The following home sales were recently recorded in Frederick County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Frederick County and other Washington areas, visit

Brunswick Area

F ST. E., 202-Donald W. Jr. and Filecha Marie Kolb to Doreen O. and George J. Hyatt, $260,000.

ORNDORFF DR., 5-Ronald Lee Degrange to Charles R. Wolfe Jr., $140,000.

ORNDORFF DR. E., 9-Linda Kay Gordon to Eugenia B. Chambers and Kevin J. Kusmider, $110,000.

WENNER DR., 90-Lisa L.M. and Roger W. Bowen to Daniel J. Byrd, $125,000.

Frederick City Area

ANDOVER LANE, 1646-Joan L. and Alexander L. Harris to Vijay J. Patel, $215,000.

AZTEC DR., 813-Jose and Miriam A. Medrano to Nelly Y. Cojom, $450,000.

BALDRIDGE CIR., 6109-Debbie L. and Jami J. McShannon to Charlene A. Crescente, $198,000.

BEEBE CT., 541-Dean C. Marchese to Bertha E. Ceaser and Patricia Ann Blocker, $180,000.

BOX ELDER CT., 5771-Ilene D. Kwolek to Vesta L. and Michael L. Facine Sr., $212,000.

BRADSHAW CT. W., 7065-Geraldine I. Zetterberg to Sugarloaf Overlook Corp., $251,000.

BRIARCLIFF LANE, 8818-Christopher Edward Houck to Denise Fringer and Thomas Olivero, $296,000.

CANADA GOOSE CT., 6660-Christina R. and Todd A. Williams to Betty L. Seiss, $215,000.

CHERYLS CT., 1017-Ingrid E. Pfeiffer to Roberto A. Munoz Merino, $320,000.

CHURCH ST. E., 118-H. Irving and Ortrun Armgard Gates to Claire O. and Vincent T. Gudewich, $625,000.

CHURCH ST. E., 548-Grimm's Investments Corp. to Wa Chau, $280,000.

COLLINGWOOD LANE, 2151-Gordon W. and Mary L. Wiegand to Jessica and Carlos Alberto Rojas, $273,000.

COUNTRY CT., 1713-Barbara L. and Richard L. Wetzel Sr. to Lan H. Smith, $189,900.

DILL AVE., 251-Travis A. and Mary K. Drawbaugh to Elizabeth J. and Randall J. Redmond, $490,000.

DOUBLEBRAND CT., 6912-Brian D. Swiger to Sarah Buzzell and Diane H. Nelson, $216,500.

DULANEY CT., 1853-Katherine S. Dean to Ismail A. Oseni, $210,000.

EISENHOWER DR., 552-Peggy C. and Johnie L. Simpson to Kathleen M. McKeever, $302,000.

FAIRVIEW AVE., 129-Thomas P. and Bernadette Lancaster to Karen T. and Eric M. French, $415,000.

HEATHER RIDGE DR., 701-Rose and Kevin King to Kelly A. Gallagher, $124,900.

HIMES AVE., 615, No. VII-112-Venus A. Elliott to Whitney R. Bingham and Kurt W. Albin, $167,000.

JEFFERSON ST. S., 325-Gary E. Lee to Angie L. Feger and Craig M. Lawver, $240,000.

LAUREN CT., 124-Genia M. Harshman to Joshua David Stone, $200,000.

MARTINGALE CT., 10897-Mira Millar to Walter S. Covell, $310,000.

NEW DESIGN RD., 5301-Kenneth E. Myers to Binh Nguyen, $150,000.

OAKWOOD DR., 1204-Margaret M. and Steven L. Balderson to Ethan Borg and Jennifer Leigh, $250,000.

PARKLAND PL., 7957-Fay M. Kaufman to Robert F. Hoff III, $259,500.

PEARTREE CT., 1319-Michalena and Joseph W. Kolpack to Sarah Rebecca Estelle Dupree, $224,900.

PRIMUS CT., 511-Adrian A. and Susan L. Gomez to Frank K. Acheampong and Rose Marie I. Theus, $272,000.

PROVIDENCE CT., 1101-Carolyn L. and Douglas L. Shanholtz to William Ernest Riviere, $183,000.

RIDGE RD., 7029-Edward A. and Grace M. Hanna to Holly Christine Smith and Benjamin I. Rogot, $360,000.

ROCKY GLEN DR., 1805-Richard B. and Billie Jo Fulmer to Martha and Victor Castillo, $280,500.

SHARON DR., 8309-Bret E. and Michael T. Carter Buck to Belinda and Stephen Marks, $474,000.

SPRINGHOUSE CT., 1700-Pauline M. Saloukas to Rosa M. and William J. Rakushin, $185,000.

SPRINGWATER CT., 6508, No. 3402-Peter Oykhman to James Yawn, $215,000.

STONEGATE DR., 129-Charles L. Jr. and Sheryl A. Duvall to Maxine Bowens, $175,000.

STONEY CREEK RD., 2469-Lynne Erin Flanery to Vernon R. Jimmerson, $375,750.

SUMNER DR., 2068-Erin J. and Patrick J. Murphy III to Kelly A. Currier, $275,000.

TOWNCREST TERR., 6427-Norman Domingo to Kishwer Sultana and Muhammad Ashfaq, $288,000.

TURNBERRY CT., 6909-Dina Beate Barthlow to Kim D. Watson and Gregory A. Hardwick, $194,000.

TURNING POINT CT., 918-Douglas H. and Joan T. Carter to Amelia and Matthew Banks, $242,000.

TURNING POINT CT., 924-Peggy A. Skinner to Jennifer E. and Daniel R. Duehring, $236,000.

WADE CT., 5650-L-Jennifer A. White to Elizabeth Strong, $180,000.

WAINWRIGHT CT., 2140, No. 1D-Michael Fyock Jr. to Leslie Williams, $180,000.

WATERFORD DR., 859-Ruth Regina Beers to Vijaya L. and Shive K. Gowda, $215,000.

WEATHERBY CT., 6409-A-Donald William Dawson to Betty J. Witmer, $183,000.

WYNFIELD CT., 2417-Elizabeth M. Daugherty to Ferdinand and Francesca Bracey, $250,000.

THIRD ST. W., 121-Andrea N. Dravo to James M. Cole, $419,900.

FIFTH ST. E., 11-Green Acres Enterprises Inc. to David S. Blackmon, $230,000.

FIFTH ST. E., 217-Charles B. Jones Jr. to Yost Properties Corp., $199,000.

Garfield Area

STOTTLEMYER RD., 13924-Tammy L. Vanskiver to Nicole L. Deaver and William B. Lloyd, $230,000.

Ijamsville Area

OLD NATIONAL PIKE, 10401-Bradley S. Fleegle to Hard Work Properties Corp., $205,000.

Jefferson Area

BROCKTON DR., 3265-Roger A. Miller to Eunice B. Davis, $387,500.

CHAMPLAINE DR., 4829-Celissa G. Stephens to Matthew and Rebecca Feuerherd, $421,000.

GLEN HILL CT., 5613-Norman Farmer to Anne C. and Joseph R. Schmid trust, $420,000.

Knoxville Area

MOUNTAIN RD. S., 3518-Franklin E. Ennis Jr. to Norman V. Allis, $100,000.

Middletown Area

JASPER DR., 7087-Adam and Angela Martin to Angelia R. Otto and Thomas A. Lazarski, $319,900.

Monrovia Area

BLUEBERRY DR., 3718-Mary M. and Kevin C. Manning to Robert H. Baker, $346,000.

WOLF DEN CT., 12503-James C. and Karen J. Hobson to Andrea J. and Stephen W. Stuart, $410,000.

Mount Airy Area

ANNAPOLIS CT. E., 14008-William G. and Evaglia Nychis to Keith Tamia Fry and Thomas Samuel, $307,500.

BEACH DR., 6616-Erica and Micah Forman to Erin A. Bozeman, $254,900.

BEACH DR., 6618-Juanita L. and Gregory R. Pfister to Charles A. Zelek, $249,500.

FOREST EDGE PL., 10796-John H. Gurule to Lauren E. Dymond Jr., $310,000.

FOX CHASE RD., 6918-Arnold N. Parreco to Julia A. and Robert M. McDonnell, $315,000.

LEAFY HOLLOW CIR., 1206-Kevin and Mary Kaye Cassidy to Susan P. and Anthony W. Derrenberger, $499,900.

MEADOW FIELD CT., 703-Olanda and Barry Hathaway to Dale R. Adamson, $486,000.

POND FOUNTAIN CT., 11155-Florian and Crystal Carr to Stacy L. Crowl and Griffin M. Frank, $355,000.

SAMHILL LANE, 4126-Todd D. and Debra L. King to Lisa Ann Zecher and Phyllis Ellen Freeman, $590,500.

WOODVILLE RD., 5102-Cheryl Warren to Delmas Swan, $267,500.

New Midway-

Ladiesburg Area

RENNER RD., 11820-Lawrence F. and Gian E. Ryan to Perri Lea and Michael S. Baulig, $365,000.

New Windsor Area

PARSONAGE LANE, 10102-Michael J. Carlin, trustees, to Michael L. Cochran, $194,500.

Thurmont Area

STONEY PARK WAY, 27-Joseph J. and Donna R. Dumbroski to Donnie H. Oaks Jr., $199,900.

VISTA AVE., 20-Mark K. Hodgkins to Margaret and Philip S. Piantone, $230,000.

Walkersville Area

FORESIGHT LANE, 8405-Melissa J. and Scott L. Moser to Jeffrey Houchins, $159,900.

TRIUMPHANT CT., 8900-Sara R. and Thomas W. Morris Jr. to Carlos H. Pacheco, $323,000.