The Stadium

This letter is in response to comments made by Wayne Cooper, Charles County commissioners president, and David F. Hale, Calvert County commissioners president.

Regarding the change in location of the stadium, Cooper said, "Hughesville residents missed a good opportunity." And Hale said, "Hughesville is going to regret not having the stadium in their back yard."

Gentlemen, that's your opinion, and everyone has one.

In response to Cooper's statement, my opinion is that the only opportunity Hughesville residents have missed by not having the stadium in Hughesville is the opportunity to have an increase in crime and car accidents. The missed opportunity for Charles County as a whole is not having that money to devote to schools and lowering property taxes.

In response to Hale's statement, my opinion is that the only thing Hughesville residents will regret is not being able to open more eyes to the corporate welfare of this venture. Everyone knows how desperately we need money to build schools to ease the crowding in Charles County. What ever happened to priorities?

On a final note, I am anxiously waiting to see a list of the developers and businesses who contributed to and attended Cooper's $1,000-a-plate breakfast fundraiser. How strange that the media were asked to leave.

Pauleen Brewer