The following cases were received recently by Loudoun County Animal Care and Control. For information, call 540-882-3211 or 703-777-0406 or visit

Horse Flooded Out of Barn

LEESBURG, Oatlands Mill Road, July 8. A woman reported that her horse's barn was flooded. She was able to get the horse out, and animal control officers took it to stay at the animal shelter until the water receded.

Dog Menaces Women on Walk

LEESBURG, Sierra Springs Square, Monday. Two women on a walk said a dog ran at them, barking and growling. They jumped on a vehicle to escape attack, and a passing driver used his vehicle as a barrier between the women and the dog. The owner called the dog back. An animal control officer issued a warning to the owner and explained the regulations regarding unleashed, dangerous dogs.

Gerbil Finds a Home in Back Yard

ASHBURN, Apollo Terrace, Tuesday. A man told an animal control officer that after his neighbors moved out, he noticed a small cage in the trash. Two days later, he said, he spotted two rodents in his back yard. The officer found a small, black gerbil and took it to the animal shelter.

Wounded Dog Found in Yard

LEESBURG, Emerald Park Drive, Tuesday. A man said a Dalmatian was lying in his yard and had not moved in a while. An animal control officer found an older female Dalmatian mix with wounds on her front legs and paws. The dog, which did not have identification, was taken to an animal hospital.

Man Hurt Breaking Up Dog Fight

STERLING, Peyton Road, Tuesday. The Loudoun County Sheriff's Office said a man lost part of his thumb while trying to break up a dog fight. The man was walking his dog when a neighbor's dog approached and the two animals began fighting. He tried to break up the fight, and his hand was bitten. The man was treated at the emergency room, and an animal control officer reported the incident to the county health department.