A fiery SUV-truck crash in Calvert County stopped traffic on Route 2 for almost five hours Monday morning but did not result in any major injuries.

The wreck occurred about 8:10 a.m. on Route 2, just south of Skinners Turn Road in the Mount Harmony area, when a southbound 2002 Cadillac Escalade SUV collided with a northbound three-axle dump truck, said Trooper First Class Scott MacLane of the Maryland State Police.

Carolyn Brooke Gilece, 19, of Annapolis crossed onto the wrong side of the road with her Escalade, and Walter Hand, 30, of Huntingtown tried to take "evasive action" with his dump truck. But the two collided right-front to right-front and then careened each other, MacLane said.

The Escalade tore the gas tank off the dump truck, spilling diesel fuel over the highway. Hand's dump truck landed on its side, disgorged its load of sand and then caught fire.

"It was a fiberglass cab on the dump truck, so most of the fiberglass went up [in flames] quickly," MacLane said.

Hand had minor injuries and refused treatment at the scene; Gilece was taken to Prince George's Shock Trauma Center as a precaution.

On Tuesday, her father, John Gilece, said that she had been released and was fine but that she did not remember anything about the accident.

"She was on her way to pick up a friend at a horse show. . . . We don't know what happened," he said. "We're just very thankful and grateful that nobody got hurt. It's just a miracle."

The state police closed Route 2 until 2 p.m. while investigators reconstructed the accident and the scene was cleaned up. MacLane said people caught in the traffic tie-up were surprised to learn that there had been no fatalities.

"If you were to see the vehicles, you'd know she was very lucky," MacLane said. "The Lord was riding with her."