At least 12 independent schools in the District have applied to the Board of Zoning Adjustment for permission to expand their facilities and/or adjust enrollment or faculty size since 2001.

Aidan Montessori -- Applied in April 2005 for enrollment cap after exceeding limit set in 1995. Application pending.

Edmund Burke School -- Applied in April 2003 to construct a new school building and to expand enrollment from 270 to 320 students. Application granted.

Georgetown Day School -- Hearing in December 2002 on a request to increase enrollment from 410 to 465 and to increase faculty and staff from 60 to 95. Application granted. Hearing in June 2004 on a request to construct an addition to an existing building. Application granted.

Maret School -- Hearing in January 2004 on application to allow placement of temporary modular trailers on school campus. Application granted.

National Child Research Center -- Applied in November 2002 to increase enrollment from 120 to 185, to increase staff from 28 to 44, and to construct an addition and an accessory building. Construction application granted, increase in enrollment and staff denied. Final decision pending in D.C. Court of Appeals.

Parkmont School -- Hearing in September 2004 on a request to increase size of faculty from 8 to 12. Application granted.

St. Albans School -- Applied in March 2005 to build 18,000-square-foot addition. Application pending.

St. Johns College High School -- Hearing in March 2001 on application to construct new science and technology center. Application granted.

St. Patrick's Episcopal Day School -- Applied in September 2003 to increase faculty and staff from 60 to 93. Application granted. In March 2004 applied to allow the use of a portion of the basement for classroom purposes. Application granted.

Sheridan School -- Applied in December 2002 to add 1,200 square feet to existing building and to increase enrollment from 215 to 266. Application granted.

Sidwell Friends -- Applied in February 2004 to increase enrollment from 780 to 850. Application granted.

Washington International School -- Applied in February of 2005 to add 28,000 square feet to an existing building. Application granted.

SOURCE: D.C. Board of Zoning Adjustment