A combative man who is accused of threatening three deputies with his dog became the fifth person to be subdued with a stun gun since the Charles County Sheriff's Office got the nonlethal weapons in October, authorities said.

Christopher M. Donaldson, 29, was shocked about 1 a.m. Thursday. Three deputies went to his house, in the 2500 block of Lisa Drive in Waldorf, to handle a custody dispute over Donaldson's infant, Lt. Michael McGuigan said.

Authorities said that when it was decided that the mother would take the baby and pack some belongings, Donaldson shoved a table into the deputies. The officers escorted the woman out of the house, and Donaldson followed them, shouting profanities, McGuigan said. Donaldson released his Belgian shepherd on the officers and threatened to have it "chew them up," McGuigan said.

The dog charged but did not attack. With fists clenched, Donaldson rushed at the deputies, and one of them shocked him with the Taser, authorities said.

The Tasers have been used twice to stun barricaded men with guns and twice on knife-wielding women who had threatened to kill themselves, McGuigan said.

The Charles County Sheriff's Office has 12 Tasers; they cost about $875 each.


A Taser stun gun. The Charles County Sheriff's Office owns 12 of the nonlethal weapons.