ganesh to M. Carolina and Michael J. Bate, $699,000.

NEWINGTON RD., 5621-Robert W. and A.S. Healy to Emily and Richard Alexander, $825,000.

PARKWOOD DR., 10116-S.B. and Robert B. Russ to Vinh Pham, $515,000.

PELHAM RD., 8507-Carolyn T. Marley to Norman J. Graham Yooll, $495,500.

POE RD., 6310-Margaret P. Klass to Eduardo Sainz and Karen J. Nurick, $975,000.

RANNOCH RD., 6807-J.P. and John J. Barse Jr. to Kenneth I. Schaner, $1.25 million.

REDWING RD., 6208-Eugene C. Denson Jr. to Anindya B. and Animesh Shrivastava, $670,000.

TUSCARAWAS RD., 5301-Andrew K. Racca to Marion C. and Matthew Goldman, $601,000.

WEYMOUTH ST., 10613-Barbara L. Banks to Hui Ping W. Dames, $309,900.

WHITLEY PARK PL., 9718, No. TH-28-Todd and Michelle Von Deak to Alexander Z. Girod, $658,000.

WILLOW GATE LANE, 9134-Venus Shahamatdar to Anne K. and Wendell R. Raddatz, $1.28 million.

WINNEPEG RD., 6403-Joseph J. and L.C. Fisher to Henrita and Tigran Mnatsakanyan, $576,000.

Brookeville Area

GREGG RD., 3501-A.M. and Robert J. Diggins to Ken Arata, $392,000.

MARKET ST., 198-Scott Penland to Deborah L. Wagner, $330,000.

Burtonsville Area

ALMANAC DR., 14627-Taro G. Gehani to Joseph T. Haile, $246,000.

BERLEIGH HILL CT., 3826-George H. Jr. and S.L.B. Britton to Sabrina Y. and Marcus D. Lee, $370,000.

CROSS RIVER CT., 14800-Nhu and Phu Nguyen to Komlan E. Agbomson, $360,900.

PORRINGER CT., 14105-Ndeye Aissatou Faye to Norman A. Moreno, $284,900.

RED MAPLE CT., 4225-Robert I. Ford Jr. to Ana S. Rodriguez, $326,000.

SKI LODGE DR., 3802, No. 208-Marcia Nwosu to Betsy Sheppard, $180,000.

STEPPING STONE LANE, 3767-Lucy S. and Francis C. Gomes to Theodore Palmer, $292,000.

SUGAR PINE CT., 4301-S. and James A. Handy to Benedict T. Obi, $440,000.

SWAN HOUSE CT., 3802-Kenneth Gustafson to Afolabi H. Martins, $304,999.

SWISS STONE CT., 15106-Patrick R. and G.H. Byrne to Charlotte A. and David G. Byrne, $300,000.

Calverton-Colesville Area

CARRIAGE HOUSE DR., 11780, No. 55-Betty J. White to Kimberly Bryant, $154,000.

CARRIAGE HOUSE TERR., 1617-Thomas F. Nalls to Surrey C. Bailey, $209,000.

CARRIAGE HOUSE TERR., 1619-E-Kirill Reznik to Jeremiah Tittle, $195,000.

CASTLE WAY, 3423, No. 104-32-Aaron Sanchez to Emmanuel Kamara, $255,000.

FEATHERWOOD ST., 1735-V. and Vikram Kushawaha to Diem Ngoc Nguyen, $324,900.

FLANNERY LANE, 325-Alice Thomas to Florence and Samuel Ajibola, $640,000.

MODRAD WAY, 13701, No. 9-Shirley V. Lynn to Debora N. and Kevin D. Cook, $120,000.

PALMER HOUSE WAY, 13933, No. 28-210-K.L. and Henry J. Kodan to Stanley E. Bristol, $233,500.

SANDY POINT CT., 12334-Messay Girma to Elizabeth Girma, $350,000.

STRAVINSKY TERR., 13222-Scott E. and K.B. Henderson to Cecilia Ampofo and Emmanuel Asante, $329,900.

SWALLOW FALLS CT., 12018-Cheng Xeung to Grant A. Erhuanga, $327,000.

Chevy Chase Area

BALTIMORE AVE., 5324-Leslie R. Wolfe to Richard C. Lawson, $700,000.

BROOKVILLE RD., 7406-Carol C. Kleinman to David G. and Alexandra B. Vance, $1.28 million.

CONNECTICUT AVE., 8101-C-Eugene T. and D.F. Liipfert to Mary Louise C. Kiplinger and Austin H. Kiplinger, $799,900.

FRIENDSHIP BLVD., 5500, No. 2019N-Randal J. Thompson to William G. Collins, $299,000.

KENWOOD FOREST LANE, 6753, No. 32-John McCarthy to Ksenija Maver, $508,000.

OXFORD ST., 5-George E. III and V.K.S. Keeler to Erin and Erik Toppenberg, $1.23 million.

WASHINGTON AVE., 2802-Joyce Hadl to Claire Gicquel and Francisco Roig Justiniano, $525,000.

Cloverly-Ednor Area

AYLESBURY ST., 15333-William L. and C.C. Ace to Roshni and Vijay Ramchandani, $425,600.

CULLEN DR., 1801-E.G. and Demetrios J. Poros to Oscar O. Hernandez, $470,000.

HAROLD RD., 14809-Harry R. and D.V. Smith to Jeffrey D. Julia and Ruth G. Delaconcepcion, $415,000.

SNIDER LANE, 706-Timothy M. Buckley to Maria T. and Jose H. Torres, $500,000.

TWIG RD., 14404-Anita Gardner to Dilia and Jose I. Reyes, $485,000.

Damascus Area

BUDSMAN TERR., 10710-Amer A. Qureshi to Elenilson Alfaro, $270,000.

CANVASBACK WAY, 9956-Prakash and Joyce Viswanathan to Kristen B.B. Kiernan and Christopher M. Kiernan, $218,000.

FARMVIEW CT., 9609-Joseph H.H. Wong to Donna and Matthew Murray, $894,000.

FOUNDERS WAY, 10010-Ralph J. Jr. and A. Zimmermann to Tanya M. and John P. Rouce, $700,000.

HANEY AVE., 26603-William A. Cross to Christopher A. Faunce, $320,000.

PRICES DISTILLERY RD., 12644-Justin T. Brown to Melanie J. Morris, $291,000.

TRALEE CT., 25151, No. F-1-Luke Pressel to Denisse N. Ruz and Fabien A. Valenzuela, $165,000.

Derwood Area

BRIARDALE CT., 5-Sean M. Patton to Roberta V. and Eugene O. Fellner, $340,000.

INDIAN HILLS DR., 7602-Robert Srour to Bi H. Jiang, $335,000.

Gaithersburg Area

ALMADEN PL., 14-Elaine K. Cowles to Ravi Sharma, $337,500.

AMITY DR., 17416-Jae S. and K.A. Lee to Lori A. and Michael Tull, $495,000.

BECKWITH ST., 101-John K. and N.W. Denlinger to Sharon C. and Jarrett Cantrell, $840,000.

BENT TWIG LANE, 133, No. 317-Rita B. Collins to Juan G. Robles, $270,000.

BONNIE DALE DR., 13526-Andrew M. Powell to Namita Singh and Narender S. Dhallan, $1.17 million.

BROADWATER DR., 9213-Stella M. Back to Christina T. Harry, $285,100.

BUHRSTONE DR., 19914-Vinh Q. Do to Martha Lidia Ruiz, $266,000.

CAROUSEL CT., 420-M.A. and Walter E. Matthews Jr. to Claudio Carmelo Zapana, $285,000.

CENTERWAY RD., 9059-Soudabehet Al Goodarzian to Atsou Amouzou, $285,000.

CHESLEY KNOLL CT., 9039-Rafael Villanueva to Felicia M. and Olawalle P. Aremu, $275,000.

COCHRANE CT., 8817-David R. and B.A. Gallauresi to Maria T. and Mario A. Romero, $420,000.

CORAL REEF DR., 526-Kathleen S. Vanderlinden to Christine N. and James A. Little, $339,000.

CROSS COUNTRY CT., 30-Sergio A. Paredes to Michael Bradshaw, $261,500.

CROSSBOW LANE, 142, No. 282-Patricia A. Swaim to Elizabeta McCandliss, $296,500.

DARNESTOWN RD., 13635-D.E. and Gerald T. Christner to Guelda Miller, $600,000.

DEER PARK RD. W., 412, No. 12-D-Jose R. Castillo to Sidonie M. Bogne, $280,000.

DEVEREAUX TERR., 14648-Wendy M. Roe to Mark Wright, $405,500.

DIAMOND AVE. W., 565, No. 27-Kenneth D. Custer to Rafael A. Urquilla, $247,000.

EVERBLOOM CT., 8201-N.M. and Steven R. Tuttle to Rembert P. Brooks, $410,000.

FIELDS RD., 9701, No. L-2-Shirley Hermann, trustee, to Seyedreza Raoofi, $180,000.

FLAGLER DR., 860-Christopher Brett Simms to Sanjay B. Waghode, $347,000.

GIRARD ST., 434, No. 231-Gloria D. Portillo to Aura I. and Rudy R. Rodriguez, $180,900.

GLAZEBROOK CT., 6-Andres and Marina Ayala to Maximino Guerrero, $362,000.

HARKNESS LANE, 19016-Ching C. Shih to Mark L. White, $380,000.

HERITAGE FARM DR., 7701-Wendy L. Littlefield to Peggy A. Meyer Wilson and George M. Wilson, $429,900.

LARCHMONT TERR., 17624-Mario and M.T. Romero to Doris Martinez and Amilcar Diaz, $290,000.

LITTLE QUARRY RD., 406-Michael John Fedock to Michael T. Taylor, $552,500.

MANDOLIN CT., 501-Sara A. and Michael J. Wilhelm to Han Huu Nguyen, $310,000.

MIDLINE RD., 8-Barbara M. Shepherd to Amparo Z. Briggs, $322,000.

MOURNING DOVE CT., 8827-Beverly H. Rice to Mohammad Safiullah and Jakea Sultan, $465,000.

PHILMONT DR., 504, No. 4-Katherine H. Litteral to Kristofer L. Basilio, $168,888.

QUINCE ORCHARD BLVD., 734, No. P-1-Richard W. Kemp to Elizabeth A. Bacigalupo and Jeffrey D. Bacigalupo, $143,550.

QUINCE ORCHARD BLVD., 754, No. 201-Arezo J. Karmand to Lucia Navarro, $199,000.

QUINCE ORCHARD BLVD., 786, No. 101-Timothy Momyer to Olavio Langa and Clara Chirindza, $198,000.

SADDLEVIEW PL., 11401-Rebecca J. Griffin to Aimee and Kyung Ho Lee, $460,000.

SPRING ST., 33-Dora P. Bailey to Muhammad Abrar, $432,500.

STRATOS LANE, 7107-Ming D. Zhang to Anita W. and John A. Liem, $725,000.

STREAM VALLEY WAY, 6401-Francis G. and A.L. Grillo to Thelma B. and Oscar Lucero, $630,000.

TARFSIDE LANE, 7410-M.A. and Jose C. Hernandez to Wilson Gomez, $310,000.

TIMBER ROCK RD., 53-Meihung Zhou to Eva Yahua Xu and Kan Ma, $308,000.

TIMBERBROOK LANE, 103, No. 202-Duck H. Cho to Stephen J. Lee, $295,000.

TORRAN ROCKS TERR., 19413-Michael T. Jenkins to David H. Chan, $342,000.

TRAVIS CT., 5-Ashok K. Singla to Bulbul Bhatia, $175,000.

WALKER HOUSE RD., 9910, No. 4-Keshad B. Shrestha to Stephen R. Cohen, $210,000.

WATER ST., 102-Agustin F. and Christine K. Guevara to Luis E. Cardenas, $440,000.

WATER ST., 217-William J. Voyles to Noin Enrigue Silva, $439,900.

WELBECK TERR., 20104-Howard Weiss to Jessica and Darren Flavell, $244,000.

WHITCLIFF CT., 303-Jennifer Knight to Hui Chuan Wu and Nelson R. Brown, $325,000.

WINDBROOKE CIR., 29-Kristine A. Sandquist to Ruth C. Carter, $193,054.

WINDBROOKE DR., 952-Mignon L. and Arthur E. Eustace Jr. to Elham Farsaii, $178,500.

Germantown Area

ANSEL TERR., 13401, No. 5-I-George C. Tillery to Angela S. Nawaz, $285,000.

APPLEDOWRE WAY, 11407, No. 292-Luis B. Reyes to Margaret W. Waithaka and Frederick W. Karanja, $248,000.

BEACONFIELD TERR., 20330, No. 03-Ronald Bryant to Judith V. and Jovito K. Amistoso Jr., $197,000.

BEEHIVE CT., 11426-Sam Mousa to Jorge L. Acevedo, $265,000.

BLACK STALLION WAY, 17804-Krishnan S. and V.K. Chettiar to Rong Hao and Todd M. Kristofik, $695,000.

CALEDONIA CT., 18708-D-Kimberly O. Snyder to Joorge Armenta, $222,500.

CAMOMILE CT., 21125, No. 114-Renee and Jonathan Mason to Mathew Puthenpuracal, $379,500.

CEDARHURST WAY, 20333-Pinakin Patel to Anne P. Butcher, $355,000.

CHALET DR., 18010, No. 18-201-Sergey P. Kleyman to Enriquez Vanegas Plata, $205,300.

CHALET DR., 18210, No. 1-54-Demetrius D. Glass to Gregory A. Bruccoleri, $206,100.

CLIMBING IVY DR., 12905-Paul F. Love to Kevin C. Flynn, $305,000.

COTTAGE FIELD LANE, 13004-Robert O. Kumi to Emmanuel Mdingi, $382,000.

CROSS RIDGE WAY, 12521-Sonja Shepard to Jacqueline Perodin, $219,000.

DEER PATH LANE, 13120-Diego F. Serrano to Barbara A. and Maurice L. Cole, $379,900.

DEMETRIAS WAY, 13613-Beatrice Duncan to Carmen I. Curtis, $235,000.

EAGLES NEST CT., 12220-G-Anne E. O'Connell to Hyun J. and Joshua Lim, $220,000.

GLEN WILLOW WAY, 18605-Yung Chan to Anne K. Tamar, $305,000.

GUNNERS BRANCH RD., 19509, No. 631-Michael M. Stribling to Jevai L. Bass, $170,000.

HONEYBEAR LANE, 11419-Clare V. Kasputys to Alena Svozilova and Martin Svozil, $429,900.

INDIAN GRASS CT., 16-K.M. and David M. Bartelt to Bradley S. Jacobs, $530,000.

JUMP DR., 14040-T.A. and Matthew J. Conologue to Joyce E. Fisher, $402,000.

MARTINS LANDING DR., 18729-James H. and Katherine A. Martin to Rana H. and Mohamad S. Akil, $305,000.

MOUNTAIN LAKE CT., 15, No. 1403-Yolanda Bowman to Nan Lin and Jimmy Z. Liu, $375,500.

NEERWINDER ST., 20621-Kim M. MacPherson to Sarah J. Walshe and Richard Canning, $410,000.

NUTMEG PL., 18633-Jose U. Lopez to Helen Assefa, $230,000.

QUIET OAK LANE, 18901-L.M. and Steven G. Barber to Janice M. Hampel, $334,900.

RED BUCKEYE CT., 20215-William H. III and F.R. Lewis to Kenia and Luis Escobar, $312,000.

SHORE HARBOUR DR., 20412, No. 7-E-Alexander Rubinchik to Robert Barrieault, $257,500.

SPINNING WHEEL DR., 13536-Linda B. Fauntleroy to Ekta and Gulshan Sharma, $508,000.

STALEYBRIDGE RD., 19125-Ann M. Pirner to Linda G. Marion, $335,000.

TIGER LILY CT., 21302-Saied A. Ganjbakhsh to Cherie E. and Michael J. Messina, $565,000.

TRAILSIDE WAY, 13024, No. 3-8-Davon Woolcock to Gloria M. and Joel D. Cabezas, $245,000.

WATERSIDE DR., 20143, No. 86-J.G. and Robert D. Rhoten to Deborah Ann Caldo, $265,100.

WEDGEPORT LANE, 13313-Wesley L. and P.J. McGee to James D. and Deonna L. Heath, $301,000.

Glen Echo Area

VASSAR CIR., 15-John J. III and K.E. Quinn to Sarah A. and James W. McGunnigle, $1.1 million.

Kensington Area

EDGEFIELD RD., 4403-Bonnie J. Kramer to Nicole and Jerry Walters III, $480,000.

JENNINGS RD., 3002-Gary M. Weaver, trustee, to Marcelo Argotti, $315,000.

MONTGOMERY AVE., 10207-Mary C. Brake to Michelle E. Watkins and Stefano Ratti, $558,000.

ORLEANS CT., 5002-K.A. and S.V. Gutschick to Julie A. Schneider and Philip D. Chen, $500,000.

SAUL RD., 4622-John P. and D.J. McGloon to Amy K. Remington and Christopher J. Remington, $649,000.

UNIVERSITY BLVD. W., 3333, No. 811-Berta A. Triveri to Dennis R. Ruplinger, $92,000.

UNIVERSITY BLVD. W., 3421, No. 203-Ricardo A. Orellana to Santos Nolasco, $226,987.

Laytonsville Area

DAMASCUS RD., 8120-Johan D. Walker to Estela and George Walker, $183,000.

DELTA DR., 20805-Robert S. and S.F. Tenerowicz to Lynley A. and Ryan H. Kees, $880,000.

DUNNAVANT DR., 24921-Charles T. and S.C. Barnhill to Janice S. and Alan Meier, $470,000.

HILTON RD., 8239-C.S. and William B. Howard to Patricia Bass, $529,000.

LOG HOUSE RD., 24200-Juanita L. Vargo to Amy and Jeremy Ostrow, $405,000.

PLUM CREEK CT., 20651-David D. and Laura J. Blanchard to Kimberly L. and Alvaro J. Valencia, $700,000.

Montgomery Village Area

APPLE RIDGE RD., 10550-Daniel William Savino to Michelle Ann Searle, $248,000.

BRASSIE PL., 19503, No. 11B-Romaine D. Connors to Qingzhu Zhai, $261,000.

BRASSIE PL., 19528, No. 13G-Diego M. Figueredo to Pedro Tellez, $255,000.

BROOKRIDGE CT., 9864-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Artemis and Nicholas Dagalakis, $115,000.

DUFFER WAY, 9529-L. and Stephen E. Broadman to Jeffrey Broadman, $354,000.

HELLINGLY PL., 9734, No. 200-Walter R. Dodson III to Anne and William McCaffrey, $112,000.

HELLINGLY PL., 9830, No. 104-Lisa Michelle Irvin to Randi Nicole Majors, $232,000.

KARDWRIGHT CT., 10420-Mary Gil to Teena M. Thomas, $303,500.

LAKE LANDING RD., 9970-C. and Donald E. Leffler to Joshua Henry, $295,000.

MAPLE LEAF DR., 10069-Heber and Carol L. Chrispim to Rodolfo Joseol Yator and Jeany Lind B. Yator, $303,000.

MAPLE LEAF DR., 9907-Ronald J. Zabriskie to Francisco M. Caballero, $298,000.

PIER POINT PL., 18728-Robert L. Clark Jr. to Joanne Gigliotti, $279,000.

SAILFISH TERR., 9802-Jewel Glisson to Janet Klinkhachorn, $285,000.

SPUR HILL DR., 19905-Warren K. Kwan to Lilian L. Forrester, $266,000.

STALVEY HILL CT., 6-Usha Devi Doke to Domitila M. Begazo, $440,000.

STERNCROFT CT., 20511-Dena B. Gressley to Michael M. Burch, $260,500.

TRANSHIRE RD., 19569-Elizabeth A. Holdridge to Marlon R. Pineda, $265,100.

WALKERS CHOICE RD., 18804, No. 1-Karen D. and R. Kendal Greene to Savitri Chand, $180,000.

WALKERS CHOICE RD., 18813-Laura J. Baptista to Maryam I. Muazu, $270,000.

WORSHAM CT., 19506-Santos A. Aguirre to David W. Savell and Lorena K.C. Savell, $314,000.

YANKEE HARBOR PL., 20227-Matthew E. Brodak to Steven C. Adams, $392,200.

New Hampshire Estates-

Hillandale Area

CARROLL AVE., 8744, No. F-1-J.B. and James L. Basham to Miladis Martinez, $260,000.

CARROLL AVE., 8746, No. G-1-Denise Robertson to Jose Lopez, $255,000.

DEVERE DR., 1214-Harry H. and R.A. Culbertson to Guadalupe and Carlos Mena, $420,000.

PARHAM RD., 1608-Juan J. Olivar to Juan M. Corado, $365,000.

RUPPERT RD., 1112-M.R. and Henry N. Taylor Jr. to Michael R. Bonhage, $475,000.

SCHINDLER DR., 1109-Robert P. and A.F. Rich to Kelly D. and Christian T. Pollitt, $415,000.

11TH AVE., 8557-Jose D. Escobar to Luis A. Alvarez and Blanca Ventura, $365,000.

Norbeck-Layhill Area

ASHMONT CT., 6-Jerry N. and Lindi L. Beaudreault to Silvia C. Hernandez and Alvaro J. Amaya, $364,000.

BAILEYS CT., 35-Hai Vuong to Andrea Gagne, $305,000.

BEL PRE RD., 3910, No. 7-Ana Guerrero to Mohamet Diop, $180,000.

BEL PRE RD., 3976, No. 7-M.H. and Luis A. Castillo to Maria I. Flores, $179,900.

BLUFF POINT LANE, 3011-Keith Steyer, trustee, to Robert I. Ford Jr., $429,500.

BRAMBLEWOOD DR., 15422, No. 21-B-Lagretta H. Glowacki to Deborah Letow, $387,000.

BUSHEY DR., 12708-Hung T. Truong to Francisco J. Amaya, $358,000.

CANDOVER CT., 15025, No. 279D-M. Paul Friedman to Ronald H. Woods, $165,000.

CONNECTICUT AVE., 12402-Robert H. and D.M. Oehmler to Erica V. and Antonio N. Deleon, $375,000.

DAUPHINE ST., 13204-Hector A. Pineda to Saul E. Murcia, $410,000.

ELKRIDGE WAY, 15211, No. 94-2A-H.F. and Edgar A. Dorman to Ruth F. Doherty, $275,000.

FALL ACRE CT., 14101, No. 8-22-George Angelopoulos to David M. Whitacre, $240,500.

FLACK ST., 12832-Mary K. and Harry T. Takai to Reino C. Guzman, $330,000.

GLEN EAGLES DR., 3603, No. 6-3-D-Jerry L. Pearce to Nicholle F. and Ronald D. Sullivan, $125,000.

HUGO PL., 13106-Charles F. Martin to Young H. and James Choi, $385,000.

INTERLACHEN DR., 15100, No. 4-Frances J. Sheinberg to Elizabeth Siegel, trustee, $252,000.

ISBELL ST., 3613-Richard K. Stone Jr. to Chester M. and Nobuko K. Fortune, $419,000.

ISLAND CREEK CT., 3414, No. 127-B-Marguerite R. Ellis, trustee, to Virginia L. Burch, $420,000.

KENWAY ST., 3715-T. and Patrick Wan to Marta L. Dehidalgo, $376,000.

LEISURE WORLD BLVD. S., 3005, No. 112-Eva T. Regan, trustee, to Beatrice K. Bass, $399,000.

LEISURE WORLD BLVD. S., 3255, No. 108-C-Frank B. Haskell, trustee, to Heather Alicia Manus Katz and Charles L. Manus, $195,000.

LONG GREEN CT., 16-Valerie Johnson to Golchehreh and Jacob Azhdam, $217,000.

MCKISSON CT., 14902, No. 8BC-Diego Urrea to Andres Urrea, $220,000.

MCKISSON CT., 14911, No. 6BA-Aaron D. Lambert to Barbara G. Zamora, $245,000.

MIDDLE RD., 12202-Irma Diaz to Jose I. Del Cid and Sonia R. Antezana, $320,000.

SELFRIDGE RD., 12122-Martin A. Gonzalez to Marcela Medrano, $310,000.

SELFRIDGE RD., 12220-Rolando Cartagena to Teofila Sandoval, $399,900.

TAOS CT., 14426, No. 5-F-Verlin E. Jordan to Timothy S. Burch, $220,000.

URBANA DR., 2511-Mary E. and H.R. Fisher Jr. to Dorabela R. and Victor M. Palmeiro, $350,000.

WELLER RD., 3508-Heng Sok to Rosa M. and Pablo S. Turcios, $365,000.

WILCOX LANE, 1714-Hazel Coates to Jason Shih, $283,270.

Olney Area

BISHOPS CASTLE DR., 2113-K.A. and Arthur A. Morrish to Edgar N. Lewis, $647,000.

BUEHLER RD., 17621-Lloyd R. and B.L. Eshenour to Rossana Espinoza Thorndahl and Reed Thorndahl, $460,000.

DELLABROOK ST., 3708-William B. Jr. and C.A. Goodman to Nikole N. and Alfred J. Allen, $527,000.

OLD BALTIMORE RD., 17813-Ahmed W. Attia to Katherine H. Stevens, $610,000.

OLNEY MILL RD., 18700-Mary Tomanek to Shannon Hall and David George, $768,500.

ROLLING MEADOW WAY, 18026, No. 279-Gene Molovinsky to Gwenyth R. and Mark E. Wallen, $250,000.

ST. ALBERT TERR., 2440-Edgar N. Lewis to Margo E. and Thomas J. Bianchetti, $475,000.

ST. FLORENCE TERR., 3247-Han B. and Bong A. Shin to Asdis Hreinsdottir and Kevin B. Snoots, $351,000.

SKYMIST TERR., 4317-Keith S.C. and M.L. Wong to Celeste D. and Gregory K. Gant, $550,000.

SKYMIST TERR., 4324-P.S. and Robert M. Greene to James G. Turner, $484,000.

SPARTAN RD., 3216, No. 1-F-6-Thomas J. and A.M. O'Brien to Mark and Rosanna Hill, $191,000.

SPARTAN RD., 3226, No. 2D3-Ronald Fliss to George Franklin Pullen, $166,800.

Poolesville Area

SOPER ST., 17308-Gregory S. Wilson to Yun K. Kim, $370,000.

SPATES HILL RD., 17116-David G. and H.B. Frick to Joy A. Zucker Tiemann and Neal R. Tiemann, $524,995.

WALTERS AVE., 19220-Christa H. Abel to James T. Braswell Jr., $344,500.

Potomac Area

BEDFORDSHIRE AVE., 11427-Peggy S. Parker to Iliad and Homa Terra, $800,000.

BENTRIDGE PL., 12132-Samuel Yeo to Irina and Alexander Kuzin, $405,000.

CAMBRIDGE MANOR CT., 9217-Ala S. Mortazavi to John T. Bell, $1.16 million.

CHAPEL RD., 9917-Alan and P.C. Vedadi to Naomi Disten and Lester A. Zuckerman, $2.8 million.

DEBORAH DR., 10891-Michelle Meyer to Christopher Wyckoff and Layla F. Saidi, $484,000.

GLEN RD., 12625-M.R. and Robert E. Reiver to Ragibommanahalli M. Sundaresh, $850,000.

HUNTING RIDGE CT., 11832-S.B. and Michael L. Ulica to Charles K. MacDonald, $895,000.

LAUREL LEAF PL., 10705-Joel A. and S.P. Riley to Sighle and Ivan Doherty, $1.02 million.

MAIDSTONE LANE, 13643-Avram N. and P. Weinberg to Farnoush Mirmiran and Kambiz Hossein Zarrabi, $1.51 million.

SEVEN HILL LANE, 11050-Mason M. and D.S. Lilly to Dara T. and Evan A. Batlinson, $687,500.

WOODEN BRIDGE RD., 9401-Brian M. and J.M. Bruh to Debra E. and David M. Meisegeier, $790,000.

Rockville Area

ASHLEIGH WOODS CT., 2007-Nancy J. Griffith to Krystal L. Bridgers, $529,000.

ASHLEY DR., 11808-Ricardo A. Gamez to Elsa Y. and Douglas A. Salinas, $390,000.

AZALEA DR., 632, No. 2-B-Sherri L. Bassham to James W. Ferrier, $319,000.

AZALEA DR., 774, No. 14-A-C.N. and Thomas J. Madigan to Michael S. Eberhart, $294,100.

BREWER HOUSE CIR., 5702, No. 102-12-D.C. and Arthur L. Beamon to Arthur L. Beamon, $345,000.

BRICE RD., 816-Wun She Lin to Aparna M. Dasai, $395,000.

CHAPMAN MILL DR., 5712, No. 1402-Caroline C. and N.R. Emad to Ashby L. and Clifton W. Chamberlin, $310,000.

CROCUS DR., 614-Lucy M. Weidemeyer to Jinmei Li and Junhua Tang, $490,000.

CROSSFIELD CT., 5103, No. 339-Kenneth E. Saler to Mindy S. Kursban, $229,500.

DIAMOND COVE TERR., 15311, No. 5-E-Anastasia M. Piotrowski to Judith M. Snavely, $315,500.

DIAMOND COVE TERR., 15311, No. 5-N-Christopher C. Kirch to Fernando Ivan Ruiz, $270,000.

EDSON LANE, 5811, No. 101-Phyllis M. and Michael J. Skiba to Kenneth F. Sandlin, $450,000.

EDSON LANE, 5811, No. 301-Deena Kotlewski to Rondalyn Kane, $434,255.

GLENORA LANE, 2987-Gary R. Garceau to Audrey B. Rutkove and John M. Joern, $531,000.

HOLLOWSTONE DR., 11436-Thomas G. Arcuri to Sheryl N. Goldberg, $670,000.

HOLLOWSTONE DR., 11439-Michael P. Dangerfield to Thomas R. Chang, $650,000.

LINCOLN ST., 524-Jose G. and O.L. Argueta to Gilberta and Angel E. Ascencio, $305,000.

MONROE ST., 112, No. 101-Sonja L. Fowler to Alex Deng, $290,000.

NELSON ST., 1011, No. 38-C-Laury L. Cornell to Alex J. Douville, $331,000.

NEW MARK ESPLANADE, 214-S.A. and Guillermo A. Melendez to Aline Cabal, $491,000.

PARKLAWN DR., 11919, No. T-1-John and Carol J. MacDonald to Paul Paulo, $228,000.

RANDOLPH RD., 4804-Alonso Castro to Lixin Wen and Kang Ming Tan, $247,000.

SADDLE RIDGE LANE, 507-Dennis E. and Sharilyn Bent to Marilyn and Donald L. Poling, $814,000.

STARWOOD WAY, 6205-I.A. and Paul H. Clarke to Harold Kogod, $875,000.

WESLEY RD., 902-Matthew J. and A.G. Kaluzienski to Phenphone Suanse and Jarin Hongpaisan, $382,000.

Silver Spring Area

ALFRED DR., 7512-H. and Anatol L. Kozar to Erika Louden, $410,000.

BADEN ST., 221-Daniel M. Jansen to Elaine and Todd C. Sauer, $506,250.

BENSON TERR., 906-Elma M. Hoskinson, trustee, to James J. and Jennifer C. Ritchotte, $379,945.

BROOKMOOR DR., 10007-Heather D. and Joseph W. Walbert Jr. to James Hanson, $486,900.

CADDINGTON AVE., 1104-Robert Z. and Christine M. Ludwick to Daniel Woldehanna, $432,100.

CAROLINE AVE., 9407-Gwyn W. Rowland to Amir Morgan, $489,000.

CHERRY TREE LANE, 9951-Julie R. Fregeau to Kristin S. Brown, $440,000.

GEREN RD., 8626, No. 15-5-Tarek Aly to Gwyneth H. Granville, $295,000.

KINSMAN VIEW CIR., 63-Michael Reardon to Cindy Louise Dixon, $335,700.

LYTTONSVILLE RD., 1900, No. 1019-Rahm and Kineret S. Dvir to Kemberley and Harry Beukelman, $159,000.

MEURILEE LANE, 1114-Carl R. Levine, trustee, to Robin W. and Tristan T. Kime, $375,000.

NORTHWEST DR., 904-Jaime Escobar to Robert L. Clark Jr., $375,000.

PHILADELPHIA AVE., 802-Karen S. Dutton to William Louis, $450,000.

RITCHIE AVE., 132-Joseph Berhane to Alusine B. and Margaret F. Sidique, $315,000.

SUTHERLAND RD., 10140-C.C. and Jared R. Taylor to Mirna Arreano, $399,000.

TENBROOK DR., 10020-William M. and Cheryl Lawson to Juanita I. Lemus, $319,900.

THREE OAKS DR., 9236-Oded Pincas to Prudential Residential Services, $415,000.

THREE OAKS DR., 9236-Prudential Residential Services to Elizabeth Petnuch, $415,000.

WASHINGTON AVE., 2230, No. W-102-John P. Kozimor to Jennifer L. Fentress, $255,000.

WAYNE AVE. E., 95, No. 203-Mark V. and Erifili Kotsatos to Patricia Lee, $185,000.

WAYNE AVE. E., 95, No. 401-Charles Watkins Jr. to Matthew J. Deal, $205,000.

WOODLAND DR., 9401-Mitchell L. Farrah to Ahlia Stepanek Daley and Daniel Nels Daley, $470,000.

Takoma Park Area

BELFORD PL., 404-Virginia A. Morcock to Kamala D. and Tulsdai Sookdeo, $325,000.

EAST WEST HWY., 954-Delsie M. McDougall, trustee, to Felix M. Nyamsi, $355,000.

FLOWER AVE., 8012-John Mitchell to Kourosh Mehrabian, $340,000.

LUDLOW ST., 701-Susy Gonzalez to Elsi M. Aragon, $315,000.

SEEK LANE, 719-Norma Pomales to Delmy and Edwin Pinto, $485,000.

SHERMAN AVE., 13-Dara and Naftali Bendavid to Julie M. and Seth D. Hassett, $602,000.

Twinbrook Area

CORAL SEA DR., 1327-Stephanie and Christopher Musso to David Schlesinger, $319,900.

LEWIS AVE., 1927-Donald W. Williams to Cary L. and William R. Gillett, $280,000.

MCAULIFFE DR., 2102-Vesta M. Sharp to Khin M. Nwe and Zaw Win, $367,000.

VANDEGRIFT AVE., 5902-Khaled E.S. Saleh to Aida Hidayah, $340,000.

Wheaton Area

ARCOLA AVE., 1219-J.G. and Alexander Hodnett to Felix M. Blanco, $455,000.

BLUNDON DR., 9907, No. 5-101-Michael M. Egan to Meagen M. Ryan, $265,000.

BRIGHTLEAF CT., 1927-Milton S. Hughes Jr. to Carole J. Wysocki and John A. Martino, $382,500.

FULHAM ST., 11701-Dorothea E. Marek to Amy F. and Todd J. Sukol, $450,000.

GEORGIA AVE., 9900, No. 27-710-Tina Williams to Deborah P. and Mark R. Kimmel, $251,054.

HUNTLEY AVE., 10428-Greg A. and Z.M. Brown to Susannah A. Hirsch and Jonathan P. Marlow, $389,900.

KENDALL CT., 12216-Anselmo and E.M. Del Castillo to Isaar T. Sadr and Claudia P. Portillo, $270,000.

KINGTREE ST., 11721-Daniel J. Jr. and Whajin Ro Hanson to Courtney L.G. and Aaron S. Cohen, $395,000.

ST. MARGARETS WAY, 10705-Claudia P. and Hossein Vatandoost to Juan Antonio Flores, $310,000.

WALSH VIEW TERR., 2115, No. 8-202-David A. and Amy M. Reed to Lenore M. O'Connor, $215,000.