Animal Care Appointment

Thomas J. Koenig, who has managed Loudoun County's Department of Animal Care and Control on an interim, part-time basis, will take over as director July 28.

Koenig, 45, has been a senior human resources analyst for the county since April 2000 and since March has also worked with animal care and control, developing its budget and drafting performance measures.

Loudoun County Administrator Kirby M. Bowers said the selection followed an open-recruitment process and consultation with the Loudoun County Animal Advisory Committee and Humane Society. Koenig has worked at the Federal Bureau of Prisons and the Defense Intelligence Agency.

Youth Initiative Director

Timothy J. Chesnutt, manager of the Youth Services Division of the Loudoun County Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Services, has been appointed director of the Loudoun Youth Initiative.

Chesnutt, 49, has worked in the department since 2002. He has a bachelor's degree in sports management from Towson State University and a master's in public administration from Bowie University.

As director, Chesnutt will oversee the development of the Youth Initiative Strategic Plan; identify and coordinate youth-oriented programs, strategies and resources; and establish alliances with other organizations.

-- Compiled by LILA DE TANTILLO