Kitten Rescued From Engine

LEESBURG, Tecumseh Terrace, June 30. A woman reported that she had found a kitten on the road and that when she put it in her vehicle, it crawled under the dashboard and into the engine. An animal control officer found the kitten near the air-bag system and in distress. After Leesburg fire and rescue helped retrieve the kitten, it was taken to an animal hospital for treatment and then released to the animal shelter.

Snake Found in Garage

STERLING, Broad Run Drive, July 2. A man reported that there was a rattlesnake in his garage. An animal control officer found the snake behind some boxes and determined that it was a black snake. The officer released the snake in a wooded area behind the man's home.

Stray Chows Corralled

STERLING, West Holly Avenue, July 2. An animal control officer investigating a report of two chow-type dogs running loose found one lying in a corner yard. The officer tried to catch the dog, but it ran down the street to the second dog. The officer was able to contain one of the dogs, but the other one ran off again. The dogs' owner was located and was able to get the other dog into his back yard. The officer advised him to lock his gate to prevent them from escaping again.

Dog Hit by Vehicle

LEESBURG, Raspberry Drive, last Sunday. An animal control officer investigating a report of a dog hit by a vehicle found a German shepherd-type dog with a broken hind leg. Its owners arrived and requested that the dog be taken to the animal emergency hospital in Leesburg.

Terrier Bites Woman

LEESBURG, Maple Spring Court, Monday. A woman reported that she had been bitten by a Jack Russell terrier as she ran in front of the dog's home. The dog was tied on a cable in the yard, and its owners also were outside. An animal control officer reported the bite to the county health department.