The following home sales were recently recorded in Montgomery County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Montgomery and other Washington areas, visit

Aspen Hill Area

ADRIAN ST., 4518-Randy E. Muccioli to Luis B. Reyes, $385,000.

ARBUTUS AVE., 4902-Robert L. Clark Jr. to Ronnie Clinton Stephens Jr., $396,500.

ASPEN HILL RD., 4821-Kadhim M. Al Tharfi to Basilia N. Tejada, $359,900.

BAUER DR., 13907-E. and Edwardo J. Silva to Novelette McIntosh, $421,000.

BREADY RD., 4711-Rosemarie P. and A.C. Kennedy to Ana C. and Adelino A. Pereira, $385,000.

WALKINGFERN DR., 4817-William E. and S.A. Reeves to Mima D. and Hector P. Lazo, $650,000.

WATERVIEW DR., 5312-Marian L. Anderson to Josephine M. and Dale A. Shiroma, $625,000.

Bethesda Area

ACACIA AVE., 5009-Shumway Trust to Eva Halle Baker, $725,100.

BATTERY LANE, 4977, No. 1-103-Esther A. Epstein to Michelle L. Krause, $280,000.

BELHAVEN RD., 9839-Ming Shyong and Jenny T. Wu to Ye C. and Wangqi V. Pan, $789,000.

BRADLEY BLVD., 6613-John D. Baker Jr., trustee, to Ling Ling and Hang Yuan, $1.1 million.

CAYUGA AVE., 7500-John L. Call Family Corp. to Anthony C. Chatwin, $699,000.

CHASE AVE., 4407-Lu Chueen Lu to William R. Galey, $560,000.

CRESCENT ST., 4802-Bradford A. and S.W. Berenson to Perry P. and Dennis J. Hooks, $925,000.

EDGELEY RD., 9515-S.J. and Paul L. Coppinger to in Ja Lee, $770,000.

FRANKLIN ST., 4710-C.S. and Curt L. Anderson to Christine P. Shuman, $650,000.

GLENWOOD RD., 5503-Mary and John R. Miller to Kurtis King, $585,000.

GREEN TWIG RD., 7812-Maria Jose M. Ribeiro to Rosibell M. Middleton, $855,000.

KINGSFORD RD., 6016-Cary P. Abod to Holly H. and William E. Paul, $695,000.

LONE OAK DR., 6511-Alisa and Robert Dodds to Hooman Azmi, $599,900.

MASSACHUSETTS AVE., 5129-Karen M. Lutjen to Orly Bellman Isaacson and Joel R. Grosberg, $975,000.

MONTROSE AVE., 10505-Lisa and Ari Elkin to Robert Murray, $305,000.

WILMETT RD., 5904-M.P. and Robert S. Harmon to Frederick C. Kass, $568,000.

WINNEPEG RD., 6501-Gregory J. Venit, trustee, to Eduardo J. and Emela N. Silva, $585,000.

Boyds Area

WHITE GROUND RD., 19420-Joseph B. Davis to Michael D. Rubin, $325,000.

Brookeville Area

BRIGHTON DAM RD., 1401-James A. and K.S. Manuel to Silvina C. and Genivaldo Pereira, $535,000.

CARTER MILL WAY, 2103-Jeffery L. and Sherry L. Weisenborne to William B. and Christie A. Goodman, $737,000.

DAMASCUS RD., 3315-Nancy H. Chance, trustee, to Yvette L. and Robert J. McClaren, $600,000.

Burtonsville Area

BERLEIGH HILL CT., 3725-Andrew A. Mills, trustee, to Smitha R. and Sheetal R. Karipalli, $359,550.

CLOUDBERRY CT., 4236-Carmen and J. Liriano to Dolores L. and Francisco G. Liriano, $265,000.

DUNES WAY, 3920-Hyong J. and Keum Y. Kim to Mathieu Lokougna and Elena Lokounia, $364,000.

LEATHERWOOD TERR., 4356-Benedict T. Obi to Jamal and Norma J. Aridod, $302,000.

TAPESTRY CIR., 3324-Mildred I. Bryant to Mariamma J. Kallarackal, $221,500.

TURBRIDGE DR., 3620-I.M. and Simon K. Kamau to Shamsul Abedin, $415,000.

Calverton-Colesville Area

CARRIAGE HOUSE TERR., 1609-B-Brenda L. Kamsler to Carolyn E. Clapp and James M. Mulrooney, $197,400.

HAWKSHEAD TERR., 12723-Bongwon Suh to Jose E. Benitez, $294,500.

HERRINGTON MANOR DR., 12422-Solomon Karoma to Abdulrahman F. Al Kizim, $264,000.

HOLLYWOOD AVE., 616-Manuel J. Carvajal to Samuel Tiodi, $367,000.

KILKENNY ST., 3209-Ana C. Diaz to Ermelinda and Oscar I. Gonzalez, $375,000.

LEGEND OAKS PL., 13101-J. and Alvin Whitley to Zsolt A. Csiszar, $355,362.

NORCROSS WAY, 544-Patricia G. Scarlett to Will and Gennet Purcell, $575,000.

SCHUBERT DR., 3075-Francis H. and S.T. Collins to Thang B. Nguyen and Thuy T. Tran, $510,000.

SIR THOMAS DR., 3303, No. 6-A-13-Kyungnam Kim to Vidal Fomene, $217,000.

VALLEY BROOK DR., 315-James H. Jackson to Gloria and Francisco Lizama, $556,000.

Chevy Chase Area

CHATHAM RD., 7705-James B. Jr. and Z.M. Morrison to William P. Minicozzi II and Colleen Doherty Minicozzi, $1.5 million.

FALSTONE AVE., 4701-Victoria V. Laurel to Ruth E. and Robert S. Albert, $690,000.

LOUGHBOROUGH PL., 8504-Thaddeus R. and Lucy M. McBride to Kelley Gilder, $794,500.

TRENT ST., 5403-Douglas H. Hsiao to 5403 Trent St. Corp., $1 million.

Clarksburg Area

FOREMAN BLVD., 12612-Jeffrey D. Neil to Parvaneh Baghelai Naghash and Mahmood Naghash, $760,000.

FREDERICK RD., 26005-Purdum E. Jamison to James L. and Sung L. Kestell, $230,000.

Cloverly-Ednor Area

AYLESBURY ST., 15324-Kathleen A. MacGillivary to Bertha I. Chavez, $475,000.

ELM GROVE CIR., 1227-Earl A. James to Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam Inc., $248,000.

GADSDEN AVE., 1020-Edgar J. Bernard to Laurie N. and Jose A. Bautista, $402,000.

REDGATE DR., 15116-Heung T. and E.A. Moon to Necola and Randy Staples, $545,000.

WELLWOOD RD., 15012-Gerald E. and S.Y. Booth to Janina and Desmond A. Eppel, $511,900.

Damascus Area

ARENA STAGE CT., 24216-M.C. and Dennis Maggi to Mark P. Suthard, $272,000.

BLOOM CT., 21-Melanie Bruch Cummings to Kimberly and Robert Carlisle, $390,000.

BLOOM CT., 30-Sheila A. Barber to Gloria D. Portillo and Pedro Romel Diaz, $389,900.

COLTRANE DR., 25521-Bryan H. Snyder to Debra S. and William T. Wisner, $235,000.

FOSSEN RD., 24401-A.M. and Jerome M. Griffis to Sandra A. Zelen, $493,000.

SHELLDRAKE CIR., 10167-Doris M. North to Sophy R. Prandy, $220,000.

WOODFIELD RD., 25740-Eryk H. and B.Z. Buczek to Lauren Harris Minogue and Timothy Minogue, $295,000.

Derwood Area

BERCLAIR TERR., 17121-Hira and S. Chand to Mohammed Mohiuddin and Mohammad Minhajuddin, $425,000.

MILLCREST TERR., 7239, No. 4-4-Scott M. Smith to Sondra and Marek Sumichrast, $229,600.

MILLCREST TERR., 7255, No. 2-5-Loan K.T. Ly to Ivan Candia, $297,000.

Gaithersburg Area

AMBIANCE CT., 7-Jianming She to Chenarith Kouch, $324,000.

AMITY CIR., 8266-Frederica L. Grant to Veronica Hartanto, $271,300.

BENT TWIG LANE, 129, No. 319-Yueh Fang Sheu to So Tyng Weng, $206,000.

BLUEBIRD TERR., 9227-Baiyina Sharif to Catherine and Christopher Cunanan, $305,000.

BOUNTY COVE CT., 10504-Kum S. and A.S. Oh to Xia and Jianlin Xu, $395,000.

BRASSIE PL., 19415, No. 301-Robert R. Dofflemeyer to Robert L. Clark Jr., $100,000.

CHESTERTOWN ST., 596-Sharon C. and Jarrett L. Cantrell to Daniel S. Schruefer, $585,000.

CRABAPPLE LANE, 8116-Robert J. McLaren to Hollis B. Frick, $335,000.

GOODPORT CT., 34-Steven E. Pratt to Joseph W. Chung, $320,000.

GRAVENHURST LANE, 12629-Jeffrey L. and N.R. Rubin to Brie and Steven Charles, $680,000.

HOLDCROFT LANE, 113-Vanita Tandon to Parvin A. Nejad and Iraj Nasiri Toussi, $335,500.

HONEYLOCUST CIR., 18423-Rob C. and Dawn L. McCleland to Vaishali I. and Pinal P. Parekh, $308,000.

JOSHUA TREE RD., 14916-E.C. and Lawrence E. Pfeffer to Kenneth Avner, $549,900.

KENDRICK PL., 172, No. 34L-Robert B. Farquhar to Stella I. and Joseph D. O'Connell Jr., $270,000.

KNOLL MIST LANE, 1107-Marco Lemus to Hector Paz and Marlene Padilla, $310,000.

KNOLL MIST LANE, 1133-I. and Oscar L. Roldan to Sonia Shrivastava, $310,000.

LEATHERLEAF CT., 20-Shirin Rahimipour to Elana H. and Jeffrey E. Steinberg, $749,000.

MELMARK CT., 9-David F. and S.F. Rabinovitz to Lori K. and Adam I. Zimet, $464,000.

MUSTANG HILL CT., 2-Earle W. Jr. and M.N. Kennett to Mayra J. and Fausto R. Bayonet, $540,000.

ORCHARD VIEW CT., 16221-Marion L. Blevins to Jennifer and Douglas Whitman, $595,000.

PALMTREE DR., 503, No. 6-Mira C. Jung to Steven G. Boie, $163,000.

PEACH LEAF CT., 25-Frank J. Ojeda to Alice K. and David D. Henning, $580,000.

QUINCE ORCHARD BLVD., 824, No. 201-Pamela S. Elia to Maryam Z. and Thibault J. Deloffre, $199,000.

RIDGEPOINT PL., 208-Daniel Schruefer to Nani A. Makonnen, $485,000.

RIDGEPOINT PL., 212, No. 38-Timothy J. Sopko to Peter Khalaf, $365,000.

SANDERS LANE, 429-Philippe A. and G.P. Berry to Martha A. and Jose C. Hernandez, $505,000.

SANDY LAKE DR., 19354-Zhann D. Goloborodko to Israel Bajarlia, $295,000.

SWARTHMORE AVE., 120-L. Jane Pritchard, trustee, to Donna Jean Damskey, $400,000.

TERN DR., 12820-H.A. and Norman E. Prince Jr. to Mohammad Ajalli, $665,000.

TRAVIS VIEW CT., 1372-Susan P. Hebron to Zhu Sheng He, $306,000.

TYGART CT., 1-Sheilah V. Sullivan to Nisreen and Zoher Anis, $315,000.

WYE MILL CT., 338-Young J. Han to Dega A. Sabrie and Abdulahi Ahmed Harum, $322,500.

Germantown Area

ALDENHAM CT., 19144-Michael J. Casey to Jose A. Zuniga, $285,000.

AMETHYST LANE, 20547-Hamid Azmi to Rodolfo A. Gonzalez, $315,000.

ANSEL TERR., 13449-Colleen and Richard E. Carter to Gurumurthy Thiagarajan, $403,000.

APPLEDOWRE CIR., 20012, No. 415-G.J. and Rodney M. Dabbondanza to Awa M. Al Karim, $239,500.

APPLEDOWRE CIR., 20074, No. 238-Kenneth B. Wolin to Marie G. Mameza, $221,500.

BIRDSEYE DR., 18843-Sean and Annamarie A. Sensenig to Milissa S.M. and Robert M. Krisko, $244,990.

CHERRY BEND TERR., 13108-Michael S. and L.M. Morse to Judy E. and Max I. Barragan, $314,000.

COUNTRY RIDGE DR., 13228-Dena A. Norton to Lorna W. Nduru, $288,000.

CROSS RIDGE CT., 10-Mildred Osei Bonsu to Johnson B. and Charity C. Deraya, $265,000.

DUHART RD., 13514-Dawn T. and Anthony Cousins to Carlos H. Villanueva, $292,000.

ESMOND CT., 23-Mahmoud M. Abulhawa to Carmen E. Ramos, $298,000.

FLOWERTON PL., 11424-Kevin L. Johnson to Jennifer Halvorsen, $292,000.

GALLOP DR., 19007-Sharon L. Maxwell to Fernando Ivan Ruiz, $387,000.

GREENFIELD RD., 20504-Brenda Graham Denu to Yovetta M. and Daniel J. Jennings, $435,000.

GROTTO LANE, 18902-Cheryl McIntyre to Maria Orfilia Diaz, $293,000.

HARMONY WOODS LANE, 18832-William A. Ortega to Ming Zhe Zhang, $362,000.

HICKORY TREE WAY, 12405, No. 632-Joel C. Kiely to Janet E. Sharp, $125,000.

KITCHEN HOUSE CT., 18207-Barbara J. Digioia, trustee, to Leslie and John J. Danaker III, $226,000.

LAKE PARK DR., 19922, No. 924-Mauricio Lopez to Donald Peterson, $339,900.

LAUREL GROVE PL., 12506-Edward S. Sakowski to Emily B. Krebs, $225,000.

MILLHAVEN PL., 13100, No. 10-J-Holly E. Radziewicz to Kathryn E. Harbaugh, $293,000.

MISTY MEADOW TERR., 19220-Harry B. Hawkins III to Lisa Mertz, $226,000.

MOON RIDGE DR., 19318-Tuan Huynh to Sailender Maramreddy, $563,000.

NEERWINDER CT., 18-Richard J. Fournier Jr. to Mary H. and Terrel L. Galloway, $381,000.

NEERWINDER PL., 13320-John G. Anthony to Leslie and Christopher P. Balaha, $400,000.

PURPLE ASTER CT., 21309-Eugene J. and T.L. Bredow to Signe Z. and John F. Adams Jr., $575,000.

SHADYSIDE WAY, 20661-Caroline E. Coyle to Binh H. Nguyen, $222,000.

SHIPLEY TERR., 20216, No. 8-B-102-J.M. and Rolf F. Butters to Katherine L. Toms, $211,000.

SUMMIT RIDGE TERR., 12926-Dong K. Seo to Mauricio Casanova, $529,000.

TARRAGON WAY, 18643-R. and Mian Z. Arefy to Fidel I. Rincon, $208,800.

THUNDERHEAD WAY, 20204-Sirous Anvari to Kerry Murphy, $296,300.

TRIMFIELD LANE, 13216-Brandie P. Powell to Sergio A. De La Torre, $275,000.

TWINFLOWER CIR., 19613-M. and Miguel Rega to Adilson Kiyasu, $265,000.

Glen Echo Area

UNIVERSITY AVE., 7311-Jocelyn and Frank M. Bell to Eleanor F. MacKintosh, $1.15 million.

Kensington Area

ARCHER PL., 3813-Frederick D. Cruz, trustee, to Bruno I. Flaim, $485,000.

DECATUR AVE., 4100-Angela M. Alfonso to Xavier Gibertserra, $424,900.

KINCAID TERR., 3906-B.A. and Filmore G. Jacobs to Susan R. Unger, $410,000.

PLYERS MILL RD., 3160-George H. Edmonson, trustee, to Sara E. Owen, $410,000.

UNIVERSITY BLVD. W., 3333, No. 912-Charlotte Zimmerman to Karen A. Karma, $330,000.

WAYCROSS WAY, 11105-Leona M. Newton, trustee, to Pavel I. Krapiva, $421,200.

Laytonsville Area

ENGLISH MEADOW WAY, 9205-John and Sharon Tallman to Lisa K. and Steve E. Broadman, $820,000.

ROLLING FORK WAY, 23615-M.B. and Robert A. Maletta to Steven Adolf Forage, $485,000.

WHITE PILLAR TERR., 9504-E.G. and Carl B. Marlin to Patricia A. Hukill, $275,000.

Montgomery Village Area

APPLE RIDGE RD., 10400-Elizabeth and Wesley Roberson to Lori Conerly, $248,000.

BRASSIE PL., 19417, No. 104-H.B. and John J. Zanetti to Lisa R. Gentile, $175,000.

BURCHAP DR., 8427-Harold L. and V.M. Dickensheets to Janet I. and Mitchell L. Ringer, $330,000.

CANADIAN CT., 19016-Brenda Hogue Beckford to Kitisark and Witita Sotipalalit, $250,000.

CRESTED IRIS WAY, 19734-Mahin Eslami to Dela Cena Catherine, $300,000.

DELCRIS DR., 8716-Jonathan I. Lewis to Stephanie P. and Scott W. Carrozza, $345,000.

FEATHERTREE TERR., 9810-Nohora J. Duhaney to Brian Fedder, $320,000.

PENSHURST CT., 9405-Maloko Solo to Charles C. Atontsa, $245,000.

RIDGELINE DR., 10136-Anita W. and John A. Liem to Ronaldo T. Phang, $220,000.

STEDWICK DR., 19141-Jaime Hernandez to Andrew An Sheng Chang, $280,000.

STERNCROFT CT., 20520-Jason Juenker to Mary Kimberley Intino, $268,000.

STRATH HAVEN DR., 20576-Elizabeth A. and Marc Novello to Steven D. Hane, $267,000.

WELBECK WAY, 8717-Edwina M. Pressley to Michael J. Browning, $233,500.

New Hampshire Estates-

Hillandale Area

CREST PARK DR., 1007-Sara J. Becker to Ruth A. and James L. Gieser, $525,000.

HEDIN DR., 9812-Vinh H. Pham to Luu B. Khuong and Thuy N. Duong, $369,000.

11TH AVE., 8609-Somaram K. Keshaiah to David Vernet, $360,000.

Norbeck-Layhill Area

BANQUO TERR., 14508, No. 70-Sabita Mesa to Jose I. Tobar, $318,000.

BLOOMSBURY CT., 3703, No. 26A-Jeannette M. Okin, trustee, to Norma Lee Naiman, $370,000.

CANDOVER CT., 15002, No. 278-C-Mary T. Howard to Robert L. Clark Jr., $180,000.

DEWEY RD., 11605-James A. Lancaster to Brian Adams, $288,750.

DINSDALE DR., 14939-Norma A. Caceres to Babatunde Alaofin, $310,000.

ELBY ST., 3811-M.D.C. and Jorge I. Vasquez to Irma Zelaya, $353,000.

ESTELLE RD., 12913-Thomas E. Mock to Francis Githigi, $351,001.

HOLDRIDGE RD., 12900-Juan C. Ona to Juan A. Villatoro Melendez, $295,000.

ISBELL ST., 3918-Mary Israel to Paula Andrea Flores and Ivan Mauricio Quiroga, $365,000.

JANET RD., 3414-Dinora and Jose R. Mendoza to Alfredo Toro, $348,000.

LONG GREEN DR., 14429-Michelle and R.C. Noble to Thulile and Jared D. Rice, $327,000.

NORMANDY SQUARE CT., 14, No. 3BB-John Sheehan Jr. to Martin Blake, $221,000.

PICCADILLY RD., 14317-Hung M. Vo to Gladys and Daniel Denecke, $476,200.

WOLFCREEK WAY, 14200-Mary L. Hollins to Edith Kenny, $245,000.

Olney Area

MACDUFF AVE., 17330-Li Pen and P.H.H. Chiang to Maria E. and Ramon D. Rodriguez, $520,000.

ST. ALBERT TERR., 2406-Jake M. Ryoo to Dana Lapidario, $438,900.

SHOTLEY BRIDGE PL., 17901-Gloria L. Bond to Quillie Ziger, $322,000.

WAGONWHEEL CT., 18053-Amanda Hast to Alice V. Esser, $316,000.

Poolesville Area

MUNGER FARM RD., 19104-Joseph P. and Jennifer A. Dupree to Ofelia and Ruben Rosales, $548,900.

Potomac Area

BROAD GREEN DR., 11108-Sue Pan to Bahar Javadi and Hamid Hajaghaei, $785,000.

DEVILWOOD DR., 12007-Muriel T. Gillespie to Nahid D. and Steven M. Gerstein, $699,000.

GAINSBOROUGH RD., 11400-Yuwen and W.J. Zhang to Ziona Hakakian and Shmuel Chakakian, $588,000.

HEATHERTON LANE, 7851-Claire M. Harting, trustee, to Lauren B. and Alan J. Greilsamer, $589,999.

HUNT CLUB DR., 11112-N.C. and Everett R. Korman to Kenneth D. Kaufmann, $780,000.

IRON GATE RD., 10111-J.L. and Mark D. Lerner to Nikola Maurach, $5.2 million.

KIM PL., 11811-Kenneth P. Gould to Shahin Ehteshami, $606,000.

NUTMEG CT., 8607-Alexei and M. Polianski to Beth L. and John B. Veihmeyer, $3 million.

SLEEPY HOLLOW LANE, 8733-Kakkattu J. and L. Augustine to Rathna Natarajan and Kripa Ram, $926,750.

Rockville Area

ANTIGUA TERR., 10808, No. 183-Reetu Mehra to Forough A. Khosrodad, $332,500.

BREWER HOUSE CIR., 5720-Kara and Jason Stone to Susan Ashleigh Harris, $775,000.

CROFTON HILL CT., 23-Lester A. Zuckerman to Susan J. and Kevin R. Carbognin, $660,000.

DANVILLE DR., 11609-Harold A. and J.B. Lowe to Paola Roman and Mark E. Luther, $1.1 million.

EVELYN DR., 1703-William F. Bryan, trustee, to Keylan Qazzaz, $525,000.

HAMPTON MILL TERR., 10723, No. 203-Lori B. Goldstein to Holly L. Griffin, $308,000.

HARRINGTON RD., 820-Shih I. Chu to Theresa Lee, $418,000.

INGLESIDE CT., 15-David J. Land to Juan R. Espinosa, $385,000.

INMAN PARK CIR., 5801, No. 1207-Dong H. Lee to Robert Matthew Gallagher, $369,900.

LONGWOOD DR., 612-Betty Lozano to Iverth Antonio Ovando, $325,000.

LYNCH ST., 106-Prithi Rajan to Ludwig V. Terterian, $415,000.

MARWOOD CT., 9-Ian G. Hinds to Brigit and Kevin Sullivan, $379,900.

REDGATE FARMS CT., 1735-James R. Bride to Liliana Ostria, $310,000.

RITCHIE PKWY., 406-Xi Y. Zhang to Suzanne Helman, $445,000.

STERLING TERR., 10136-Rachelle Fields to Yi Shen, $522,000.

TREBLE CT., 10130-Brian R. Frank to Sarina and Rajiv S. Jain, $549,000.

Silver Spring Area

COLSTON DR., 2302, No. C-103-Aileen Tousignant Barry to Melissa J. Brown, $261,000.

DALE DR., 215-T.B. and Jack G. Muckleroy to Andrew A. Baker, $465,000.

GEREN RD., 8507, No. 20-1-Tarek Aly to Ralph Allan Judd, $300,000.

GEREN RD., 8511, No. 21-5-Lydia C. Jones to Susanne D. Owens and Paul D. O'Brien, $304,000.

KERWIN RD., 512-K.C. and Franklin S. Soukup to Ryan F. Worch, $442,700.

LYTTONSVILLE RD., 1900, No. 1303-Robin Noble to Jason M. Webb, $123,000.

NORMANDY DR., 218-William David Lally to Eileen A. Madigan, $427,000.

OCALA ST., 9508-Matthew S. Willson to Paul Hyland, $471,500.

RIDGEMOOR DR., 10308-Jill D. and E.L. Rogers Jr. to Anne Noel Occhialino and Jonathan W. Gannon, $651,000.

RITCHIE AVE., 613-Michael Marzullo to Katarina and Stefano Marzullo, $300,000.

SAFFRON LANE, 9006-Leon T. Konin to Frederick G. Sahli, $330,000.

Spencerville Area

BATSON RD., 16500-Elwood H. Davis Sr. to Cindy K. Woodfield and Albert W. Woodfield Jr., $374,900.

Takoma Park Area

ELM AVE., 307-Paul H. Abel to Anna and Jesse Nicol, $408,500.

ERIE AVE., 717-Cheryl F. Jones, trustee, to Thomas A. Hudson, $410,000.

TULIP AVE., 109-G. David Johnson to Elizabeth M. Hormel, $386,000.

TULIP AVE., 212-John R. Current to Seth A. Balsam, $796,000.

Twinbrook Area

BROADWOOD DR., 1409-Alida Z. Aranda to David M. Levine, $367,500.

EDMONSTON DR., 702-B.L. and Roger J. Hansen to Reina Garcia, $391,000.

GRANDIN AVE., 917-Ralph Gates, trustee, to Marcelo Decampos, $350,000.

GRANDIN CIR., 6-Glauciene A. Dias to Rigoberto Amaya Arevalo, $391,000.

Wheaton Area

ADAMS DR., 3916-Hanako Johnson to James F. III and Kathryn A. McMurry, $375,000.

BRISBANE ST., 1606-Seth D. and Julie Hassett to Emily and Adil Moiduddin, $450,448.

BRISBANE ST., 1701-Philip E. and V.E. Keefer to Sarah and Bryan Lopp, $415,000.

CASCADE RD., 2002-Alfred J. Allen to Michael B. Levin, $432,000.

LINDELL CT., 2908-Jill A. Curry to Gregory A. Grass, $322,500.

WATERMILL LANE, 11201-Jose A. Tenembaum to Rachel A. and Dennis B. Lisbon, $385,000.