The following home sales were recently recorded for Fairfax County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Real Estate Division of the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Fairfax and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Alexandria-Belle View Area

CAVALIER DR., 6410-Matthew C. Johnson to Joseph N. Schulte and Gordon E. Wood, $395,000.

FORDHAM DR., 2202-Lawrence H. and Valarie Watson to Aimee Litwiller and Thomas Norbdy, $560,000.

PARK TERRACE DR., 7405-Richard Joseph Dwyer VI to Robert H. and Dana H. Kelly, $880,000.

10TH ST., 6625, No. C2-Debra J. Demint to Christine Lehmann, $287,500.

Alexandria-Franconia Area

CINNAMON CT., 6171-Gary L. Watson and John M. Beach to Frank M. Maressa and Sangi K. Maressa, $535,000.

GILDAR ST., 6510-Hamza Abduselam to Onur Suer, $360,000.

GRANGE LANE, 6527-Marie C. Smith to Thomas E. Cozzo, $350,000.

HYACINTH DR., 6131-Christina A. Ildebrando to Donald J. and Audra Evans, $391,100.

MARY CAROLINE CIR., 6947-Ann M. Gavin to Brian V. Centofanti, $211,000.

MORNING RIDE CIR., 6724-Irina Kluev to Juan C. and Carola V. Salinas, $555,000.

NETTIES LANE, 6610, No. B-Joyce L. Johnson to Amy Willeke, $330,000.

ROCKLEIGH WAY, 6649-Ronald and Kirsten Van Haaren to Mark W. Taylor, $392,500.

ROSE HILL CT., 6278, No. E-John R. Bacchus to Susan P. Aranha, $180,000.

SILVER RIDGE CIR., 6435-James A. and Georgeanna Disalvo to Golam Saroar and Chamon Sampa, $360,000.

SULLIVAN WAY, 6728-Cindy and Earl Beeman to Donna G. Horosko, $511,000.

TELEGRAPH RD., 6504-Thomas V. Lefler to Rigoberto Martinez, $412,250.

THURLTON DR., 6616-Larry G. and Margaret T. Ridgeway to David R. Christman and Robin L. Moxie, $525,000.

TRIGGER CT., 3711-Jacob M. Miller to James R. Harvey, $371,500.

VALLEY VIEW DR., 5809-Jo Anne L. Coe to Creative Asset Management Inc., $600,000.

VICTORIA DR., 6904, No. I-Jason C. Bachyrycz to Karen D. Cruson, $289,000.

WESTCHESTER ST., 5788-Jon W. and Robin W. Williams to Jeffrey L. Herren, $870,000.

WIGMORE LANE, 6101, No. K-James M. Elliott to Byonguk Cho, $322,600.

Annandale Area

AIRLIE WAY, 4573-Teresa H. Rocha to Luis Serrano, $402,000.

BACKLICK RD., 4720-Kermany Hossein Ghahari to Placido Amurrio and Saul Reyes, $492,000.

DANIELS AVE., 4100, No. 203-Helen Zelenko and Chu K. Chon to Hee S. and Yoon J. Lee, $220,000.

DASSETT CT., 7807, No. 201-Capital Investments Corp. to Rex Rooker, $205,500.

DONNYBROOK CT., 7734, No. 207-Helen J. Kidwell to Tina Q. Ruiz, $180,000.

ELLERY CIR., 3579-NVR Inc. to Ray E. and Susan Sanders, $564,935.

LITTLE RIVER RUN DR., 4546-Eui J. Lee to Phuong Phan and Vinh Tran, $402,000.

RIDGEWOOD DR., 7824-Scott Evans and Bradee R. Haskins to Adam and Antoinette Tomasek, $535,000.

VALLEYCREST BLVD., 7404-Leonor M. Perez to Jenny Montano, $455,000.

WOODBURN RD., 3354, No. 14-Stanley P. Chapman to Michael R. Pinkoske, $195,000.

WOODBURN VILLAGE DR., 3324, No. 14-Jose A. and Cecilia M. Bonilla to John M. and Mary K. Beierle, $190,000.

Baileys Crossroads Area

DAWES AVE., 5800-E. Cecil and Mildred A. Custer to Jamal Sayyad and Linda Scienke, $440,000.

LAKESIDE VIEW DR., 3391, No. 20-5-Robert J. and Anne M. Sidney to Rizwan S. Khan, $320,710.

ROSSER ST. N., 3714, No. 201-Guanghui Liu to Evangelina Sandoval, $229,900.

SEMINARY RD., 5505, No. 317N-Eduardo Orrego to Thanyamon Phatthanaphuti, $210,000.

Burke Area

CROWNLEIGH CT., 5754-Matt T. Martin to Haiyao Chen and Qiaomei Fu, $375,500.

LAKEPOINTE DR., 9807-Kevin N. and Cheryl McGuinn to Michael P. and Monica P. Roll, $337,500.

OAK APPLE CT., 5718-Phuongchi T. and Phi Yen T. Nguyen to Mark F. and Alison M. Hall, $450,000.

REEDS LANDING CIR., 10580-George Mrad and Jessica Alessandro to Peter and Ji Y. Know, $465,000.

WINDWARD DR., 6105-Marcia A. Reed to Sean F. and Gina R. May, $464,900.

Centreville Area

ANN GRIGSBY CIR., 13504-Pulte Home Corp. to Theresa Choi, $708,292.

AWBREY PATENT DR., 14502-Louay Nazer and Rahaf Khaldi to Patricia R. Bailey, $417,500.

BATTERY RIDGE LANE, 14612-Maria Nolasco to Adrian Isaicu, $370,000.

BRITTNEY ELYSE CIR., 5132, No. A-Jae S. Lee to Selvamani Muthuswamy and Gayathri Selvamani, $346,100.

CABELLS MILL DR., 13708-Frederick J. and Doris M. Laurence to Dora Padilla, $439,000.

COLEMAN CT., 13890-Elizabeth A. McIvor to Jae H. Jun, $375,000.

CONNOR DR., 13331, No. K-Stonegate at Faircrest Corp. to Richard M. Chong, $255,000.

DEVEREAUX CT., 4702-Jozsef Toth to Erskine Frison and Sheryl D. Bagsby, $1 million.

FALLSCLIFF LANE, 14415-David A. Warrington and Debra K. Baird Warrington to Phillippe J. and Nina A. Ty, $355,000.

FLAGLER DR., 5642-Matthew Chang to Alex C. and Lauren M. Eden, $475,000.

GOLDEN OAK RD., 14508-Pedro A. and Carmen C. Derivero to Cristina Camargo, $245,000.

HOSKINS HOLLOW CIR., 6100, No. D-Edward C. and Heather K. Chartier to Gay L. and Jeffrey J. Affuso, $300,000.

JULE STAR DR., 5235-Antonio A. Pineiro to John Han, $590,000.

RIDGE WATER CT., 6882-Paul A. Miller to Srinivas Turlapaty and Madhulatha Vemaraju, $407,000.

ST. HUBERT LANE, 6006-Luan and Diep Nguyen to Gloria M. Blanco and Distenio E. Blanco, $439,500.

STONE RANGE DR., 14624-Maher M. Atari and Mai M. Hamdan to Rolando De Paz and Mirna N. Chavarria, $361,000.

STONEPATH CIR., 6211-Walter M. and Bonnie B. Janus to Robert F. Petrie, $315,000.

STRASBURG DR., 6107-Hye Y. and Jeong J. Lee to Luke E. and Trisha Amos, $289,000.

SUMMER GARDEN WK., 13310-Pulte Home Corp. to Jill M. and Sean A. McKay, $505,575.

SWEET WOODRUFF LANE, 13682-Winchester Homes Inc. to Connie J. Pyo and Suk B. Bae, $778,250.

TRAVIS EDWARD WAY, 5117, No. K-Sultan Latif to Franklin J. Antezana, $258,000.

WATERFLOW PL., 13911-Alfonso E. Olvera to Anju Kafle, $390,000.

WOODLAND RIDGE DR., 14594-Tommy J. and Debra A. Cabe to Jong K. and Hyo S. Kang, $460,000.

Chantilly Area

BROOKFIELD DR., 13456-Dora A. Padilla to Norman G. Najarro, $490,000.

KHALID LANE, 13990-Ahmad W. and Julia K. Nassiri to Michael E. and Sandra Parker, $507,000.

SOVEREIGN PL., 15220-Charles and Louila Vanhorn to Laurel Kirkland, $458,000.

Clifton Area

AMKIN DR., 11701-Jean L. Ferguson and Allan H. Fehr to Travis M. and Terri L. Grabb, $699,000.

CAVALIER WOODS LANE, 5583-Arun Saluja to Shahnaz and Mohammad Momen, $685,000.

ROCKPOINTE DR., 5483-Richard W. and Laura T. Thoden to Andrew B. and Deidra E. Earle, $885,000.

Fairfax City Area

ABNER AVE., 11432-Maria C. Demarco to Rodolfo Rivera and Ana M. Lopez, $470,000.

ANDREW LANE, 11356-Mohammad T. and Shandana T. Shah to Samia Bukhari, $735,000.

BILLINGHAM ST., 4514-Fair Chase Development Corp. to Hyosik and Julie K. Kim, $508,485.

BILLINGHAM ST., 4522-Fair Chase Development Corp. to Jyoti and Neeti Vasudeva, $493,810.

BLISSFUL VALLEY DR., 12465-Ramin Javanbakht to Sarah C. Cavaliere, $599,900.

BROOKGREEN DR., 4133-Allison E. Olweiler to Soo O.L. You, $527,900.

BURKITTS RD., 13321-Muhammad Z. Iqbal to Narayanan Krishnaswamy, $365,000.

COLONY PARK DR., 10291-Hee Suk Jeung to Thinh T. Nguyen and Lan Ho, $377,500.

DEER HOLLOW WAY, 2931-Jonathan J. Wichlacz to Lawrence F. Ayers, $409,000.

ELLENWOOD DR., 2945-Lincoln C. and E. Marlene Klabo to Tyrone M. Dowdy and Anne Guison Dowdy, $383,100.

ENGLISH HOLLY DR., 4525-Fair Chase Development Corp. to Vang Ngo and Kimberly Tran, $497,115.

FANLEAF CT., 12522-Sarah Blair Brown to Curtis G. and Susan C. Davis, $421,000.

GLEN CT., 9004-David A. Kerns to Ras Closing Services Corp., $668,000.

GOLF RIDGE CT., 12003, No. 301-Linda J. Goodridge to Kim P. and Michael Sikes, $279,000.

GRASSY HILL CT., 12212-Veronica J. Matz and Wendell R. Norman to Alex H. Perez, $425,000.

GRAYS POINTE RD., 12931, No. C-David A. Ragland to Joung H. Kim, $284,000.

HEAD CT., 5048-Kun S. Han to Jin H. Lee, $340,000.

LADY SOMERSET LANE, 12707-Kueifang Lee to Muhieddine and Dania Chouman, $760,000.

MIDDLETON LANE, 12817-Kevin P. and Lisa A. O'Connor to Robert H. Spittle and Patricia L. Bellman, $470,000.

OLLEY LANE, 4317-Quynh L. Nguyen to Ki Il and Beong Y. Kim, $599,888.

PARKLAND DR., 3837-Carlos A. and Leonor M. Perez to Jorge E. Hirmas, $695,000.

PERSIMMON CIR., 3887-Soo Kyong and Jin Woo You to Myung Soon Kim and Min Hee Kang, $302,000.

QUAIL CREEK LANE, 13114-Thomas E. and Augustine W. Twyman to Omid Shirkhan, $375,000.

ROSE ARBOR CT., 3002-Evelyn H. Nguyen to William E. and Kristen N. Holtz, $820,000.

TANZANITE PL., 2894-Trace Briarwood to Dexter D. and Maria S. Decena, $873,400.

THOMAS BRIGADE LANE, 4320-Bong Rae and Ji Young Kim to Israel and Ann G. Camet, $450,000.

THOMPSON PARK LANE, 2953-Neighborhoods Corp. to Myung S. Kim, $599,029.

WEST OX RD., 3735-Jorge Vasquez to Dawood Vazehgoo, $375,000.

WHEATSTONE DR., 5002-Tam M. and Myhong T. Tran to Maria Schaart, $470,000.

WINSTEAD MANOR LANE, 8046-Winstead Manor Inc. to Carlton R. Jenkins and Pamela A. Bodager, $869,763.

Fairfax Station Area

ROBERT CARTER RD., 11320-Kendra J. Kevern to MSM Properties Corp., $690,000.

Falls Church Area

ALLAN AVE., 7327-Kenneth L. Marty and Daniela Brancaforte to Jason Dunham and Billie J. Sim, $432,000.

ARTHUR DR., 7216-Charles H. and Laurie A. Monaghan to PHP Properties Corp., $420,000.

BARRETT RD., 6682-Cevat and Canan Topcu to Roxana T. Ortiz, $420,000.

BLUNDELL RD., 3222-Johny and Maria A. Sejas to Oscar J. and Silvia Alcocer, $385,000.

CHANUTE PL., 8006-Stefan Rahimian to Fahd Rboub, $226,000.

LEE HWY., 7320, No. 103-Surjit Kaur to Jaime A. Bautista, $225,000.

LEE HWY., 7348, No. 103-Erick F. and Blanca E. Calderon to Carlos Calderon and Erica Auza, $230,000.

MEADOW VIEW RD., 2914-Jeffrey Ade to Ralf F. Berthiez, $635,000.

POPLAR CT., 7320-Peggy R. Bowling to Harriet H. Gray, $382,300.

YARLING CT., 2809-Nancy Brattain to Robert Taylor, $270,000.

Falls Church-Pimmit Area

FREEDOM LANE, 2032-James and Marguerite K. Walton to William P. Horn and Jeannette Chiari, $815,000.

HYSON LANE, 2770-Alvaro J. and Marisol G. Carhuancho to Bryan R. Silveri, $435,000.

Fort Belvoir Area

INLET CREEK CT., 6976-Prudential Relocation Inc. to Sheraz Afzal and Ahmed Ali, $554,500.

Fort Hunt Area

BUCKBOARD DR., 8625-Robert L. Cosler to Sirva Relocation Corp., $620,000.

BUSHROD RD., 1702-Ehsan Sawez to Larissa Meli, $557,000.

CROTON DR., 1020-Gregory B. and Bridget A. Garback to Richard M. Trudeau, $529,000.

ESSEX MANOR PL., 7631-Howard R. and Ellen A. Lively to Monica S. and Michael D. Tencate, $950,000.

Great Falls Area

CROSSVIEW DR., 10924-Robert D. and Sondra H. Nutting to Kevin M. and Tamara L. Schulman, $1.46 million.

HIDDEN CREEK DR., 9213-Danial M. Kasuri and Fauzia D. Kasuri to John J. and Carol M. McDonnell, $1.09 million.

HOLLY KNOLL CIR., 12180-Ronald Rosas to Hitesh Jasani and Yumi Kim, $680,000.

JEFFERY RD., 9040-Priscilla P. Kaeser to Jose M. and Elsa M. Marquez, $600,000.

OLD MEADOW RD., 1800, No. 1003-Benno Hoogendoorn to William G. Beale, $435,000.

WINCREST PL., 801-Gulick Group Inc. to Carolyn E. and Howard C. Saylor, $2.408 million.

Herndon Area

BRANCH DR., 992-Jack E. and Laura J. Corkey to Jose D. Recinos and Sandra M. Contreras, $310,000.

BRUCE CT., 709-Sandra Alfaro to Shahpar Ghaemmaghami, $415,000.

BURCHLAWN ST., 3043-James D. Solomon to Javad Banaei, $449,000.

CENTER ST., 619, No. T3-Laura Sabogal to Nubia A. Lopez, $200,000.

DAKOTA DR., 516-Richard C. and Donna J. Bissonnette to Glenn and Kristina Rudolph, $360,000.

FLYING SQUIRREL DR., 13613-Dianne S. Hardison to Murali and Rajani Gopisetti, $473,000.

FORTNIGHTLY BLVD., 109-Fortnightly Square Inc. to Herve A. Busidan and Marie Pascale Laclide, $568,705.

FRAMINGHAM CT., 12841-Deborah R. Perrero to David L. Meinert and Lora E. Mackie, $479,900.

HERNDON MILL CIR., 107-Neighborhoods Corp. to Sanjiv and Alpana Khetarpal, $658,825.

HIGGS CT., 13481-Frank L. Frisbie to Brian and Sarah V. Crickenberger, $326,151.

KINGSTREAM DR., 1465-Robert W. and Helen I. Chapman to Jack C. and Laura T. Gomes, $400,000.

LOGAN WOOD DR., 2656-Richard J. Grossi and Jennifer R. Fazio to Kesavan Natarajan and Kalyani Mani, $525,000.

MAGER DR., 2114-Ana M. Reyes and Efrain Aguirre to Ronal Lopez and Claudia P. Gomez, $295,000.

MAGNOLIA CT., 400-Saul D. Alvarado and Aleman German to Silvia Sternberg, $326,000.

PAGE CT., 1022-Jeffrey S. Kelman and Tina M. Knox to Paul D. Alwine and Cynthia E. Beam, $548,800.

PREUIT PL., 13308-Ricardo L. Falla to Manuel Soriano, $287,000.

QUEENS CT., 1017-Shahnawaz Baig to Olga Rivas, $280,000.

SPOFFORD RD., 13386, No. 302-Patrick E. Castle to Mahesh Mahadeva, $310,000.

WOOD CRESCENT CIR., 12920-Mahipal R. Challuri to Mallikarjan Doguparthi, $469,000.

WOODVALE CT., 12206-John M. and Joyce N. Wright to Christopher J. and Catherine S. Harvey, $575,600.

Huntington Area

FAIRHAVEN AVE., 2411-Juan F. Cutolo to Mynor J. Aguirre, $350,000.

FARRINGTON AVE., 2303, No. 101-Elana B. Milstein to Gerald P. and Ginger G. Webre, $206,000.

FORT DR., 2414-Mohammad N. Jamal to Jorge Berrios, $375,000.

GLADDEN CT., 5706-Donald P. Schroeder and Elizabeth A. Hunter to John A. and Bonni J. Ampela, $390,000.

INDIAN CT., 5711, No. 189-Muhammad Aziz to Alec S. Thurman, $189,000.

INDIAN DR., 2602, No. 68-Heidi Elliott to Chad M. Leistikow, $225,051.

Hybla Valley Area

ALAMEDA CT., 8411, No. 63-James Puryear to Mohammad A. Riaz, $212,500.

COLONIAL SPRINGS BLVD., 7823-Darat S. Edge to Pakorn Sanworanart, $320,000.

PARSONS CT., 7214-Antoinetta Economou to John R. and Rebecca L. Bryant, $386,000.

RICHMOND HWY., 7004-Eriberto L. Jose to Charles L. and Mary Louise Sims, $380,000.

Lincolnia Area

SPRING VALLEY DR., 6528-Susan I. Alfonso to Jose J. Aranibar, $527,900.

WALKING LANE, 6341-Jonathan A. and Lisa A. Vogel to Ho and Ju Y. Yoo, $550,000.

Lorton Area

CALIFORNIA POPPY LANE, 8791-Pulte Home Corp. to Hwei S. Wang, $815,141.

CALIFORNIA POPPY LANE, 8792-Pulte Home Corp. to George B. and Jeannette M. Khoury, $835,350.

EAST HILL DR., 9896-NVR Inc. to Abel Vasquez and Lediane Z. Vasquez, $502,850.

FUREY RD., 9066-Washington Homes Inc. to Abdul G. Khan, $616,069.

HAGEL CIR., 9601, No. D-Ishfaq Ahmed to Martil Alvarez, $201,000.

INDIAN PAINTBRUSH WAY, 8475-Centex Homes to Ravi and Nandini Malghan, $675,655.

LAUREL HEIGHTS LOOP, 8242-Shimaliya Aurora to Fatima Noory, $585,000.

MASEY MCQUIRE CT., 9605-Minh Thieu to Glenn A. Duponte, $492,000.

ROCKY GAP CT., 8601-Abubakr and Maria Loynab to Shukria Dellawar, $353,000.

SURRY GROVE CT., 7600-Mohammad Rahimi to Amilcar Diaz, $426,900.

WOLFORD WAY, 7714-Marely Claros to Garnet W. Woods, $310,000.

McLean Area

BASIL RD., 1019-James P. and Barbara C. Fabiani to Donald R. Rogers and Robert B. Canter, $2.678 million.

BELGROVE RD., 712-Frank J. and Catherine C. Patterson to Paul and Sue Massimiano, $1.45 million.

FARM MEADOW CT., 7218, No. A-Hampstead Village Corp. to Gale F. Scott, $1.589 million.

GREENSBORO DR., 8360, No. 823-Nader C. Kay to Hossein Rashedi, $600,000.

GREENSBORO DR., 8380, No. 514-Golnar Sheikholeslami to Patricia Convy, $390,800.

HOWARD CT., 7410-Louis R. and Barbara C. Noll to Artisan Construction Group Corp., $400,000.

LADY BIRD DR., 1415-Robert D. and Lynn A. Fondahn to Edward and Lark Blum, $1.375 million.

LINCOLN WAY, 1504, No. 325-Kendra and Ryan E. O'Connor to Nicholas Huly, $290,000.

MILL RI., 1107-Nader Raeisinia to Rita N. Gotecha and Natwar P. Gotecha, $2.2 million.

OLD MEADOW RD., 1808, No. 707-Michael J. Hester to Elisabeth M. Kling, $300,000.

RUPERT ST., 1831-Georgia M. Llop to Justin E. and Lori A. Collingsworth, $590,000.

SPENCER RD., 1000-Joan Oberhoff to Saeed Fallah, $1.005 million.

SPRING GATE DR., 1570, No. 7213-Enoch Shin to Sang J. and Mi Na Kim, $377,000.

SPRING GATE DR., 1601, No. 1307-Jennifer Erwin to Barry McNair, $283,000.

WESTWIND WAY, 1644-Karen F. Taylor to Morris A. Karam, $303,000.

Mount Vernon Area

AUDUBON AVE., 7985, No. D2-Leslie Willson to Edward P. Davidson, $149,000.

BOUND BROOK LANE, 8339-Fredi R. and Idalia E. Gomez to Elmer Gomez, $510,000.

BRADDOCK AVE., 8716-William C. and Lisa R. Hanna to Kay and Keith Smith, $490,000.

GROOMBRIDGE WAY, 4420, No. L-Michael Hope and Ama Arhine to Mavis Y. Kwakye, $190,000.

LAKEPARK DR., 8117-Carolyn A. and Craig M. Ritchie to Staci L. and John H. Redmon, $352,500.

TALBOTT FARM DR., 8740-NVR Inc. to Heung Ian R. Lee, $720,540.

North Springfield Area

BACKLICK RD., 5220-Virginia L. Kohls to Seville Homes Corp., $630,000.

QUEENSBERRY AVE., 5210-George B. and Jeannette M. Khoury to C. Van Hung, $500,000.

VENTNOR LANE, 5504-Carmen R. Mercado to Carlos and Melvin E. Sorto Funes, $490,000.

Oakton Area

BORGE ST., 2991-Maeng W. and Jung J. Lee to Yu C. Moon, $425,000.

CYRANDALL VALLEY DR., 9963-Weichert Relocation Resources Inc. to Saurabh Gupta and Malarvizhi Veerappan, $656,000.

DEROSNEC DR., 11264-Centex Homes to Sung B. Im and Sung A. Cho, $1.302 million.

GRAYSTONE CT., 10425-Chul Ho and Hyang N. Chang to Erin Paik and Geum B. Kim, $367,500.

LAKE RIDGE DR., 10416-John R. and Susan K. Sweazen to William R. and Laurie P. Eustis, $676,000.

LARIAT LANE, 11703-J. Shane Bailey to Alan A. and Kathy K. Hammer, $601,000.

LEAKANE CT., 10122-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Dong H. Han and Eun J. Kim, $900,000.

Reston Area

ABINGTON HALL PL., 12185, No. 202-John P. Sullivan to Shoukat and Farida S. Ali, $466,500.

ANTIQUA CT., 2354-Foaud and Maryam Baradari to Marcelino A. and Elizabeth Rodriguez, $310,000.

BARREL COOPER CT., 11965-Quest Financial Corp. to Eun Joo Hopkins, $290,000.

BRIAR MILL LANE, 11809-Stephen S. Patrick and Catherine L. Cairo to Jonas S. and Amy A. Cline, $627,000.

BUTTONWOOD CT., 11525-Donald G. Funk and Susan D. Blackford Funk to Matthew J. and Lily P. Reider, $390,000.

CHIMNEY HOUSE RD., 1640-Lee Charlton to Parham Shariatzadeh, $144,900.

DAYFLOWER CT., 10810-Cheryl A. McGee to Andrew Gallagher and Caroline S. Offutt, $702,500.

DOUBLE EAGLE CT., 2275-Kristen O. and Patrick D. Fowler to Issalou Farhad Yavari and Fariba Tacoukjou, $461,100.

DRY RIVER CT., 11702-Andreas J. Hunn to Izumi S. Slate and Yasu Sato, $392,000.

GATE HILL PL., 11401, No. 79-Jessica H. Lim to Lillian M. Lowery, $350,000.

HERITAGE COMMONS CT., 1215-Sean M. and Kristen M. McMahan to Steven M. and Kimberly C. Mislock, $479,000.

LINKS DR., 11386-Furman L. and Roberta C. Walker to William A. and Kimberly T. Green, $390,000.

MARKET ST., 12001, No. 102-Alan B. Webb to Tanuja and Sriram Gopal, $515,000.

MARKET ST., 12001, No. 238-Reston Apartments Holdings Corp. to Mehranoush Takin, $297,338.

MARKET ST., 12001, No. 333-Linh Truong to Mina Choi, $360,000.

MARKET ST., 12001, No. 438-Reston Apartments Holdings Corp. to Vernith Brooks and Ralidean Coates, $382,567.

MONROE MILLS LANE, 112-Neighborhoods Corp. to Kun and Kyung Ja Chung, $744,132.

OLD QUINCY LANE, 1388-Louis P. and Nancy S. Hettinger to Stephen W. Page and Theresa J. Campbell Page, $690,000.

PURPLE SAGE DR., 1638-Shaun L. Jones to Gregory and Adrienne Kozel, $309,000.

SANIBEL CT., 12186-Stephan D. and Shannon M. Bair to Jaime Rios and Edit Rios, $261,000.

SOUTHGATE SQ., 2430-Teresa D. and Jose E. Cruz to Jose L. Rosa, $324,540.

STONEVIEW SQ., 11635-Herbert and Reyna Uberall to Danish and Ruchi Nagpaul, $222,000.

SUMMERCHASE CT., 1502, No. C-John M. Granholm to Susan M. Wiese, $220,000.

SUNDANCE DR., 1725-Courtney J. Kakuska to Troy N. and Melissa M. Dejesus, $360,000.

VILLARIDGE DR., 1948, No. B-William R. Dailey and Cynthia G. Brockwell to Ramon Pardo, $237,000.

WOODBROOK LANE, 11318-Calvin L. Humphrey to Bryan and Lourdes Ruskavich, $850,000.

Seven Corners Area

ARLINGTON BLVD., 6001, No. 705-Hollis E. Barnes to Sana Chaudhary, $242,000.

CROSSWOODS DR., 6411-Cy D. Ardoin to Brandy T. and Douglas Beekman, $655,000.

PATRICK HENRY DR., 3031, No. 201-Tru V. Tran and Thu H. Pham to Truc Lan Lu, $175,000.

VALLEY BROOK DR., 6698-Basheer Edgemoore Barcroft Corp. to Andrew B. and Christine H. Cao, $1.299 million.

Springfield Area

ASHVIEW DR., 7208-David E. and Yoshiko K. Miller to Mary Y. and Kurt V. Graber, $489,900.

BETHELEN WOODS LANE, 8005-Thomas A. Dunn to Tami L. Palacky, $341,200.

BRIAN MICHAEL CT., 6825-Signe W. Gorbutt to Cherrone A. Hester, $350,000.

CURVING CREEK CT., 8197-Verena Sander to Guosheng Qui and Li Qianqian, $355,000.

DONEGAL LANE, 7941-Antonio J. and Myriam Quintero to Joseph M. Bostaph and Jenna L. Dee, $619,000.

FRONTIER DR., 6101-Nandkishore Sharma to Roberto and Leydi Lopez, $475,000.

GALLA KNOLL CIR., 8051-Siamak Loghmani to Parvin Hadian and Houshang Nikfar, $435,000.

GAME LORD DR., 7145-Russell F. and Lucy Anna R. Hart to Georgina E. and Roy D. Vigilance, $530,000.

GRANDSTAFF CT., 8913-Gregory H. and Lisa D.A. Hilgenberg to Robert P. and Kimberly A. Palmer, $427,000.

HIGHLAND ST., 7216-David F. and Hye O. Harden to Jaime N. and Ruben Rojas, $400,000.

INVERNESS DR., 6904-Marcus E. and L. Michelle Points to Thomas M. Pennell, $410,000.

LAZY CREEK CT., 8424-Yanci Y. Morales to Christopher L. Lunn and Courtney A. Curlett, $306,750.

MARCONI CT., 7820-Sean R. Hanover to Soon H. Yeon, $332,000.

RAINBOW BRIDGE LANE, 8434-Bernadette B. Gavino to Jack R. Jones, Christopher T. Flynn and Lisa S. Flynn, $429,900.

TYROLEAN WAY, 8588-David C. Hwang to Idrissa Sesay and Mabinty Dumbuya, $360,500.

Vienna Area

BELLFOREST CT., 2701, No. 209-Karin L. Pomerantz to Avetik Avetyan, $322,000.

BROWNS MILL RD., 10305-Regina Fisher to Zia U. Hassan, $365,000.

CEDAR LANE, 2322-Christopher W. Burch to Birol Yilmaz, $585,600.

CENTERBORO DR., 2791, No. 474-Marquis at Vienna Station to John A. and Sherry R. Pulsinelli, $392,900.

MADRILLON CT., 8105-Elizabeth H. Woods to Jennifer A. Mahar and James C. Anagnos, $672,000.

MANSION VIEW CT., 8824-Jack D. Smith to Cheng Yuan Tseng and Ying H. Chien, $572,500.

NORTHERN NECK DR., 1493-Paul A. and Jerome L. Spivak to Steven and Melissa Laskin, $637,000.

ORCHARD CT., 315-Stanley P. and Kathryn L. Weilnau to Joseph B. and Julie M. Nichols, $768,000.

QUAINT LANE, 8504-William C. and Marilyn L. Boner to Parivash Jalaie, $665,000.

SUTTON WOODS CT., 2726-William H. Brauer to Chad and Bethany Molter, $879,050.

TYSON OAKS CIR., 8026-Ricky N. Tacy to Ankur and Sonia Mundra, $404,900.

VIRGINIA CENTER BLVD., 9486, No. 321-Marquis at Vienna Station to Marzban Shahrzad and Bahram Sadeghian, $310,900.

VIRGINIA CENTER BLVD., 9486, No. 415-Marquis at Vienna Station to Ellen A. McGuire, $382,900.

VIRGINIA CENTER BLVD., 9490, No. 243-Marquis at Vienna Station to Salman and Kamran Ahmad, $471,900.

WEATHERWOOD CT., 9021-Frederick B. Davies to National Residential Nominee Services Inc., $795,000.

WENDOVER DR., 10124-Gregory G. and Deborah Horne to Steve and Denise Bilidas, $1.68 million.

Vienna-Dunn Loring Area

IDYLWOOD RD., 8049-Marta Powers to Vang Ngo and Kimberly Tran, $575,000.

West Springfield Area

CAMILLA ST., 6325-Eleonore Bayer to James H. Hyland and Marie T. Markow, $434,000.

ENGLISH IVY WAY, 6379-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Gerd and Sharon M. Henssen, $475,000.

FOREST CREEK LANE, 6191-Daniel W. Haines to Kenneth Austin and Christina Shen Austin, $405,000.

FORRESTER BLVD., 8323-Connie J. Christensen to Aaron J. and Amy B. Silver, $450,000.

HILLSIDE RD., 6222-James P. Lisbeth to Ricardo Moreira, $320,000.

HILLSIDE RD., 6274-Jeronimo Nunez and Xiomara P. Arias to Joni Choi, $340,000.

REXFORD CT., 5760, No. P-Cynthia A. Morales to Heidi Schranz, $228,700.

SOLOMON SEAL DR., 7701-Michael J. and Rebecca A. Mochel to James and Elizabeth Momon, $450,000.